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My GF - Scarlett Sage - Scarlett is Getting Off GF18297

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Description: Scarlett Sage met with Ken at a hotel in San Diego. The place was busy yet Scarlett managed to flash him. They went up to the hotel room. There was a large group of people underneath the balcony but Scarlett flashed him some more. Inside the room Ken gave her a novelty sex toy and she was pretty good at getting off with it. Then they fucked. They started slowly in missionary. Then they picked up speed, went for the riding positions. Some spooning. Faster and faster fucking. Until he st his cum into her mouth.

All Her Luv - Scarlett Sage & Scarlit Scandal - Written In The Stars Pt. 3

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Description: Veronica Kenna James sees her lover, Jezebel Scarlit Scandal sitting on her wife's living room sofa. Who are you and who the fuck let you in my house? Jezebel tries to get her to relax, that she knows exactly what she's doing? Veronica wanted to scream, to tell her to get out. What in the hell is she trying to do? Is she trying to break her marriage up? Before she could open her mouth, her wife Melissa Scarlett Sage comes around the corner surprised and appalled by how rude Veronica is behaving. I'm so sorry, Melissa apologizes to Jezebel, I forgot to tell her you were coming today. Melissa introduced Jezebel, from the foundation, to Veronica, and Veronica smirks, nice to meet you, she says coolly. She walks out the door.

All Her Luv - Kenna James, Scarlett Sage & Scarlit Scandal - Written In The Stars Pt. 4

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Duration: 52:04
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Description: Do you know what it feels like when the love of your life has had an affair? Your blood boils, your face is flushed with heat, the little hairs stand up on the back on your neck, your breathing quickens, and oh-- the hatred and betrayal, the sadness and the loss, there is no one perfect word to explain what you feel when you are betrayed. When Melissa finds out that Veronica and Jezebel are having an affair, she completely forgets that she, herself, betrayed Veronica with Jezebel. Her life is out of control and she will do anything to feel more stable again. Melissa wants to see. She wants to see just how Veronica kissed Jezebel. She wants to punish Veronica, and she will use Jezebel to do it. Watch the story unfold..

All Her Luv - Kenna James & Scarlett Sage - Written In The Stars Pt. 2

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Duration: 42:11
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Description: Kenna lays in bed next to her wife and wonders if compromising your career goals is what marriage is all about. Scarlett takes off her top as she changes into her pajamas and the thought escapes her. All Kenna can think about is how gorgeous her wife is, how much she wants to touch her, to taste her, and how much she's missed her.

Cherry Pimps - Kiara Cole & Scarlett Sage - A Sensual Evening Desire

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Description: Setting the mood for a romantic night with the one you love. Kiara Cole and Scarlett Sage get ready for what is to be one hot night in each others arms. Their pick of lingerie speaks for the night knowing full well just who is going to see it and remove it. The way Scarletts eyes fall up Kiaras. The way they sparkle with lust as they consume all the beauty. Yearning for a physical touch, a taste of excitement. Be still heart and allow yourself to breath and moan. Find your way in between Scarletts legs and feel her hands in your hair as she pulls you tight into her as she orgasms all over your face!

Viv Thomas - Scarlett Sage & Emily Willis - Appreciative

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Description: Cute brunette Emily Willis asks to stay at her friend Scarlett Sages place. As Casey Calvert and Eli Crosss hot lesbian movie Appreciative begins, Emily makes herself at home by trying on Scarletts clothes, then gets caught snooping through her messages. Discovering Scarlett is attracted to her, Emily kisses her, pulls down her top and caresses her perky breasts. Soon they are both naked on the bed, and Emily lies between her best friends legs, stroking her soft bush as she eats her pussy for the first time...

Scarlett giggles and squeals with pleasure as Emily licks and strokes her to an intense orgasm. When shes caught her breath, she flips Emily onto her back and eats her shaved pussy eagerly, driving her wild. Emily begs Scarlett to fingerfuck her, having a powerful climax as the hot blonde sucks her clit. They keep right on licking and rubbing each other wildly, Emily going face down ass up so Scarlett can lick her tight asshole. They finish by fingering each other to a simultaneous orgasm, their only regret that they didnt take their friendship to the next level sooner.

Hot And Mean - Scarlett Sage & Nicolette Shea - It's Not All About Beauty

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Duration: 30:46
Resolution: 1280x720
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Description: Petite cutie Scarlett Sage has hired the blonde goddess Nicolette Shea as a pageant coach to help her win. Nicolette is aggressive and like to take control. She's not pleased with the dress chosen by Scarlett and pulls it off of her. She explains to the naked damsel that she will have to a do a bit more than look pretty to win the pageant. How far is Scarlette willing to go to win? The girl would pretty much do anything. Nicolette test her pupil by making her kneel and eat her out. The first step of a hardcore training Scarlett won't forget anytime soon.

She Seduced Me - Scarlett Sage, Serene Siren & Alicia Williams - Family Recipe

File: zb2jtnashsemescaseraligunf1eqqu9.mp4
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Duration: 46:00
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My Step Mommy's Special Recipe starring Scarlett Sage Serene Siren Alicia Williams, Serene is teaching her two step-daughters a special recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. When Serene leaves the kitchen to set up the table Scarlett makes her move on her step-sis. Serene...

Sweetheart Video - Jessie Lee & Scarlett Sage - Peeping Wifey

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Duration: 35:17
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Description: Jessy Scarlett Sage is coming back home early. When she get home, her wife Zoe Jessie Lee is not there. She calls her on the phone and tries to find out when she's coming home. She's a few blocks away from home, so Jessy decides to pretend that she stuck in traffic and hides in the closet waiting for her wife to get home. The two women will talk on the phone and Jessy spies on her wife while she gets undress and eventually, she will watch her masturbating on the phone. Jessy plays that little game for a bit until the desire for her wife became too big and she decides to join her in bed.

Mommy's Girl - India Summer, Scarlett Sage, Gia Derza & Dee Williams - Mother's Day Blues

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Duration: 33:46
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Dee Williams and India Summer, two friends, are spending a bit of time catching up together. They're both a bit upset because it's Mother's Day and it seems as though their step-daughters, Scarlett Sage and Gia Derza, have forgotten all about it. It only happens once a year -- is it too much to ask to be made to feel a little special by family?

They are eventually interrupted as Scarlett and Gia return home after hanging out themselves. Dee and India greet their step-daughters, trying to hint that it's Mother's Day but the teens seem oblivious. Finally, the moms spill the beans, showing how hurt they are to be forgotten. Scarlett and Gia both feel guilty but promise the mothers that they weren't forgotten. In fact, the girls just got back from picking up their gifts at the mall!

Now Dee and India feel relieved, moving on from their hurt to curiously ask about the gifts. When Scarlett and Gia change into sexy lingerie to show off to the mothers, both Dee and India are excited... until they realize they're in mixed company! Scarlett and Gia assure their moms that they both know about each other's special relationship... Although Dee and India exchange sheepish looks, they're soon given lingerie of their own and go along with it.

As Scarlett and Gia start to turn up the heat while caressing their moms, it's obvious that Dee and India are about to have the best Mother's Day ever!

Although the daughters start by lavishing attention upon their mothers' heaving breasts and delicious pussies, it's not long before it becomes a free-for-all. As everyone gets a good taste of each other, Dee and India are truly thankful that they have such thoughtful daughters!

All Her Luv - India Summer, Scarlett Sage & Shyla Jennings - We Don't Mess Around

File: uhtzhnaalheluindscashyyrqu98jaax.mp4
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Duration: 38:14
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Shyla Jennings is the head cheerleader, she's bold, bossy, and she's used to getting her way without having to work hard for it. She calls her best friend, Scarlett Sage, her sidekick. Scarlett is a sweet-natured girl who loves her best friend and is amenable to all of Shyla's wild ideas. Their school is selling Fudgy Buddy bars, and the team with the most sales wins a scholarship to a prestigious university in Paris! Scarlett and Shyla are determined to sell their bars to the only lesbian lady known in their small town, a hot MILF named India Summer. Will their plan work? Watch the story unfold..

All Her Luv - Scarlett Sage & Shyla Jennings - Easter Egg-gasm

File: ypmw6naalheluscashyemnub9banp.mp4
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Duration: 36:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Mischevious stepsister, Shyla Jennings, has an affinity for pranking sweet-natured Scarlett Sage. She has bought a miraculous toy, an Egg-Gasm, that will travel far up a woman's vagina, to her g-spot where it will not release until it gives her the biggest orgasm of her life. The toy comes complete with a remote control so that the giver can control the receiver's pleasure. Shyla hides as she gives and withholds the waves and pangs of pleasure. When Scarlett finds out the giver of the Egg-gasm is Shyla, hilarity ensues!

All Her Luv - Scarlett Sage & Shyla Jennings - Let It Bee

File: uoqronaalheluscashyoyepeydtkm.mp4
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Duration: 38:44
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Synopsis Stepsisters Shyla Jennings and Scarlett Sage are two very different personalities that don't necessarily mix well. Shyla is an obsessive bookworm who has problems controlling her temper, and Scarlett is a flirt. The two stepsisters have a strong physical attraction that bonds the two women together despite their differences. If the two women share their strengths they can grow together, they may even find love in the process. Watch the story unfold..

All Her Luv - Scarlett Sage & Shyla Jennings - The Social Media Influencer

File: esn8anaalheluscashynlunjfbxcq.mp4
Size: 369.16 MB
Duration: 31:31
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Synopsis Ever since my stepsister, Scarlett Sage, became a Social Media Influencer, her personality has changed. She's no longer my best friend, my stepsister, the girl who had to snuggle in my tiny twin-sized bed, clutching my body like a doll so she could fall asleep. We used to be so happy together, but now her happiness is ruled by how many 'likes' her photos get. She can't be seen out in public with me, Shyla Jennings-- I only have 36 followers. She is obsessed with building a network of popular friends to go on staged outings where they pretend to live life to the fullest.. Scarlett holds her phone in her hand as she tells me about some crises where her ex-bestie has more followers than her. I'm picking up sticks to throw in a burning barrel, it's a chore that was given to the both of us, but ever since Scarlett's newfound celebrity, I pick up the slack. Scarlett's ego has been out of control, and I'm getting fed up. I also suspect her and her former bestie were lovers, and that is where her true outrage and obsession lies. I decide it's time to show Scarlett, the hard way, that there is more to life than 'likes,' and 'shares.' She needs to be knocked down a peg, but how is that going to get me off? Watch the story unfold..

All Her Luv - Avi Love, Eliza Ibarra & Scarlett Sage - Another Life Pt.2

File: qbt7knaalheluavieliscaugdkdjg33r.mp4
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Duration: 43:50
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Avi is visited by her guardian angel and is given the opportunity of a lifetime, to travel back in time to that vital point in her life when Scarlett broke up with her at the Blue Martini. Instead of letting Scarlett leave, she follows her, she will not let Scarlett go this time. She pleads with Scarlett to give her another chance, and Scarlett accepts her with a kiss. The two women make passionate love, and Avi is filled with gratitude for her second chance.

Sextape Lesbians - Scarlett Sage & Sabina Rouge - Str8 Corruption Diaries

File: dfjannaselescasabi1lkxbcefh.mp4
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Duration: 41:10
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Hey guys! Sabina here! Boy, do I have a hot video for you today!

I've always wanted to fuck my best friend Scarlett. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because she CLAIMS she's straight but I wanted to finally put that to the test, so I invited her over to my place to 'catch up' since it'd been awhile.

I set up some hidden cameras to catch the action and turned up the heat once she arrived. My plan was to finally win Scarlett over and prove that she's not as straight as she says she is. I figured it wouldn't take TOO long to get her to crack since, well, look at me! I always get what I want, and I want Scarlett. How many days do you think it'll take for me to win her over? Post your predictions in the comments below!

Although I was ready to go all in, this challenge started off rough because some LOSER boyfriend broke her heart. Seriously, I don't see what Scarlett sees in boys. I TRIED my best to comfort her, and butter her up a bit, but it wasn't easy! But she finally gave in when I... well, you'll just have to see for yourself!

Cherry Pimps - Scarlett Sage & Athena Faris - Scarlett Can Not Get Enough Of Athenas Delicious Pussy

File: o6flanachpiscaathfsyxvhepxf.mkv
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Duration: 20:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mkv
Description: Scarlett Sage is so eager to be able to fuck March 2020s Cherry Athena Faris with all of you watching. She loves licking and sucking on those beautiful firm tits with their pierced nipples that adds so much sensitivity to Athena. She loves that tongue working its magic all around her nipples. Athena wants to feel that all over her pussy though so wastes no time kissing all up and down Scarlett so they can get down to the hot naughty sweetness. Athena buries her face in that delicious sweet pussy and Scarlett just backs that ass right up into her begging for more! If there is one thing these girls love it is pussy!

Elegant Angel - Scarlett Sage & Serena Blair - Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020

File: kchubnaelanscasercnqrxrorcv.mp4
Size: 400.04 MB
Duration: 34:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elegant Angel presents Lesbian Performers Of The Year 2020, over 2 hours of all new award winning lesbian action! Continuing in the tradition of the multi award winning Performers of the Year and Best New Starlet lines Elegant Angel brings you the all new Lesbian Performers of the Year 2020 featuring 8 of the hottest girlgirl award nominees! The biggest names hottest all girl performers grace our award winning lesbian edition

Nubile Films - Emma Starletto & Scarlett Sage - The Real Deal

File: rxjhgnanufiemmscacyv4ldrgka.mp4
Size: 233.87 MB
Duration: 28:13
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Staletto has just returned home with some shopping when she is greeted by Scarlett Sage. The girls unpack the groceries together, setting aside a package of popcorn for later. When movie night rolls around, they settle in on the couch together to hang out. When Scarlett glances over to see Emma's miniskirt riding high on her thighs, she takes the opportunity to trail her fingers across Emma's panties to tease her clit.

Eyes on her love instead of the movie, Emma spreads her thighs so that Scarlett can get even closer. That's not enough for these two lusty ladies they relocate to the bedroom so they can get better acquainted. Tongues out and moving at full speed, the girls slowly work each other out of their clothes. Scarlett wins the gentle war as she presses Emma back onto the bed for the first true taste of passion.

Tonguing Emma's nipples and rubbing her clit is just the beginning for Scarlett. Gently relieving Emma off her panties, Scarlett dives in for a lusty pussy licking. She works her tongue in long, smooth strokes as Emma holds her thighs wide open. She doesn't quit until Emma's breath is coming in panting gasps with the force of her climax.

As soon as Emma has brought her off, Scarlett turns the tables on her girlfriend. She enjoys a bit of teasing over Emma's panties, but soon drops them to the ground. She slips her fingers up and down the slipperiness of Emma's slit. Then gets busy with her talented tongue. When that's not enough, Emma lays down on the bed so that Scarlett can ride her face to completion.

Things get even hotter when Scarlett turns around in her ride so that she can lean over to complete the lesbian 69. Grabbing a big dildo, Emma teases the pressure against Scarlett's snatch before shoving it deep. Emma has a toy of her own to use, which she alternates between Scarlett's clit and snatch. When Scarlett has reached her own peak, she grabs Emma's toy and puts both to use to get Emma squirming.

The girls work together to lick the toys clean, then swap spit in a beautiful kiss. Emma winds up on her back as Scarlett reasserts her control. Rising up, she presses her clit to Emma's and rocks her hips for their mutual delight. The girls each finish themselves off one last time as they rub their clits for some mutual masturbation to finish off their chill evening.

Sweetheart Video - Scarlett Sage & Julie Kay - A Change Of Heart

File: 9j5fdnaswviscajulhjp1yzefnu.mp4
Size: 264.61 MB
Duration: 31:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Marie Scarlett Sage masturbates in her bath imagining her friend Yolanda Julie Kay. Her orgasm is interrupted by a knock at the door as Yolanda reminds her of her upcoming wedding. Marie is having second thoughts as she realizes that the person shes in love with is not her wife to be but her long-time best friend.