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Porn World - Whitney Wright - Home Alone

File: muuunnapowowhiwriirucgupjhv.mp4
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Duration: 48:48
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Description: Cute teen Whitney Wright returns home to find her house has been burgled. Since her daddy is out of town, she calls up his best friend, Vince to come to her aide and waits for him to arrive. Once he gets there, Whitney wants to thank him and since he is so fit, she knows exactly what to do! This cock hungry teen comes onto Vince and kneels down to slurp on his big dick! He doesn't hesitate when this naughty nympho gives him a sloppy blowjob and deep-throats him! Afterwards, Whitney bends over in the kitchen to take it doggystyle and lets him fuck her pussy and ass. They move into the bedroom where Vince continues to fill Whitney's holes with cock and even makes her squirt! He empties his load all over her tongue, finishing off their spontaneous fuck frenzy!

Girls Way - Whitney Wright & Scarlett Alexis - Missus Fix-it

File: wb1jxnagiwawhiscaslidprcvxa.mp4
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Duration: 33:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright has called her landlord to fix her sink. To her surprise, the person who shows up at her door with a toolbox is an attractive woman, Scarlett Alexis! Scarlett explains that the landlord is her parent. Whitney takes it in stride, inviting her inside and leading her towards the bathroom.

As Scarlett gets ready to work on the sink, she and Whitney chat a bit. Scarlett explains that because the landlord is getting older, she sometimes helps him out by fixing things for him. There are hints of attraction between Whitney and Scarlett, and when Scarlett gets busy under the sink, Whitney can't help but admire her ass as she works.

Suddenly, however, Scarlett gets sprayed with water from a burst pipe, which SOAKS her top to the point where her breasts are visible. Whitney is momentarily stunned by the sight of Scarlett's breasts, but she snaps out of it. Whitney uses a towel to try patting Scarlett's chest dry, but this just causes even more sparks to fly. Caught up in the moment, they decide to have sex.

Shoplyfter - Whitney Wright - Case No 7906287 Glory Hole Thief

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Duration: 49:02
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Format: mp4
Description: Whitney is no stranger when it comes to troublemaking. The rowdy teen babe has had her fair share of risque encounters, and she has no intentions of slowing down her sex-crazed lifestyle. Whitney recalls her sessions at Perv Therapy or when she messed around with her friends stepdad. These moments stand proud as some of her life's most daring and exhilarating times. There is nothing more that Whitney enjoys than a good fucking. Her desire for cock rules the various aspects of her life, and shes always on the lookout for the next good time. This good time comes when Whitney shoplifts, and loss prevention officer Will catches her. Will brings Whitney to the back office for interrogation, where he attempts to get a confession from her. Whitney does confess, but Will needs to conduct a more thorough search anyway, as he knows there is something more to Whitneys story. It turns out she was shoplifting and damaged store property in the restroom. A glory hole in the restroom seems to reappear no matter how often they patch it. Will knows for a fact that Whitney was in the bathroom sucking off a stranger. Now, he wants a little bit of fun and wants to see Whitneys sexual ambition at play. Will caresses Whitneys pussy with his finger, tantalizing her so she begins to get wet. Will knows Whitneys type, as hes dealt with shoplifters for a long time. He knows full well that Whitney is the kind of chick who is always looking for someone to fuck. Whitney quickly picks up on Wills forward moves. She gives into his power, letting him take full control of the situation. Being submissive was fun for Whitney. She enjoyed this new power dynamic and was happy to give Will her pussy for his unrestricted use. The troublemaking babe starts off this impromptu fuck sesh by sucking Wills cock. He wants the same experience as the stranger at the Glory Hole, and Whitney does not disappoint. Of all the girls hes reprimanded for shoplifting, Whitneys blowjob skills are a huge cut above the rest. Will bends Whitney over so her elbows are against the desk and pushes his cock deep inside her pussy. Her pussy grips around his cock, and maybe her being a little nervous about the situation made her feel a little tighter. Its an astounding experience, some of the best pussy to Wills recent memory. He pounds the chick hard, and although she knows shes in trouble, Whitney revels in the session. Even in the face of imminent legal consequences, nothing in Whitneys life was more important than getting fucked hard. When Will cant hold his load any longer, he pulls out and cums above Whitneys pussy, covering her upper pelvic area and her tiny bush with a hot sticky mess. Will knows this isnt the last time hell see Whitney. Now that she knows she can come here for a good fucking, he thinks hell be seeing this firey chick much more often.

Girls Way - Whitney Wright, Bella Rolland & Xwife Karen - She's Coming With Me

File: 9dpghnagiwawhibelxwiaoip7zlhod.mp4
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Duration: 32:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Xwife Karen is looking for her roommate, Bella Rolland. While searching, Karen runs into her other roommate, Whitney Wright, who is also looking for Bella. They realize that Bella must be taking a shower. As the conversation continues, it is revealed that Karen and Whitney won't be roommates for much longer since both of them are moving out soon, which is why they wanted to talk to Bella.

But as they talk about Bella, it becomes apparent that Karen believes Bella will be moving out with her, while Whitney believes Bella will be moving out with HER. They start to argue, and that's when Bella, fresh out of a shower with a towel around her torso, steps into the bedroom. Bella looks guilty and confesses that she had committed to both of them because she hadn't wanted to hurt either of their feelings. She hoped she'd have some time to make up her mind and let one of them down easy before they both found out. She can't choose between them!

Karen and Whitney are bitter about Bella's indecision but each is desperate to keep Bella as their roommate. They start grabbing at Bella, resulting in a physical tug-of-war between Karen and Whitney with Bella in the middle. As Karen and Whitney bicker, they give various reasons why Bella should be the roommate of one of them and not the other. Bella is startled as she's tugged back and forth, and it escalates to the point where her towel accidentally gets tugged off!

In order to appease both of them and calm them down, Bella offers to have sex with them both. CLEARLY there's tension between the three of them and what better way to let cooler heads prevail than to revisit this conversation after getting into a better mood with a threesome?

Milfty - Sheena Ryder & Whitney Wright - Plans For The Present

File: cwx6tnamilshewhihm4opfwy8e.mp4
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Duration: 37:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Screwged Part 2 of 3 Convinced that her encounter with the Ghost of Xmas Past was a dream, Sheena tries to calm her nerves. But her lessons in humility arent over. Whitney, Sheenas old assistant, appears in her living room as the Ghost of Xmas Present. Whitney holds a tremendous grudge against Sheena and points out her former boss's greed and self-obsession. Whitney transports both of them to the home of Sheenas stepdaughters Fiances family. The family is what Sheena considers poor, and she has nothing but resentment for them. Angel, Lily, Elias, and Jack talk of Sheena abjectly, noting her greed and coldness. Rion, Penelopes fiance, attempts to defend Sheena but is interrupted by a phone call from Penelope. Sheena does not want her daughter to live a life of squalor, so she demands Whitney allow her to intervene. Whitney agrees, brings them to Rions bedroom, and makes it so he can see them. Sheena lies, tells Rion that Penelope has been cheating on him, and makes a deal with Rion so that he never reaches out to Penelope again. Brokenhearted, he agrees. Sheena and Whitney make quick work of Rion, sucking his cock, and letting him fuck them hard. But is this also all a dream, and will Sheena be able to redeem herself? Only part 3 will tell all

Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor, Whitney Wright & Bella Rolland - The Unexpected Unicorn

File: 6ejxknagiwakenwhibeln9stvrjlqi.mp4
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Duration: 34:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A lesbian couple, Kenzie Taylor and Bella Rolland, are surprised to discover that an unfamiliar young woman is inside their pool cabana. Kenzie is upset at first, but Bella points out that maybe this person needs help, and suggests they should talk to her. The couple approaches the young woman, Whitney Wright, who is clearly distraught and has nowhere to stay. The couple invites her into their house, saying she can freshen up and take a shower.

After showering and changing into fresh clothes, Whitney looks like she's feeling a bit better. She thanks Kenzie and Bella for their kindness, and they ask her if she wants to talk about her situation, promising they won't judge her. Whitney explains that she used to live with her boyfriend, but when he snooped in her private journal and found out she was starting to have dreams and fantasies about being with women, he was furious and kicked her out of the house. Kenzie and Bella are sympathetic, and Kenzie says that when she first came out as a lesbian, her family kicked her out too.

Kenzie and Bella agree to let Whitney stay for as long as she needs. Bella moves closer to Whitney to give her a comforting hug, and Whitney is so moved that she kisses Bella. Kenzie and Bella are surprised, but Whitney admits to a long-held fantasy of being cared for by an attractive couple. Kenzie and Bella decide to guide Whitney through her first lesbian sex encounter, which leads to a unique three-way experience and a newfound polyamorous relationship. Welcome to your new home, Whitney!

A Girl Knows - Bridgette B, Silvia Saige & Whitney Wright - Indecent Proposal

File: iearwnaagiknbrisilwhibgbasoxoby.mp4
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Duration: 49:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Boss lady and Silvia and her sweet model assistant Whitney have a hard day of fashion house visits ahead of them. Poor Silvia just isn't in the mood but bespectacled MILF Silvia knows they need to nail this new client. When large-breasted glamour girl Bridgette answers the door things get interesting fast. The sexy client won't take no for an answer and before long the blonde beauty has both women in bed. The three horny hotties get wild together and innocent Whitney gets a full erotic education from her more experienced lovers.

Teamskeet Allstars - Cory Chase, Whitney Wright, Summer Col & Khloe Kingsley - The Whitney Horny Picture Show

File: 7apqonatealcorwhisumkhlpm3uzmn833.mp4
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Duration: 42:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Greetings, spooky fans! Come and see October's TeamSkeet All-Star the one and only Whitney Wright. Dressed in black, she welcomes guests to her creepy home of all things naughty, accompanied by her sex-addicted partner Chad Alva. After a couple of sassy questions about her prolific career, the temptress in black gets ready for one hell of a fuck session with Chad, a scene that will your cock rigor mortis stiff. Her house's a sex museum when people come to see her, she really is screaming, the horny Whitney Wright!

Family Sinners - Whitney Wright - Keep It In The Family

File: i4ikenafasiwhiwrivtdxkabz8f.mp4
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Duration: 33:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Innocent, Whitney Wright, welcomes her guest for the night, Tony Fontana, into her home , while her boyfriend away. She wants him to feel as comfortable as possible. She is caught off guard when he undresses in front of her. Shocked but curious, she wants to experience his massive cock. Watch her let go of all her morals and give into smoking hot temptations and mind-blowing sex!

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright & Dee Williams - When Men Were Men

File: ionibnaputawhideemv78hzks9y.mp4
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Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A husband and wife, Bryan Pierce Paris and Emma Whitney Wright, dread having to talk to their landlady, Josephine Dee Williams, who is about to arrive. It's revealed that there is tension between the couple and the old-fashioned landlady.

When Josephine arrives, all smiles, Bryan and Emma ask Josephine for the THIRD time to change the name on their mailbox to Emma's last name since Emma's name is displayed wrong. Josephine doesn't see what the big problem is and insists it'd be easier if Emma just took Bryan's name since it's tradition. Emma becomes angry but Bryan steps in to defuse the situation. Thankfully, once Bryan directly asks Josephine to change the name himself, Josephine is much more receptive and leaves to do exactly that.

But things only get worse from there as various encounters with Josephine make Emma and Bryan more and more uncomfortable because of her outdated and sexist ideals. It's clear that Josephine thinks that Emma's not playing the appropriate role of a doting housewife. She also doesn't think that Bryan isn't stepping up to be the man of the house. Despite this, it seems like Bryan has Josephine's attention...

Finally, Josephine visits Bryan while he's alone one day in order to half-heartedly apologize for causing such a strain between the couple. But it's clearly a ruse as she questions why Bryan doesn't want to be more assertive and in control. That's when she starts coming onto Bryan, under the guise of wanting a 'real' man as she simultaneously tries to make him doubt his marriage.

Bryan is uncomfortable and confused. This only fuels the flame and Josephone comes onto him more, trying to get him riled up to act on his primal desires. She talks Bryan up and describes what sex with HER would be like, including anal sex. Although Bryan tries to resist, Josephine's words get to him and his resolve finally crumbles.

They have passionate, primal sex but are soon interrupted when Emma returns home. Emma is furious but Bryan doesn't seem to have any remorse, Josephine's words having finally gotten to him. Bryan confronts Emma about being controlling and never letting him have what he wants. Although Emma denies this, Bryan wants Emma to bend over and JOIN them to PROVE it once and for all.

Girls Way - Whitney Wright, Serene Siren, Vanessa Vega & Nicole Kitt - Stop This Nudism Nonsense!

File: qk1frnagiwawhiservannic6xlb1kwomi.mp4
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Duration: 40:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everything was hunky-dory at Whitney Wright, Vanessa Vega, and Serene Siren's house... that is until their roommate Nicole Kitt became a NUDIST. It started innocently enough, with her exiting the bathroom naked after a shower, or not wearing her bottoms on some mornings. But soon enough, her nudism became a full-time thing. It's gotten so bad that Whitney, Vanessa, and Serene can't even invite guests over anymore!

Something HAS to be done, so Whitney and Vanessa send Serene to go talk some sense into Nicole. But in a shocking turn of events, Serene returns without clothes! The unthinkable has happened... she's been converted to nudism. Enough is enough! Vanessa grabs Serene and takes her back to Nicole's room to talk some sense into BOTH of them. Moments later, however, Vanessa returns without HER clothes as well. Whitney can't believe what she's seeing. Has everyone lost their MINDS?

Seeing no other option, Whitney faces off against these three nudists on her own, committed to restoring order to their household. But as Vanessa, Serene, and Nicole surround her and muse about the perks of being a nudist, Whitney finds herself getting more and more tempted to join their club. Will Whitney be able to hold out? Or will she succumb to all this nudism nonsense as well?

True Lesbian - Casey Calvert & Whitney Wright - Meeting Myself For The First Time

File: kuckenatrlecaswhipcriqr1jkl.mp4
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Duration: 43:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Allison Casey Calvert has a conversation with her friend Sandra Kira Noir. Kira asks Allison how the divorce is going. Allison says that it took her quite a while to not resent her ex-husband anymore, especially since she had to come to terms with the fact that he was gay and had kept it a secret from her for so long.

Allison explains that she felt like a fool for not realizing he was gay, and she was upset that he took YEARS of her life that she can't get back. But then she started to realize that maybe she never really loved him either, at least not in THAT way. Had she just been influenced by the same pressures from society that he had? Did she ever really want this marriage to begin with, or did she just go along with what she THOUGHT was normal and expected of her?

Sandra looks sympathetic as Allison says that now that she's single, she's realizing that she doesn't even know who she is... It feels like she's meeting herself for the first time, as she has come to realize that maybe, like her husband, she doesn't even like the opposite sex. Allison admits that she thinks she may be queer, but how can she be sure when she doesn't even KNOW any lesbians... She has so many questions that NOBODY can answer for her.

Sandra offers to put Allison in contact with someone she knows Lily Whitney Wright, who is a lesbian as well as a really nice person. Sandra says that maybe Lily can help Allison to find some of the answers she's looking for... Or at the very least, maybe Allison can make a new friend.

A few days later, Allison arrives home with Lily after having a wonderful and informative conversation at a cafe. Allison thanks Lily for her time, and apologizes for asking her so many questions. But Lily assures her that no apology is necessary, pointing out that Allison has been through a tough ordeal. Lily says she's glad that she could help provide some clarity. In a flirtatious tone, Lily adds that she REALLY had fun getting to know Allison.

Allison is flustered, and asks if Lily is flirting with her, it's been YEARS since anyone flirted with her, plus she's never had a WOMAN do that with her before, so she guesses she's just oblivious to these kinds of cues. Lily playfully offers to be more direct, and gives Allison a kiss that makes her quiver at the knees.

All Girl Massage - Scarlett Sage, Whitney Wright & Slimthick Vic - Remember The Good Times

File: mxnqonaalgimascawhisliib6j6l6ab1.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 43:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Slimthick Vic and Whitney Wright enter Slimthick's house and collapse onto the couch, looking totally dejected. It turns out that Slimthick and Whitney are two friends who are trying to get a business off the ground, but they've just been rejected a THIRD time for a much-needed bank loan. Defeated, they decided to stop by Whitney's house to decompress and discuss the next steps for their business.

Whitney glumly remarks that maybe they should just GIVE UP on their business completely. As much as they try, it just doesn't seem to be working out. Slimthick agrees, though can't help but comment on how sad that would be, they've put in so much work! At the same time... maybe it's for the best. Not EVERYONE is cut out to be an entrepreneur, after all...

But just then, Slimthick's girlfriend, Scarlett Sage, walks in from another room, dressed in her masseuse uniform. Scarlett listens with sympathy as Slimthick and Whitney fill her in on their latest fumble, though she encourages them NOT to give up. In fact, Scarlett has JUST the thing to make these ladies feel all better a massage! The past few months have been really stressful for them, OBVIOUSLY even putting a strain on Smithick's and Scarlett's relationship as friends. This massage could be a good way for them to 'reset' their minds, reconnect as friends, and rediscover what made them want to go into business together in the first place.

Slimthick and Whitney agree and as the massage progresses, it seems like they're getting more and more relaxed by the second. But as they start remembering old memories, Slimthick and Whitney accidentally reveal that they hooked up once before Slimthick met Scarlett. But that's not a problem for Scarlett. In fact, maybe she could HELP rekindle that old, steamy memory by leading these two through a playful threesome!

Dorcel Club - Whitney Wright - Eye-To-Eye

File: vspdgnadoclwhiwriv9poljgulr.mp4
Size: 2.06 GB
Duration: 16:50
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright and Ricky Mancini go to a swingers club to fulfill a Ricky's fantasy. His fantasy? Seeing Whitney Wright with another man. In a room, they meet up with Alex Romeo to have fun together, and then the three of them.

Lez Be Bad - Whitney Wright & Victoria Voxxx - Leather Anniversary

File: hbzz9nalebebawhivicebo1lvelig.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two wives, Victoria Voxxx and Whitney Wright, love to create amazing memories together, especially on their anniversary. A first anniversary is the paper anniversary, and the second is cotton... Whitney and Victoria got VERY creative celebrating those anniversaries, but this year is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. It's their third anniversary, and that means LEATHER.

As the wives kiss on a bed sprinkled with rose petals, Victoria removes her robe, revealing a sexy leather bodysuit. She kisses and licks Whitney's boots, and Whitney removes her robe to unveil naughty leather lingerie. They take off Whitney's boots so Victoria can worship Whitney's bare feet and legs, and then they have passionate sex that includes pussy eating, rimming, and more kissing.

To make things even raunchier, they also share a double-ended dildo, and then double-penetrate each other by sharing TWO double-ended dildos. Happy anniversary to this adventurous couple!

Girls Way - Whitney Wright, Lulu Chu & Madi Collins - Why Is Our Closet Leaking

File: 82cs8nagiwawhilulmad4bagvr7dks.mp4
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Duration: 37:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Madi Collins is having an affair. She makes out with her mistress, Lulu Chu, when suddenly they hear Madi's wife, Whitney Wright, coming home from work early. Desperate to not get caught, Madi hides Lulu in a closet. Whitney then enters the bedroom, totally unaware of Lulu in the closet, and sincerely explains that she'd like to try to salvage her and Madi's crumbling marriage by having spontaneous sex like they used to...

Not wanting to miss this opportunity at saving her marriage and not wanting to risk having Lulu discovered, Madi agrees to have sex with Whitney. As Madi and Whitney make love, Lulu peeks at them from the closet doorway. Lulu can see that this is the perfect opportunity for her to sneak out... but the sight of Madi and Whitney having sex is so hot that Lulu decides to stay and masturbate while continuing to watch the couple.

Lulu gets so aroused that she squirts, creating a small puddle in front of the closet. Whitney hears a sound that Lulu made and goes over to the closet, wondering why there's a puddle on the floor, is their closet LEAKING somehow? Madi tries to stop Whitney, but she's too late Whitney opens the closet door, and sees Lulu. Whitney is shocked to discover that Madi was cheating on her. Madi apologizes, saying she had no idea that Whitney was going to be so sweet and try to save their marriage. Whitney decides to let bygones be bygones, and even offers to have a threesome with Lulu and Madi as a way to help their marriage. Everyone is on board with the idea, and they get together for a playful threesome, including more squirting!

Mr Lucky Raw - Whitney Wright - Cute Hottie Can't Get Enough Sex

File: hraz6namrlurawhiwrir89juupjgc.mp4
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Duration: 34:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright takes some snaps of her naked body while chilling by the window. She just finished shooting a scene, so she's resting her body. The petite cutie can't help but feel horny again while recording some behind-the-scenes footage. Unable to fight off the lust, the stunning brunette takes out a lucky man's dick and gives it a blowjob. After sucking the dick, Whitney rides the man like a real cowgirl. She can feel the guy's cock stretching out her pussy while he fucks her in the spoon, missionary, and doggystyle. The horny lad keeps fucking the beautiful hottie until he feels like cumming. Whitney sucks and strokes the man's dick until he unloads his warm and creamy jizz inside her mouth and all over her hands.