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Touch My Wife - Kali Roses - BBC Birthday Surprise

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Description: It's my young wife Kali's birthday and I get her try on the new lingerie I bought her. Her body looks incredible in it, her squishy little ass looks so edible. I make her put on a blindfold as she has another birthday surprise coming her way. She's on her knees when my bud Lil D comes in and takes out his big black cock for her suck, as soon as it's in her mouth she knows its not me. She takes off the blindfold and is excited to see a thick black dick for her to worship. Lil D face fucks her before pounding her in missionary, Kali is super wet from this strange dick. He fucks her doggystyle while I watch and eventually pulls out and cums all over her landing strip. Happy Birthday honey!

Tight and Teen - Ariela Donovan - Interracial Debut

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Duration: 22:22
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Description: Today has the pleasure of introducing you to Ariela Donovan, a saucy blonde who has come to Private Specials, Sassy Girls Going Black to get a taste of her favourite thing in the whole world BBC! Ariela prefers older men and after a successful date shes soon inviting her latest catch home for more as she slips into her sexiest lingerie ready for a fuck. Then enjoy the sight of this feisty new girls beautiful tattooed body in action as she rides, grinds and takes it hard and deep all the way until her pussy is covered in cum.

Devil's Film - Kenzie Reeves - Office ASSIstants

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Duration: 30:53
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Description: Some days on the job are harder than others, but with office assistants like these, you'll be the one who's hard! They don't mind a little inappropriate office behavior, in fact, if you don't grab some ass and pound them on your desk, they may quit and find another job with co-workers who will!

Dick Drainers - Angel Youngs - High School Cheerleader Gets Some Extra Training Before The Game

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Duration: 01:01:43
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Description: Angel has been a cheerleader since she started high school 4 years ago she's only 18 years old and she loved it. Seeing the games up close, doing fun stuff with the girls, watching the athletes win, getting all the attention that comes with being a hot was all very, very cool. At first.

But things have started to change the last couple of years. The men's basketball team has been losing A LOT and that's frustrating everybody. And on top of that frustration, the girls who Angel used to get along so well with have been acting a little funny...

Angel didn't think anything of it at 1st. But lately, its become more and more obvious. Conversations that would stop when she got close....seeing girls posting on social media to events that she didn't get invited to...something was comments during games and practice...It's pretty obvious that the cheer team's chemistry is off.

Angel's noticed it. And so has Coach Richards. Coach Richards has noticed something else too Angel's double ds. Coach has had his eyes on Angel for a long time. She's always been a cute lil girl. With her pretty blue eyes and beautiful smile. But ever since she turned 18, her titties have been growing bigger and bigger. Her uniform can barely hold them down....and coach can barely hide his hard black dick in his pants as he watches her...and thinks about how tight and wet her young pussy is. He wants to go balls deep in her teen pussy. Feel it grip his hard black dick. Hear her gasp as he enters her and scream as he goes deeper...and deeper....

And after months and months of wanting Angel...he thinks he's figured out how to get her. Its gameday and the other cheerleaders have left early from the pre game meeting at his house to go do stuff before the game. But they didn't tell Angel. So Angel is still on her way to his spot....and the game isn't for 5 more hours. Which means Coach Richards has plenty of time to get to know 18 year old Angel a lil bit better

Blacks On Blondes - Charlotte Sartre - Charlotte Is A Celebrity Being Interviewed

File: i3llfnablonblchasarbe9lprskcy.mp4
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Duration: 44:43
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Description: Charlotte is a celebrity being interviewed and they ask her about her sex life. That's where she looks around at the crew, camera guy and director and says Well I guess I have what you would call a super high sex drive so I LOVE to bang more than 1 guy at the same time so ALL my holes are filled at once and REALLY the thing that turns me on most is having a Camera running while I'm doing it, because knowing that someone else is going to watch me
later just makes me Cum OVER and OVER and OVER, especially if the guys are rougher I don't like that boring namby pamby soft boring sex. Take right now for instance, if you guys were to set down your gear and leave the camera on that tripod, rip my clothes off and take out your dicks, I would have all 3 of you POUND me in all my holes relentlessly until I was covered in your cum. And with that she gets on all fours, lifts up her dress and reveals her large buttplug she's wearing....... Look I'm already stretched and ready, I've been wearing this all day hoping I could entice you guys in this interview Crazy Airtight DP sex ensues with lots of ATM, ATP, and squirting and after the pop shots she says, Now THAT'S the kind of interview I like to have, can we do a follow up next week?

Dick Drainers - Audrey Holiday - No Relaxation For Her Throat!

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Duration: 37:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: She's walking home after a long day of work. Absolutely exhausted. She's thinking about taking off her clothes...stripping down...exposing her naked body...getting into a bath...maybe a glass of something to drink...

Relaxation is on her mind. Its been a long day after all. So long in fact that Audrey isn't paying attention....and she should be.

You see...Audrey's not very safe. There are people lurking. Bad people. People who notice when pretty little white girls aren't paying attention. People who are into some twisted stuff.

Audrey's looking forward to a night of relaxation. But her night is about to take a very messy turn

Glory Hole - Lisey Sweet - Lisey Is All Alone This Evening

File: k4btsnaglholissweraomcz9gko.mp4
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Duration: 23:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lisey Sweet is all alone this evening at the swinger club because her husband tied up at work. What's a solo girl to do but find the most available dicks in the place in the backroom Glory Hole. Dressed to the 9's she is looking for just that and bigger. She is quick to get her dress up and tits out to entice the cocks from their holes. Big and Thick they come out together and she slobbers over them with joy. Her pussy needs it's attention as well and
is quickly bent over and backing up to take those thick cocks. One she rides to pop and the other just milks the life out of it with her hands and throat. If only her Husband could be here to see it.

Black Ambush - Jasmine Wilde - Oh my do you see that ass?

File: c8b8jnablamjaswilu1bwuhl8ny.mp4
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Duration: 01:09:42
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Description: Oh my do you see that ass? Oh Im going to fuck the shit out of her, says Isiah Maxwell as he watches sexy Jasmine Wilde undress with his Ambush Cam for white boy Director Jake out in the living room. So we find out that Jasmines been with one black guy before but I guarantee shes never had a bigger dick than Isiah Maxwells man meat. Just watch her post shoot confessional for a list of all her sins of the day because shes been a naughty girl...

So Jasmines fresh off her ExCoGi debut were Jake fucked the living shit out of this newbie and if you missed it this girls name is very fitting of her. And yes you guessed it. Jasmine likes it rough, kinky and wild. The wilder the better the fucking for this one, which is just up our alley. The black ambush alleyway that is and after Jake sets the ambush of Jasmine by telling her shes back to fuck him again? Shes led down the ambush alley were her BBC surprise awaits. But its no surprise for Isiah since weve setup him up with his own personal Ambush cam on my cell phone so he can see all the hot action live as its undressing and gulping down hard cock. This girl loves sex and it shows. The dicking you ask? Well these are the things that legends are made of. And just incase anyones wondering, Im very much aware, painfully aware in fact, of the audio issues during the ambush BJ and like all our scenes it's shot in a one take format with no re-dos. We dont do fake setups or any shit like that so sometimes things happen and we all just have to deal with it. Anyways, sit back and enjoy the awesomely fantastic sex that is Black Ambush and enjoy Jasmine Wilde everyone. Isiah and Jake most certainly did.

Blacked - Apolonia Lapiedra - Watching The Wife

File: xk7ponablaapolapvzctoqxwmf.mp4
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Duration: 42:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hubby has a surprise in store for hotwife Apolonia. He likes to watch, and she has an exhibitionist streak, so shes willing to let him direct and perform beyond his expectations. But she has no idea the scene hes planning revolves around her double penetration.

Anal Introductions - Katy Rose - Enjoys Interracial Threesome With DP

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Duration: 21:25
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Description: Its no secret, Katy Rose loves rough sex and thats why she has come to Private Specials, Sassy Girls Going Black for an interracial threesome as she looks to take things to whole other level. Enjoy this wild brunette on where she slips into her new sexy lingerie and has her craving for black meat satisfied, warming up with a double blowjob and getting everything wet and ready for a fuck. Then watch Katy put her pussy and ass to work as she enjoys some intense anal and DP action that has screaming all the way to warm facial and a juicy creampie.