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Dorcel Club - Cherry Kiss - Unexpected Pleasure For Cherry

File: u3ylcnadoclchekisb9gnb6vfnl.mp4
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Duration: 21:30
Format: mp4
Description: Cherry Kiss, a busy businesswoman, invites her client Juan Lucho to her villa to sign a contract. Once the meeting is over and her client has left, she decides to sunbathe naked. She didn't expect Juan Lucho to come back and surprise her completely naked. Together, the two co-workers decide to cross the professional line and have a few moments of fun.

American Daydreams - Sera Ryder - Hottie Daydreams Of Getting Pussy Stretched

File: mhtldnaamdaserrydexlfjqhqis.mp4
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Duration: 43:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sera Ryder stops by her chiropractor's office for her appointment and can't wait until he gets her hands on her. In fact, while waiting for her chiropractor to return to the office, she starts fantasizing about all the ways she wants to take his big black cock. It may have been only a fantasy, but it felt so real.

Interracial Pickups - Skyler Storm - Skyler Is A Little Whippersnapper

File: 5corgnainpiskystofebhs3h8qk.mp4
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Duration: 28:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Skyler is a little whippersnapper who is always up for adventure as she likes to think of herself as a girl who is willing to take a chance. So take today for instance. While walking home from school she notices a man filming her on his phone. Hmmm, is this one of those stunt videos or is he just a creep? Either way she is going to find out and confronts him. He informs her he is taking these videos of good looking women for his
friend who is fresh out of prison and under house arrest and cannot get out and see girls in person. Well if that isn't the best pick up line she's ever heard. She might as well go meet this man. After all, his name is Chocolate God and she does love chocolate. Arriving at the random stranger's pad she does indeed meet the man in the ankle bracelet who is under house arrest. Wow, her very first ex-con. Today is a day of adventure. Next thing you know she is showing Chocolate God one her little titties and asking for him to show something. Oh we all know where this is going as Chocolate brings out the biggest penis she has ever seen. Damn right she is going to suck it, otherwise this story is over right now. Soon she is sucking both cocks and getting her tight little chick whole reamed out as the dudes take turns pumping her full of sweet black meat. Now this is an adventure.

Cherry Pimps - Kenzie Taylor - A Double Booking

File: injzenachpikentayjxkg5tavye.mp4
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Duration: 23:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Will Tile arrived at his rental and jumped right into the shower. But unknown to him, they double booked the rental and while he was showering off, Kenzie Taylor started to occupy the room and made herself right at home! She changed into some sexy lingerie and brought out all her naughty toys. Looks like she had something very fun planned! But Will Tile walked right in and wondered why the heck she was in his rental?! Seems they have a dilemma, but luckily for both of them, they could work something out between them so both parties are satisfied!

Ricky's Room - Emma Magnolia - The Total Package

File: 2t4p9nariroemmmag5oumfcyfec.mp4
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Duration: 44:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Have you ever met a girl that is just so much of everything without even trying? No? Then meet Emma Magnolia because she is it. Her sexy brain, her beautiful body, her fucking dangerous ass. Wait. Was there a camera on us? Because I was just so lost in her being that I am pretty sure I forgot about that. Damn.

Bang Bus - Leo Babe - Teacher Tames A Black Mamba

File: 3not7nababuleobabeoubrijkyq.mp4
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Duration: 57:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The bus is out here boy!!!! We dont stop son!! Every week, we roam the streets of Miami looking for money hungry hoes to take a ride with us. This week was no different. We pulled up on this chick waiting for the bus. As we got to know her she told us that shes a teacher and instantly we knew she was desperate for money cause teachers dont make shit. So we talked to her for a bit and eventually convince her to take a ride with us. Inside the bus she quickly started chocking on black cock and soon got her tight hole stretched in several different positions before receiving a huge load. From there, it was time to dump her ass in the middle of nowhere.

New Sensations - Octavia Red - Octavia Has A Second Chance To Be Fulfilled

File: ixk2unaneseoctredoz21usoz2d.mp4
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Duration: 26:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy heavenly chested wife Octavia Red was hoping for the Hotel Experience on her night rendezvous with her BBC lover Jamie. Now Jamie, more than willing to make it up, still feels a bit hesitant about his first time cheating on his wife, but Octavia simmered him down saying they are just having a little fun and quickly gets Jamie on her huge natural tits. Octavia now gets his big cock rock hard and inside her tight pussy, which was just too tight for Jamie as he came right away! But still hard and throbbing, Jamie fucks her off the bed this time and unloads his second coming deep inside her cum hungry pussy! Which more than made up for the crummy motel., INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Cuck Hunter - Agatha Delicious - Wife Calls Husbands Best Friend For Cuckold

File: 61n5gnacuhuagadelka6xeoggeu.mp4
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Duration: 38:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Agatha Delicious is disappointed at her husband Angel and how he doesn't treat her like the queen that she is. She's had enough and she's going to get the satisfaction she deserves whether her husband likes it or not. So she calls her husband's best friend, Mr Big D. As his name implies, he's got a big D ready to give Agatha's pussy a good workout all while he husband watches and thinks about what a cuck he is.

Touch My Wife - Jenna Fireworks - Horny Wife Equals Happy Life

File: dzkwrnatomywijenfirox1ujqe34v.mp4
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Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marrying a hot young blonde is ideal, but you better be prepared to keep a horny wife satisfied! Jenna Fireworks is exactly the type and her husband knows if he hopes to hang on to her he is going to have to share. That's right, there is no way Jenna could live off just one cock, especially not her husband's! And that's why the lewd couple are out on the prowl when Jenna spots this stud called John Long. Jenna takes what she wants and it's only a few minutes before they have their hands all over each other.

Her husband even feels up her perky tits as Jenna tries to size up John for the night. And the stud does not disappoint, John is packing a huge black cock and Jenna can't keep her hands or mouth off of it! Jenna strokes him with 2 hands and deepthroats his meat before John spreads her open to eat her ass and pussy as her husband watches. John enters her from behind, stretching her white pussy to its limits as he thrusts into her. Jenna soaks the stranger's dick with her wifey juices as she talks dirty to him while getting slammed. She climbs on top and John fucks this perverted wife to orgasm pulling out and drenching this young wife's face with his cum.

Cuckold Sessions - Alena Croft - Cucky Marcelo Is Scurrying Around His Mistresses

File: yqqlqnacusealecrooxe6kxmvcg.mp4
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Duration: 33:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cucky Marcelo is scurrying around his Mistresses house cleaning and getting it ready for his Mistresses date later. He is so quick he runs out of things to do and spends the rest of his time worshiping his Mistress feet until they hear the doorbell. Dismissing Marcelo to greet her stud Alena casually makes her way to the living room to find her Big Cock and her Cuckold waiting for her to service her every need. Alena immediately tells Will to whip it out and provide the Big Cock she loves
so much while ridiculing the tiny caged thing her cuckold is sporting. The passion is high while Will puts her through the paces and even forces a squirt out of her right into cucky's face. Taking the load proudly in the face as is her favorite, she then spits it right into Marcelo's face below her as his reward.

BangBros 18 - Lily Lou - Lets Get Wet!

File: 63gognababr18lilloud4lbkanh7j.mp4
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Duration: 41:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lily is bored all by herself in the pool. Her Step dad wont join her because he is cleaning up for a party later. The nerve of him ignoring her the way she looks.She comes up with the idea to get him in the water. Show him her big ass tiddies. Once she does and she starts bouncing those massive tits in his face cleaning up is no longer his concern. Lets get wet. But one catch, it is a no clothes pool. She pulls his trunks down and her tits are not the only thing that is massive around here. The mere size of her step dads dick and swimming is no longer on her mind. She has to put it in her mouth. Horniness takes over and they fuck like they are fresh out the joint. He leaves her face covered in cum. Good thing it is a pool close by to clean it off before the guest arrive.