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Lez Cuties - Lana Roy & Freya Mayer - Caught Snapping

File: nii9vnaleculanfresn6dlwkriu.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 27:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Mayer was having fun with her snap application. Taking selfies of her cute face and then moving to a more lustful parts of her body. Getting followers! Talking about followers, someone was following her Lana Roy was watching her all this time and caught her snapping. It didn't take long before the two of them start snapping each other's pussy and boobs

Mommy's Girl - Misty Stone & Daya Knight - Flirty Dancing

File: lbvpjnamogimisdayf1jdclwpzx.mp4
Size: 1.24 GB
Duration: 38:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Daya Knight is relaxing when her stepmom, Misty Stone, stops by to excitedly talk about an upcoming wedding they're both going to. Misty is especially excited to be able to bust out her dance moves... though this revelation mortifies Daya as she gives Misty some tough love, telling her she's a bad dancer...

Misty denies being a bad dancer, demonstrating some of her outdated moves for her horrified stepdaughter. Daya FINALLY offers to teach her stepmom some NEW moves so that she won't make a total FOOL of herself at the wedding. When Daya shows Misty the kind of moves that are in now, which are much more sexual than Misty's, Misty is pretty sure she'll NEVER be able to dance like THAT. But Daya is to the rescue as she offers to teach Misty.

Things are awkward at first since Daya has to be rather hands-on to show Misty the dance moves. Slowly and surely, as Misty finds her new rhythm, sparks fly between them. With each touch, the air becomes charged between them... and once they go in for a kiss, it's time for them to do a whole other kind of dance!

Web Young - Emma Hix, Eliza Ibarra & Gabbie Carter - Strip Pillow Fight

File: y7nl6naweyoemmeligabwpe4evmrep.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 35:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra, Emma Hix, and Gabbie Carter are feeling a little bummed. They had planned to have their annual water fight but the weather put a damper on their plans. Once they're inside, they try to figure out something else to do to honor their friendly competition... and that's when a pillow fight breaks out!

As the girls giggle and duke it out with each other, Emma suddenly becomes inspired. To make things interesting, why don't they turn it into a strip game?? Each time someone gets smacked with a pillow, they have to remove a piece of clothing... starting with Gabbie! After Emma wallops her with a pillow, Gabbie is a good sport and gives in, removing her top. Things only get hotter from there as each girl becomes more naked by the second... until they finally decide that it's time for the REAL fun to begin!

When Girls Play - Abigail Mac & Demi Sutra - Sun's Out, Buns Out

File: rua9lnawhgiplabidemmdpnbwz4gm.mp4
Size: 919.41 MB
Duration: 33:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bikini-clad babes Abigail Mac and Demi Sutra have a little fun in the sun as they sit out by the pool. The busty beauties anoint each other's tits with oil and kiss playfully, rubbing their perfect bodies together to make sure that every inch is nice and oiled up! These babes' bottoms come off and their buns come out to get kissed by the sun... and each other!

Lesbea - Mia Trejsi & Capri Lmonde - Petite And Playful Lesbian Teens

File: veoqinalesmiacap9ohy8nh2v6.mp4
Size: 388.71 MB
Duration: 19:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Capri Lmonde is horny, and wants her petite lover Mia Trejsi's attention. Mia looks into the mirror and sees Capri touching herself, and eventually joins her on the couch. Mia teases Chloe's tight pussy, then strips her shirt off and licks her pert boobs. Mia turns around and Chloe licks her ass and pussy doggystyle, then Chloe sits on Mia's face so they can 69 to mutual orgasm!

Teamskeet X Camsoda - Lana Sharapova & Ella Cruz - Through The Bedroom Door

File: in2yknatexcalanelluwf3nnxitp.mp4
Size: 399.18 MB
Duration: 18:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Ella Cruz and Lana Sharapova hear each other masturbating through the bedroom door, they decide to join forces and take care of each others needs together. They will lick and finger each other until both are moaning with satisfaction.

She Will Cheat - Aidra Fox & Adira Allure - Adira Fucks Her Therapist In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

File: hwrnwnashwichaidadivvb9yd55kg.mp4
Size: 539.86 MB
Duration: 31:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Adira and Marcelo are going to see a therapist to help with their failing marriage. When they arrive the smoking hot therapist Aidra Fox asks Adira if she can step into the other room for a private conversation. After a little bit Marcelo hears some strange noises and decides to go check but he finds the therapist's tongue deep in his wife's pussy. Marcelo is told to shut up and watch as the therapist shows Adira a good time a lets her release her frustrations with some hot lesbian action.

Club Seventeen - Jessy Link & Lana Banana - Dirty Babes

File: kshrfnaclsejeslanikcjzhkl5t.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 21:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Living together with someone is an art. Jessy and Lana have been doing so for over a year now and it's becoming more and more frisky. I mean, the sexual tension is becoming unbearable! They had to do something about it... when there's love enough you can stand anything. When there isn't, you can stand nothing...

Hustler - Chloe Cherry & Jenna Foxx - Lesbian Interracial

File: ya6rjnahuschljenc1uirxl9yd.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 38:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: While on a swingers date during dinner, Chloe and Jenna are less focused on their girlfriends and more focused on each other. After dinner, as exciting as they find the fact that their girlfriends are in the next room, they find having their pussy licked by a new girl is even more exciting!

Viv Thomas - Blue Angel & Amirah Adara - Welcome Home

File: wfqetnavithbluamimenrnsdls6.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 25:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy brunette Amirah Adara gets a passionate Welcome Home from gorgeous blonde Blue Angel. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie begins, Blue emerges from the shower and massages lotion over her lovely body. Amirah watches, her desire evident as she greets her sweetheart with a tender caress. They kiss, Amirahs hand sliding between Blues thighs to stroke her pussy. Before long they are both naked, and Amirah kneels to suck her girlfriends puffy nipples, then kisses a trail down to her pussy. She licks and strokes Blue skilfully, making her gasp with arousal, then straddles her face to get her own pussy eaten. Blue sucks on Amirahs clit and laps at her hot pink folds Amirah turns around into a sixty-nine so they can lick each other simultaneously. When Blue tongues Amirahs tight asshole, it tips her over the edge of an intense orgasm. Blue goes head over heels so Amirah can repay the favor, licking her to a blissful climax.

Sex Art - Moona Snake & Luna Truelove - Too Much Of A Good Thing

File: nwbfonasearmoolunuu3ib8sznx.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 23:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Luna Truelove watches through the glass wall of the bathroom as cute Moona Snake takes a shower. As Andrej Lupins hot lesbian movie Too Much Of A Good Thing begins, Moona soaps up her sexy body, her nipples stiff and her skin glistening. The lovers masturbate for each other, until Asian beauty Luna cant resist any longer, and joins Moona under the cascading water. Kissing her hungrily, Luna presses her girlfriend up against the glass and slides a hand between her thighs. They stumble to the bed, where Luna kisses her way down to Moonas shaved pussy...

She fingerbangs Moona skilfully as she sucks her clit, bringing her to peak after peak of pleasure. Moona pushes Luna onto her back, nuzzling her fluffy bush and licking her succulent pink folds. Luna rocks her hips up to meet Moonas busy tongue and fingers, strumming her own clit until an intense orgasm sweeps through her trembling body. She rolls over and Moona continues fingering her pussy from behind as she licks her tight asshole. Luna kneels to ride her lovers fingers, climaxing again before they collapse in each others arms, breathless and glowing with satisfaction.

Evil Angel - Natasha Teen & Daniela Ortiz - Lesbian Gaping

File: wuwwjnaevannatdansu3n9o1cy4.mp4
Size: 2.41 GB
Duration: 44:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Glamorous, busty blonde Natasha Teen looks hot in a sporty get-up, and she's eager for some freaky lesbian fun. Wearing a matching outfit, young, black-haired Daniela Ortiz teases and stretches her hungry holes for the camera. Adventurous director Proxy Paige captures the aroused babes stripping and showing off through a sexy scene intro. The irrepressible girls finger and rim each other's hungry bunghole, leading to a session of massive anal toy play! This freaky backdoor encounter includes immense rectal gaping and nasty, ass-to-mouth antics. Natasha and Daniela kiss and caress in a passionate make-out session, climaxing their raunchy, backdoor affair.

Pure Taboo - Alex Coal & Bunny Colby - Don't Go Through With This

File: 2ar7nnaputaalebunbfvkl657na.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 49:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

A bride named Prudence Bunny Colby is having a private moment in a bathroom during her wedding reception. She is upset and clearly looks like she'd rather be anywhere else but there. But Prudence's breakdown is interrupted by another woman, Eliza Alex Coal, soon walking into the bathroom.

Prudence is stunned to see Eliza, who is an old friend AND her husband's sibling-- not only because Eliza wasn't invited to the wedding and reception, but because there's been drama in her past. In fact, Eliza was excommunicated from their strict religious community years ago because she's a lesbian. But the more they talk, the more it seems as though Eliza has shown up specifically to rescue Prudence from a life of repression.

Prudence is nervous as the pieces come together to reveal that she's a lesbian as well, although she had to marry a man to appease her family and community. Eliza tries to convince Prudence to run away with her and be who she really is, but Prudence is unsure. Can she REALLY give up EVERYTHING in order to live as her true self? And as things heat up between them and sparks fly, is Eliza really doing it all from the goodness of her heart?

Fake Hostel - Eve Sweet, Stacy Cruz & Jenny Doll - Lesbians Get Horny Straight Girl Into Threesome

File: fjowenafahoevestajenoryx6cedss.mp4
Size: 584.48 MB
Duration: 27:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lovely lesbians Jenny Doll and Stacy Cruz stumble upon the massage room of the Fake Hostel, and the lovers make their way to the bed! Stacy pours oil on Jenny's feet and gives her a massage, then the cheeky lesbian slides off Jenny's shorts and dives tongue first into her ass and pussy. As the lesbians fuck, Eve Sweet eavesdrops on them and starts touching herself! Stacy and Jenny notice, and Eve flees, but the lesbians chase her into the bunkbeds upstairs and seduce her. The three ladies run a pussy-eating chain, then each of them gets a turn having their tits, ass, and pussies worshipped! Lots of rimjobbing and fingering later, all the ladies have cummed, and lay back satisfied!

Hot And Mean - Whitney Wright & Azul Hermosa - Azmr 2

File: zfcdjnahoanmewhiazune2kvdfz2p.mp4
Size: 837.19 MB
Duration: 34:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Azul Hermosa and Whitney Wright have something special in store for the ASMR lovers out there in this hot lesbian scene filled with sexy sounds. The girls lick and suck their lollipops, and their own fingers, gagging and drooling all over them until they find something even sweeter to lick, their tits and pussies! The sweet sound of these gorgeous babes' scissoring is surpassed only by the stunning sight of it, so open your ears and your eyes, and enjoy the action!

Cherry Pimps - April Olsen & Jewelz Blu - Together? This Is Porn Heaven

File: jbu1hnachpiaprjewcoxwncvzdz.mp4
Size: 4.32 GB
Duration: 01:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: COTM for September 2021 April Olsen meets COTM for September 2020 Jewelz Blu! These hot babes sure do know how to coordinate their attire looking absolutely incredible in their school girl uniforms being sure to be a tease with their long legs and letting you see their panties as much as possible before they come flying off! April just loves running her finger and thumb through Jewelz's shaved pussy playing with those pouty lips that are begging to be licked and spread apart to show that gorgeous wet pink pussy! April is going to have some fucking fun tonight with this sexy babe. Jewelz has some ideas too with her dildo and April is the perfect one to try some naughty fun with. She wants to grind on it together with April and show her the best way to use a double sided dildo. April loves feeling that dildo fuck her deep while Jewelz thrust it deep into her. This is porn heaven with these horny babes together! Oily tits, multiple orgasms and absolutely drop dead gorgeous sweethearts that don't stop until everyone is satisfied! Archive from 9-29-2021 5pm LIVE show!

Cherry Pimps - Eliza Ibarra & Gia Derza - Dysfunctional Cock Leads to Functional Cuck

File: mvi2bnachpieligia43bkn4itgr.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 22:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Ibarra is tired of not getting fucked by her husband Johnny Hill! She leaves him to shop with his money, so he can enjoy some physical therapy without her. Maybe his therapist can get his dick working again, too! In comes his therapist, Gia Derza, and she's ready to work. She couldn't help but notice that he has such a smokin' hot wife, and he cannot even fuck her! Eliza returns and needs to show off her lingerie to someone who will appreciate it. Of course, Gia loves watching her perky titties in lingerie, and really wants a taste for herself! Unluckily for Johnny, Gia has another kind of therapy on her mind, and it certainly isn't for him!

Evolved Fights Lez - Bella Rossi & Miss Demeanor - Bella Vs. Miss

File: 28tunnaevfilebelmislgswym4oo9.mp4
Size: 1.73 GB
Duration: 29:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is a semi finals match for the 2021 fall brawl tournament!. Both Miss Demeanor and Bella Rossi had impressive victories for their first match in this tournament. The seeding has put them against each other today. Miss uses her impressive power to throw Bella around like a rag doll. Bella uses her Koala hold to back back onto Miss and control her. These girls both wrap each other up with leg scissors and finger blast each other attempting to make each other cum in the process. This match does go the distance. It's an extremely close match and certainly worthy of being a tournament match. The winner humiliates the loser. The loser is uses rough sex to put the loser in her place then lifts and carries her off the mats.

Rk Prime - Jenna Foxx & Olivia Jayy - Seduced By Gf's Sorority Roommates: Part 1

File: aloflnarkprjenolinibsyszm6v.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 43:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Juan Loco's girlfriend didn't want to bring him to her sorority house to study because her roomies Jenna Foxx and Olivia Jayy are too slutty! Sure enough, from the moment Juan walks in on the two nymphos making out in the shower, they do their best to seduce him, eating each other's pussies and even tribbing behind the couch as they put on a sexy show for him. The girls go up to their bedroom and Juan follows to watch them licking each other's clits and breaking out their favorite toys, but they want more...

Girls Way - Ellie Lilly & Jamie Michelle - Loyal Service

File: o7fdbnagiwaelljamsg6bohj8c7.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 27:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mayor Jamie Michelle is frustrated, to say the least. Her husband cheated on her and now it seems like everyone in the world is aware of the scandal -- she can't get a moment's peace! But at least when she's alone in her office with her trusty bodyguard, Ellie Lilly, she can hear herself think.

As she thinks aloud, wondering where to go from there, Ellie speaks up. Ellie admits that she never liked Jamie's husband and that Jamie deserves so much better. While Jamie is touched by these words, she still doesn't know what to do next. While dating's on her mind, she just has no idea how it works nowadays, so she curiously asks Ellie what she does in her personal life...

Ellie admits that she doesn't have much of a life outside of protecting Jamie. That's when a spark happens between them as Jamie realizes that Ellie has been the one by her side, no matter what. Maybe the person she REALLY should've been with was right in front of her the whole time! As things heat up between them, there's only one way to know for sure.