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Sinful XXX - Stacy Cruz & Alexis Crystal - No Average Man

File: bmiwqnasixxstaaleuqidfvi1yb.mp4
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Duration: 29:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stacy has a bit of a problem... she did not pass her statistics exam, her professor tells her. However, Stacy does not agree and tells him she knows a bit more about statistics than he does and she needs only 11 minutes alone with the professor to convince him. That may be an offer that he can not refuse, but he has other plans with Stacy first. As she enters his house, an erotic adventure begins...

Sex Art - Alexis Crystal - Sneak Peek Production

File: onrznnasearalecryuc4a9ybisf.mp4
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Duration: 28:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Attention turns to the mechanics of film creation, in episode four of Andrej Lupins ground-breaking erotic series Sneak Peek. As this episode, subtitled Production begins, producer Ariel Piper Fawn discusses shoot plans with her stars, Alexis Crystal and Ricky. They talk about sexual chemistry and natural passion, the flirty energy between them quickly becoming apparent. As the scene begins, they are already in a heated embrace, undressing each other in the doorway and stumbling to the sofa. Topless, Alexis frees Rickys cock from his jeans and grinds on him seductively he sucks her nipples as he fingers her juiced-up pussy, until she cant wait any longer and impales herself on his erection...

Alexis gasps with pleasure as she slides up and down on Rickys thick shaft, riding to an intense orgasm. Hips rocking, she gazes into his eyes as she keeps fucking herself on his dick until she climaxes again. Ricky throws Alexis on her back and eats her pussy, driving her to a crescendo of pleasure that has her arching like a bow and squealing with delight. He does it again, before thrusting into her in missionary and fucking her vigorously. Alexis is a quivering, orgasmic wreck by the time Ricky cums all over her soaked pussy.

Sex Art - Alexis Crystal - Sneak Peek: Actress

File: jklc1nasearalecryewdlmovekh.mp4
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Duration: 34:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Alexis Crystal is excited to be the focus of attention in part three of Andrej Lupins experimental erotic series Sneak Peak. As this episode, subtitled Actress, begins, producer Ariel Piper Fawn asks Alexis what she wants from her ideal scene. The captivating cutie reveals that she likes to feel glamorous and to wear sexy lingerie. She expects to have fun on set, good communication and comfortable positions that she can enjoy. Sexually she wants to feel cherished and passionate. Ariel listens to all her requests and picks a partner who she thinks will please her George Brown. As the scene begins, Alexis looks gorgeous in lingerie and black stockings she moans softly as George kisses her neck, unhooks her bra and sucks her nipples. Tugging her sheer panties aside, he strokes her pussy skilfully, then kneels between her spread thighs and licks her to an orgasm. Now George penetrates Alexis in spoons, fucking her with deep thrusts to drive her wild. They switch to missionary, Alexis rocking her hips to increase the intensity until shes overwhelmed by another powerful climax. Breathless with pleasure, she touches herself as she watches George jerk off over her trembling body until her soaks her pussy with cum, fulfilling her erotic desire.

Sex Art - Lee Anne & Alexis Crystal - Sneak Peek: Member Part 2

File: m28dwnasearleealehzdumufay1.mp4
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Duration: 27:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian sex comes under the spotlight, as episode two of Andrej Lupins erotic series Sneak Peak Member begins. Producer Ariel Piper Fawn introduces the scene, which has been shot in response to comments and feedback from SexArt members. Gorgeous brunette Lee Anne makes flirtatious eye contact with Alexis Crystal, who joins her on the bed, kissing her passionately. Lee Anne unhooks her cute girlfriends bra and sucks her stiff nipples, rubbing and pinching to make her shiver with anticipation. She tugs Alexis panties aside and strums her clit, then eases two fingers into her tight pussy and fucks her to a breathless orgasm. Now Alexis takes control, lavishing attention on Lee Annes lovely breasts and stroking her through her split-crotch panties before peeling them off. She eats Lee Annes pussy eagerly, sliding fingers into her wet heat to stoke her arousal to boiling point. Lee Annes back arches in bliss as shes overwhelmed by her climax. Alexis straddles Lee Annes face, riding her tongue until she orgasms again then they move into scissors, grinding together sensuously. Clit to clit, they drive each other to intense simultaneous orgasms. Hide

Immoral Live - Alexis Crystal - Alexis Gets Some Tasty Man Sauce For Her Sushi

File: 1dgvwnaimlialecryga13axb25o.mp4
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Duration: 32:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dan and his brother in law Johnny Nitro decide to try out a rumor they've read on the Internet on flirting by squirting girls with water. As Alexis Crystal walks by, they test their theory and it goes way better than they even expected. It's not long before she shows them her tits and ass before they bring her back so they can fuck.

Porn World - Kristy Black & Alexis Crystal - Cops & Robbers: Gangbang Punishment

File: x9erqnapowokrialehxmtpvm5ld.mp4
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Duration: 01:02:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After getting caught trying to steal an old Mercedes convertible, Kristy Black and Alexis Crystal attempt to squirm themselves of the situation by sucking off the two cops who busted them. Unfortunately or perhaps, fortunately for them, however, sucking off the cops at the scene of the crime isnt all the two sluts will have to do. Alexis, Kristy, and their partner in crime Josh are then taken back to the police station where theyre properly punished with a gangbang. ...

Lez Cuties - Alexis Crystal & Zlata Shine - Hand In Hand

File: xn74wnalecualezlalpkbheti6p.mp4
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Duration: 22:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty Alexis Crystal and Zlata Shine share a playful and intimate time outside. This quickly turns into steamy lesbian sex on a picnic blanket. Each girl takes turns licking and sucking on each others wet pussies. These girls moan in pleasure and leave one another utterly satisfied.

Porn World - Alexis Crystal & Paola Hard - Office Dp: 2 Bbcs Stretch Out Young Blonde Professionals

File: ghwognapowoalepao1u2irvymrb.mp4
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Duration: 56:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After rebuffing her black colleagues attempts to get in her pants at the workplace, sexy, young blonde Alexis Cyrstal finally succumbs to the pressure and places his BBC in her mouth. Alexis is under the desk, with her colleague's black cock deep in her throat when her other black colleague walks into the room to discover whats going on. When she finally realizes that hes entered the room, she does what most girls would do if they found themselves in the same situation, and started sucking her other colleague off as well. The interracial threesome is just starting to pick up steam when a 4th colleague, Paola Hard, walks by and sees whats going on. Of course, having seen the two massive black cocks from afar, Paola joins the fun.

Porn World - Alexis Crystal - Airtight Dp With Company Bosses Gets Slut The Job

File: adurqnapowoalecryhaqkgllqlf.mp4
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Duration: 41:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: While interviewing to become a secretary at a large multinational company, it becomes apparent the Alexis Crystal is not qualified for the job. Despite this unfortunate fact, however, Alexis is resourceful and knows a work around. While the boss whos interviewing takes a quick call, she gets on her knees and starts blowing him under the desk. Of course, the boss doesnt try to stop her, and after he gets off the phone he starts fucking her on his desk. As his cock is balls deep in the slutty blondes pink pussy, his two partners walk to the room. Quickly, they take their pants off and join the fun, making use of all of the secretaries holes.

Sex Art - Serina Gomez & Alexis Crystal - Intention

File: zougenasearseralegfwdetp9rg.mp4
Size: 1.76 GB
Duration: 31:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Alexis Crystal is getting ready for a hot date, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Intention begins. She prepares the coffee table with drinks and candles, then adds the finishing touch by hiding a dildo behind the sofa cushions. When cute Serina Gomez arrives, Alexis makes quick work of seducing her, sliding a hand up her silky thigh and kissing her gently, before toying with her sensitive nipples. The shy brunette cant help responding passionately as Alexis undresses her and strokes her pussy, kissing her way down and starting to lick her skilfully...

Sliding a couple of fingers into Serinas wet slot, Alexis laps at her clit to get her really aroused, then introduces the sex toy. Serina gasps and moans as Alexis fucks her with the mock cock, switching on the vibrations to drive her wild. She has an intense orgasm, and shes eager to repay the favor, rubbing the horny blondes clit and sucking her hard nipples. Going face down ass up to eat pussy, Serina coaxes Alexis to the brink of climax, then fingerbangs her until shes overwhelmed. She uses the dildo to make Alexis orgasm again and again, grinding on her so they reach a final peak of bliss in unison.