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Anal Introductions - Veronica Leal - Vernica Leal Enjoys Anal By The Pool

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Duration: 45:44
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Description: After a crazy night out on the town Cherry Kiss and Vernica Leal find themselves back at Christian Clays mansion and these two beauties are so horny they cant help but get the action started whilst their man is still grabbing his swimming trunks! Watch Cherry get a taste of Vernica outdoors by the pool before the lucky Christian takes over and is returned the favour with a gagging deepthroat blowjob. Then enjoy this Latina in all her glory in Private Gold, Love Beach as she spreads her legs for some hard anal action that has her moaning all the way to a facial cumshot.

Anal Introductions - Cherry Kiss & Veronica Leal - Cherry Kiss And Vernica Leal Share Stud In Anal Threesome

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Duration: 30:57
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Description: Cherry Kiss and Vernica Leal have come to Private Specials, Costa Brava Heat and this is definitely one hot threesome you wont want to miss! After loosening up with yoga instructor Christian Clay these Latina stars are up for some extra fun as they take their man home for a fuck he will never forget. Watch all the action on as these wild nymphos take turns showing off their blowjob skills before offering up their pussies and asses for a real pounding as they moan and scream all the way to a facial cumshot.

Anal Introductions - Alexis Crystal & Veronica Leal - Alexis Crystal And Veronica Leal, Poolside Anal Threesome

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Duration: 33:24
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Description: Alexis Crystal and Veronica Leal have come to Private Specials, Costa Brava Heat ready to make the most of their summer vacation and this is certainly one hot threesome you wont want to miss! Enjoy all the action on where these sexy stars fool around together on the beach before heading back to their mansion for some lesbian fun and a big dick to share by the pool. Watch Alexis and Veronica treat the lucky Potro del Bilbao to a gagging blowjob and an incredible fuck as they take it hard, finishing up with some anal for Alexis and her juicy ass covered in cum.

Nubile Films - Alya Stark & Veronica Leal - My Yoga Instructor

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Duration: 27:37
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Format: mp4
Description: Alya Stark and Veronica Leal are having a girls only yoga session on the softest of rugs. The fit and fuckable ladies are looking fine in their body suits as Veronica shows Alya the ropes. The work together on their stretches, but the more they have their hands on one another, the more the sexual tension builds. When Alya has Veronica cradled in her arms for some leg stretches, she can no longer resist the temptation to rub Veronica's pussy.

Veronica makes it clear that she's super into this new change to her yoga routine with kisses and soft mewls of pleasure. Unsnapping Veronica's body suit, Alya rolls the fabric up to expose Veronica's tits. Then she puts both hands to work, with one rubbing Veronica's clit and the other attending to her hard nipples. As Alya moves on to a full on finger fucking, Veronica sinks low enough that she can tug one of Alya's breasts out to suckle it as she progresses towards a big O.

Temporarily sated, Veronica gets Alya onto her hands and knees on the couch. Still kneeling on the rug, Veronica finds herself at the perfect height to undo Alya's body suit and make herself at home. Leaning in, she indulges in a voracious pussy feast that involves plenty of action with her fingers and tongue. Sweeping licks bring the party higher as Veronica teases Alya's anus as well. When Veronica goes to work finger banging Alya's snatch, she doubles down on her girlfriend's delight by kissing Alya's ass and giving a bit more attention to her chocolate starfish.

Eventually, Alya flings off the last of her clothes and rolls onto her back. Legs spread wide, she winds her fingers into Veronica's hair to pull the redhead close once again. This new angle of penetration encourages Veronica to fill Alya's snatch with her fingers while leaning in to lap at Alya's clit with her hot tongue.

Now that Veronica has brought Alya off, she takes a well-earned break by climbing into Alya's arms and letting her girlfriend's fingers do some exploring. Alya slides two digits deep inside Veronica's fuck hole, then gets on her belly so her tongue can do more of the work. As Alya makes magic with her mouth, Veronica knows that she's not ready to give up on the carnal delights that she can give in return.

The girls relocate to the floor, with Alya on her back and Veronica on top. Their lesbian 69 completes itself as Veronica arranges herself with her pussy on Alya's mouth and her own face buried between Alya's thighs. They keep up the hard work for each other's pleasure, never stopping until both of them have experienced one last climax. Finally satisfied, they come down from their workout in each other's arms on the rug.

Nubile Films - Raul Costa & Veronica Leal - September 2020 Fantasy Of The Month

File: edsyjnanufirauver2wcwuwpo6d.mp4
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Duration: 35:44
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Veronica Leal has agreed to be interviewed about her fantasy. First she describes her normal sexual needs, which are a little bit rough and rowdy. Then she shares that her fantasy is to be taken slow and sweet in a romantic setting by an Italian man. Raul Costa is happy to help Veronica live that fantasy out.

Sharing a bubble bath, the two exchange deep kisses as Raul pus on his most smoldering looks. He pops some Champaign for Veronica and then urges her to lay back and relax as he rubs her feet with the slippery bubbles. Beckoning Veronica over, Raul takes her in his arms. Pressing her back to his chest, he slides one hand around to start working Veronica's clit. He gives her as long as she needs, rubbing away until Veronica's moans indicate that she has enjoyed her first orgasm.

Veronica may have fantasized about letting her Italian stud do all the work, but this girl loves the D way too much to be denied a blowjob when she comes face to face with such a fine cock. She gets Raul to his feet so she can wrap her hand around his shaft and stroke him as she's sucking him down. After indulging for as long as she wants, Veronica gets up and lets Raul take the lead once again.

On her feet with Raul crouched behind her, Veronica uses the edge of the bathtub for support. Raul gets up and slides home, finding it easy to penetrate Veronica's dripping twat. Once they find their rhythm, Veronica stands up straight and lets Raul take her straight to another climax.

They get out of the tub after that, with Veronica laying down on the bath rug and luxuriating in its softness like a cat. Raul takes another taste of her sweet musk before lifting one of Veronica's legs over his shoulder. Cradled between Veronica's thighs, Raul thrusts deep to enjoy her cream filled twat once again.

Veronica likes it from behind, so she gets on her knees to take Raul's cock doggy style. Slow and steady, Raul gives it to Veronica with the deep strokes she's craving. He keeps it up until Veronica makes it clear that she'd like to change the pace by having him roll onto his back so she can climb on top for a stiffie ride.

When Veronica turns around for a more intimate ride, Raul can't hold back another moment. He lets go and fills his redheaded lover up with a creampie. Veronica lifts off Raul's stiffie as he is still spurting, meaning that she's cum covered inside and out as her fantasy lovemaking comes to a close.

Nubile Films - Tiffany Tatum & Veronica Leal - Or Something More

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Duration: 34:08
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: When Veronica Leal gets caught in bed with Tiffany Tatum by her boyfriend, Raul Costa, the girls are initially contrite. It's not long before Veronica talks Tiffany into letting Raul join them in their passion, though. When faced with an invitation for a hot threesome, Raul doesn't hesitate to join on in.

Veronica and Tiffany make Raul feel nice and welcome. First up he gets to enjoy his girlfriend's titties as Tiffany gets used to the idea of adding a man to the mmix. Then Veronica pulls out Raul's hardon to start sucking. She takes her time, loving on every inch of Raul's dick. Eventually Tiffany joins in for her own musky delight. Their double blowjob gives both the girls the chance to come down from their previous climaxes while priming Raul to play stud.

Hopping onto Raul's fuck stick, Veronica takes the first ride. Her bare twat is nice and wet as she bounces away. When she climbs off, she rubs her snatch up and down on Raul's erection to enjoy the feeling in her slit and against her clit. Then Tiffany climbs onto Raul's man meat while Veronica plops her pussy on his face for a two-girl ride.

Getting on her knees with Raul behind her, Veronica takes her boyfriend back inside for a proper pussy pounding. Leaning forward, Veroica muffles her cries of pleasure in Tiffany's snatch. Now that Veronica has again paved the way, Tiffany swaps places with her girlfriend to let Raul bring her home.

Grabbing the toy that has already given the girls such pleasure, Raul tugs Veronica forward. He sinks balls deep into her welcoming hole. Then he presses the toy to her clit so that she's getting the deep orgasmic pleasure from two origins. As Veronica's moans sound long and loud, Tiffany climbs onto her girlfriend's face to ride them. She even takes her turn holding the toy as Raul keeps his hips going.

Her snatch still pulsing, Veronica turns around and pulls Tiffany on top of her so that they create a lesbian 69. Tiffany is in the perfect position for Raul to slide on home and give it to her. When Raul shoves deep to deliver a creampie, Veronica is there with her mouth open for the river of cum that drips out. Tiffany turns around and licks Veronica's face clean, then snowballs the treat with her girlfriend to conclude their unexpected threesome.

Nubile Films - Tiffany Tatum & Veronica Leal - Were Just Friends

File: ohmgxnanufitifverkkeqsz1grl.mp4
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Duration: 25:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Do you have a girlfriend who's got a female friend that's just really close? Have you ever wondered if they're just buddies? That's just the situation that Raul Costa finds himself in with his girlfriend, Veronica Leal, and her friend, Tiffany Tatum. It doesn't matter that Raul is sitting right there Tiffany excuses herself from the table and makes sure that Veronica is watching as she peels off her shorts and grinds on the bed in her thong.

Raul excuses himself, which gives Veronica just the excuse she needs to join Tiffany on the bed. Tiffany makes it worth Veronica's while, peppering Veronica with kisses and then sliding lower to suckle Veronica's perky nipples. It's not long before the girls have ditched their tops entirely and gotten cozy together in bed.

Veronica gets the first taste of heaven as she settles between Tiffany's thighs. Her tongue works overtime, fondling Tiffany's clit and sliding deep inside. Popping up for a kiss that lets Tiffany taste her own musk, Veronica keeps the party going with her fingers before dipping down to continue her feast.

Tiffany gives as good as she gets, getting Veronica to her feet and having her use the pole from the bed as a makeshift stripper pole. As Veronica strikes poses, Tiffany kneels behind her and admires that ass with her eyes, her hands, her mouth. She can't get enough of her hot girlfriend in all those sexy poses.

Now that the girls have each had an orgasm, they pull out their favorite vibrating toy for round two. Tiffany gets on her hands and knees so that Veronica can apply the buzzing delight from behind. The girls wind up embracing one another as they drive their fingers knuckle deep into each other's fuck holes. Grabbing the vibrator, Tiffany makes sure that Veronica gets her rocks off, too.

Raul comes back into the house and the girls pause for a moment because they think he's about to walk in on them. When he diverts to the next room, the girls don't waste a moment. Veronica lays down and pulls Tiffany on top of them so they can settle into a lesbian 69. They're just nearing the finish line when Raul surprises them. They jump apart when Raul asks what they're doing, but Veronica needs only a few moments to convince Tiffany that what they all really need is a threesome...

Porn Stream Live - Veronica Leal - Hardcore

File: 59et9napostliverleauei1gw3ogo.mp4
Size: 525.36 MB
Duration: 40:59
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: We are always excited about seeing our favorite Latina here in Pornstreamlive. We saw her earlier in the Only3x network displaying her amazing skills in cocksucking. This time it will be a little different. She wanted to feel a big cock not only on her pussy but as well as her asshole. This Latina beauty is wearing her super short skimpy white shorts showing her sexiness and her long legs. Veronica loves bending over her body showing off her cute, well-shaped butt in front of the camera.

Hands On Hardcore - Veronica Leal - Dirty Doctor Does Her Good

File: b5fcinaddfverleauvknk3rwmi.mp4
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Duration: 54:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: We've got some dirty sex going down in the DDF Clinic that you don't want to miss one salacious second of. Today horny blonde Latina housewife Veronica Leal is seeing her favorite doctor today, Kristof Cale who is the real Dr. Feelgood. The sexy brown-eyed babe can't wait to lay herself out on the exam table for her doctor to do those things she loves to both of her horny holes. Mr. Cale is a highly skilled oral artist and anal officiator whose number one goal is patient satisfaction and satisfy, he does. Join us in this Hands On Hardcore 4K premium glamour porn picture and enjoy the show as this hottie's curvy ass is railed by a big rod.

Viv Thomas - Cherry Kiss & Veronica Leal - Seal The Deal

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Duration: 27:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Cherry Kiss sells cars, and stunning redhead Veronica Leal is interested. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Seal The Deal begins, they act on their mutual attraction, celebrating the sale with a spontaneous kiss. Veronica leads Cherry by the hand to her bedroom, pushing her onto the bed and lifting her sweater to suck her erect nipples, then peeling off her tight leggings. Cherry flips her onto her back and kisses from her neck to her beautiful breasts, helping her wriggle out of her jeans. She pins Veronica down and tugs her panties aside, licking her shaved pussy voraciously, using her fingers and tongue to drive her wild. Cherry straddles Veronicas face and the gorgeous redhead nuzzles her fluffy bush as she licks her eagerly, making her moan with excitement. Cherry spins around into a sixty-nine, breasts jiggling as they stroke and eat each other frantically. After a powerful orgasm, she dismounts to give Veronicas pussy her full attention, licking her to an intensely satisfying climax. Hide

Dorcel Club - Veronica Leal - Anal Artistry

File: drkrlnadoclverleavjitwl7ms7.mp4
Size: 309.68 MB
Duration: 20:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Vince Karter is one of Budapest most renowed photographers, but it is not his only area of expertise according to the ladies. Veronica Leal, the studios makeup artist will experience it during an intense sodomy session. A very pleasant way to relax between two photoshoots

Nubile Films - Haily Sanders & Veronica Leal - Take Me There

File: go4wcnanufihaivermmanonxbda.mp4
Size: 267.72 MB
Duration: 22:33
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Haily Sanders and Veronica Leal are horny as hell in their lingerie outfits. They make eyes at each other as they feel up their own breasts and pussies. Eventually, they can't stay apart another moment. Getting to their knees, they come together for a deep kiss as they explore each other's slim bodies with their wandering hands.

Veronica is the first to bury her face between Haily's breasts. When she's done motorboating her lover, she falls onto her back while tugging Haily with her. Haily enjoys herself as she laps at each of Veronica's nipples, then starts kissing her way down her girlfriend's body. Settling between Veronica's thighs, Haily continues putting her mouth to work. As Veronica guides the way with her moans, Haily responds by lapping at her clit, her fuck hole, and everything in between.

Veronica loves to eat her girlfriend out, so when Haily backs off she is right there in return. Arranging Haily on her hands and knees, Veronica approaches her girlfriend from behind. The redhead is slow and deliberate in her seduction, tonguing Haily's fuck hole in long sweeping strokes. Flipping Haily onto her back, Veronica continues on her mission to make her lover cum with her magical hands and mouth working together for a combined pussy feast and finger bang.

As Haily comes down from her orgasmic bliss, she is determined to give Veronica everything she just enjoyed. Curling up and taking Veronica into her arms, Haily delivers sweet kisses as she explores Veronica's breasts and hard nipples. Then she grabs a vibrating toy and pushes it to Veronica's clit in a bid to make Veronica moan. Moan she does as her climax sweeps through her.

Playing with toys sounds about right to Veronica! Her pussy is still throbbing as she switches spots with Haily. Giving her girlfriend as good as she just got, Veronica takes the toy Haily just used on her and mirrors their previous position. Soon enough, Haily is moaning in pure bliss. Pushing Haily down, Veronica crawls on top of her girlfriend and peppers her with kisses as they enjoy a little bit of last-minute lighthearted pussy play to finish their lovemaking.