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Lesbea - Lucky Bee & Lilly Bella - Orgasmic Vibes With Teen Girlfriend

File: vkfltnalesluclils9gwe7zxwl.mp4
Size: 704.35 MB
Duration: 20:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Raven-haired stunner Lilly Bella is pleasuring herself with a vibrating sex toy as Lucky Bee watches on. Wearing heels and sexy black lingerie, hot blonde Lucky walks over to Lilly and the lesbian lovers passionately kiss. Lilly plays with Luckys small, perky boobs, then she stimulates Luckys clit using the vibrator. Lilly and Lucky take turns fingering each others wet holes, then Lucky sits on Lillys face so she can lick and taste her sweet pussy juices. To finish, the gorgeous babes grind together in the scissor position and then masturbate till they're screaming in orgasm!

Lesbea - Boni & Maddy Black - Ebony Facesitting Lesbian Orgasm

File: ax5dpnalesbonmadyy3znotoct.mp4
Size: 791.04 MB
Duration: 21:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Boni is admiring her succulent tits and hot body in front of the mirror when raven-haired bombshell Maddy Black approaches. Aroused, the lesbian couple passionately kiss, then Maddy worships Bonis perfect round tits. Big-boobed Maddy licks Bonis tight, wet pussy, then gets on her knees so Boni can eat her out from behind doggystyle. After getting comfortable on the bed, the horny babes take turns sitting on each others faces till they reach orgasm!

Lesbea - Sereyna Gomez & Lucky Bee - Cute Lesbians Share Double Dildo

File: 2npknnalesserlucpyx8dogsgf.mp4
Size: 755.33 MB
Duration: 20:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Inked-up babe Lucky Bee is secretly spying on her roommate Sereyna Gomez masturbating. Turned on and horny, Lucky reaches into her panties and starts touching herself. Sereyna approaches and gives Lucky a sensual kiss before the hot lesbians head to the sofa for some naughty fun. Sereyna worships Luckys small, perky tits, then fingers the cute blondes tight hole missionary, tasting her lips at the same time. After this sexy foreplay, the amorous pair slide a double-ended dildo into their wet pussies. Lucky has a great view of Sereynas gorgeous curves and beautiful boobs as she rides the sex toy, and afterwards she sits on Sereyna's face for another tongue fuck. Lucky orgasms multiple times, then with some intense pressure, she fingers Sereyna until the pretty brunette also cums hard!

Lesbea - Zuzu Sweet & Lilly Bella - Lesbian Facesitting Oral Orgasm

File: w4ecnnaleszuzlillidgarib8t.mp4
Size: 904.85 MB
Duration: 23:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute lesbian couple Lilly Bella and Zuzu Sweet are in bed together having some naughty fun. Lilly moans with pleasure as Zuzu teasingly kisses Lillys pussy through her pink panties. Moving aside her girlfriends sexy lingerie, Zuzu stimulates Lillys clit using her tongue, then she emerges from under the sheets to give Lilly a passionate kiss. Afterwards, Zuzu licks Lillys pierced nipples and worships her small tits, before the gorgeous pair take turns tasting each others sweet pussy juices. Once Lilly has finished fingering Zuzus dripping wet pussy in doggystyle, the raven-haired babe sits on Lillys face until she cums!

Lesbea - Alba Lala & Mali Ubon - Intensely Erotic Lesbian Spa Sex

File: p6xq8nalesalbmalgkkxbtdny8.mp4
Size: 782.59 MB
Duration: 22:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dark-haired babe Mali Ubon is having a steamy session alone in the sauna. The inked-up hottie stimulates her clit by gently massaging it, and sensually touches her pierced nipples. Afterwards, Mali joins stunning blonde Alba Lala, who is masturbating in the shower. The two lesbians share a kiss, then Alba kneels in front of Mali to taste her sweet pussy juices. After making Mali cum, Alba sits on her face, wanting to be pleasured by her gorgeous lover. Next, Alba puts Mali in the doggystyle position so she can eat out her pussy, then slides her fingers deep into Mali's tight hole. The amorous pair end this passionate encounter with a kiss.

Lesbea - Sereyna Gomez & Rika Fane - Sweet Teen Lesbians Pussy Eating

File: cp3k5nalesserrikkljlmvetbs.mp4
Size: 784.99 MB
Duration: 22:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet lesbians Rika Fane and Sereyna Gomez are turned on, and touch each other. Rika is sexy in red lingerie, and Sereyna, smoking hot in black. The lesbians enjoy some tit worship, then Sereyna rubs Rika's tight, wet pussy. Rika descends to her knees and eats her lover's dripping pussy, then sits on Sereyna's face to be pleasured as well. Rika then eats Sereyna's ass and pussy from behind in doggystyle!

Lesbea - Rika Fane & Killa Raketa - Cute Asian Licks Blonde 18 Year Old

File: wsaxhnalesrikkil7f6kx4gscu.mp4
Size: 780.31 MB
Duration: 22:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute lesbians Killa Raketa and Rika Fane kiss each other in the bedroom. Rika kisses Killa's neck and teases her boobs, then Killa slides a hand down the front of her girlfriend's panties and licks her tongue. Rika worships Killa's perky tits, then turns around so her lover can worship her booty in doggystyle. Killa eats Rika out from behind, then worships her ass even more. Rika takes down her own panties and Killa kisses and licks her tight, wet pussy, then rides her girlfriend's face to orgasm!

Lesbea - Boni & Lucky Bee - Interracial Lesbian Pussy Eating

File: fs6y6nalesbonlucwpalytmhlw.mp4
Size: 771.36 MB
Duration: 21:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Lucky Bee and Boni are getting intimate wearing evening gowns. The babes make out, and then worship each other's booties. Lucky Bee licks and sucks Boni's perky tits, and they sit back on the couch for some boob worship. Lucky Bee fingers Boni's tight, wet pussy on the couch, then slides between her thighs and eats her out. Boni licks Lucky's sweet wetness, then sits on her blonde lover's face. Extra horny, the babes then enjoy some scissoring until they both cum together!

Lesbea - Lilly Bella & Vanessa Alessia - Sweet 18 Year Old Lesbian Romance

File: 4h8wcnaleslilvan4fjb7etffv.mp4
Size: 926.02 MB
Duration: 28:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet 18 year old lesbians Lilly Bella and Vanessa Alessia are wearing red lingerie and teasing each other by touching their pussies. Vanessa slides off her bra and crawls over to her lover, then begins to pleasure Lilly's tight, wet pussy. Kissing and caressing, Vanessa physically shows her affection, and then it's Lilly's turn to pleasure Vanessa's hairy pussy. After fingering and licking her from behind, Lilly grabs two handfuls of Vanessa's booty to eat her pussy with enthusiasm. The ladies take turns making each other cum, then fall back into a cuddle.

Lesbea - Vanessa Decker & Claudia Bavel - Pretty Brunettes Fingering Passion

File: kjw8enalesvanclaue9jnnolnb.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 25:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Claudia Bavel and Vanessa Decker are in bed wearing lingerie and kissing passionately. Claudia wears a naughty black set, and Vanessa's bra and panties are a sultry red. The ladies kiss while stripping each other, then Vanessa gets on top so she can suck Claudia's big tits. Vanessa takes off Claudia's panties and kisses then licks her tight, wet pussy. Claudia pleasures Vanessa doggystyle, licking her pussy and ass, then both ladies 69 each other to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Morgan Rodriguez & Jenny Wild - Redhead Mistress Whips And Chains

File: k7nsgnalesmorjenciv8xb9dse.mp4
Size: 1021.32 MB
Duration: 28:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jenny Wild and her lesbian lover Morgan Rodridguez want to spice their relationship up, so they book a session in a sexy dungeon! Morgan is in control, and prepares a riding crop, collar, and restraints. Jenny slips on a naughty mask to lose her inhibitions, and Morgan comes up behind her, sliding her hand down the front of her panties to get her pussy nice and wet. Morgan then leans back and tells her sub to lick and taste her pussy, and Jenny does so with enthusiasm. Morgan then fingers and pleasures Jenny from behind, spanking her booty, and then puts the collar around Jenny's neck. Morgan ties Jenny down with straps and restraints and uses a vibrator on her until the blonde babe is screaming in orgasm!

Lesbea - Lady Lyne & Mishel Dark - Kissing Teasing And Fully Pleasing

File: xrbarnalesladmismrm8ydopb7.mp4
Size: 626.50 MB
Duration: 24:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Lady Lyne and Mishell Dark are pillow fighting and kissing in an empty apartment. The ladies tease each other up a staircase, chasing and tickling, and then Mishell lifts Lady Lady's shirt so she can worship her big, natural boobs. The babes take turn worshipping their tits, then pleasure each other with their hands and fingers. They head to the bedroom and Lady Lyne licks Mishell's pussy in missionary, and Lady sticks her booty in the air so Mishell can eat her out from behind. Finally, the babes pleasure each other in 69!

Lesbea - Cayla Lyons & Moona Snake - Nubile lesbians facesitting orgasm

File: nygrcnalescaymookev8vyvqmi.mp4
Size: 646.12 MB
Duration: 21:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nubile lesbians Cayla Lyons and Moona Snake are wearing sexy lingerie and kneeling in bed in front of each other. The ladies kiss, and then take off their bras, revealing lovely, perky tits. They play with one another, then tease their pussies together. Moona lies Cayla back and eats her hairy pussy, tasting her lover's sweet pussy juices. Cayla cums on Moona's face, then puts the brunette doggystyle so she can lick her pussy and ass. Cayla stretches Moona's tight holes with her fingers and tongue, then sits on Moona's face so she can cum again!

Lesbea - Mishel Dark & Julia De Lucia - Facesitting Pussy Eating Lesbians

File: 9dwdynalesmisjulpijwlbupmp.mp4
Size: 626.40 MB
Duration: 22:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning lesbians Julia De Lucia and Mishel Dark are both clad in white and horny. Mishel comes close to Julia and kisses her, then slides her fingers down the front of Julia's panties. Teasing Julia's clit, Mishel slips a finger into her pussy and the taller babe moans in delight. Turning Julia around, Mishel worships her big booty, then fingers her until she cums. Julia then sits on Mishel's face and plays with her tits as her lover eats her out. The babes pleasure each other in 69, then Julia worships Mishel's ass and gives her a sloppy rimjob. Once they've both cum, Mishel sits on Julia's face and orgasms once more!

Lesbea - Lexi Dona & Jenny Doll - Beautiful Petite Brunettes In Love

File: kqzzinaleslexjenntjjjf5udk.mp4
Size: 593.01 MB
Duration: 23:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful petite brunettes Jenny Doll and Lexi Dona are in love, and expression that love through oils and massage. The lesbians kiss passionately while Jenny slowly slides her fingers down the front of Lexi's panties. Teasing her clit, Jenny rubs Lexi's pussy as her lover plays with her own perky tits. Jenny leans Lexi back and kisses, sucks, and finally eats Lexi out, then fingers her to orgasm. Lexi then takes control, pleasuring her lesbian lover until she's exploding in glorious orgasm. Lexi sits on Jenny's face and rides until she gets off again, then after some sensual tribbing, they lie back to cuddle.

Lesbea - Eve Sweet & Jennifer Mendez - Big Tits Lesbian Facesitting Orgasm

File: ggcgrnalesevejenvuuyrm4xt4.mp4
Size: 496.64 MB
Duration: 22:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Short haired brunette Eve Sweet is splish-splashing in the water when busty Jennifer Mendez joins her by the pool area. While Jennifer reads a magazine, Eve checks her out, and drools over her juicy booty. Walking up to Jennifer, Eve introduces herself, and before long, the lesbians are lovers. Kissing passionately by the pool, Eve takes Jennifer's big natural tits out of her bikini top and licks circles around her areolas. Lying down, Eve tastes Jennifer's tight, wet pussy, and fingers her lover to orgasm. Eve sits on Jennifer's face so she can cum too, and the ladies pleasure each other until they're exhausted!

Lesbea - Lexi Dona & Polly Pons - Beautiful Asian And Czech Lesbians

File: xhmwmnaleslexpolex9lc2link.mp4
Size: 626.77 MB
Duration: 22:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful lesbian Poopea is teasing her lover Lexi Dona in their bedroom. Poopea slowly slides her fingers into her white panties and teases Lexi by playing with her pussy. With her shirt open, exposing her pert boobs, Lexi comes up to Poopea and kisses her, and then slides between her thighs and licks her tight, shaved, and wet pussy. Poopea fingers Lexi from behind, then Poopea sits on her lover's face for a glorious orgasm!

Lesbea - Eve Sweet & Jenny Doll - Teen lesbians facesitting orgasm

File: gnirdnalesevejenje11wxiwhp.mp4
Size: 701.60 MB
Duration: 25:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eve Sweet is strumming a guitar while Jenny Doll plays her own instrument, her pussy! Turned on, Eve moves over to Jenny, and they start to play with each other's titties. Jenny lifts Eve's shirt and licks her nipples, and Eve helps herself to two handfuls of Jenny's big booty! Jenny lies Eve back and teases her pussy, the licks her clit, and tastes the brunette's sweet juices. Eve eats Jenny's pussy and ass from behind, then Jenny sits on her lover's face!

Lesbea - Anna Rose & Mai Thai - Small Tits Thai And Czech Lesbian

File: lvf4enalesannmaiquytjbmcfk.mp4
Size: 623.72 MB
Duration: 22:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Petite beauty May Thai is skinny dipping in the pool when her Czech lover Anna Rose joins her by the water. The lesbians get close and flirt, then start fondling their boobs. Anna loves May's perky, small tits, and May is enamored with Anna's big, fake boobs. May spreads Anna's legs and teases her clit, then licks her pussy, gorging herself on her lover's sweet juices. Anna then takes control, fingering May deeply, then licking her until she cums. Anna sits on May's face and the ladies 69, then they splish-splash into the pool so they can get even wetter!

Lesbea - Sofia Lee & Mia Trejsi - Bff Big Tits Lesbian Pussy Eating

File: 55voynalessofmiahlazzbutdv.mp4
Size: 653.60 MB
Duration: 24:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian BFFs Mia Trejsi and Sofia Lee are hanging out and playing games when Mia suggests they up the ante, loser shows her boobs! Sofia likes the idea, so they play a grueling, intricate game of Tik Tac Toe, with Mia ultimately becoming the victor! Sofia does a fast flash, but Mia complains about not getting a longer glance at her big, natural boobs. They play again, but this time Sofia wins, and she wants some pussy. Mia lies back and slides her panties to the side so Sofia can lick and finger her tight, wet pussy. Mia then returns the favor, eating Sofia out in doggystyle, licking her ass, and making her cum! The ladies climb on top of each other and pleasure one another in 69, and then finger each other to many orgasms.

Lesbea - Sofia Lee & Sasha - Curvy Brunette Plays With Cute Blonde

File: eof18nalessofsasuw6zn31tqb.mp4
Size: 525.20 MB
Duration: 23:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: While curvy brunette Sofia Lee waits for her lesbian lover, Sasha showers in anticipation of sensual love making. Dressed in sultry lingerie that shows off her big, natural tits, Sofia tells Sasha to take her towel off, then pulls the naked blonde babe onto the bed with her. Sofia licks Sasha's gorgeous, enhanced tits, then eats the blonde lesbian out from behind in doggystyle. Sasha fingerbangs her lover, then licks her pussy too. Sofia climbs on top of the busty brunette and sits on her face, riding her tongue until she cums!

Lesbea - Sabrisse & Mary Jane - Teasing Lesbian Pussy Eating Orgasm

File: rfyj4nalessabmarhahjfjfvlq.mp4
Size: 748.54 MB
Duration: 24:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mary Jane in lingerie kneeling in bed when Sabrisse walks in with a riding crop. With her hands tied by a scarf, Mary Jane submits to the tall, busty brunette. Sabrisse teases Mary's lips and tits, then brings the crop down on her. Turned on, Marry spreads her legs for Sabrisse, who fingers her in missionary until she's dripping wet. Turning Mary Jane around, Sabrisse licks her ass and pussy in doggystyle and makes her cum. Sabrisse then unties Mary's hands so she can return the orgasmic favors, and the petite nympho licks and sucks Sabrisse's pussy with gusto!

Lesbea - Jennifer Mendez & Asia Rae - Interracial Lesbian Facesitting Sex

File: 8gsemnalesjenasiulqxsks3bs.mp4
Size: 473.40 MB
Duration: 19:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian lovers Asia Rae and Jennifer Mendez wake up in each others' arms after a night of passion. Asia kisses Jennifer, then slides her hand under the covers and touches Jennifer's big, natural tits. Working her way down Jennifer's body, Asia then teases her clit, sliding a finger into her pussy, and making her cum. Jennifer returns the favor, fingering Asia from behind, and getting her lover off. The ladies then take turns eating each other out, and Asia gets on top of Jennifer and sits on her face so she can cum!

Lesbea - Mia Trejsi & Capri Lmonde - Petite And Playful Lesbian Teens

File: veoqinalesmiacap9ohy8nh2v6.mp4
Size: 388.71 MB
Duration: 19:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Capri Lmonde is horny, and wants her petite lover Mia Trejsi's attention. Mia looks into the mirror and sees Capri touching herself, and eventually joins her on the couch. Mia teases Chloe's tight pussy, then strips her shirt off and licks her pert boobs. Mia turns around and Chloe licks her ass and pussy doggystyle, then Chloe sits on Mia's face so they can 69 to mutual orgasm!

Lesbea - Lovita Fate & Katarina Rina - College Student Fucked By Teacher

File: zyto1naleslovkat7zmgh8ajbn.mp4
Size: 572.12 MB
Duration: 20:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: College student Katarina Rina is called into her teacher, Lovita Fate's, office. Lovita criticizes her student's outfit and says her shirt is too small, that her boobs are everywhere, and demands to see Katarina's big tits. Lovita strips off Katarina's shirt and worships her big, natural tits, then sucks her nipples. Lovita pulls Katarina between her legs and the redhead eagerly licks her teacher's wet pussy. The ladies take turn tasting each other and fingering one another, switching back and forth to make each other cum!

Lesbea - Lovita Fate & Erica Black - Blonde Beauty Has Lesbian Fantasy

File: lafatnalesloveritogw7zwrmg.mp4
Size: 720.19 MB
Duration: 32:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde beauty Lovita Fate is in bed, horny, and fantasizing about her lesbian lover Erica Black as she touches her pierced pussy. In Lovita's mind's eye, Erica comes up behind her in bed and squeezes her perky tits, then slides forward to rub and finger Lovita's pink pussy. In her fantasy, Lovita spanks Erica's big booty in doggystyle, then eats her out from behind. In the real world, Lovita keeps jilling off until she cums!

Lesbea - Vanessa Decker & Capri Lmonde - Big Tits Lesbian And Italian Teen

File: eonsqnalesvancapuaul4eonnw.mp4
Size: 612.56 MB
Duration: 22:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Busty brunette Vanessa Decker is lying in a white canopy bed wearing a sexy black bodysuit and matching lace stockings. Vanessa is turned on and starts touching herself, and while she's enjoying her fingers in her wet pussy, her lover Capri Lmonde comes into the room. Joining Vanessa in the bed, Capri worships her big tits, then pulls her bodysuit to the side and licks her wet pussy. Capri then sits on Vanessa' face, and gets her pussy eaten. The ladies pleasure each other in 69, then Capri gives Vanessa a rimjob and fingers her until she cums!

Lesbea - Mia Trejsi & Katarina Rina - Big Natural Tits Redhead Lesbian

File: itxnfnalesmiakatsjrajeiutk.mp4
Size: 406.62 MB
Duration: 20:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Big natural tits redhead lesbian Katarina Rina is in lingerie sitting across from her lover Mia Trejsi. Mia, a brunette, wears light colors, while the stunning ginger Katarina contrasts her lovely complexion with a dark bra and panties. Mia beckons Katarina over to her, and crawling on her knees, Katarina kisses her. Mia pushes Katarina's face into her tight, wet pussy, and the redhead licks and sucks her lips with gusto. Mia then sits on Katarina's face, and she rides her lover until she cums!