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A Girl Knows - Kenna James, Whitney Wright & Kyler Quinn - Three's A Party

File: 7smvpnaagiknkenwhikylj6cqifmxqf.mp4
Size: 726.12 MB
Duration: 27:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian couples can also have sex issues such as not reaching orgasm and a couple counselor is always a good option to fix them. But Whitney Wright's counseling methods are far from typical. She concludes that in order to help them she needs to make the two girls jealous by ...

A Girl Knows - Candee Licious & Irina Cage - Lesbian Seduction

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Size: 1.80 GB
Duration: 41:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two beautiful lesbians have the house and the whole day to themselves to play and pleasure each other. It starts slow with a bit of role play while Candee is blindfolded and Irina licks her tight pussy but once both girls get hornier they take turns to pleasure each other with different sex toys, a strapon and concludes with a double headed dildo used to reach simultaneous orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Tiffany Tatum, Tasha Lustn & Mimi Cica - Stepmom Joins The Fun

File: nh5z6naagikntiftasmimsiyminvynp.mp4
Size: 2.11 GB
Duration: 49:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The two promiscuous girls find the hidden stash of sex toys belonging to their step mom and they take turns testing our each one of them but they get caught in the act. However she is not mad and instead decides to join them in a threesome and give them a few tips together with a lot of orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Kiara Lord, Angelica Heart & Monika Fox - Naked Yoga

File: bewqanaagiknkiaangmon7obuy1e7qd.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 37:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yoga can increase flexibility and in this scene it will allow these beautiful models to try a lot of different position needed to reach multiple orgasms. What started as a simple yoga class turns into a hot threesome when Kiara Lord has to return to the class for her towel only to find her two girlfriends kissing and touching each other. She can't help but touch herself until she gets spotted and invited for a after class lesbian sex session.

A Girl Knows - Lya Missy & Emelie Crystal - Lesbian game by the pool

File: flqcjnaagiknlyaemedebxm3dwcd.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 26:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The sunny days got babes Lya Missy and Emelie Crystal to relax by the pool and ease their thirst for lust, life and love. A hot little game between them with no one to disturb, only the blue skies above who witness their glamorous romance and make the water dance. They pop a bottle of champagne and drink to celebrate, then these hotties eat strawberries and begin to sensually kiss. After passion set in they started touching and licking their tits, then they removed their bikinis as they felt really horny. Rubbing their pussies and fingering deep got them moaning so sweet that the orgasms came lit. Watch this now, what a hit!

A Girl Knows - Tiffany Tatum & Eve Sweet - Best friends Forever and Always

File: sevehnaagikntifevenplx1cplti.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 34:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After a failed attempt at cooking dinner, Eve felt the need to compensate her clumsiness with her sexiness by showing Tiffany that she would do anything for her love. They kissed sensually and undressed gently as Eve's beautiful tits were the best food for Tiffany's hungry lips. Her sweet pussy was so juicy that it needed some proper licking, so Tiffany started adoring her clit with her kinky mouth and fingered her pussy until Eve reached the orgasm passionately. Switching the roles, Tiffany was adored by Eve's skills in making love, reaching her orgasm up above the blue sky, high!

A Girl Knows - Lottie Magne & Clara Mia - Poolside Orgasms

File: lbqgjnaagiknlotclazx9laxbkkq.mp4
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Duration: 39:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A day at the pool couldn't be so cool without a nice bath, some tasty drinks these hot babes in bikinis that were eager to have a sex chat. After kissing and touching their beautiful bodies, they got so horny that the pussies needed some proper licking, rubbing fingering. Clara dived into Lottie's sensual clit, making it harder bit by bit, then she enjoyed getting her rich delicious pussy eaten by her bestie. This wouldn't be so fine without their amazing 69 where both felt the pleasure down their spines when the orgasms bloomed so fine.

A Girl Knows - Lika Star & Agatha Vega - Unexpected visitor

File: pfqzqnaagiknlikagangoy7xwshh.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lika was enjoying her early evening when an unexpected visitor knocked at the door. Agatha's scooter broke so she came asking for help. It was love at first sight, the timing couldn't be more right. So Lika invited her to take a shower and offered Agatha a hot chocolate to warm her up. That's when their lust rose up and the attraction got them kissing hot. They undressed and Lika started to taste Agatha's sweet pussy, as she felt horny. Then both licked each other's clit sensually, fingered their naughty pussies deeply and had a kinky scissoring until they came passionately.

A Girl Knows - Lola Myluv & Little Caprice - Best friends forever

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Duration: 38:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful brunette babe, Caprice, is in the mood for some frisky action. She makes some subtle hints towards her roommate, Lola Myluv until this hottie is turned on. So, it's only a matter of time before they start kissing, getting naked, and satisfying each other's pussies, licking and scissoring in an intense show lesbian that will brighten your day.

A Girl Knows - Alice Pink & Lasirena69 - Steamy Lesbian Sex In The Bathtub

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Duration: 29:25
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Description: Watch this horny lesbian couple have the best erotic time ever in the bathtub. Beautiful Lasirena and Alice Pink enjoy each other's company in a steamy XXX scene! They kiss, flaunt their perfect bodies, and reach blissful orgasms after some intense pussy licking!

A Girl Knows - Mia Split & Stella Flex - Hot lesbian couple indulge in blissful sex

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Size: 239.22 MB
Duration: 28:53
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Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful girls Mia Split and Stella Flex do some yoga to start the day in the right way. But one thing leads to another, and the next you know, these hot lesbian babes start touching, kissing, and doing steamy sex. They lick each other's pussy and use their fingers to reach blissful orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Talia Mint & Anna Dominic - Hot lesbian ladies have fun in orgasmic sex

File: v2uvanaagikntalannutwzocymn7.mp4
Size: 316.47 MB
Duration: 39:01
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Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful girls Talia Mint and Anna Dominic, go on a date, and things escalate pretty quickly. They go to the apartment and start touching and kissing, and then they get naked and play with each other's pussy in an orgasm sex scene.

A Girl Knows - Blue Angel & Romy Indy - Hot interracial lesbian sex in the morning

File: 1igv9naagiknbluromvzvwyizmfb.mp4
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Duration: 32:39
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Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde girl Blue Angel wakes up early in the morning and she is horny. She goes to the bed where her girlfriend Romy Indy is sleeping. She wakes her up, and the horny lesbians kiss and eat pussy as a lusty breakfast. These sensual girls use finger and toys to give themselves intense orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Nancy A & Kris The Foxx - Lesbian sex with two horny beauties

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Size: 284.62 MB
Duration: 34:54
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Format: mp4
Description: Nancy A. and Kris De Foxx want to explore their limits of sensuality. So, they engage in hot lesbian sex until both of these horny beauties have intense orgasms. So, feel free to watch this premium HD video to fall in love with these gorgeous and talented women!

A Girl Knows - Jade Presley & Jenny Wild - Horny lesbian couple has sex in the kitchen

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Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful girls Jade Presley and Jenny Wild, are in the kitchen and want to eat other pussy. So, this gorgeous lesbian couple engages in hot sex that ends up with both stunning women having powerful orgasms.

A Girl Knows - Apolonia Lapiedra & Rebecca Volpetti - Hot lesbians have sex on the pool table

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Size: 230.85 MB
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Description: Watch how a sexy lesbian couple have fun in their free time. Apolonia Lapiedra and Rebecca Volpetti are kissing, getting naked, and licking each other's pussy in a hot XXX scene that ends with both of them having intense orgasm.

A Girl Knows - Lika Star & Marilyn Sugar - Gorgeous blondes in hot lesbian sex

File: cvigznaagiknlikmarihoausflvs.mp4
Size: 347.75 MB
Duration: 42:54
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Description: Lika Star and Marilyn Sugar are enjoying hot lesbian sex in a premium XXX scene. They kiss and lick their pussies like there's no tomorrow! The two stunning girls with blonde hair know what they are doing, and they have a lot of fun with one another!

A Girl Knows - Adelle Unicorn & Cristin - Sexy girl licks pussy in lesbian action

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Duration: 41:30
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Description: Adelle Unicorn and Cristin N enjoy each other's company and have intense lesbian sex. These gorgeous girls with slim bodies kiss and lick pussy like experts in a relaxing atmosphere. Savor one of the best lesbian 69 position you will ever find on the internet!

A Girl Knows - Sabrisse, Arian Joy & Nata Ocean - Hot girls in stockings have lesbian sex

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Description: Three gorgeous brunettes wearing sexy stockings have the best time of their lives, as they lick their pussies and kiss each other in a full-length premium XXX scene. Arian Joy, Nata Ocean, and Sabrisse offer you an intense lesbian porn action. Just sit back and enjoy their lust!

A Girl Knows - Alessandra Jane, Adel Morel & Josephine Jackson - Lesbian party by the pool

File: lcgvlnaagiknaleadejoserkvztlpy5.mp4
Size: 159.74 MB
Duration: 19:38
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Format: mp4
Description: Watch three gorgeous girls having fun in a hot outdoors lesbian XXX scene that takes place by the pool. 6Kendra Star4, Sexy Susi2, and Josephine Jackson enjoy each other's companies while their soft skin is blessed by the warm breeze of air. These sensual girls kiss, and lick their pussies like real pros!

A Girl Knows - Adel Morel & Amelia Nice - A special breakfast

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Description: Enter Heaven with these beautiful blonde angels who are enjoying each other's company in a premium XXX video of blissful sensuality. Get a feel of Paradise with this outdoors lesbian action that features Adel Morel and Amelia Nice. These two gorgeous porn actresses paint a world where love and eroticism are in a They intertwined perfect proportion. hold hands, kiss, and lick each other's pussy, but most of all, they show real chemistry and connection.

A Girl Knows - Alessandra Jane, Gia Ren & Hayli Sanders - Quality time with the girls

File: l7heqnaagiknalegiahayt9cq9vqp7d.mp4
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Duration: 28:49
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Description: These stunning girls know how to enjoy their free time together. Alessandra Jane, Gia Ren, and Hayli Sanders are pleasing each other in the hottest ways possible in a relaxing atmosphere by the pool. This premium HD scene will show you a glimpse of what Heaven looks like.

A Girl Knows - Cindy Shine, Canela Skin & Rebecca Volpetti - Synchronized Swimming made right

File: rlxiknaagikncincanreb3uxfx3dmf8.mp4
Size: 228.00 MB
Duration: 27:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: These three gorgeous girls know how to have fun by the pool. See Canela Skin, Cindy Shine, and Rebecca Volpetti in the hottest threesome there is. They eat each other's pussies in an intense scene that you'll not forget any time soon.These three gorgeous girls know how to have fun by the pool. See Canela Skin, Cindy Shine, and Rebecca Volpetti in the hottest threesome there is. They eat each other's pussies in an intense scene that you'll not forget any time soon.

A Girl Knows - Kaisa Nord, Lana Roy & Candy Teen - Threesome Pussy Play

File: 3pmjfnaagiknkailancanu6ld5ibdh7.mp4
Size: 201.78 MB
Duration: 24:35
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Format: mp4
Description: Undressing to get a perfect tan is almost impossible when these three beauties are together and super horny. The girls treat themselves with their tongues and fingers, licking their wet pussies and tight ass holes while kissing each other in this unforgettable lesbian trio with Kaisa Nord, Lana Roy and Candy Teen.

A Girl Knows - Isizzu Marilyn, Crystal & Ginebra Bellucci - Sailing for orgasms

File: 8xt8enaagiknisicryginiqqf1gzm3a.mp4
Size: 209.14 MB
Duration: 25:12
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Isizzu Marilyn, Crystal and Ginebra Bellucci love to get nasty with each other on the Yacht. In this scene, they show off their sexy bodies and bikinis before laying down on the deck and eating each others smooth shaved vaginas.

A Girl Knows - Canela Skin, Flavia Tamayo & Baby Ink - Pussy Obsession

File: aytzqnaagikncanflababy7kjelhrit.mp4
Size: 332.18 MB
Duration: 40:51
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Format: mp4
Description: Watch Canela Skin and her hot friends in this sexy lesbian threesome scene. They switch positions and give each other tongue pleasure, making sure all of them cums. Pull your dick out of your pants and have fun! Enjoy this hot scene!

A Girl Knows - Carolina Abril & Anastasia Brokelyn - The poolside lover

File: owpv3naagikncarana14grurphyw.mp4
Size: 319.78 MB
Duration: 38:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Where there is a pool there are also hot girls showing lots of skin. In this video no boys are allowed at the pool, only the hot girls Carolina Abril and Anastasia Brokelyn. The two girls tease eachother after which they start kissing and licking their nice pussies. After they get wet, the two hot babe's start playing with toys and start scissoring until both of them orgasm.

A Girl Knows - Angelika Grays & Nikki Hill - Love by the Pool

File: hwcoonaagiknangnikixoohguprh.mp4
Size: 235.50 MB
Duration: 29:15
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Format: mp4
Description: Two gorgeous lesbian girls have fun outside next to the pool. What better way to spend the day than having outdoors sex. Angelika Grays and Nikki Hill take turn's liking each other's wet pussies and massaging their amazing boobs until both of them orgasm.