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Bang Real Teens - Sera Ryder - Is A Petite Cutie That Loves To Slurp On Dick

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Duration: 41:13
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Description: Sera Ryder has a super badass style and she's extra adorable. She's a petite little cutie with a teeny little waist and perfect perky little tits. Her nipples are pokin' out in the park and she's extra horny and ready to go back to his place and get pounded out by some dick.

Mr POV - Sera Ryder - Can't Say Anything to my Fiance

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Duration: 37:59
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Description: Sera Ryder has a problem, and it's pretty big. Monogamy. Sera just can't have sex with one dude. In other words, Sera is a cheater. Enter her fianc's best friend. The three of them love to hang smoke, drink, play video games, watch movies. With her fianc out of town, Sera didn't want to be alone. She hates being alone. Her finac's best friend is happy to have Sera hang out for movie night. And since Sera met him, she's always known he's packing. Big. A lotta meat. This makes Sera's barely-legal cunt extremely wet. To top things off, Sera's hubby-to-be really ain't all that in the sack. Do I really need to tell you what happens next? Sera's little cunt being stretched? How good he fucks? The cum shot Sera works for? Enjoy my brother!!

Swallowed - Sera Ryder & Angel Youngs - Certified Dick Suckers

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Description: When you get two totally naughty dicksuckers like Angel Youngs Sera Ryder together, you get the blowjob of your life! They are so eager to stick their tongues up each others asses shove that dick to the backs of their throats. These girls choke on it, spit on it, drool on it take it to the head until theyre swapping cum in horny bliss!

Mano Job - Sera Ryder - An A Plus Tug!

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Duration: 20:41
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Description: Sera Ryder. A self-proclaimed Science and English Nerd who desperately wants to graduate this spring. Sera's main problem? Other than liking older men, it's not doing homework. Sera hates homework with the same kind of passion she loves older men. Older men in charge. You Science and English teachers. While she's not going to fuck her teacher, Sera's gonna give him a taste of her tight, pink cunt. Just a taste. You know why? It'll prime him up for a cum blast that Sera will control, pointing that throbbing boner directly at her pretty little barely-legal face. The official Sera Ryder Twitter account is SeraRyder and enjoy my dude!!!

Swallowed - Kylie Rocket & Sera Ryder - Sloppy Match Up

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Duration: 48:23
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Description: Kylie Rocket Sera Ryder have cum together to give the wettest, sloppiest blowjob they can create! They are 2 wild free honeys that love to hit that sweet spot in the back of their throats with a nice hard cock! Watch as they swap turns keeping the cock hard til it pops!

Exxxtra Small - Sera Ryder - Cutie Knows The Intruder

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Duration: 43:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When tiny cutie Sera Ryder is resting in her room she hears a noise outside so she decides to get up and wear her cozy onesie as she investigates. Suddenly a big dude wearing a ski mask surprises her and ties her to a chair demanding to see her parents most prized possessions. Sera suddenly recognizes the voice as Brad Sterling from school so he unties her and she reveals that her parents most prized possession is her!

Hoby Buchanon - Sera Ryder - Sera Ryder Wants Rough Sex

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Duration: 01:27:28
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Description: Sera Ryder came by to see the Face Fucking King and tells us she wants all the rough good stuff done to her. I walk up to her and ask if she's ready. She tells me she wants me to hurt her and I slap her face. I begin fucking her throat, choking and gagging her. I spit in her face and face fuck her more. I stand on the couch and fuck her face then put her in a headlock an stretch her mouth out. I eat her pretty pussy and asshole and begin fucking her hard...

I jump on the couch and fuck her face. Her eyelashes are hanging off and spit is covering her. I hold open my asshole and have her eat it. I fuck her from behind and step on her head. I tell her to open her mouth and spit in it. I flip her over on the couch and throat her with my cock and put my fingers down her throat. I pick her up in the air and pound her little fuck box then flip her over and face fuck her in a standing 69. I take her to the bathroom and she tells me to make her get on her knees. I give her something to remember me by then she deepthroats my cock POV and an alternate angle shows a close up of her perfect pussy and asshole. I then tell her to suck and lick my feet and toes. She does that as I fuck her pussy with my foot. I fuck her hard in multiple positions and fuck her face more. I flip her upside down on the bed and blow my load all over her face and in her mouth. Sera was a good girl for Daddy!

Girlfriends Films - Judy Jolie & Sera Ryder - Net Skirts 23.0

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Duration: 39:56
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Format: mp4
Description: Where prey is only a mouse click away. Horny young women surfing the net for other horny ladies to meet up and pleasure themselves in ways men only wish they could!. And in that finding they introduce one another to the exquisite pleasures that only one woman can give to another. They kiss and caress their cares away, healing one another with intimacy, tenderness and love.

Web Young - Indica Monroe & Sera Ryder - Pretty Please, Sis?!?

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Duration: 32:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe is relaxing when her stepsister, Sera Ryder, excitedly bounds into her bedroom. Sera's on the phone with a radio station and needs Indica's help answering a question related to their favorite band. When Indica offers the correct answer, they're thrilled because that means they've won tickets to a concert, which they'll go to together! Unfortunately, their hopes and dreams are dashed when they learn that they're only getting ONE ticket to the concert....

After Sera hangs up the phone, the stepsisters get in an argument over who should get the concert ticket. Of course, with neither of them budging on the matter, they start trying to suck up to each other. Indica tries offering to do all of Sera's chores for a week, even offering to give her her own allowance for a whole year, but Sera's still not convinced.

Finally, Indica gets an idea as she begins coming onto Sera, pointing out that she knows Sera has the hots for her. Maybe she can give Sera what she REALLY wants? Even so, will THIS be enough to finally win Sera over??

Daughter Swap - Sera Ryder & Mia Taylor - Neighbor's Influence

File: thvynnadaswsermia335dx3gyfp.mp4
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Duration: 47:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When dad Damon Dice discovers that his daughter has been expelled from school for having sex with two boys, he rushes to her room to confron her. To his surprise he finds his daughter with her neighbor, Mia Taylor and Sera Ryder having quite the intimate talk this is definitely enough for him, he calls Quinton James over so both dads could handle the fate of each others daughters.

All Girl Massage - Sera Ryder & Indica Monroe - Not As Straight As You Think You Are

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Duration: 41:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Indica Monroe and her straight best friend, Sera Ryder, are getting ready to hunker down and watch some movies together. As they cuddle up and enjoy some snacks, Indica keeps jumping because of the jump scares in the movie. In fact, she does it so much that she starts to get a sore neck and shoulders!...

Seeing Indica so uncomfortable, Sera casually offers to give her a massage. Indica is a bit nervous at first, teasingly asking if Sera REALLY wants to give a LESBIAN a massage. Sera laughs and shrugs it off, not bothered by it because they're best friends!

Sera begins massaging Indica, doing her best to make Indica feel nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, her gestures only make Indica more confused since it SEEMS like Sera is being more affectionate than normal. With each touch and comment seemingly getting more and more flirty, Indica's heart starts to race.

Finally, Indica takes her chance, bringing Sera's hands to her breasts. Sera is surprised but amused as she asks what Indica is doing. Indica is mortified, insisting that she was SO SURE that Sera was coming onto her! Sera tries to deny it but the more Indica points out about her behavior, the more curious she starts to become of herself. That's when Sera decides to give it all a try with Indica, if she's up for it... which she is!

They start with kisses, although it's not long before they're stripping each other and getting down to business. Once Sera tastes Indica's pussy for the first time, she's hooked. It seems like Indica was right to be suspicious of Sera all along!

Nympho - Sera Ryder & Kylie Rocket - Slutty Duo With Sera And Kylie

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Duration: 01:14:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: These naughty nymphets Sera Kylie absolutely love getting fucked! They love sharing and creaming all over cock together while stretching each others holes. This dynamic slutty duo keep the action going by bouncing, fucking sucking til their horny urges are fulfilled!

Zero Tolerance - Sera Ryder - Whos Your Stepdaddy 3

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Duration: 24:51
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Format: mp4
Description: Daddy's little girl is so horny she can't wait to ride him hard and suck him 'til his eyes pop. He takes care of her sugar daddy style, and she blows his mind with the tightest pussy he's ever fucked. It's a hardcore win-win that always has a happy ending

Family Strokes - Sera Ryder & Joslyn James - Reunited

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Duration: 47:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When Sera Ryder knocks on Marcus Londons door one night, she tells him that shes his long lost daughter from a one-night stand he had years ago. Marcus is surprised and offers Sera to stay for the night with him and his wife Joslyn James. After Sera accepts, the surprises keep coming and this time more promiscuous as Sera ends up in bed between Marcus and Joslyn.