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Freeuse Fantasy - Kay Lovely & Lilith Moaningstar - Freeuse Games

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Duration: 38:35
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Description: Gamer stepsiblings Nade Nasty and Kay Lovely challenge their stepmom Lilith Moaningstar to a video game match. While Kay plays against Lilith, Nade pulls his cock out and starts fucking Kays mouth, which causes her to loose. Later, Lilith is making a grocery list while Nade eats out Kays pussy in the kitchen!

She Loves Black - Kay Lovely - Crush On Daddy's Big Black Cock

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Duration: 47:20
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Description: Kay Lovely just got back to Los Angeles, her hometown. After spending time with family she stayed with her best friend for a few days. They have a beautiful house on the hills. One morning she was lounging by the pool when she noticed her friend's dad sitting on the patio. She hadn't seen him for years while she was away for college. She is blushing because he looks just as good if not better after all these years. She had a crush on him while in high school...

She works up the courage and walks over to say hello. She is wearing this sexy white bikini that showcases her hot body and amazing boobs. She is very happy to see him and it seems like the feeling is mutual. After catching up on some stories she reveals that in high school many girls had a crush on him and probably she had the biggest one. He is flattered but feels weird because she is his daughter's BFF and it feels a little bit inappropriate. He knows where this conversation is going with this seductive hot young lady and before he could make a responsible decision her hands are already on his crotch touching his growing penis. She says she was waiting for this moment during all those years and fantasized many times about sucking and fucking his big black cock. With that being said he pulled his zip down to give free access for her. She was shocked by his size and asked if she could touch it to finally feel it after all these years. After jerking it for a while she started licking it and finally sucked on it like a lollipop. She said she always dreamed about taking it all in, gagging and choking on it. She always wanted to feel it in her throat and have him give her a messy throatfuck. After she did just that asked him to lay down so she could ride that massive BBC. After a few minutes of bouncing she couldn't hold it anymore and came all over his huge penis. Then she licked off her creamy cum and sat back on his cock facing him. After a big orgasm she said she wanted to surprise him with her footjob skills and gave him a slutty footjob. Then he bent her over to fuck her in doggystyle. She was bouncing back and forth feeling his big black dick all the way stretching her tight pussy. Then she laid down to get her wet cunt fingered while jerking and sucking his massive junk. He fucked her again when she asked him to creampie her juicy pussy. He shot all his big load inside her slutty hole. As his cum was dripping from her vagina she thanked him for finally making her naughty dream come true.

Hussie Pass - Kay Lovely - The Biggest Dick She's Taken To Date

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Description: The lovely Kay Lovely is back for another appearance here at HussiePass and she requested to be paired up with 18-year-old phenom Damion Dayski, as he'd be the biggest dick I've taken to date After the Johnny Robins interview portion of the program Kay gets herself loosened up with a big teal rubber dong. In steps Damion to assist in removing her heels suckling her toes and getting Kay's all-natural body nice and lubed up As Kay twerks her glistening ass, Damion slides underneath to sample her juices Kay then gets on her knees and sucks on Damion's 12-inch prick before eating his ass giving him a footjob and letting him fuck her busty naturals Then it's time for the fucking, as Kay gets spread-eagle so that Damion can insert that big uncut gift into her coed pussy. Damion deep-dicks her missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and sideways until he pulls out and cums on Kay's cute little face As usual, we followed the two lovers into the shower to see how things went... Until Next Time!

Big Tit Cream Pie - Kay Lovely - Cum Dripping Out Of Her Pussy

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Duration: 41:34
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Format: mp4
Description: Kay Lovely walked out of the house to the pool. Jay Bangher was cleaning the pool. She was watching him. He said he is not a pool boy. He is friends with the owner. The owner was her sugar daddy. She asked Jay to spread some lotion on her. He refused. She took off her top. She asked again if he could spread lotion on her beautiful natural breasts. Jay was game. He massaged Kays lovely breasts until they were both very horny. They went into the house and started with a blowjob. Then a titty fuck. And then the regular fucking. Jay had a giant dick. Kay asked him to go slow but he ignored her. He banged her fast and deep. Then he came deep inside her pussy. His cum was slowly dripping out of her pussy. But Jay wanted more. He kept fucking her in mish until he came again right in her face.

Porn Dude Casting - Kay Lovely - Casting

File: iz3rvnapoducakaylovgcndpxsbzr.mp4
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Duration: 43:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Shortly after meeting her, blonde bombshell Kay Lovely told me how she came up with the name. When I want people to think about me, she explained, I want them to be like, oh, Kay? Shes so Lovely! Honestly, though, she could have named herself Hagrid McUgly and youd still have the same titillating thoughts about her. The girls got a beautiful smile that may get you feeling kind of wholesome even as your boner swells up from gawking at that stunning body, and just wait until you hear what Kays into.

Now I just want you to choke the fuck out of me. She credits Baptist college for turning her into the lovable slut she is today, racking up 50 bodies in just a few years. Her first month and a half in porn have been going great, and she finally kissed her first girlon camera, of course. I like to passionately make love to girls, she said. I think theyre just so sexy and so soft and they smell nice.

I definitely agree, so I asked her to take her dress off. Dont have to ask me twice, she said, pulling off the dress and giving me a little spin, smacking her own ass with a giggle. The bra came off next, and holy fucking shit, Kays got an absolutely amazing pair of all-natural homegrown jugs. The topless, jiggling hottie tried to juggle for me, and I didnt complain when she dropped a ball and had to bend over to grab it.

My own balls were next. Kay got on her knees and giggled as she pulled my raging cock out. She licked it from top to bottom, kissed the head and sucked my nuts before taking the hog into her mouth. I got some great POV shots showcasing her oral skills and beautiful eyes. I love to suck dick!

Kay took off her panties as we moved to the couch, where she climbed onto my dong and started sliding up and down. I gave her ass a smack and she demanded, Spank me harder! Handprints glowed in red on those succulent cheeks as she worked her pelvis. I asked her to spin around, but she had a request before going backwards cowgirl. Let me taste myself first!

We stood up after the ride, Kays arms held back for some leverage that got her screaming. Oh, fuck! I held her against me and groped her titties. Dont stop, she said, guiding my hands over her perfect body. Pound my little pussy just like that!

Kay was excited to give me a footjob, pointing out, I just got my toes done! I got some good POV shots so you can see those cute little tootsies as they stroked my sausage, Kays beautiful smile lighting up the shot. Feet guys, just so you know, I love yall! Come suck on my toes!

She asked me to smack her ass harder again as soon as I started fucking her doggystyle. Oh my god, thats great! Kays asshole smiled at me as she slammed her body into mine, pushing my dick deep inside of hers. You make my boobs shake so good, she said. Grab them for me! I went hard and fast the way she likes it, making her scream and squeal. Fill me up!

Kay had only done piledriver one time before, but youd never know from how naturally she flips over on her head. I held her feet like handles and did squats into her twat. Stretch my little pussy out! I love how those cute giggles split up the moans, and how shes almost always wearing that sparkly smile. Come stick it in my mouth, she begged, still upside down, so I went back and forth, dipping into those tight, hot holes. I taste so good. I love it!

I wrapped my hand around her throat as I fucked her missionary style, getting some gorgeous shots of her oh-face as her whole body shook. Fuck this little pussy, she moaned before asking me to slap her tits harder and use both hands to choke her. Kay got onto her side, legs pulled up for a tight fit as I slammed. Oh, that dick feels so good!

I asked Kay where she wanted me to make my deposit. I want it all over my pretty little face! After pumping her pussy until I was about to pop, she got on her knees to catch the prize. Kay licked the tip and sucked it clean. Dont I look so pretty with all this cum on my face? she asked with a giggle and a titty jiggle.

Neighbor Affair - Kay Lovely - Blonde Sorority neighbor, fucks neighbor in his wife's lingerie

File: 6uttbnaneafkaylovqc6akbqzmz.mp4
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Duration: 45:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kay Lovely is house sitting for a neighbor while they are out of town. As soon as her neighbor, Brad, walks out the door Kay starts looking around and finds his wife's lingerie drawer. Since no one is around she tries some on. Brad forgot something though and heads back to the house and catches Kay in his wife's lingerie. Truth be told, Kay looks great in it. Since Brad likes what he see's Kay shows him what's under that lingerie before getting dicked down.

Bang Bus - Kay Lovely - Innocent Blonde Fucks Stranger

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Duration: 40:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kay Lovely is on the side of the road checking out the view. The Bang Bus pulls up on her and wants to see a view of her tits. Her tits are amazing, seriously it's not even possible to tell if they are real or not. Tyler Steel might be the only guy who knows after inspecting them. She gets on the bus for the money she stays on the bus for the sex. Tyler pile drives her, fucks her missionary style, and lets her bounce on his cock with her perfect titties jiggling up and down. When they're done fucking he obviously cums in her mouth. She's so fucking hot it's insane.