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Exploited College Girls - Leana Lovings - 24 years old

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Description: Whats soft spoken, has amazingly perky tits, loves watching a guy's cock get hard and has had 24,000 people simultaneously watch her masturbate? Meet 24 year old Leana Lovings who just happens to be todays Ex!t and I can see why 24,000 people watched this Chaturbate camgirl masturbate for one of her shows. This girl is sweet, shy and because of Covid hasnt had sex with a guy in 18 months until yesterday she broke that dry spell with Isiah Maxwell over at BlackAmbush...

Isiah was also only her third guy shes fucked and first ever black guy. So if my math is correct today makes Jay Smooth her 4th guy and this little girl doubled her body count this weekend. I just love this girl and if her coy ways and I hope you all do as well so without further ado heres Leana and were Lovings her a lot. Steve

Bang Bus - Leana Lovings - Losing Her Nerdinity

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Description: Leana Lovings was a science girl. She was into Biology and Psychology. Usually she would just study all day but today this white van was driving next to her and the guys inside were charming and really fast with words. Also fast with dropping money. All of a sudden she had the chance to make 500 in 2 seconds. Temptation won. She flashed her tits in public. In no time she was in that van getting naked. And as if it was a science experiment that big dick was in her mouth and she was sucking it. Then Tyler Steel fucked her. The van kept moving and bumping so the fucking rhythm was very different from a regular fuck. Plus Tyler knew how to fuck deep and hard. She was screaming in ecstasy. He came in her face. They asked if they could do this more often. She liked that idea. They dropped her off anyway and sped off.