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TeamSkeet X Step Household - Cadence Lux - Super Cadence To The Rescue

File: ojv1snatexsthocadluxowvq7x5b8f.mp4
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Duration: 56:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Evil Conor Coxxxs schemes are about to be ruined as Super Cadence walks into his lab to stop him. Oh no! The mad scientist has just captured Super Cadence and hes about to torture her. Its time for the hot heroine to use her super-sex powers to get out of this messy situation. With her signature titjob, power pussy, and cum-absorption, Super Cadence will beat Evil Conor Coxxx!

Kiss Me Fuck Me - Cadence Lux & Alexis Tae - Paper Hearts

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Duration: 35:49
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Description: Cadence Lux arrives home after a rough day at work, but her mood is instantly improved when she sees a paper heart with a message from her girlfriend, Alexis Tae. The message invites Cadence to find Alexis. Seeing a trail of paper hearts going up the stairs, Cadence follows the trail until she reaches the bedroom, where Alexis is waiting naked on the bed. Cadence eagerly moves in to kiss Alexis on the lips, but Alexis playfully stops her, pointing out that the last paper heart has instructions that Cadence should start with Alexis' feet. Eagerly following the instructions, Cadence worships Alexis' feet by kissing and sucking on her toes, and then kisses her way further up Alexis' beautiful body. The girlfriends then have sweet, intimate sex, which includes sharing more kisses.

Adult Time - Cadence Lux & Mackenzie Mace - Can You Touch Me: A Cadence Lux Story

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Duration: 37:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cadence Lux recounts a true-to-life, personal story of the first time she experimented with lesbian sex. It happened with her high-school friend Melanie Mackenzie Mace when Cadence's parents invited Melanie to stay with them at a vacation rental one summer. Join Cadence as she recounts the details of one of the most defining moments of her life.

Cadence and Melanie were best friends in high school, though they were totally different people. Melanie was easy-going, outspoken, and popular while Cadence was more reserved and introverted. Despite this, they always had each other's back and developed a strong, unshakable bond. Cadence was sad when Melanie left their hometown to go study at University in another city, but the stars aligned when Melanie's parents rented a vacation rental in the area and invited Melanie to stay with them.

There was only one bed for them at the rental, and Melanie was quick to suggest that Cadence and her share it. They'd done that countless times before- like any two best friends would have. But, for some reason, that night turned out to be very different than anything Cadence had experienced until that point. And it's something that Cadence has never forgotten since.

All Her Luv - Cadence Lux & Freya Parker - Starting Over pt. 1

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Description: Freya Parker has helped her new roommate Cadence Lux move in. Serving some white wine she asks Cadence What's wrong?. I was just thinking, you know, a year ago I was married, my own house, a career, and now..., Cadence responds. Freya You have me. I have a roommate, says Cadence with a smile.

Having a roommate isn't so bad, it's like having a wife you could swap out for something better, Freya contends. You know what, cheers to that!, Cadence exclaims, lifting her glass in a toast. Don't get ideas though, I'm on a lease so I'll be doing the swapping out, Freya jokes. No worries, I'm used to it, I was the one being swapped out in my marriage, Cadence remarks.

Freya responds I didn't mean..., but Cadence interrupts No, I mean what's the fun in life if you can't joke about it. Things'll work out, Freya says, stroking Cadence's thigh. You know, on the surface I want to believe that, but deep down I just feel that things will never be right again, Cadence says ruefully. Look, I know we're basically strangers, but be honest, did it feel right?, Freya asks. You're right, it didn't, Cadence replies. Freya rubs her roommate's thigh again in support, changing the subject How about I call for those pizzas?.

Now Cadence is on her bed, holding her phone and looking despondent. Freya enters the bedroom and inquires Everything okay?. Sure, Cadence says. Is it about your ex?, Freya asks. They just seem to have moved on so quickly, I can't even process it, Cadence says. Well, what's bothering you?, Freya asks. I found out they cheated on me, Cadence answers. I'm so sorry. Cadence continues The worst thing about it, I begged them to stay, still using the plural pronoun that doesn't specify a specific gender.

How fucking pathetic is that?, Cadence says. It's not pathetic -you loved them. Did I? I mean sure, part of me loved them -I was so desperate to hold onto them, but it's just deep down I knew the truth, I didn't really love them. I was just scared of being a failure. I feel like such a loser, Cadence claims.

You're not a loser, Freya reassures her. You barely even know me, Cadence retorts. But I care about you, Freya says. Well, then be prepared to be let down, Cadence asserts. Freya rubs her roommate's thigh and says You're destined for greatness, I know it.

Why are you so sweet to me?, Cadence inquires. You remind me of myself, Freya contends. Really?. Yeah, I'll tell you about it sometime, Freya defers. I have so much respect for you. You're a strong woman and you're following your dreams, Freya says. She leans forward and kisses her. Cadence backs away, asking What was that for?. You didn't like it? Freya asks. Cadence says I'm not sure I'm ready for anything -I just don't want to hurt you.

Freya says Well, I'm not expecting anything really. You know, I just want to share this moment with you. You really want me?, Cadence asks. Why wouldn't I? I mean you're beautiful and funny and amazing. Cadence responds I didn't know you felt that way. Well, you know you're trapped in your own world. You can't see what's in front of you, Freya maintains.

I'm not sure I'm ready for a new relationship, Cadence says. Honey, I was just looking to have fun, something between two friends, Freya avers. Frowning, Cadence replies Oh. That doesn't upset you?, Freya wonders. Cadence says Look, it's a relief. I don't think I've ever tried that. It's like it's always been so serious. Freya pushes away Cadence's hair gently and kisses her on the neck, saying Well sex can be serious, as long as it's, you know, fun and free. Your hands feel good on me, Cadence concedes. Promise me you're going to have fun, Freya demands. I'll have fun, I'm sure!, Cadence insists. They kiss in earnest. Watch the story unfold

Mormon Girlz - Cadence Lux - Transgressions On Tape

File: iisidnamogicadluxofxyhzdfso.mp4
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Duration: 18:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Thanks to the surveillance tapes, Cadence confronts Brother Smith with all the sinful things hes been up to with the other girls. Cadence takes this chance to instruct Brother Smith to get wild and naughty with her if he doesnt want his transgressions to come to light!

Mylf X Tina Lee Comet - Cadence Lux, Tina Lee Comet & Vonka Romanov - Little Games

File: sfx9hnamyxtilecocadtinvon3dxqibybym.mp4
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Duration: 28:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Tina implants it into Vonka's head that though their new roomie Cadence may be a domme professionally, she's just a submissive waiting to be put in her place. Vonka dominates and fucks Cadence, proving Tina's assumptions. Tina then embarrasses Cadence about being worked over by a softy like Vonka so Cadence takes her turn to show Vonka who the boss is. But Cadence's fun is interrupted when the real dominant rolls into the room and puts both women in their proper place.

Dirty Wives Club - Cadence Lux - Bubble Butt Blonde Takes Dick From Husband's Friend In Her Bed

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Duration: 36:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cadence Lux's husband's friend, Ryan, has been spending a few days at their house while he visits. Cadence's husband was supposed to take Ryan to the airport but now he is working late and it's up to Cadence to drop Ryan off instead. Cadence goes to tell Ryan the news and catches him mid shower. Turned on by his body, Cadence starts playing with her pussy and when Ryan exits the shower Cadence rides on his cock before giving him a ride to the airport.

Pure Taboo - Cadence Lux & Hazel Moore - Soaking

File: gjah2naputacadhazlgdftnfe2y.mp4
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Duration: 39:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SOAKING

Clara and Brighten Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore, two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner with their parents at their family home. As they sit through grace, Brighten kicks Clara under the table, whispering that she needs to speak with her privately once their parents leave for errands later. Clara quietly agrees though she's perplexed as to what Brighten could need so urgently...

Later that day, Brighten knocks on Clara's door, who invites her inside. With their parents gone for a few hours, Brighten feels comfortable talking to Clara about what's on her mind- though she makes her promise she won't tell anyone about what she's about to share. Clara agrees, though is shocked when Brighten invites Elijah Seth Gamble, her boyfriend, inside.

Brighten explains that although she and Elijah are committed to each other and plan to wed after college, they are having trouble staying chaste until then. Elijah expresses how, despite his faith, he's caught himself having filthy thoughts and even watching adult films online. Clara is appalled... she has no idea what to say. Brighten mentions, however, that they believe they have found an adequate solution to their predicament SOAKING.

An apparent loophole within their faith, soaking involves a man inserting his penis in a woman's vagina and not moving it. It's a way that other couples their age have gotten around breaking their vow of pre-marital abstinence. The only thing is that there needs to be a third party present to physically move the other two so that they can achieve sexual gratification. To Clara's shock, Brighten and Elijah want HER to move them during intercourse.

Clara is hesitant, asking Brighten if this is what she REALLY wants. Brighten admits that Clara is the only person she truly trusts, and it would mean the world to her if she helped them out with this one thing. Clara finally agrees, and assists Elijah and Brighten through their first sexual encounter, hoping to God she won't be forsaken for what she has agreed to.

Philavise - Cadence Lux - The Fucking Adventures Of Powergirl And Homelander

File: htcfunaphicadluxydnfuw5v2k.mp4
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Duration: 01:13:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We're giving you the adventures of Powergirl and Homelander. Powergirl and Homelander clash! Will they team up or will they go at it? These two show off their powers. We even have a very special guest appearance. This is one fight you won't want to miss. Starring Patrick Delphia and Cadence Lux.

Nympho - Cadence Lux - Cadence Does It Well

File: h8reenanymcadluxm8jvrwjlk4.mp4
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Duration: 46:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cadence Lux is one very enthusiastic slut in need of some fresh cock to fuck! Shes showing off her stretchy pussy before sucking on that cock. Then she gets it in her tight, wet cunt! Cadence cums over over with each deep stroke. Then she takes a taste of that yummy creampie straight from her very own pussy!

Sweet Sinner - Cadence Lux - One Night Affair

File: mahrpnaswsicadlux8zjyglwawv.mp4
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Duration: 29:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: With the upcoming wedding between Marie and Pete, all hell has broken loose. Pete finds Marie too controlling and Marie is unsatisfied with her and Petes non-existent sex life. But, as the wedding nears, Pete and Marie and those involved in their lives, find themselves seeking out sexual comfort in the arms of the most unexpected people.

All Anal - Lolly Dames & Cadence Lux - Lolly’s First Anal Scene

File: q1ksrnaalanlolcadabrfyz76bp.mp4
Size: 1.95 GB
Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Its a big day for Lolly Dames who wants to get fucked up her ass for the first time ever! So shes brought along super slut Cadence Lux to help open her up! These 2 babes keep the dick rock hard ready to pop Lollys Anal cherry! Cadence knows how to keep the energy up that dick up Lollys freshly gaped ass. Lolly loves that her ass is now open for pleasure!

Missa X - Cadence Lux - What's Best For You

File: sfswfnamixcadluxwur8nv5qm9.mp4
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Duration: 48:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Laura Cadence Lux is masturbating in bed, and Stepdad Tommy Pistol peeks through the doorway, taking pictures of her with his phone. A flash gets her attention, and he leaves.

Next morning he's having coffee when she comes down, and he bawls her out, after informing her that her mom has gone on a little trip suddenly. If you want to keep living here you're going to need to be re-educated, he declares. Later, in her bedroom he's filling up a box of her belongings, and starts complaining as he examines a dresser drawer of her panties. Filthy, filthy, filthy, he declares They're not clean, we're going to wash them. Back in the kitchen Laura washes her panties and afterward folds them neatly under daddy's strict supervision, as he wields a ruler, dominating her. Good girl, he declares as she finishes, telling Laura All right, now let's go put 'em away. Back in her bedroom, stepdad says All I want is what's best for you.

He says I love you like a daughter. I want to see you thrive. I don't want to see you sad and alone for your whole life. You have to learn to control your urges. I'll do better, Laura says. I know you will, he says and they hug. I'll save you, stepdad declares.

Later she is all dressed up, finishing neatly making her bed, and stepdad declares Not bad. It reminds me of my army days. Take a seat, and Laura sits at the foot of the bed. Okay, so today we're going to talk about your experience, he announces. My experience?, she says quizzically. I'm not looking forward to this either, so..., he begins. She interrupts You mean like sex. I already know you touch yourself, stepdaddy says. So have you been with any boys?, he asks. Laura nods Yes.

She declares But I'm not the girl that you think I am. I've actually only had one boyfriend. And I'm assuming you've done stuff with him? You kissed, and more?, he responds. Laura laughs and says We did what people do when they're together. Can you explain that? Did you go down on him?, he asks. Yes, I wanted to make him happy, she says. Did he force you?. No, no, he was nice, she insists. Okay, that's nice you wanted to please him. Is he the only boy you've ever been with?, he inquires. She nods Yes.

I'm sorry if these questions are making you uncomfortable, stepdaddy says. Laura shrugs her shoulders That's okay. I just, I loved him very much, daddy. What happened?, he asks. He broke up with me. I guess he wanted to experience other girls, she notes. Stepdaddy pontificates That's the problem with modern life. You two should have got married, you made each other happy, but you just got caught up in wanting to be with everything and everyone I guess, I'm sorry.

Do you think I'll ever find love again?, Laura asks. I will help you find the right man, stepdad asserts. Thanks daddy, I love you so much, she smiles. I love you too so much, baby. I'm sorry I've been so harsh on you, but hasn't it been good?, he says. She nods Yes and declares I like making you happy. You make me so happy, he agrees. Is there something wrong with me?, she suddenly wonders. What do you mean?. I mean I'm trying really hard to be your good girl. I'm trying to do what you say, but I'm still having these urges.

Well, those will go away in time, stepdaddy reassures her. What if they never go away?, she asks despairingly. Well hopefully, when you meet the right man, he'll help take care of all that for you, he responds. And how will I know he's the right man? What if I choose the wrong one?, she wonders. No, no, he says, sitting down on the bed next to her. When my ex Kyle broke up with me, I felt worse than dirt about myself, and I honestly still feel that way, she confesses.

The right man will never make you feel like that, he claims. When you caught me the other night, touching myself, did I repulse you?, Laura asks. I suppose at first I was angry, but then I was just sad, he says. Sad because I disappointed you?, she asks. No, no, not at all. I was sad because you had no one to love you, sad that you were alone. And it broke my heart that there was no one with you in this whole world, he replies.

Then why did you punish me?, Laura asks. No, I didn't punish you. You didn't?. No, I wanted to teach you your self-worth. Did you feel punished?, stepdad says. At first, she declares. And now?. Now I feel loved, she replies. Stepdad kisses her tenderly. Breaking off from her, he repeats And now?. I feel loved, she reiterates. I know this must be confusing, but I just want to show you that you deserve to be loved, he claims. I love you so much daddy, I just want to make you happy, she says. I love you so much baby. It's my chance to please you now, he responds. Just tell me what you want, she pleads.

You're such a good girl, stepdaddy says. He places Laura's hand on his crotch. You're so eager to please, aren't you?, he asks. She nods Yes, adding I just want to please you daddy. You see how happy you made me, he says as she feels his boner through his jeans. I do, she nods again. I like making you happy, she whispers. I just want to make you so happy, stepdad says. Yes, daddy, she says and they kiss again. Watch the taboo romance unfold

Blacked Raw - Cadence Lux - Late Night Plans

File: kts2nnablracadlux4fubsbulmu.mp4
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Duration: 41:04
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty blonde career girl Cadence is hard at work you can trust that shell be staying out of trouble and coming home soon. Its not like shes dressed to attract attention, or giving other men glimpses of what shes not wearing under her dress

Modern Day Sins - Cadence Lux - Mad Fuckers: Bringing Out The Worst

File: mes2anamodasicadluxoxx8gt5vwc.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 01:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mickey Mod and Cadence Lux return home after a night out, but it's clear that something is bothering Mickey. When Cadence inquires as to why he's so pissed off, Mickey complains that for the entire night, Cadence was hitting on other guys. Cadence is baffled, claiming that she was only talking to them platonically. By the look of it, this isn't the first time Mickey has scolded her for something like this, and she's growing tired of it.

When Mickey remarks that Cadence dresses like a slut, Cadence explodes, turning the tables on him and verbally ripping him apart. But Mickey won't relent, expressing that he feels Cadence treats him with little to no respect and ADORES getting attention from other guys when they go out together. Within moments, the argument escalates to extremely hurtful and personal comments.

Her temper at a roiling boil, Cadence rips her dress apart as an act of defiance to Mickey and continues to vent her frustrations. When she prods Mickey to match her, he gets right in her face and ends up kissing her vigorously while running his hands over her body. Cadence is pretty turned on, and they both decided to let off some steam with some intense sex.

Mickey spanks Cadence's ass, causing her to smile in delight. He then instructs her to masturbate in front of him, as he whips out his cock to join her. He then sticks his cock in her mouth and face-fucks her, making sure she begs for it first. Both totally invested, Mickey rubs Cadence's pussy till it soaks and fucks her on the kitchen counter, first in missionary and then from behind.

Loving every second, Mickey and Cadence give each other more oral, and then Cadence mounts Mickey in cowgirl and rides his cock to oblivion. Mickey then fucks Cadence in a few more positions, ending with a deep doggystyle penetration, causing her to climax. He then stands over her as he cums all over her sweaty face.

It seems like the events of tonight have brought out the worst from these two. But maybe, that's exactly what they needed.

Tonight's Girlfriend - Cadence Lux - Bubble Butt Blonde Goes For Round 2 with Favorite Fan

File: mrnyynatogicadluxj2yakiup7j.mp4
Size: 2.33 GB
Duration: 52:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I haven't been able to stop thinking about Cadence Lux since the last time we we're together. It's been over a year and finally our schedules were able to align again, so I get her to stop by my room for the night. I really just want to be a little more passionate this time, starting by watching her change for me, then moving over to the bed where we have amazing sex until I cum all over her face. Hoping for round 3 with her sooner than later.

Neighbor Affair - Cadence Lux - Needs her friendly neighbor's big dick in her mouth and wet pussy

File: ywtrdnaneafcadluxhnbktboirh.mp4
Size: 2.36 GB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cadence Lux is all alone in her big house. Her neighbor is over helping out with house maintenance and she has him check the shower's water pressure. She finds out he's really good with his hands and she needs those hands all over her body.

Mormon Girlz - Cadence Lux - The Holy Seed

File: cxnnynamogicadluxlv7fabefyx.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 15:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The time has come for Cadence Lux to breed, and with the help of Brother Smith, Brother Steele, and Seed Bearer, she shall carry forth Gods will. Who will be the father in this divine sacrament?

Jules Jordan - Cadence Lux - On The Hunt For Big Cock

File: zvt56najujocadluxvurjaqggsh.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 29:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde Hardbody Cadence Lux Is A Sexy Size Queen That Demands Attention! Knowing that Cadence wont be satisfied by your average size pecker, Jules setup a special surprise for her to feast on today. Cadence is wearing a white see-through unitard with black thigh high boots as she stands in the sunlight and waits for her cocksman. Shes pleased to see that its Chris Strokes whos joining her and Cadence doesnt wait long to take his massive cock out and start sucking on it. Chris fucks her face while Cadence gazes into his eyes as his long schlong makes its way deep down her throat. She slobbers all over it, leaving strings of spit dangling from her lips to the tip of Chris dick until he takes Cadences clothes off, bends her over the chair and starts drilling her from behind...

Chris slides a finger into her asshole and pulls Cadences hair as he plows her in doggy and slaps her ass leaving red hand prints on her ass cheeks. He bends down to get a taste of her tight asshole then they decide to head inside to continue their fling. Cadence sucks Chriss cock and gives him a rimjob then gets on top of him to ride that massive dick balls deep. She bounces on his balls until she feels an eruption building inside and lifts her pussy off of Chris cock to squirt all over him. Chris picks her up and starts hammering her while standing as his balls slap against her tight ass then they lay down on the bed in spoon for more deep dicking. Cadence spreads her legs wide open to accommodate that monster cock as Chris drills it hard into her wet snatch. She gets on top of him in reverse cowgirl and impales her pussy on Chris hard cock as her start jack hammering her horny hole. He flips her over to riding him side saddle, still with red hand prints on her ass, before jumping off to clean her juices off Chris dick. He lays her back on the bed in missionary and pounds Cadences savory slit until he shoot his cum all over her pretty face!

Cherry Pimps - Cadence Lux & Jillian Janson - Craving The Touch Of One Another

File: rce1snachpicadjilik6s6asvvf.mp4
Size: 1.89 GB
Duration: 26:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeously sweet babes Jillian Janson and Cadence Lux are hot and ready to fuck! They love showing off their long legs in their black stockings and thinking of each others hands as they run up and down every curve on their bodies. The touch of their lips as they meet the intoxicating smell of roses enough to drive anyone wild with lust. Spread the rose petals out and lets fuck encased by their aroma. Cadence can not get enough of Jillian's tits. She needs to get that babe naked so she can go down on that wet pussy and make her cum. Jillian is in heaven and ready to show Cadence how much she wants that pussy too!