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Dirty Wives Club - Crystal Rush - Dirty Russian wife fucks strangers at sex club for her husband

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Duration: 43:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Crystal Rush's husband recommended a club to her. It's not just any club though, it's a sex club. Crystal had already sucked one big dick and had been doubled teamed when she calls her husband to brag about all the fun she's having. Her husband loves hearing about it, so Crystal hangs up and heads back to find one more cock to fuck and one more story to tell her husband.

Dirty Wives Club - Madison Morgan - Hot Read Head takes a huge cock

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Duration: 35:42
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Description: Madison Morgan's husband has a star player coming over to join the team, and what better way to welcome him? By letting him have your wife. See she's the coach's recruiter and she gives the new player all she goes all out to see if they are worthy for the team.

Dirty Wives Club - Richelle Ryan - Is A Married Woman Who Is Not Getting Pleased By Her Husband, So She Seeks Cock Elsewhere

File: zbkoknadiwiclricryaksd6cfuby9.mp4
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Duration: 29:35
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Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisRichelle Ryan is a married woman who is not getting pleased by her husband. See she's one sexy woman who has needs, especially sexual needs. Her husband had a trip canceled because of work, now she needs to fill the void and what better way than to fuck and suck any cock available.

Dirty Wives Club - Lexi Luna - gets some big cock from another man

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Duration: 27:34
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Description: Sexy Lexi Luna is upset with her husband for not being around enough. She calls over a handyman to check out some odds and ends around the house. She really doesn't need anything fixed... except her wet pussy. She's hot and ready for some handyman cock to fix all her sexual needs.

Dirty Wives Club - Daisy Stone - cucks her husband then tells him about it as they fuck

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Duration: 38:19
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Format: mp4
Description: Daisy Stone went on a date and got fucked in his car. When she gets home her husband wants to hear all about it. She tells him about how he played with this man's cock and how he pulled over and fucked her on the side of the road. Her husband gets so turned on that he gets in there for sloppy seconds and pounds Daisy's pretty little pussy.

Dirty Wives Club - Nala Brooks - Gets Permission From Husband To Fuck Big Black Dick

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Duration: 42:31
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Format: mp4
Description: Nala Brooks' husband found a new guy for her to fuck. He just wants to make sure she tells him all the dirty details after she's done fucking him. Nala has no problem with that and puts some sexy lingerie on and gets to work on some big black dick.

Dirty Wives Club - Kayley Gunner - fucks detective London at the police station

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Duration: 43:40
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Description: Kayley Gunner has been taken to the police station 4 times but has never been charged -- I wonder why? Could it be her persuasive skills with her lips, wet pussy, perfect tits, and tight body? Since Detective London has been the one that keeps taking her in, she's been wanting him to fuck her naughty pussy. Her husband makes that arrangement since he's a top Lawyer and knows Detective London's superior. Like the others in the precinct, this detective can't say no to a dirty housewife like Kayley.

Dirty Wives Club - Jessica Ryan - Jessica Ryan gets wet when she see's the pool boy's stick

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Duration: 44:39
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Description: Jessica Ryan just got home and noticed a new pool boy cleaning up. She gives her husband a call and asks if she can please take this pool boy for a ride. Her husband agrees to let Jessica fuck the pool boy, so she invites him in, has him take nude pics of her, then rides his dick.

Dirty Wives Club - Freya Parker - Freya Parker Cheats On Husband With Old Strip Club Boss

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Duration: 36:45
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Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker needs some good dick, so she heads back to the strip club she used to work at before she got married. She stops by the backroom to visit her old boss, Marcus. Marcus always gave Freya that good dick and Freya is in need of it.

Dirty Wives Club - Havana Bleu - Havana Bleu Gets Fucked By A Big Cock

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Description: Havana Bleu is not too happy with her husband today. See, she has it all, cars, boats, expensive clothing, and a busy husband. But she needs a fat cock too. So she takes advantage of the time away and jumps on any cock she can get. Watch the sexy Havana Bleu get fucked like she should.

Dirty Wives Club - Misty Stone - Misty Stone Asked For Green Tea With Extra Cock

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Duration: 34:28
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Format: mp4
Description: Misty Stone is on business trip and she likes to be a naughty wife when she is at her hotel room.
She ordered some room service of green tea and extra honey. Once her tea arrives there is one thing missing, honey, and the only way Rion will get out of that room is by having her pound that cock for sweet cum!!

Dirty Wives Club - Chloe Amour - Chloe Amour Fucks On Business Trip Away From Her Husband

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Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Amour is hanging out at the spa after her long day of trainings on her business trip when Kyle walks in. They start chit chatting and Chloe decides to give Kyle some ass. Kyle is a little hesitant as he notices her wedding ring, but Chloe assures him that her husband is ok with her being a dirty wife.

Dirty Wives Club - Sandra Luberc - Russian Babe Sandra Luberc Gets Caught By Her Husband

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Format: mp4
Description: Sandra Luberc likes to fuck other guys and does it with style and a variety of pleasuring toys, but her husband finds out what she is doing and catches her! Quinton just wants to know she is safe and since the room is all paid for, why not have some fun?! Besides, he knows his wife is a freak and now he realizes, he has to keep up and keep her happy in the sack.

Dirty Wives Club - Joslyn James - Joslyn James Needs Service From The Handy Man

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Duration: 34:25
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Description: Joslyn James is been neglected by her husband and she needs a big cock to satisfy her, she has been eyeing the handy man and will pounce at him at the first opportunity she gets to fuck him. Looks like today is BOTH their lucky days!

Dirty Wives Club - Brandi Love - Bombshell Brandi Love Is Thankful For Her Husbands Friends Cock

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Description: Happy Thanksgiving Naughty America. Brandi Love and her husband have a special Thanksgiving dinner planned tonight. See, they have an open relationship and love to fuck, not only each other but their significant other's friends too. Tonight they'll be giving thanks to their relationship and Brandi Love's wholesome pussy will be getting stuffed.

Dirty Wives Club - Lily Lane - Tattooed Bombshell Lily Lane Demands Sex From Her Husbands Friend Before Sending Him On His Way

File: rshrlnadiwicllillanhoannuihpk.mp4
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Duration: 31:29
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Description: Lily Lan is ready to have her house to herself. Her husband's had a friend stay over for far too long. Lucas has outstayed his welcome but before Lily sends him on his way, she'd like to take a ride on his hard cock and be showered in his cum!

Dirty Wives Club - Diana Grace - Diana Grace Likes To Show Her Husband The Tricks Of Her Sex Working Job

File: l4itinadiwicldiagraej1q73zgmr.mp4
Size: 709.95 MB
Duration: 29:51
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Format: mp4
Description: Diana Grace Loves cock so much that she works as a night girl in the streets, and the best part of the day is telling her husband all the nasty things she did with others while he fucks her in the bathtub.

Dirty Wives Club - Natasha Starr - Natasha Starr Fucks Her Husbands Employee In Nothing Butt Her Sexy Stockings And Heels

File: nodwqnadiwiclnatstase8nzvwvy9.mp4
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Duration: 39:27
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Description: Natasha Starr is working at home with Marcus on a project that got backed up, and now he has a second date with a blonde girl he really likes but Natasha gets all horny just thinking about Marcus kissing another gal and she wants in and He gets All IN

Dirty Wives Club - Casca Akashova - Husband Orders His Wife A Masseur To Please Her In Any Way She Wishes

File: 9f9gxnadiwiclcasaka9c9i6gcr9b.mp4
Size: 530.19 MB
Duration: 43:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Casca Akashova's husband absolutely loves it when his sexy, blonde bombshell of a wife hooks up with other men. Today, he's set her up with a masseur that has no clue what he's in for, all while secretly streaming the sexy encounter. Let's just say the masseur wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't please his client.

Dirty Wives Club - Penny Pax - Driver Gets Lucky When He Takes Penny Pax Home Since Her Husband Is Out Of Town

File: 923r5nadiwiclpenpaxn1plq25wyh.mp4
Size: 930.73 MB
Duration: 39:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Pax is ready for some relaxation after her business trip. Her and her driver make small talk and she can't help but wonder if the rumor is true, once you go black... Once they arrive at her place, she makes the move to find out for herself since her husband is away on his business trip.

Dirty Wives Club - Tia Cyrus - Tia Cyrus Has Permission From Husband To Fuck Whomever When She's Away On Business

File: ufoydnadiwicltiacyrkq3znl7et1.mp4
Size: 509.68 MB
Duration: 41:20
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tia Cyrus has permission from husband to fuck whomever when she's away on business and today looks like it's the the bellhop's lucky day! Tia is so horny she even masturbates in the bathtub before her boy-toy comes up to her room with her bags.

Dirty Wives Club - Valentina Nappi - Valentina Nappis Husband Is Out So She Fucks The Driver

File: t88dgnadiwiclvalnapd1lmcrm3uk.mp4
Size: 484.00 MB
Duration: 39:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Valentina Nappi just bought lingerie to show her husband and get wild in the bedroom, but he called saying he has to leave for work reasons. Valentina is not happy at all, she has been neglected and ignored by him way too many times, but now she will get some dick, even if it's the drivers cock!!

Dirty Wives Club - Jasmine Jae - Jasmine Jae Helps Herself To A Big Black Cock

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Duration: 35:39
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Format: mp4
Description: The sexy Jasmine Jae is at home putting on her best lingerie feeling horny and ready to fuck. In the mean time, Scotty is going door to door selling solar panel service. When Jasmine answers the door, she plans to fuck him since her husband is at work and she's feeling up for some hard cock in her wet pussy.