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Description: Nathan Bronson knocks on the door of his mother-in-law Christie Stevens' at-home-massage parlor. He's sorry to bother her while she's working. She tells him it's ok, she doesn't have any more clients for the rest of the day. He seems a little embarrassed to admit that he and his wife Christie's daughter are in a fight and he needs Christie's advice.

Nathan confesses that he is too stubborn to see what, if anything, he did wrong, and since Christie knows his wife best, he figures she's the best person to talk to. Christie is very reluctant to get involved in her daughter's business since her daughter has accused her of being too nosy in the past and doesn't want her butting in anymore.

In an effort to respect her daughter's wishes, Christie tells Nathan that she doesn't want to know what the fight was about, but as a general piece of advice whenever Christie and her late husband would fight, Christie would give him a NURU massage. That particular type of massage was the perfect way to smooth things over...to reconnect and be intimate.

She even offers to lend Nathan her massage equipment so that he can give a NURU massage to his wife, but he's bashful and says that he wouldn't even know how to use the equipment. Nathan asks her if Christie can show him some NURU massage techniques, sincerely wanting to use the massage as a way to mend fences with his wife.

Christie is reluctant. It's one thing to give him some advice, but it's a whole other thing to give him a NURU massage! He does realize that a NURU massage involves both of them being naked, right?? He points out that as far as he understands it, it is a professional massage that she gives to complete strangers all the time, so there's no harm in giving one to him.

Christie says ok, she'll do it since she just wants her daughter to have a happy marriage---but Nathan can't tell her daughter since she would be furious if she knew that Christie was poking around in her business.

Christie begins to give Nathan a NURU massage, body sliding on his back. Throughout the body-sliding, Christie gives pointers to Nathan on how he can use the massage techniques on her daughter, adding that if he can use the techniques properly, in no time at all his wife won't be mad at him anymore.

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We're talking away
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Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, okay?

Camilla has obviously come a long way since she was a teenager and bopping to those lousy lyrics. When a guy says, I'll be coming for your love, okay? Camilla says, Okay. Then she goes for Nick's rod, not giving a shit about his love, brings him inside, wraps her big tits around his dick, sucks his cock, fucks him, then, while riding his rod reverse-cowgirl, has him cum in her pussy. So, former teeny-bopper to Aha now gets a creampie for all the world to see. A-ha!

I'm living my fantasy, said this divorcee and mom from Nottingham, England, fictional home of Robin Hood.

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Description: Penny and Leonard are looking to take their relationship to the next level by asking Sheldon to move out so they can have more time together. They order Japanese food to help soften him up, then broach the subject. Sheldon takes things more calmly than they were expecting, but he does bring up their roommate agreement. When they moved in together, Leonard signed an agreement stating that if he asked Sheldon to move out over a girl, Sheldon would get to have sex with the girl while Leonard watched. Penny agrees.

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