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Description: Stunning Nika Charming adores watching pictures of the world-famous artists. She says the masterpieces give her satisfaction and inspire her to create some pictures of her own. She shares her love for the best artworks with her boyfriend and he tells her that those pictures turn him on to the limit. Nika Charming doesn't expect such a reaction, so she feels shocked a little bit but then asks him to explain his point of view. That discussion leads sex-hungry couple to a fantastic sex scene with face sitting and cock sucking pleasures as well as riding dick in different positions till it is time to drink fresh sperm right after their mutual orgasm.

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Description: This week we got Vina Sky from our maid service to come over. The house is a little messy from last night's party. She starts to clean and she's so good at it. I get a little bold and ask if she wants to make more money. I offer her to take off her close for a few hundred dollars, she was hesitant but I managed to get her topless in just her thong. I couldn't help myself and started to jerk off on the couch. She was astounded to see my large cock and got down to clean my cock. I pounded her tight little Asian pussy until I came all over her delicate tits.

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Description: Abella Danger and some friends have gone to see a movie. During the movie, Abella turns back and sees Jmac blatantly pirating the movie with his phone! An offended Abella goes to give Jmac a piece of her mind, only to discover that hes jerking off with his free hand pirating movies seems to be some kind of pervy kink for him. Abella gets turned on after some verbal sparring and starts jerking Guy1 off. Finally, Abella offers a deal to Jmac if he stops pirating the movie, he can plunder her ass instead.s

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Description: Lady in red Alex picks up some supplies before running into Jax and Pressure. Needless to say her plans for the evening are redirected by the boys and she ends up enjoying some serious stereo BBC.

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Description: Petite and super sweet, blondie Czech talent Rebecca Black brings passion mixed with an appetite for men in general sex wise of course You might see her with a certain ingenuity but once unleashed Rebecca goes all in in a joyful manner. At the end of the day, she walks by the pool waiting for the sunset to watch and then settles, laying down on her belly contemplating the gorgeous landscape. Then she gets spotted by Thomas who shows up hard on and who is about to dip in the water. Well, its blow job time instead as the sun goes downAfter swallowing him deep, Rebecca gets so turned on that Boy Toy Thomas starts ravishing her in anyway possible and pleases her as shes lit by the golden hour. She really had a good day!

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Description: Casey Calvert overstayed her visa in Spain and is now getting deported back to the United States. She begs her boyfriend to marry her so she can stay but he explains the only way he could marry her is if she gives into anal sex... its a family tradition! Ramon insists that there is no other way to be accepted into his family and she agrees that because she loves him, maybe she could learn to love ass fucking. She agrees that if he marries her, she will let him fuck her tight ass everyday. They better get started!

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Description: James Deen is on his phone all day. His fuck pet that goes by the name of Keisha Grey is bored and needs some tender loving fuck. So Keisha starts rubbing her nice tits and big ass against the window to entice her owner. James didnt take a while to notice her efforts. James gives her 100 of his attention and starts teasing each other with the glass wall in between. Somehow, they made it work. Keisha eventually comes in and gives her whole body for James to handle fully...

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Description: Sportsman Kevin is in Berlin-Charlottenburg tonight. There he meets Rubina. The blind date got organized by Wolf Wagner. Kevin can hardly keeps his hands off that raunchy MILF. After some grabbing und cock-sucking they two check into a hotel where they fuck until the cunt is glowing. Doggy, missionary, cowgirl you name it. The complete work-out program.

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Description: Angela White needs help moving but gets a BBC DP from Prince and Rico instead! Angela welcomes the guys to her house and explains that shes rearranging the place and needs their help, After showing them what to do, Angela tells them to meet her in the other room once theyre done and she walks away. Prince and Rico move what they have to then head to the other part of the house to find Angela. Shes waiting for them on the couch, still in her bath robe as she asks them to move the coffee table chair. When the guys turn around Angela drops her robe to show shes seductively dressed in Black and Tan lace lingerie with stockings, gloves and a choker. Prince and Rico cant resist Angelas sultry curves as their hands gravitate towards her monstrous mounds. They examine her body then pull down their pants so Angela can feast on both their BBCs. She takes turns slobbering all over both of their hard dicks before crawling over to the couch where Prince gets behind her to pound her doggy while she continues to gag on Ricos long cock. Angela switches things us as she hops on Ricos cock in reverse cowgirl then climbs over to ride Princes dick in cowgirl so she can bounce on that dick while she swallows Ricos BBC. Prince passes her back over to Rico so he can keep pounding Angelas horny pussy as they exchange her back and forth multiple times. Angela hasnt been totally fulFILLED yet so she rides Ricos dick and cowgirl, giving Prince open access to her beautiful butthole. Prince doesnt think twice as he slide his thick dick deep into Angelas hungry ass, making her totally stuffed with two massive BBCs. Both of Angelas holes get a hearty hammering before she stops to clean both cocks as she gets a mixture of pussy ass juices from both black boners. Prince takes Angela to the side so he can ream her rectum and show off her glorious GAPE. He lays her down in spoon and continues the ass pounding while Angela strokes and sucks Ricos giant dong. Rico has his way with her tight backdoor then they DP Angela again before feeding her both of their creamy loads

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Description: A naughty boy invited me over to his house and said he could get me some jobs for a really high end company but first I have to come over his house and show him if I have what it takes. I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me and I went and let him fuck the shit out of me all over his house!

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Description: Like you all know we are real deal BBW lovers, it doesn't matter to us if you're tall or short, what matters is the size. Natalia Springs deffenatly qualifies to be on Plumper Pass. Natalia came to the house and took a dip in the pool, all we wanted is to watch those huge tits in a bikini bouncing in the water. Natalia is a giver and showed us all what we needed to see, we fooled around with those boobs outdoors then brought her a BBC for some serious hardcore. She's a real BBW Dream my big girl loving friends.

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Description: Rosie Riches has graduated high school and she couldn't be more proud! She refuses to take off her graduation cap, even wearing it as she goes to make her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, a sandwich. Rosie brings the sandwich in to Nathan and then lets him know that as his older sister she needs to look out for him for all his needs. She insists that the last time they fooled around she noticed something on Nathan's dick and since his dad had skin cancer, she's worried. Nathan finally agrees and whips it out for Rosie.

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Description: Gali Diva is a sexy MILF who runs her own haircut shop. All her clients go to her business just because they want to admire her since she likes to wear very tight clothes and knows how to show off her charms. One of his clients, Aldo has received valuable information Gali Diva also offers sexual services, just ask for the full service. The man who gave the information to Aldo has asked him not to reveal his identity.

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Description: Nene Kinoshita was walking down the street when she bumped into an old friend. This one is a friend whom she always had a crush on and when she saw him, she got a slutty idea. She was cheated on by her lover, and this was her perfect opportunity to get back at him. She didnt even think twice. She went with the guy at his place where her clothes came off immediately. The guy couldnt keep his tongue off her body. He sucked on her awesome titties and licked her pussy in all positions...

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Description: This will probably never happen to me again. The brunette eye-flirting with me at the coffee shop left a gift bag at her table, and when I looked at it, it was a sexy bra with a note for it to be returned to an address if it was found. Well, when I returned the lingerie, I didn't expect her to fuck my brains out, too. Nor did I expect her to be married and tell me that I'd better get dressed and get the fuck out because her husband would be arriving soon. Good samaritans really do get rewarded.

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