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My Luke Longly step-mom, London River, walks into my bedroom and she's wearing a green skirt with a maroon colored blouse. She tells me that my step-dad is going to be away on a business trip this week so she will be alone with me. 'Maybe we can have some special time together!' she suggests. She slowly starts to unbutton her blouse, revealing a lace purple bra. 'Your step-dad was going to fuck my ass this weekend, but unfortunately he had to leave for his business trip!' she tells me. I gasp, because I am shocked to hear this! She takes her bra off and she allows me to feel her big tits. Then she starts to give me a blowjob until my cock is nice and hard! She pulls her panties off and then she climbs on top of me and starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position. Her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. When I am done using her pussy, she hops off of me and she runs off to grab a quick shower...


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My step-mom is wearing a black bathrobe as she tells me that she wants anal sex for breakfast this morning! We walk into the bedroom and she lies down on the pale pink comforter. She quickly moves into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her pussy from behind first. She then flips over on to her back and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position this time. She cums all over my cock, and then it is time to fuck her ass! She is still lying down on her back when I start to fuck her ass in the missionary position. I then go back and forth between her ass and pussy, fucking both in no particular order! She moves into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her ass from behind. I grab her big tits from behind while I am fucking her tight holes...


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My step-mom is lying down on the bed and she is completely naked while she chats on the phone with my step-dad. She looks so hot lying there, so I whip my cock out and decide to have some fun! She lies to my dad on the phone by saying that I am in the other room playing video games, when I am really about to play with her holes! I stick my cock in her pussy and I start to fuck her in the missionary position while she is still talking to my step-dad on the phone. As she continues to chat, I move my cock from her pussy into her ass hole. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off all over her face while she's still talking to my step-dad! Her face is now soaked in my cum...


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My step-mom, London River, and her step-sister, Cory Chase, are sitting down next to each other on the green bedding. Cory is wearing a fuschia dress and London is wearing a peach-colored dress, as they lean in to kiss each other. They both help each other strip out of their dresses, and London starts to eat Cory's pussy out. London tells Cory that she's been secretly fucking her step-son this week! Cory asks her to explain the whole story to her about seducing her step-son, while she eats her pussy out. After Cory cums, the two MILF's switch places and Cory starts to eat London's pussy out next. She continues to lick and suck on her clit until she cums hard!


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I walk into the bedroom and I find my step-mom lying down with her legs spread and my step-aunt's face in my step-mom's pussy! The two MILF's invite me to join them and fuck them, and I find it very hard to resist! They both crawl over to me and they start to give me a double blowjob. Cory Chase lies down on her back and I start to fuck her pussy followed by her ass. The two MILF's switch places and London River lies down on her back next. I Luke Longly fuck London's pussy and ass, back and forth, while Cory watches! Cory moves into the doggystyle position next, and I fuck Cory's ass hole from behind. Cory climbs on top of my cock next, and she rides my cock with her pussy followed by her ass. She rides my cock back and forth with both holes and I'm loving it! When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off into London's mouth. Then she spits my cum into Cory's mouth so the two MILF's can share

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Later, Jodie is expecting to be scolded for peeping when Mandy confronts him in his bedroom. Instead, Jodie learns that his hot stepmilf is being neglected in the bedroom and wants his dick so badly. He can't believe it as Mandy wraps those lips around his hardon and begins sucking him down.

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Dre gets on her knees for the big reveal and then proceeds to suck and slobber on as much of Damion's BBC as she can. She then gives Damion a slick footjob before the two exchange oral treats by 69ing each other. Then he put it in! Dre takes ALL 12 inches of Damion, first reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, airborne, standing at a 90-degree angle, piledriver, doggystyle, and missionary with her ankles behind her ears until he pulls out and cums on her pretty little face. We followed the two of them into the shower afterward for a little more fun and a post-sex interview... Until Next Time!

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Andie takes out Sly's massive cock and starts making love to it with her mouth. Andie fucks his big cock dick with her massive tits. She slides him into her eager cunt while her husband watches her get stretched out. Her pussy creams up as she gets fucked, Andie tells her husband how much bigger Sly is than him. Sly fucks multiple orgasms out of this horny hotwife while her husband watches, humiliated. Sly pulls out and cums all over her huge boobs. Debt settled

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Just as things are about to get good, Theodora hears her stepbrother, Juan Loco, come home. Instead of doing herself in the shower, Theodora walks into Juan's room and drops her towel with an offer for him to fuck her just this once. With his hot stepsis naked and on her knees in front of him with his dick in her hand, Juan won't say no.

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Moving astride Lias face, Subil gets her share of the oral attention, grinding her puffy clit on Lias eager tongue. She sits with stockinged thighs apart and Lia resumes licking her, spreading her luscious lips and giving her an intense orgasm. Lia rides Subils fingers to a powerful climax and they kiss tenderly, their date off to a perfect start.

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Description: It's a reason that State keep winning. Good coaching play a part. But its also the basketball players themeselves. Coach got him sum DAWGS. Deep from the hood too.

Gold teeth, chains, earrings, dreads, locks, nappy fros...small town state aint never seen niqqas like this since antebellum.

When you bring in young blacks from the inner city, then you bring bad habits too.

One of the new players on the team, Branden, is a scammer from the inner city. And he see a lot of targets in this small town.

One of em is a cheerleader, Jessica. Jessica look sweet and innocent but she not. Branden caught her playing with her lil pussy in the girls locker room and recorded it.

He got the pictures and videos ready to sell....unless Jessica pay up.

Jessica just a cheerleader tho. And she dont get paid to do that.

So even tho Branden normally scam to get money ...this time he gonna accept a different form of payment.

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Description: The story is based on a Japanese legend about the Kitsune,a mysterious and shapeshifting creature that has the ability to seduce men,leading to their demise if they fall in love with her.May Thai, a Kitsune who has been outcast by her own kind after revealingher sexual orientation as a lesbian, sets out on a quest to find true love.She encounters Kate, a young college student deeply enamored with Japanese language and culture,aspiring to become a Japanese language teacher.

Their friendship blossoms after May Thai appears to Kate Quinn in ghostly form.Meanwhile, Kate's stepsister, Christy, becomes suspicious of Kate's behavior,believing she may be acting irrationally.Unbeknownst to Christy White, it is May Thai's influence that has been sparking these changes in Kate.As tension brews between the stepsisters, Christy experiences a haunting fantasy where May Thai seduces her.In the night, Christy confides in Kate about the bizarre fantasy, only to have May Thai suddenly reappear,attempting to seduce both sisters. The story unfolds as the supernaturalpowers of the Kitsune lead the characters into a complex web of desire, love triangles, and conflict.

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Description: Amber Angel comes home from school early and wants to chill after a hard day of studies. When she walks in, though, the girl finds a strange note on a table. Reading through it, Amber realizes that her stepfather has decided to abandon their family nest. The unexpected news hurts her deeply, and only the timely appearance of her stepfather prevents an emotional floodgate from opening. When the man bumps into his stepdaughter, the man attempts to express remorse for involving her in his personal turmoil.

Yet, Amber refuses to surrender without a fight and let her beloved stepdad leave. She tries to pursue him by asking questions about why hes leaving, hoping to change his mind. The poor guy, realizing that he wont be able to keep it to himself for long, admits that problems in bed between him and the girls stepmother are to blame for everything. Because of his incredible sex drive, his wife simply cant handle such power, and he, as a man in his prime, cant stand it and decides to move on. Not wanting her family to fall apart because of such nonsense, Amber offers stepfather to embrace her stepmothers marital duty for herself, a suggestion that leaves the man taken aback. Impressed by his stepdaughters determination, the man shows some slack and agrees to her offer, but once his stepdaughters soft lips are wrapped around his big dick, he knows hes made the right choice. Amber opens her mouth wider to start stroking and sucking the mans stiff rod. The stepdad enjoys a masterful blowjob, so when the girl gets on her knees and offers him the chance to fuck her, he cant resist. Stepfather turns Amber around and pulls her panties down so he can pound her nice wet twat. Soon she finishes herself off by riding stepdaddys fuck stick until she climaxes. Driving himself balls-deep, he pulls out in time to give his stepdaughter a hot load of cum. With this newfound bond, it seems likely that he will extend his stay for a few more days.

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