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Description: September has always wanted to fuck her teacher, with his Russian Accent, so she pretends to have computer trouble and then asks him to teach her Russian words by pointing touching different parts of her body and his. Obviously she will be touching his Dick and he is surprised, but wants to play, so when she takes her panties off and learns the Russian word for pussy she makes him lick her. Then the fun starts. To make sure she learns all the Russian words she swallows his load at
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Description: I need to register for next semester's classes, but I need money. This letter from the registrar's office says I owe from last semester, and I haven't got it. The funny thing is, is that last summer I was propositioned by a man who helped me get my internship. He said he would take care of my tuition and bills if I gave him what he wanted. I didn't act on it, but, now with this letter, I think I'm ready to do what it takes. He's good-looking and can take care of me, so what the hell. If this is what it takes to graduate, so be it.

Blacks On Blondes - Kay Carter - Kay Has Always Fantasized About BBC

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Description: Kay has always fantasized about BBC, and when she goes online to cam she always uses a BBC toy to please herself and her fans, but today is different.
One of her fans gives her a tip she won't forget, a Male Stripper and he gives her the REAL BBC! Kay always uses a buttplug but has never done anal, but she's so turned on that she does Anal, Ass to Mouth, Ass to Pussy and a Creampie that she licks up off the couch after she pushes it out
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Description: After some time apart, Emma and Quinton decide to give things between them another chance. They know that if its going to work out this time, they can't rush back into it. The only problem is that after their reunion date, they've already forgotten what drove them apart and are really feeling everything that brought them together in the first place... Standing in her doorway, Emma manages to push Quinton away before things get too carried away, until he comes right back because Emma conveniently forgot her scarf in his car. It's not long before the temptation overwhelms them. Who says you can't dive in deep and take things slow at the same time?

Pure Taboo - Ashley Aleigh - Back To Bite You

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Description: BACK TO BITE YOU

Sleazy Ex Uses Woman's Checkered Past To Worm His Way Back Into Her Life

SCENE OPENS to Valerie Ashley Aleigh opening her front door to reveal Jacob Lucas Frost, a fidgety man hiding in a hoodie. Right away, Valerie is uncomfortable with Jacob's presence as he tries to worm his way into her house. You see, there was once a time when they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but Valerie left him AND the life they had years ago... and for good reasons.

While Valerie wants nothing to do with the past, Jacob seems stuck in it. He claims he's just passing through and wants to see how Valerie is doing, so she reluctantly lets him inside to catch up. Little does she know, that one simple gesture is about to turn her whole life upside down.

They make small talk but Valerie is wary, especially when Jacob starts romanticizing their troubled past. He tries to get her to reminisce about how much fun they used to have, but Valerie sees things differently. Being with Jacob had set her on a dangerous path in life and she wants nothing to do with it ever again.

Unfortunately for her, Jacob has video proof of her doing reckless, questionable things that she hoped would never see the light of day. If Valerie REALLY wants to put her past behind her, she'll have to fall into bed with Jacob just like old times...

Club Seventeen - Kelsie - Freezing A Moment

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Description: In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. It's about feeling, touching, loving. It's about capturing the essence of the moment and that brings a satisfaction hard to describe. Kelsie loves the idea of being in the moment and freezing it. But two makes it even more fun so her bf showed up hard af. What was Kelsie supposed to? She's got a sweet tooth for juicy cock. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a facial is priceless...

Spizoo - Daphne Dare - Young Daphne Dare Gets Caged

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Description: The sinfully sexy Abella Danger convinces her husband to let himself be tied to a chair for some kinky fun. Things look promising at first, with Abella giving her restrained husband a hot lap dance, but soon the poor man realizes that tonight isn't about his pleasure. Abella invites stud Manuel Ferrera into the bedroom and the two fuck right in front of her husband... all in good fun.

Nubile Films - Aislin, Amira Adara & Azazai - Truth Or Dare

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Description: Lusty fillies Aislin and Amira Adara are hanging out while they wait for their girlfriend Azazai to bring back drinks. The trio gabs as they drink, but eventually they decide that theyll play a game of Truth or Dare. Aislin and Azazai are dared by Amira to share a kiss. That moment between them is so hot that Amira knows she needs to join in on the fun. Its not long before all three girls are enjoying a mutual makeout session that promises not to stop until theyve all gotten off.

Aislin gets to enjoy herself as the center of attention first. Azazai and Amira cant get enough of running their hands all over Aislins slim body, especially once they unveil her matching bra and thong. Pulling Aislin close, Azazai starts lapping away at her friends breasts. Aislin eventually turns around so that she can make out with Amira while Azazai drops to her knees to relieve Aislin of her underwear. That opens the path for Amira and Azazai to go to work together, lapping at Aislins cream filled twat.

Eventually Azazai takes over doing all the work as Amira joins Aislin on the couch. The girls let Azazai make magic with her mouth for a few minutes, then pull her up to be in the center of their joint attention. Amira and Aislin use their hands and mouths for Azazais pleasure, but all three girls are looking for something a little more hardcore.

They adjust their position so that Azazai is laying on the edge of the couch with Amira between her legs. Aislin brings up the rear with her face buried in Amiras twat. Slipping two fingers up to replace her mouth, Aislin delivers a proper pussy pounding and shifts her tongues attention to licking Amiras anus. Her special attention only encourages Amira to feast on Azazais pussy even more voraciously.

Eventually, Azazai shifts so that shes on her back on the couch with her tongue flicking Aislins clit at the same time that Amira is finger banging Aislin. Aislin lets both girls have their way with her as she leans forward to lap away at Azazais puss. The lesbian 69 plus one extra only breaks apart after both girls are moaning their pleasure. Azazai remains in the middle as Aislin settles her snatch onto Azazais face for her own take on a lesbo 69.

Crawling out from beneath Amira, Azazai cuddles close behind her girlfriend to put her into the middle. Amira finds herself on her back with Azazai pressing a vibrator to her clit and Adira finger banging her. Setting the vibrator aside, Azazi cuddles close to Amira to use her hands to bring her to her lusty finish. Finally sated, the trio of friends cuddles close in a group hug that reaffirms their affection for one another.