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When Madi's phone rings and she leaves the room, Lulu takes the opportunity to confess to Serene that she has also been thinking about taking girls for a test drive. Serene isn't about to pass up the opportunity to get her hands on her daughter's hot friend. She draws Lulu in for a kiss. As their hands mutually start wandering, Serene suggests they relocate to the bedroom so they can really see how far they want to take it...

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Description: I was about to crash for the night when my Step-Mom Tia came in the room, she was wearing some lingerie and seemed really down. I could tell something was off with her, I ask her and she starts to go off about how much of a horrible husband my Step-Dad is. Tia tells me she got all dressed up in her sexy lingerie for him and he canceled plans again on her. Now she is all dressed up with no one to fuck, I can tell she was thinking something in her head. My Step-Mom slowly starts to run her hands over my dick through the blanket, then she pulls them back and pulls out my cock. I can not believe my Step-Mom is blowing me, she is so hot my Step-Dad is a fool if he won't fuck her I will!

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Description: Valentina Bellucci is a beautiful curvy European Samba Dancer with strong dancing Legs and a sweet mean spirit. She doesn't have a lot of wrestling experience but she knows how to move and seduce. Today she is taking on our undefeated Pretty Boy, David Lee. David has a weakness for beautiful strong women. He's not here to destroy and humiliate, he loves sex fighting and he just wants to have a great time rolling on the mats with fun feisty females...

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Description: Today has the pleasure of introducing you to Polly Pons, a sexy French woman of Asian origin who has come to Private Specials, Paris By Night to cheer up her recently divorced friend Lorenzo Viota in the only way she knows how. As a thank you, Lorenzo has taken Polly to a swingers club where she gladly jumps on stage for a dance and entices in local Antho Toto for some threesome fun as Polly goes on to show off her sucking and fucking skills with some deepthroat and anal action all the way to two facial cumshots.

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Description: Eliza Ibarra is doing her best at work, but she can't help making mistakes, which really upsets her boss, Tyler Nixon. He warns her that her job performance better improve, and walks out of the office. But as much as Eliza wants to do a good job, she's so turned on by Tyler that she can't focus, rubbing her little pussy underneath her desk.

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Description: While Cecilia Lion rubs lotion over her sexy petite body, her neighbor, Damon Dice, sneaks a peek through his window while jerking off. Not one to let a good opportunity go to waste, Cecilia sneaks up on Damon, climbing through his window to give him a hand... a mouth... and a pussy for him to fuck!

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So Brandi makes her move. While he's still sleeping, she goes in for the cock. He has morning wood, which makes things easy, and she stirs him from his slumber with some mouth and tongue action. But then he wakes up. No surprise there.

What are you doing? he asks, stunned, shocked...but still rock-hard.

What does he think she's doing?

You shouldn't do this, he says while his step-mom is still stroking his cock.

Oh, it's okay, she says.

It is?

Your father will never know, she says as she sucks some more.

But you're my step-mom, he says, stating the obvious.

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Description: Texas Patti is trying to run her college class even though covid has brought attendance down to one. During her lecture she gets a call, all classes are shut down for the next few weeks. Her student is bummed, but he can make extra money giving massages for a while. Patti is intrigued, she loves a good massage so why not hire her student? During the massage Patti gets a little turned on and asks if he can give her a full service massage and he agrees to it! How could you not want to fuck your hot milf professor? He better get an A in class after the huge load he blew on her tits!