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Fake Driving School - Daisy Lee - Blowjob Lessons Are More Fun

File: qow5anafadrscdaileehxe7iwltbj.mp4
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Description: This pretty blonde named Daisy Lee got into the Mean Orange Machine for a lesson today. She was wearing a pink dress and wouldn't get off her phone. She was kind of a brat, she wouldn't put on her seatbelt until I insisted. Turns out she was only here to please her parents and be able to party, so instead of a driving lesson, she asked if we could have a blowjob lesson. We pulled over, and she took my cock out of my pants and began to suck me. Her dress hiked up, so I squeezed her big tits, then she slipped off her panties and sat her wet pussy down on my dick. Daisy got into the backseat and shook her ass for me doggystyle, so I fucked her, then fucked her missionary too, before pulling out to cum on her big boobs!

Fake Driving School - Dominno & Lady Gang - Stuck Between Snow And Big Tits

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Duration: 33:08
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Description: Don Diego's student Dominno is late for their lesson in the Mean Orange Machine, and boy howdy is he angry! What's worse, Dominno shows up with her friend Lady Gang, and asks if they can give her a ride. This is strictly forbidden by Fake Driving School management, and Don says no. In order to convince the instructor, Lady Gang takes out her big, fake tits, and shakes them. The shy and nervous Don agrees, but when Dominno tries to take off, they realize they are stuck! Don calls for a tow, but learns it will take eight hours for them to arrive. The women are cold and want to warm up, so Lady suggests a threesome. Lady and Dominno give Don a double blowjob, then take turns bouncing their big booties on his lap in the back seat. Finally, after fucking each of their pussies missionary style, Don pulls out and cums on Lady Gang's wet lips!

Fake Driving School - Asia Rae - Ebony Learner Gets Stuck In The Seat

File: 92fabnafadrscasiraepkr5fzhdks.mp4
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Duration: 32:09
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Description: When Asia Rae goes for a lesson with Sam Bourne in the Mean Orange Machine, they get off to a rocky start. Sam quickly asks Asia to pull over, and asks to check her probationary permit. Climbing to the backseat to find her purse, Asia realizes she is stuck! Sam tries to help free the student from the clutches of the Mean Orange Machine, but to no avail. That's when he has a logical idea, if he stimulates her ass and pussy, maybe she will break free! Sam licks and fingers Asia's pussy from behind, and then she asks him to come to the backseat so she can sucks his big dick. After fucking Asia doggystyle, Sam manages to free the damsel in distress, and continues to pound her wet snatch until he pulls out to cum on her bush!

Fake Driving School - Elisa Tiger - Rough Sex For Sexy New Instructor

File: 5mamjnafadrscelitigzmgfomr1in.mp4
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Duration: 34:07
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Description: I had an Italian man as a student today. His name was Jack, and boy, did he suck at driving! After a few false starts we got the car going, but he kept swerving, crossing his hands, and more. It really started to piss me off, so I told him to pull over. He apologized to me, but that wasn't enough. To make it up to me, I told him to eat my pussy! He fingered me while eating me out, and once he made me cum, I told him I wanted his dick too. He gripped my ass with both hands as I rode him, then I demanded he please me with a facial!

Fake Driving School - Emylia Argan - Lick My Pussy To Calm Me Down

File: qelognafadrscemyargggjjkvu8tj.mp4
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Duration: 29:46
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Description: MILF instructor Emylia Argan is having a bad day. Her student Jason X is late, and she's frustrated. Jason tells her he has learned on a simulator, but those skills do not translate the road! The drive is a bumpy one Jason hits things, doesn't signal, and leaves the MILF scared for her safety Demanding he pull over, Emylia gives Jason two options, lick her pussy to calm her down, or leave right now. Jason chooses the wet pussy, and licks Emylia between her thighs. Turned on, Emylia tells him to fuck her, and then she gives Jason a naughty blowjob. Climbing on top of his dick, Emylia uses Jasons dick to cum, then wanks him off for a facial!

Fake Driving School - Emylia Argan - Milf Instructor Fucks Her Student

File: 9ohffnafadrscemyargctwnpsbhy1.mp4
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Duration: 40:37
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Description: After three exams, driving student Max Dior has gotten on examiner Emylia Argan's last nerve. Late for the lesson, Max is anxious, but really wants his license. They begin the exam, and Emylia realizes how attracted she is to Max. Taking out her tits, she teases the student, who tries his best to steady the wheel. Hiking up her skirt, Emylia plays with her pussy, and Max has to pull over. He might not be the best driver, but Emylia quickly finds out that Max licks pussy and ass like a pro! Turned on, the instructor gives the student a long blowjob, then fucks him on the car hood until he covers her glasses with a facial.

Fake Driving School - Lexi Dona - Take Off My Hazmat Suit And Fuck Me

File: p9tesnafadrsclexdona9adyjpyxu.mp4
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Duration: 32:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Now that restrictions have eased up, I was able to start giving lessons again. My student for the day was Lexi Dona. There was no way to miss her, because she was wearing a bright yellow hazmat suit! Scared for her health, she said. Lexi was experienced enough, but kept complaining about the heat. The Mean Orange Machine has admittedly seen better days, and the AC is out. Lexi unzipped her suit and took it off her shoulders. I saw she was only wearing a naughty black bra underneath and I could see her perky tits, so I subtly took out my cock. I was so horny, so covering my cock with my clipboard, I had a wank. Lexi swerved, and reaching for the gear stick, she met my hard shaft. Enjoying this new shifter, Lexi suggested we pull over quiet, and soon enough, she was giving me a blowjob. Lexi rode my cock in the front seat, then I fucked her missionary in the back. Finally, I made her climax doggystyle on the car's hood, then came on her ass!

Fake Driving School - Sofia The Bum - Learner Bent Over And Fucked

File: a7kehnafadrscsofthebum2i2hc5lnhf.mp4
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Duration: 34:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I met Sue the Bum in the Mean Orange Machine today. Sue claimed to ready to take her exam, but her driving skills were lacking in the skill department. Sue kept making mistakes. She blew a stop sign, couldn't figure out a roundabout, and even had trouble with the brakes. I told Sue I could not give her a pass. Sue told me she was so excited for her license, and that she had a friend who was sick, who needed rides to school. I am a man of integrity, and could not besmirch the name of the Fake Driving School, so I said no... and that's when Sue kissed me. We came to an agreement I could play with her big tits and fuck her tight pussy, and then maybe I would pass her. We fucked all over the car, and I wanked off into her mouth. For all her efforts, I had to reward Sue. She couldn't drive, but she sure could fuck!

Fake Driving School - Lady Dee - Suck My Disinfected Burning Cock

File: zb3kfnafadrscladdeeutdpdvhulg.mp4
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Duration: 28:16
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: With quarantine ending, the Fake Driving School is back giving classes! Lady Dee is the first student, and she poses quite the challenge for her instructor! Jumpy, scared, and tense, Lady Dee tells Kristof that she is afraid of cars, but needs her license for work. Continuously using hand sanitizer, Lady accidentally soaks the handbrake in the stuff, so when Kristof touches it, then accidentally touches his genitals, it feels like they're on fire! Lady Dee springs into emergency genital CPR as Kristof tears his pants off. Sucking Kristof's cock makes him feel better, so Lady doesn't stop, and soon, she's turned on too! If a blowjob helped, surely a pussy will too, and Lady climbs on top of the instructor to ride him in the front seat of the Mean Orange Machine! Kristof grabs two handfuls of Lady Dee's big booty and fucks her cowgirl style, then pulls out, and cums on her bush!

Fake Driving School - Lucy Heart - My Body Will Pay For My Lessons

File: dhq9tnafadrscluchea9fiusdaurb.mp4
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Duration: 29:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had a blonde student named Lucy Heart in my taxi today. She told me she had done 15 lessons so far, so I quizzed her quickly about the mirrors, seat belt, and pedals. When we got to driving, I figured out fast that she would need more lessons. She was uncertain behind the wheel, and not very competent with the pedals. I told Lucy that at her skill level, she would need at least forty more lessons. Lucy panicked she couldn't afford that many lessons. I wouldn't pass her without them, so she asked me if we could work out a deal, reached over, and started stroking my cock! When she pulled out her perky little tits, I agreed to her offer. Her hands were cold, so I told her to give me a blowjob. She sucked my cock enthusiastically, then Lucy took it in her pussy reverse-cowgirl style. I fucked her tight snatch doggystyle, then missionary, then I pulled out, and came on her bush!

Fake Driving School - Amaris - Blonde Learner With Perfect Boobs

File: ypsmrnafadrscamarvik2xixela.mp4
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Duration: 31:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's Amaris' last lesson at Fake Driving School, and getting into the car, she tells her instructor, Ricky Rascal, she is still very nervous behind the wheel. Amaris has trouble operating the gear stick, and can barely move the handbrake. Ricky calms her nerves and tells her she's going to do great, then they head out onto the road. It's a bumpy ride, and soon Amaris pulls over, and confesses she does not feel ready for her exam. Ricky says she can take more lessons, but Amaris doesn't have the money to pay for them. She asks for a discount, then shows Ricky her big boobs! The blonde babe takes Ricky's hand, and puts it between her legs so he can finger her warm pussy. Taking out her teacher's cock, Amaris gives him a blowjob, then climbs onto his cock so she can take it deep inside her. Ricky fucks Amaris' shaved pussy, then pulls out to cum on it.

Fake Driving School - Sofia Lee - Curvy Brunette Sucks Hot Cock

File: mxb61nafadrscsofleep2zgkdd6my.mp4
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Duration: 33:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sofia Lee has been taking lessons at the Fake Driving School, but when her regular teacher is unable to make it, she takes a class with Ricky Rascal. Ricky's been working many shifts to cover, so he grabs a coffee, and gets to the lesson. Sofia goes down a bumpy road, and Ricky accidentally spills hot coffee all over his crotch! Sofia fans and blows on the burning, and helps him out of his pants. Stroking his cock to make it feel better, Sofia gives Ricky a blowjob, then a tit-wank, and his pain goes away! Ricky tells Sofia to sit on him and then 69, then Ricky fucks Sofia missionary until he pulls out, and covers her big, natural boobs in cum!

Fake Driving School - Marilyn Sugar - Sit On Me And Ride

File: 6s2f5nafadrscmarsugnkfcccdusf.mp4
Size: 519.73 MB
Duration: 32:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had a new student in the car today, a tiny blonde named Marilyn Sugar. Marilyn had only done two theory classes, so she was pretty new when it came to driving techniques. I showed her around the car a bit, the seats, the steering wheel, and the pedals. We drove along together and I tested her a bit, then pulled over so she could take over behind the wheel, but she was afraid. I told her we could do it together, she could sit on my lap, and I would work the pedals. We drove a little, and this excited Marilyn, and when we parked, I told her to grab the handbrake... but she grabbed my cock instead! Marilyn started to jerk me off, so I played with her tits as she rubbed my dick all over her pussy. She sat on my cock, I fucked her pussy, then she gave me a blowjob. I fucked Marilyn in the backseat, then pulled out of missionary position just in time to cover her with cum!

Fake Driving School - Lenina Crowne - Redhead Distracts With No Bra On

File: zhvfsnafadrsclencro5b94plfjrl.mp4
Size: 478.87 MB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It was a cold day when Lenina Crowne got into the Mean Orange Machine. A brand new ginger learner, I could not help but stare at her. It wasn't entirely my fault Lenina has huge boobs, and was not wearing a bra! I'll admit, I almost crashed a few times because I kept stealing glances at her tits. Lenina was mad at first, but I guess when she saw my erection, she got turned on. She started to wank me as we drove, then even gave me road head. I found us somewhere to park, then she climbed on top of me. She was wearing tights, so I tore them open, grabbed her ass, and pulled her wet pussy onto my hard cock. Lenina moaned hard as she rode my dick, then I fucked her doggystyle out the side of the car! Finally, fucking her missionary in the backseat, I pulled out just in time to cum on her pussy!

Fake Driving School - Sanny Luke - Tattooed Brunette Fucks For Licence

File: 23erynafadrscsanlukrmxlnqimyz.mp4
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Duration: 34:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had a new student named Sanny Luke in the Mean Orange Machine today, so we went through a little bit of theory before heading out onto the road. I showed Sanny the steering wheel and explained the mirrors, then I drove for a little bit to give her more tips. When we reached a secluded area, I let Sanny take over, and it was clear right from the jump that she would need quite a few lessons should she want to pass her driving exam. Sanny said she couldn't pay for the 40-50 lessons, and putting her hand on my knee, asked if we could make a deal. Sanny gave me a wet blowjob, then took her panties off and climbed on top of my hard cock. I fucked her with her tits in my mouth, then fucked her missionary in the backseat, finally pulling out and cuming on her pussy.

Fake Driving School - Kristy Black - Hot Learner Fucked Doggy Style

File: 1gfsynafadrsckribladkfjdl4mdk.mp4
Size: 715.30 MB
Duration: 30:51
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had an innocent looking brunette as a student today, a woman named Kristy Black, but my assumption based on her looks couldn't have been more wrong! Kristy told me she had taken 30 lessons, so I trusted she would know how to operate the car. What should've been an easy lesson began with a rocky start when she stalled the car. We got onto the road and she was driving way too fast, and when I heard police sirens behind us, I demanded she pull over. She didn't listen! Kristy kept speeding along, and I was getting scared. By the time she finally pulled over, I was scared out of my mind! The danger made Kristy horny, so she leaned over and slapped me, then started sucking my dick! After the blowjob, she took off her shorts and opened her fishnet bodysuit to show me her pierced pussy. Kristy rode me in the front seat, then I fucked her missionary style in the back seat. After some standing doggystyle outside the car, Kristy got on her knees, and took my load on her face!

Fake Driving School - Ginebra Bellucci - Ginebra Bellucci And The Hangover

File: inoepnafadrscginbeltmo1wxnst1.mp4
Size: 537.87 MB
Duration: 33:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was feeling a little worse for wear after a wild night of partying but I had a job to do, which was to teach Ginebra Bellucci how to drive. Ginebra had never had a lesson before, and well, maybe I was a little out of it as I was driving, I admit it. She didn't have to get all scared though, or cry out for her mother! Eventually, I pulled over to get a quick power nap in, but then I saw her tight ass in her jeans, and it made my dick hard. I took it out and wanked, and next thing I knew, Ginebra's lips were wrapped around my cock in a blowjob. This felt good, but you know what felt better? She took my cock inside her pussy and rode me deliciously. After some missionary sex, I pulled out and covered her in cum!

Fake Driving School - Charlie Red - Horny Lust Lesson For Charlie Red

File: gimeonafadrsccharedbqqaqnfaca.mp4
Size: 559.65 MB
Duration: 32:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had the lovely Charlie Red as a student today in the Mean Orange Machine. Charlie started the lesson well enough by identifying the pedals, tying her seat belt, and disengaging the handbrake, but once she got the car rolling, the trouble began to set in. Charlie was a bit behind on her ability to shift gears, and stalled the car a few times. I suggested we change places so I could take her out on the road. While we drove, Charlie asked how long it would take to get her license. I told her it would take more lessons, which she did not like, so she asked how she could speed up the process. Charlie knew how to entice me, and flashed me her tits. I tried to remain professional, but when she showed me her ass wearing matching red lingerie, I wanted to fuck her. We pulled over and she gave me a blowjob, then fucked me hard until I could pull out and cum on her pussy!

Fake Driving School - Alexis Crystal - Alexis Crystal desires drivers cock

File: 3tqsnnafadrscalecrywxhjibhcie.mp4
Size: 670.26 MB
Duration: 36:10
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: We had just finished our fifth lesson together, and a burning question for Alexis Crystal wouldn't leave the tip of my tongue. My student had paid for 50 lessons in advance, and I just needed to know how a student at the university could afford such a sum! Alexis told me she had a sugar daddy, and slept with him once a month in exchange for cash, but that she was not satisfied with the sex they were having. She wanted good dick, and before I knew it, she had taken out my cock. She started to wank me while playing with her tits, so I told her we should go somewhere more private. As I drove, Alexis sucked my cock, and when we parked, she got out of the car, hopped onto the hood, and encouraged me to eat her pussy! We had hot and steamy sex, then while fucking her piledriver under the front seat, I pulled out just in time to cum on her pussy!

Fake Driving School - Chloe Lamour - Fuck me for free driving lesssons

File: x4s5dnafadrscchllamwineivadk4.mp4
Size: 523.96 MB
Duration: 27:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: As soon as Chloe Lamour got in the Mean Orange Machine, I knew it would be a challenge not to crash the car. Her huge tits were practically bursting out of her pink tanktop, so I knew I really had to concentrate on keeping my eyes on the road. I went through the basics of car safety with Chloe, showing her the pedals, mirrors, and seat, and then we started driving. When I had to do an emergency stop, I shot my arm out to brace her by instinct, and my hand found its way on her boob! She had to remind me to remove my hand, but then asked me if I liked her tits. Of course I did, so she asked what I would give her if she let me play with them. I offered free lessons, and for ten, she let me motorboat her. For 15, she let me have her shaved pussy, then for 20 she sucked my cock! Finally, I asked her to fuck we settled on 30 lessons, she rode my dick, and then I came all over those huge tits!

Fake Driving School - Cindy Shine - Instructor licks cute learners ass

File: qognjnafadrsccinshiz1eoocz8gs.mp4
Size: 651.40 MB
Duration: 34:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My new student Cindy Shine's parents told her that if she paid for driving lessons they would buy her a car, and that's how she found herself in the Mean Orange Machine today. I showed her around the car, introduced to the pedals and gearstick, and then we changed positions in the seats. Cindy was not very good at driving, and had trouble understanding basic concepts. I told her she would need 30 lessons, but she said she only had money to pay for 15. She then asked if she could pay me in pussy, and undid my pants. Taking my cock out, Cindy gave me a nice blowjob, then I ate her pussy and ass in the front seat. I fucked her on the hood of the car, and then doggystyle until I pulled out and came on her booty.

Fake Driving School - Adelle Unicorn - Teen Brunette Pussy Stretched

File: awzapnafadrscadeuniwadkgju7za.mp4
Size: 540.36 MB
Duration: 39:05
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It was Adelle Unicorn's first lesson today, and I picked her up in the Mean Orange Machine. Adelle was waiting with her mom, so I promised I would take very good care of her. The teen brunette got into the car, but she was clueless she didn't even put her seatbelt on! We went through a brief explanation of the gas pedal, the clutch, the brakes, and more, but none of it sunk in, and by the time Adelle was in the front seat she had clearly forgotten my instructions. I told her she would need minimum 20 lessons if she ever hopes to pass her driving test, but she could only afford 15. Adelle asked me if she could pay in another way, then lifted her squirt and flashed me her pussy. I liked this idea, so I played with her tits while she sucked my cock, then Adelle swung her legs over my shoulders so we could 69 and I could eat her pussy and ass! I stretched the teen brunette's pussy with my big cock, then she stuck her tongue out for a facial.

Fake Driving School - Emily Bright & Kathy Anderson - Learner Licks Wet Pussy For License

File: jworjnafadrscemikattoumrqsu4l.mp4
Size: 488.28 MB
Duration: 41:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I was meant to give Emily Bright an exam today, but when she started the lesson by stalling the car, I knew there was little hope of her passing. Emily told me her parents had bought her a car, and she wanted to impress her boyfriend, so she absolutely had to pass her license. I have never tested someone less competent behind the wheel. She almost hit pedestrians, couldn't brake and accelerate, and swerved for nothing. I had to tell her she would not pass, and she almost started crying. Emily offered to show me her tits for a passing score, and while they were nice, it wasn't enough. Emily then offered to lick my pussy, which was much more appealing. I rode her face and she made me cum, then I took out a dildo I kept for such occasions. Emily rode it, then I fucked her doggystyle while smacking her ass! In the end I passed her...I really hope she is careful on the roads.

Fake Driving School - Louise Lee - Finger Blasting Squirting Orgasms

File: kweagnafadrsclouleembbcoidbzd.mp4
Size: 387.63 MB
Duration: 32:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I had been training with Ryan to be an examiner for FDS, and I suppose we've been seeing each other on the side, but I couldn't take my eyes of Luke Hardy today. His biceps were just so big! Luke was training to be an instructor, so Ryan took us on a dual lesson. I guess somewhere between reversing around the corner and the emergency stop, Luke and I got into some fun banter, and he was really turning me on. When Ryan got out of the car to head to the testing center, I pounced on Luke's big cock. He had magic fingers, and made me squirt so many times! I rode his dick all over the backseat, even gave him a rimjob, then wanked him off all over my big tits. Don't tell Ryan!

Fake Driving School - Tanya Virago - Boss Fucks Sexy Hot Blonde Employee

File: putydnafadrsctanvir8jplpdhlpr.mp4
Size: 401.78 MB
Duration: 33:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: I brought Ryan Ryder another of my employees to teach today. It's nice that Ryan tries very hard to teach my employees, but I had to explain to him that from now on, if the lesson went an hour, I would need half an hour to debrief my employees. Standard practice right? Tanya had a few lessons in the Ukraine, but needed to brush up on her UK driving abilities. After a quick thirty, Ryan finally gave us a minute alone, and I quickly got to fingering Tanya's pretty pussy while she got her big tits out. She sucked my cock in the front seat, then bounced her big ass up and down on my cock. We had way more fun than a driving lesson could provide, especially when I fucked her doggystyle outside the car and came on her ass!