Girls Way - Romi Rain & Athena Fleurs - Bad At Driving, Great At Fucking

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Description: A driving instructor, Romi Rain, sits in a car with Athena Fleurs, whose driving she will be testing. Romi asks Athena if she's been to driving school, but Athena confidently says that she didn't need to, she's already a GREAT driver, because she ALWAYS gets first place when she plays racing games! Although Romi is a bit wary of Athena's overconfidence, she can't help but find Athena cute. But then Athena eagerly says it's time to win first place again, starting the car as Romi frantically tries to tell her that this isn't a race.

Sometime later, after the driving test, Athena and Romi are in Romi's office. Athena asks if she passed the test. Romi is in disbelief, saying that Athena FAILED, in fact, that was one of the WORST driving tests Romi has ever seen! Athena wants another chance, but Romi says Athena will have to wait six months before she can take the test again. Athena tries to convince Romi to let her retake the test sooner, but Romi holds her ground. However, when Athena starts to seduce her, Romi can't resist the temptation... Athena may be a terrible driver, but she's REALLY good at sex!

Digital Playground - Kira Noir & Chanel Camryn - Payback's A Bitch

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Description: After her exes teamed up to get her back, Addison Kira Noir has a trick up her sleeve. She gives the news to Trevor's GF Cara Chanel Camryn, comforting her about her BF's cheating and advising her to get some revenge with ex sex of her own! Addison even invites Cara's ex Ollie Zane Walker over, then sits back and lets nature take its course. Cara's been frustrated and neglected lately, so it doesn't take much for her to suck Ollie's big dick, and she finally feels satisfied when he fucks her. Cara even lets Ollie fuck her ass, and makes sure to get her revenge on video so Trevor knows another guy got what he always wanted! Of course, Trevor can guess who's really behind this...

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Description: I love being in contact with each and every one of you, I usually receive emails with countless requests, advice, criticisms and recommendations that I usually read very carefully! Pay attention to the video that one of you suggested to me as a candidate to become part of my GOLD SERIES category! The protagonist is Leanan, a young woman from Madrid with black hair and gothic clothing, who showed up at my house ready to make a name for herself in the porn world!

To this day, I shake my head thinking that I only recorded two scenes with her, probably because a few years ago, I was much more in favor of big tits than asses. Thank God this has changed over the years, and now I give the same importance to a good butt as to a pair of melons, and I properly appreciate this girl's tremendous ASS, which is one of the best that I have ever fucked! So now you know, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this great fuck that I recorded back in 2013, and that a FAN with very good taste decided to refresh my memory... and dream again about this 100 Made in Spain fuck.

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Description: Angelo Godshack is giving gorgeous Noa Tevez a sensual massage, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Liaison begins. He pours oil over her naked body, making her skin glisten as his hands explore amorously. Noa lies still at first, but as Angelo caresses her lovely breasts and glides a finger into her slick pussy she starts to gasp and squirm with arousal. She has an intense orgasm, then gives Angelo a footjob between her slippery soles before he eats her pussy, making her climax again.

Easing his rigid cock into her, Angelo fucks Noa with powerful strokes, moving from spoons to doggy with his pelvis bouncing off her sexy ass as he drives her to peak after peak of pleasure. She sucks his cock eagerly and he thrusts into her again in doggy and then missionary, giving her another string of wild orgasms before she jerks his cum out over her trembling body.

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Description: The action begins with Nicole teasing and touching herself on the bed, her eyes locked on yours as she builds anticipation. Before long, she's inviting you to join in on the fun, and you gladly oblige with a fingers-only warm-up that leaves her moaning with pleasure. She returns the favor with a sloppy, wet blowjob that will leave you breathless. As things heat up, you take her in a variety of positions, including missionary, spoon, and doggystyle, enjoying her tight pussy and tight ass alike. The intensity builds to a crescendo as Nicole reaches an intense orgasm, and Toomy can't hold back any longer and he finishes all over her pussy.

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Description: My wifes stepsister from Poland was making me uncomfortable by walking around half naked all day, so I asked her to cover up. Imagine my surprise when my wife thought the best way to deal with it would be by removing all of my curiosity with a threesome

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Description: She stared as an OnlyFans girl but after doing well she wanted to get nailed by professional dick. We met her at the park to chat a bit, but she was already down to fuck out in public. After getting dicked down a bit, we went back to the hotel where the real fun started. She got down on that dick like a pro and then got down like a good girl to get her facial. outdoor one on one 18 teen facial cumshot tattoo piercing brunette

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Description: There are two things you need to know about Victoria First of all she has huge-sized boobs. Second, she loves to taste cocks. Today that sexy blonde lady sensually massages her new client before giving him a blowjob he will remember for a long time.

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Description: Valentina Lapiedras boyfriend works really hard every day, so she wants to greet him with a hot blowjob after a hard-working day. But she is so obsessed with reading the novel that she does not notice him coming home. When the boyfriend finally enters into her room, his gaze immediately falls on her sexy ass sticking out from under her short skirt. Feeling that she is not alone in the room, Valentina turns her head and catches her boyfriends gaze. She is glad that he is finally home, and she is also glad to see that he cant hold back the big bulge in his pants. Therefore, without wasting time talking, she moves on to satisfying their common sexual desires.

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Description: Alex Coal is just chilling when her boyfriend's buddy Parker Ambrose rings the doorbell. Parker comes in and Alex lets him know that he's just missed her boyfriend. Parker seems down, so Alex invites him in and tells him he can talk to her.

It turns out that Parker's dick is too big to fuck his new girlfriend and he doesn't fit. Alex is having the opposite problem, where her boyfriend's dick doesn't measure up and he's not able to breed her the way she wants. If Parker doubted that Alex was serious, the way she pops his dick out to lovingly lick him from balls to tip leaves nothing to the imagination.

Peeling off her shorts, Alex gets on her knees. Parker pulls Alex's thong down and then dives in face and fingers first to lick and plumb her depths. Getting to his knees, Parker obeys Alex's pleas and slams home. He winds his fingers in her hair to pull her head back as he plows her from behind.

Alex takes charge next, climbing onto Parker's lap and sinking down on his fuck stick. She rides with slow movements of her hips as she takes her time for both her own pleasure and Parker's. When Alex yields control back to Parker and falls onto her back, he gives Alex one final pounding before blowing his load in her and hopefully making their baby.

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Description: It's not her first rodeo as blonde cowgirl Kayley Gunner knocks on the screen door looking for the cum fiesta! Kayley pulls out the password, and immediately bends over to show Ricky Johnson her big ass. Ricky impresses her with his lasso skills, and she impresses him with her deepthroating before stripping down and riding him by the pool. Inside, Ricky oils up Kayley's big booty as she twerks, then gives her the big dick she came looking for.

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Description: I get to have another go with Sophia Leone and her big tits and booty. She's sexy as fuck in some sheer lingerie, but I want her out of it and riding my dick ASAP. Of course I have to oil that booty up along the way so it's nice and soft as I spank her and dick her down in doggy until I fill her pussy up with a big load of cum.

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Description: Aaliyah and Marina are engaged in a heated argument over traditional pronunciations, while Yasmina tries to calm them down. But little do they know, Yasmina has a different plan to resolve their dispute, one that involves her tongue and fingers! As the argument escalates, Aaliyah and Marina storm off to their respective rooms, leaving Yasmina to take matters into her own hands. She decides to take turns visiting each room, indulging in passionate pussy licking and fingering sessions with each girl. Just as Yasmina thinks she's got everything under control, Marina catches her and Aaliyah in the act! Initially shocked, Marina soon joins in on the fun, and the three beauties succumb to their desires, engaging in a hot lesbian threesome to solve all disputes by trial by orgasm.

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Description: Cock hungry MILF Syren De Mer enjoys spending time with her husband John, and his best friend, Will. While on vacation, this trio experimented with some threesome fun and now they are home, Syren wonders if it can continue. While Will is staying over for the night, the three of them head to bed. Will is in the guest bedroom but struggles to sleep as he hears Syren and John at it in the room next door! This redhead minx treats her husband to a blowjob and deepthroats him and is in the middle of riding his cock when Will walks into the room. They invite him in without any hesitation and soon, this insatiable MILF is getting every hole stuffed with both of their cocks! She takes a DP slamming and gets covered in both of their loads to finish!

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Description: My revenge went sideways when the girl I used for revenge turned out to be nice and fun as I am. So we kept the friendship and continued the venture. We looked for a pledge and we thought Skyler Storm looked pretty hot and perfect for our taste

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Description: Lulu Chu stretches and tones every part of her body during her workout, including stretching her throat and pussy on a dildo! Alex Jones sees her fucking herself and caresses her body, oiling her up and taking over sliding the toy inside her. He gets in his reps as he picks her up in a stand-and-carry, and Lulu works up a sweat riding his cock! They 69, and Alex gives Lulu the creampie she asks for to end the workout.

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Description: With no boyfriend, and absolutely crushing the porn, Gina Varney has been living quite the life since she last came through at PSS. Travel, unlimited sex, partying... it all suits her well because she is looking downright smash-able, just like she did last time through. She is keeping fit, but also thicc right where it counts another perfect addition to the three-timers club.

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Description: Mother Fucker Part 1 of 4 Elias is not the strongest nor the smartest in town, but his potential is boundless, and with the right training, he could be powerful enough to do anything. His bullies are incessant and make every day of Eliass life a disaster. However, things change when Elias meets Dee, a former pornstar with a lot of knowledge to offer. She sees the potential in Elias, and with the proper cock training, she knows that Elias has the power to defeat his bullies and rule supreme.

He gets right to work, putting in the effort to be the best of all time. His ultimate goal, to fuck the moms of his bullies and make them fall in love with his piping ability. Elias gets his first opportunity to show off his new skills when Dee sets up a private session with Nicole, a well-regarded yoga master and a certified milf. Elias is nervous, but he must commit and use his training. Things start out simple and innocent enough, but when he sees his opportunity, Elias jumps. He fucks Nicole hard, filling up her milf pussy with every inch of his cock. Elias gets Nicole in multiple positions and shows the babe what a true workout looks like. He pounds her hard until he cant hold his load in any longer. Elias busts his nut, blowing his load of hot cum all over Nicoles magnificent tits. With Eliass first task successful, he is ready for his next challenger.