Naughty Office - Syren De Mer - Gets Hard Cock At The Office

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Description: SynopsisSyren De Mer has a employee come in on the weekend to finish up his reports. As shes checking in on him, she over hears him talking on the phone about how uptight she is and how much she needs to get laid. He's not wrong, so she puts him up on his offer to see if he's all talk.

Pure Taboo - Gianna Dior - Can Never Make It Up To You

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It's a quiet day when a young woman, Wendy Gianna Dior, receives a surprise visit at home from a stranger, Robert Will Pounder, whom she has never met before. She has no idea who he is but he insists he NEEDS to talk to her. Though she is tempted to turn him away, this stranger's solemn expression tells her that this is serious... and that she has to hear what he has to say.

Once inside, it's revealed that Wendy's parents were killed in a car accident... and that it was Robert's wife behind the wheel. Wendy is shocked and devastated as she learns of his true identity, demanding to know why he'd show his face after that. As far as Wendy is concerned, Robert is as much to blame as his wife since he was on the passenger's side that fateful day. Surprisingly, Robert feels the same -- that he is partially to blame -- which is why he's there. With his wife still in jail, he wants to help Wendy however he can to try and make amends.

Wendy's torn. While Robert seems sincere, she can't put aside all the hurt and grief. Nothing he does matters, anyway, since it'll never bring her parents back. While she's non-committal as she shows him out, she has a feeling it won't be the last she sees of him.

Over the next few weeks, a strange sort of friendship begins blooming between them. It starts when Robert brings her a home-cooked meal and takes off from there. As they spend more time together, Wendy starts being able to look past the terrible tragedy between them. Instead, her feelings of resentment towards him are replaced with something much more genuine attraction.

But just when Wendy's wounds are starting to heal, Robert drops a bombshell and Wendy's world is once again turned upside-down.

Brazzers Exxtra - Josephine Jackson - Fucking Physio!

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Description: Josephine Jackson has shown up with her obnoxious boyfriend for a physiotherapy session, but their physio is short-staffed. Josephine immediately cozies up to Brian Ragnastone, who is also there for a session, and they bond over her soccer ball and perfect natural tits, flirting right under Josephine's boyfriend's nose. When Josephine is paired with Brian for tandem stretching, she uses the set up to tease him with her tits and ass, grinding into his hard cock. A break in the action allows Josephine to sneak over to the massage area, where Brian is able to oil her up and properly worship her body. When the physio finds them, Brian is stunned when he's instructed to finger Josephine. From there, the situation morphs into an oily, sneaky fuck. Turns out that the kink Josephine needed to work out was finally taking a proper-sized dick.

Rk Prime - Richelle Ryan - Milf Catches A Runaway

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Description: When Richelle Ryan catches Jimmy Michaels raiding her fridge after breaking into her house, she quickly learns that the runaway is just looking for something to eat... and in need of a bath! The sexy Milf graciously allows Jimmy to use her bathtub, but she can't help but peep on him from outside the door, turned on by the big dick on her unassuming intruder as she begins rubbing her own pussy. Wanting a better look and aspiring to take a more hands-on approach, Richelle then offers to help clean him up herself, scrubbing him down before she sticks his big dick all the way down her throat and fucks him!

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Candie - Came To Test The Different Types Of Doubles!

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Description: Still so little intimidated by the camera, the beautiful Candie, 19, still wants to push her limits and learn new things ... such as double penetration! Indeed, the hot Lyonnaise takes advantage of her free time after the end of her employment contract to find our team and exploit the sexual possibilities offered to her ... Very fit and dressed in a very summer outfit, you don't have to not long for the young lady to find herself with the calibers of our lads in hand and in the mouth. And without delay, she continues the program with lots of sodomy and especially her first doubles!

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Description: Zaawaadi is doing the dishes alone when she gets the idea of asking her lover Darrell for help. Darrell doesn't like doing dishes, and soon, the couple is throwing water at each other! Zaawaadi's booty shakes and she cleans and it makes Darrell hard, so she jumps his bones and kisses him. Darrell pulls down Zaawaadi's shorts and eats her hairy, wet pussy on the kitchen counter, then takes out his big dick to fuck her missionary. Turning the gorgeous woman around, Darrell fucks her standing doggystyle in front of the open fridge, and her nipples get hard from the chill. After he has made his woman cum, Darrell creampies her pussy!

Teen Sex Mania - Stefany Kyler - Hottie Needs Her Face Cream

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Description: They say that women look hot in male shirts. Curious Stefany Kyler decides to check that saying by putting on a white shirt and asking her boyfriend if she looks hot. His reaction exceeds all her expectations. He hugs a stunning brunette babe and undresses her to play with her divine body that is covered with a soft cloth. Playful lovers exchange oral games to prepare each other for further games in cowgirl and doggy positions that end with a massive cumload right on Stefany Kylers smiling face.

Cumlouder - Jasmine Jae - Bbc: British Bitch Confesses

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Description: People have the wrong idea about British women. They think that they never show their feelings, sympathy or joy. But we can't blame people, 'cause it may be all caused because of Victoria Beckham's reputation... Luckily we know a girl who breaks those stereotypes. Her name is Jasmine Jae and she's a great example of sympathy, joy, freshness and warmth. We experienced her by ourselves here in CumLouder and we can tell you for sure that we want her back very soon. If you want to find out how funny and naughty a British girl can be, do not miss the confessions of a British slut.

Scoreland - Harmony White - Cream Dream

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Description: Voluptuous Girl Harmony White is a stacked, pretty bartender turned stacked, pretty webcam model. She has tasty cakes that dangle beautifully.

Looks like an apple pie babe? You wouldn't think so to gaze at her peaches-and-cream look. She is all that, but she's also a girl who is very freaky-deaky behind closed doors as she reveals in her chat before she sexes it up when the stud arrives. All lush curves and soft skin, Harmony says she's a screamer, and she is not kidding because she lets loose a continuous barrage of window-rattling screams when she gets filled with the big cock. Read More

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Description: Foot fetishist Mary Jane hires Charlie Dean for an oily session in the Massage Rooms. Charlie oils up her toes and sucks them, then takes out his hard cock and begins to fuck her feet. Mary enthusiastically participates in the footjob, then spreads her legs so Charlie can switch back and forth from her soles to her pussy. Mary turns around and lets Charlie fuck her face, and as she sucks his cock, she teases her own perky tits. Taking control, Mary takes Charlie's dick in her pussy reverse cowgirl style, then goes back to giving him a footjob to get him to cum!

Pornstars Like It Big - Azul Hermosa & Kendra Sunderland - Desert Heat

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Description: Small Hands walks through the desert and stumbles upon a stunning sex oasis in the form of Azul Hermosa and Kendra Sunderland. With Small Hands' eyes drawn to their big perfect tits and curvaceous bodies, the desert babes invite him to join them for an unforgettable threesome that will leave them all feeling thirsty for a drink of water!