Bellesa Films - Lena Paul - The Curse

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Description: Fully convinced that she is cursed when it comes to sex with the dudes she dates, Lena confides in Seth that she hasn't orgasmed in months. She explains that it's been an ongoing pattern with pretty much every guy she dates, she gets close, super close, and he finishes first. Seth has this calm, cool and collected kind of confidence, and Lena picks right up on that... and wants it. She wants him. Confident in her own right, Lena challenges Seth to break The Curse.

Bangbros Clips - Marley Brinx - Marley Brinx Gets Anally Freaky

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Description: Marley Brinx joins us this week to get down and dirty. She decides to fulfill one of her fantasies. Taking two cocks at once. Thats right, one stretching her asshole as the other penetrates her pussy. Marley loved every single inch of both cocks. Satisfying herself with every single stroke. Finally after she was properly DPed, she took two giant loads all over her face.

ATK Girlfriends - Paris White - Paris Gets That Ass Fucked.

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Description: Paris has her yellow lingerie on, and she knows how crazy looking at her body makes you. She gets you nice and hard rubbing your cock with her feet. You eat her pussy and fuck her once she's good and wet. Then she wants you in her ass and you can't wait. You make her cum and switch back to her pussy. You pump her full of your cum and she loves it.

Pure Taboo - Gia Derza - Teaching Her Some Discipline

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Stern Father Disciplines Step-Daughter With Spanking, Rough Anal And Gaping

Caroline Gia Derza's new step-father, Frank Derrick Pierce is not someone that she gets along with. As a career military man, Frank is strict and cold, and no matter how hard Caroline tries, she can never seem to appease him. He has so many ridiculous rules that Caroline finds it hard to keep track of what she can and can't do.

When she comes home one day from staying overnight at a friend's, she's confronted by a very angry Frank. She's confused since she's been allowed to stay with this friend before, so what's changed? When Frank reveals that he never knew this friend was a boy, it suddenly makes more sense, although Caroline's exasperated. Frank's being overbearing! Maybe it'd be easier to follow his rules if he'd lighten up once and awhile.

Frank doesn't respond well to this, demanding that Caroline shows him the respect he deserves. Things get even more heated when he insists that she needs to be punished for being so mouthy -- starting with a spanking.

Caroline is stunned and tries to resist, but she feels like she has little choice once Frank reminds her that HE puts the roof over her and her mother's heads. If she doesn't want to be kicked out onto the streets, she WILL be a good girl and submit to him...

Captain Stabbin - Keira Croft - Keira Craves The Captain's Cock

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Description: Once again let's focus on the finer things. Beautiful skies, ocean breezes, gorgeous women in bikinis. Keira Croft hops onto Dera's boat with a desire to get dicked down. Her perky nipples are barely hidden behind a thin piece of fabric, and her round ass is begging to be groped. While at the helm, Dera is quickly distracted by Keira's wet hungry mouth as it swallows his cock whole, before pulling aside her bottoms to reveal a juicy pussy ready to be licked, fingered, and fucked!

Dane Jones - Sybil Kailena - Beautiful Babe Takes Very Big Cock

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Description: Sybil and Matty have been spending their time indoors together, and their relationship has deepened as a result. During one nice afternoon, Matty makes Sybil a cup of tea, and brings it to her. It's another kind gesture amidst a weekend of demonstrations of love. Sybil looks deeply into Matty's eyes and kisses him with passion, then unzips his pants so she can stroke his big cock. As Sybil teases Matty's dick, he caresses her perky tits, then she slides forward to give him a wet blowjob. In the heat of passion, Matty pushes Sybil back and tears off her shorts, then sticks his tongue between her legs to lick her pussy. Matty and Sibyl make sensual love, going from missionary, to doggystyle, and then to cowgirl. After multiple orgasms, Sybil lies between Matty's legs, and strokes his cock until he cums!

XL Girls - Nikky Wilder - The Gift Of Ass Sex

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Description: Nikky Wilder combines her own special blend of raw sex and eroticism in her XXX encounters.

As the show opens, Tony has a fine gift for Nikky. What's in the gift box? A Valentine's Day heart? Chocolates? Jewelry. None of the above? It's the gift of a thick chick stick, and it's pink, like Nikky. But this toy is not for Nikky's pussy.

Nikky sucks on the dildo to try it and that's Tony's cue to drop trou as fast as possible and get his cock riding Nikky's tongue between her toy sucks. Tony takes the toy from her and puts his cock in her mouth, the saliva leaking from her lips. At one point, she sucks both cock and toy.

Nikky lays back so Tony can lick her and stick her. He fucks her pussy hard and fast while she sucks on the toy like a candy cane. Pulling out, he has Nikky get the toy wet again from her mouth juices and puts it into her ass. This will prepare her butt for the real thing.

Tony works that toy good in Miss Wilder's asshole while she gets high from the anal Read More

Jacquie Et Michel - Tara - Tara, 24, Is Entitled To The Gang Bang Of Her Dreams

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Description: If the beautiful Tara, 24 years old, likes to let herself be carried away by her excitement during the sex parties she indulges in, she nevertheless has some very precise ideas about the fantasies she wants to satisfy. Indeed, one of them was to find herself tied up and at the mercy of several men, only to end up in a totally dishevelled gang-bang! A godsend for Antho and his companions, who are having the time of their lives to make the young lady sink into an excessive debauchery...

Sweet Sinner - Ana Foxxx - Infidelity 3

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Description: Kirsten is all packed up and ready to leave her husband, Matt. That is until he fights to save their marriage. Initially she was sure she wanted another man, but now, seeing this more aggressive, demanding side of her husband, she's not sure. With her guard down, Matt throws his wife onto the couch and reminds her why she married him in the first place, because the sex was so fucking intense and his cock a perfect fit for her tight little hole.

Brazzers Exxtra - Various - Best Of Brazzers: Hottest Dommes

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Description: Hot dommes are everywhere. They roam in bars and private clubs, dressed in leather, preying on the curious. They tour the suburbs and pervert bored housewives and horny teenagers. They are the mean bosses giving their rebel employees what they deserve. Even schoolgirls aspire to become whip wielders. This compilation features a ton of dominant women who only want one thing to become the master of your fantasies.

X Angels - Aurora B - Fresh Sperm For Blowjob Goddess

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Description: It is a well-known fact that Aurora was the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. When parents call their daughter Aurora they hope she becomes successful and gets everything she wants in life like a real goddess. This Aurora is a beautiful blonde who knows how to make her boyfriend do everything she wants. Usually she uses her charms to get total satisfaction. She does not forget to please the hard-working dude with her talented fingers, hot tongue as well as her wet pussy. So that blonde goddess kneels in front of the dude and takes his cock between her plump lips and then warms it up with her shaved pussy in a cowgirl position. Sure Aurora needs some gifts, like any other goddess, and all she wants is a load of fresh pussy all over her smiling face.

Cucked XXX - Isabelle Deltore - Wimpy Husband Doesn't Deserve To Rev Up This Pussy

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Description: Isabelle just wanted to get her Husband a motorcycle for his birthday and his wimpy ass is afraid of it. He doesn't deserve her love or her pussy for that matter. Thankfully Small Hands delivers more than the bike whipping out his large cock and giving Isabelle Deltore a ride she will not forget. She loves being bent over and fucked hard while her worthless husband watches like the pathetic man he is. Maybe he'll decide to try the bike out once she witnesses Small Hands cum all over Isabelles sexy face.

Hot Guys Fuck - Shae Blaze - 6'10" Ex-basketball Star Luke Norton Fucks New Babe Shae Blaze

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Description: Damn Luke Norton is one tall hot guy! This stud was on his journey to the pros when an injury stopped him in his tracks. As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens, and that's exactly what happened here, and with that said... WELCOME TO HGF LUKE! He admits he's always been a big fan of HotGuysFUCK. So when life threw him a curve ball he said to himself, I'm a hot guy! It's my turn to FUCK! and the rest is history. Way to take that curve ball and KNOCK it outta the park! Luke got VERY lucky landing new freaky babe Shae Blaze. She loved getting manhandled by this 6'10 giant! Of course he's got a big uncut cock to top it off... and that hairy body. Just wait till you see the cum shot... You won't believe what happens!! Any one else have a thing for hot athletic jock studs?!