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Description: Adorable Alice Wild has a spicy side, so watch out! Sporting a cute, oversized sweater, Alice is hiding some smoking hot assets underneath. Her big tits and plump ass are perked up by lacey, blue lingerie. Danny D is trying to play a game of darts but, when Alice bends over the pool table, he loses his cool! Soon, Alice has Danny's huge cock in her mouth and her pussy is dripping wet. Danny fills Alice's tight pussy with his dick, until he cums all over her gorgeous, big tits. So much for a game of darts, Danny's just turned the pool table into his personal fuck pedestal!

Work Me Harder - Xwife Karen - Naughty Realtor Shows It All

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Description: Realtor Xwife Karen is showing Jmac and his wife a house, and she immediately shows Jmac a whole lot more! As his wife admires the view, Karen lifts her skirt to flash her ass, then takes out her big tits. Jmac sneakily fucks the realtor doggystyle behind his wife's back, and lets her check out the house alone while Karen sucks and rides him on the couch. His girl never fucks Jmac like this, and the tattooed realtor even takes his thick load all over her glasses.

Mom Comes First - Kat Marie - Skin Care Routin

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Description: Why didnt you put your sunscreen on? I told you. You should have let me do it for you. This is why you always listen to your step mom.. It doesnt matter if it isnt hurting yet. It will. Im going to have to put aloe vera all over you. No, Mommy will do it. I cant trust you to do it yourself

I Have A Wife - Carmen Valentina - She Misses Brunch With The Gang

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Description: Carmen Valentina thought she was going to have brunch with her friends this morning but the plans weren't really solidified beforehand. She shows up to her friend's house only to find Ashley's husband naked in his bed with morning wood. With Ashley nowhere in sight, Carmen is not going to let a big black cock go unpleased.

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Description: Our boy Jay was in the bathroom jacking off to his step sister's Bang Bros videos. What he didn't expect was for her to barge in the bathroom in the middle of his jacking off session. She was quick to say it was okay until she noticed it was her video that he was watching. She told him it was okay and asked if he liked it. Jay mentions it's one of his favorites so Daphne thought of a great idea what if they recreate the scene? And so they hopped in the bathroom to shower together and wow, her body makes my dick hard as a rock...

The way the soap trickles down her curves makes me salivate. She couldn't help but notice her step brother had a huge boner for her and just like a good step sister, she steps in to take care of it. Relax, it's only her step brother. She proceeds to gag on Jay's big cock and gets face fucked. They move on to the bathroom where Jay really shows his step sister what he can do with his dick. Daphne couldn't help but quiver and moan hard when Jay was thrusting his hard BBC inside of her. Watching Daphne's ass jiggle from being pounded into is a sight to behold. And the way she slurps up his whole load at the end is something only pros can do!

Pure Taboo - Ember Snow & Dana Vespoli - Highly Recommended

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Description: Peter Oliver Davis and his fiancee Tina Dana Vespoli are having a conversation about Sharon Ember Snow, a wedding planner they just finished meeting with. As they discuss whether or not to choose Sharon as their wedding planner, Peter admits that he's a little uncertain about Sharon, she seemed VERY focused on him, which weirded him out a bit. Tina disagrees, saying that she liked how Sharon was connecting with them, Sharon seemed to really take an interest in them, and what they wanted for the wedding. Peter says that Sharon seemed a little TOO interested in him, but Tina is dismissive, saying they WANT a wedding planner who is enthusiastic and will take the job seriously... Besides, Sharon came HIGHLY recommended by a few couples they know. Peter still looks a little uncertain, but tells Tina that he'll trust her judgment.

A few weeks later, Sharon, Peter, and Tina get together for a planning session. Throughout the session, Sharon does lots of subtle flirting with Peter, especially when Tina is distracted. After Sharon leaves, Peter raises his concerns about Sharon's behavior again, saying that Sharon was ALL OVER him. But Tina is unconvinced and she even chuckles, teasing that MAYBE he's just longing to feel like he's still attractive, especially with a slightly younger woman like Sharon. Tina playfully assures him that he's still a charmer, after all, she's MARRYING him. However, Peter still seems a bit uneasy about Sharon.

A week later, Peter is alone at home when he gets a surprise visit from Sharon. He is shocked as Sharon comes on to him, acting much more seductive than before. Peter says that he TRIED to warn Tina, but Tina didn't believe him. Sharon ramps up her seduction, saying that if he tried to warn Tina and she didn't listen, then what comes next is kind of her fault, isn't it? Peter is clearly at his wits' end, trying so hard to resist temptation but unable to refuse what Sharon is offering him. Sharon tells him that it's just one last romp before he ties the knot, and he finally relents.

As Peter and Sharon are having sex, Tina suddenly comes in through the door, and is shocked and upset at what she sees. Peter tries to defend himself, telling Tina that he TRIED to warn her this would happen. Tina is furious, asking how he could do this to her, but Peter tries to insist it's Sharon's fault. Sharon is completely unashamed, telling Tina and Peter to calm down, they've already put so much work into this wedding, so it'd be a shame for it to fall through NOW. Wouldn't it be easier to just stay the course and still get married? Acting generous, Sharon says that she'll even help bridge the gap, and invites Tina to join the sex, that way, it's not even REALLY like Peter cheated, it's more like... Peter and Tina both agreed to a threesome. Sharon says that if they say it enough times, maybe they'll even start to believe it. Peter and Tina both look ashamed, but clearly don't want their futures disrupted, so they agree to the idea. But little do they know that Sharon has one more surprise left in store for them after the sex..

POV Life - Val Steele - Cold Hard Steele

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Description: Val loves sucking cock, and she loves to squirt for all of her horny fans. Val goes all out with Ike to show him that shes one of the best in the game. This blue-haired babe is as hot as they come, so make sure you dont miss out on her for even a second!

New Sensations - Stella Sedona - She Keeps It Nice And Tight For Her Boss

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Description: Specific and detailed Boss Sam has his best cute employee Stella Sedona handle all quality control for his daily scheduled events. As Stella was making sure everything was up to par in his hotel room she could not help herself from trying out his exercise bike, but ended up in her lingerie and stockings, to comfortably ride the equipment. As Sam took in the view he realized she was ready to go far and beyond with some cock sucking and hard fucking in his room, showing her boss she keeps everything nice, hot and tight for his cock and load anytime!, INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Description: 5-foot-nothing superstar Xxlayna Marie returns to where it all started today, and we paired her up with legendary cocksman Jovan Jordan for this special Latina interracial HussiePass update! After director Johnny Robins conducts the interview portion of the program, Xxlayna it's pronounced YUH-LAYNA sheds her skimpy bra panties to get her motor running digitally. Jovan enters the scene with lube for the spinner's perky little breasts and yummy backside, which she twerks for us. Xxlayna then starts to suck and slobber on Jovan's 11-inch BBC, 1st while on her knees and then in between his legs. She follows this up by giving Jovan a slippery footjob. Jovan then makes Xxlayna's eyes roll to the back of her head by going down on the 23-year-old and suckling on her juicy clit. Then he put it in! Xxlayna takes ALL of Jovan missionary, folded up like a pretzel, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, airborne, doggystyle, and on her side until he pulls out and cums on her pretty little face. We followed the two of them into the shower afterward... Until Next Time!

Teen Fidelity - Brill Barbie - Her Job Is Fuckdoll

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Description: She's a hot little blonde babe who can't get her hole stretched out often enough. Brill gets naked and deepthroats Bangkok's dick until he plows her hot snatch that grips him tightly. She's so tight and he barely pulls out in time to blast her with jizz.

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Description: Wild Nicole is having her very first yoga lesson with handsome, dark-haired instructor Charlie, and he begins by teaching her some breathing techniques to help relax her body. When the raven-haired beauty gets into doggy position, Charlie tenderly strokes her thong-clad booty, and then he removes her top to expose Nicoles stunning boobs. Sliding his hand under the pretty Czechs panties, Charlie plays with her lips and clit, and then Nicole returns the favour by treating him to a slow and sensual blowjob. Aroused by the sexy foreplay, Nicole straddles the well-hung stud and rides him in cowgirl as her juicy titties bounce up and down, and then the amorous pair have a passionate side fuck on the floor. Charlie ends the steamy session by penetrating Nicoles tight pussy in missionary position until he pulls out and cums directly on her tongue!