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He starts with her tits and then works his way down. As soon as the hot wax is applied, Eli wants to remove it so he flogs Calis tits, and then uses the bundle cane to finish the job. He fingers her pussy and extracts some more orgasms with the Hitachi. Finally Cali is bound on her back to the box, exposing her pussy for Elis amusement. He starts by slapping her tits along with her tight stomach. He then breaks out the leather strap and the bundle cane once more to really redden Calis skin. After Eli applies some more wax to her tits that he takes it off with the flogger again before giving Calis pussy its reward by fingering and vibrating her into more orgasms.

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Description: The one and only! Bellesa Films is porn by us, for you. Our female-directed adult films are story-driven and feature the hottest performers in town, crafted from start to orgasmic finish with your pleasure in mind.

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Description: I'd come to this neck of the woods to buy a plot of land to build a hotel, but what I found was real fun. There was a refugee family living in this ramshackle wreck, and they were willing to do anything for a crisp buck. They don't speak human, but I don't give a fark about that. It's even better because I don't have to listen to the wails of an old woman constantly looking after my new bird. The only thing that could theoretically mar my country fuck is a scary dork wandering around with an axe. Just thinking about him makes my cock try to retract inward like a turtle's head. But you know what? It's moments like that that spice up our bland lives!

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Description: Parent Teacher Conference

Luke Longly and his step-son, Max Fills, have just arrived to Luke's step-son's parent teacher conference with Ms. Lory Lace. 'I was looking through my step-son's phone and you're kind of being a predator by sending him photos of you,' Luke begins. Ms. Lace doesn't seem to understand how serious this matter is, so Luke steps outside to call the authorities...

...Once he steps outside, his step-son, Max, starts to kiss his teacher with tongue. She gets down on her knees in front of him and she starts to give her student a blowjob. A few minutes later, Ms. Lace leans against the desk, with her ass facing Max. He starts to eat her ass out from behind. While she's still in the doggystyle position leaning against the desk, he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. Then she flips over into the missionary position, and he continues to fuck her pussy some more. Luke notices from outside the window, and he is appalled, but he is still on the phone with the authorities!

Dirty Pipe Cop

Sargeant Cory Chase finally arrives, and Luke explains that he wants the cop to help him break up his step-son and his teacher. The cop looks into the window and she gasps at the sight of them having sex. Sargeant Chase and Luke both walk back into the prep school, and they catch Ms. Lace getting fucked by Max. Sargeant Chase begins to ask them some questions, and then the dirty cop replies 'Your son is a grown adult. He is 21 years old. If he wants to pipe down his teacher, then he can.' Luke is so flustered and upset now, he steps out to figure out what to do! Once he leaves, Sergeant Chase wants to join the fun that was going on between the student and teacher. The dirty cop helps place Max's cock into Ms. Lace's mouth. Sargeant Chase wants to join the fun, so she gets down on her knees next to Ms. Lace and she starts to give Max a blowjob as well. The sargeant stands next to Max with her pants down, so Ms. Lace can go back and forth between sucking Max's cock and licking the sargeant's pussy.

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Description: Alice Murkovski and her best friend Alice Xo are so close that people joke about them being sisters, twins even. They have long shared everything and are so tight that Alice even calls her best friends new stepfather daddy. It just playful of course, until the girls are alone on summer vacation with him while Alices mom is busy shopping. They sit at the poolside in tiny bikinis wondering if they can get his attention by being a little naughty.

After rubbing lotion all over each other, but failing to catch his eye, they attack him with water guns and when he is finally paying attention, they flash him some cute little boobs and tight coed asses. He cant believe what he is seeing but quickly agrees to join the girls inside the house. Now that they have him where they want him, they quickly get his cock out and take turns sucking it. He loves the way their mouths feel and decides to show them a trick where they hold their own feet behind their backs while they give head. He is going to train them both to be submissive little sluts. To do that, it takes more than sucking and regular sex. They need to be ready to take a mans dick in their asses. Neither of them have ever tried anal sex, but he is experienced and teaches them how to do it properly. It is a tight fit and feels super naughty, pushing both of them over the edge time and again. Both girls want to be his anal princess and work hard for his nut. He pulls out of Alice and feeds his stepdaughter his cum, ordering her to spit it back into her friends open backdoor. What a mess and she knows exactly who stepfather is going to make clean it up.

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Description: Outstanding blonde and slutty employee Bree Brooks has been summoned by her ultra smoking hot Latina boss Gizelle Blanco to deliver some paperwork to her, at her home and both looking sweet and slutty, they could feel the awkward sexual tension oozing out of them right away. Gizelle admits the kiss they shared the other day has her wanting to get her hands all over Bree's delicious body and fuck her pussy with her tongue! With that, Bree's dripping wet pussy had her panties soaked with sweet glaze and Gizelle dove right in licking up every drop of her honey. Bree proves her potential to please her boss in every way and more than Gizelle did to her pussy, showing her how to grind their pussies with a toy and delivering maximum results of quivering orgasms!, INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

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Description: Chad White is in an unusual position his boss played by Logan Exx brings over the boss's own daughter to stay with Chad, who has married the boss's wife after a divorce. Kylie Rocket meets her stepdad for the first time and moves back into the mansion where Chad lives now, belonging to her mom. The boss is not happy at all, but as he tells Chad, he can't legally do anything about the situation.

The boss has a trick up his sleeve he left surveillance cameras at the mansion and can watch Kylie and her new papa secretly on his smart phone. Kylie's attitude toward Chad is condescending, as barely moved back in she accuses him of just being her flighty mom's new boy toy. At the same time, he resists her seductive talk, challenging the new man of the house's authority immediately. You're a brat, you know that?, Chad says to her, exasperated. No, I'm not a brat, I'm a shark Kylie declares haughtily, and plants a big kiss on stepdaddy's lips.

The mercurial girl suddenly hits him with an insult, saying It's not so good to fuck your boss' wife!, adding and I'm very unhappy you couldn't keep your dick in your pants, punching Chad in the groin for good measure.

Kylie puts her cards on the table to avenge what Chad did to her daddy, she's intent on seducing him to take mommy's toy away. Chad balks at this nonsense, but he's in a tough spot -he can't afford to lose his job and if he doesn't play along with Kylie, she'll soon be telling tales on him either way!. Reluctantly, at her insistence he gives his daughter a kiss, unbeknownst that daddy is watching them, sitting outside the mansion in his car. Smiling broadly, the boss says out loud That's my girl!.

After a couple of smooches, Kylie asks Didn't you say mom's a passionate woman? I want you to show me what you do to her. If you're going to be my new daddy, you should know what it feels like to be inside of me. She promises not to tell anyone. She kisses him again, with plenty of tongue, and sneaks a peek at the hidden camera in her bedroom.

I want to play with mommy's new toy, she declares, and undoes stepdaddy's slacks, pulling out his big dick, immediately taking it into her mouth. Working at getting his cock hard, she murmurs My new daddy's dick is so big. Watch the taboo scene unfold

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