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Description: Sophia Leone pulls up in her car and struts inside the large home where her friend lives. Seemingly looking for someone, the busty cutie walks upstairs, hoping to find her friend, but only finds you. She presents her sweet and innocent smile, greeting you warmly as you welcome her. As the conversation continues, Sophia sits near you. The stunning diva talks flirtatiously, batting her eyelashes, moving her eyes slowly from side to side, and twirling her long black hair.

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Description: Raven Lane returns to interview for the position as a first matedeckhand on Mr Johnson's new private yacht. Raven's return is even sexier than her first interview and she picks up where she left off. This stunning brunette has a fabulous body and incredible cock sucking and ass licking skills. She also excels when asked to take the hard cock in her pussy and then her ass. She takes a huge anal creampie that she gulps down and then washes it down with an after dinner drink.

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Description: Chanel Camryn's boyfriend has been traveling overseas for some time, and she misses him dearly. Of course, she's excited to have him back, especially since they each decided to wear chastity belts to save their virginities for their eventual reunion. But when Chanel's boyfriend informs her that he'll be spending more time away than initially expected, she grows restless for release.

Her desire for pleasure proving too powerful to ignore, she enlists the help of Codey Steele, a locksmith, to help free her from her chastity belt since her boyfriend has the key, of course. But when Codey finally releases Chanel from her so-called shackles, he notices a look of temptation in her virgin eyes. After all this time waiting without pleasure, she wants to feel all of it now, with Codey. They have intense, sensual sex, with Codey taking Chanel's virginity right then and there

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Description: Serena is a genius prodigy, and her stepdad Tony is so proud of her. To brag about her little Einstein, He invites the neighbors Juan and his stepdaughter Fiona over. Everything is going ok until they realize that Serena and Tony are very handsy with each other, kissing in front of them and doing some pretty taboo stuff that makes them too awkward to say anything.

When Serena invites Fiona into her room to show off all of her medals and awards, Serena confesses that she and her stepdad have a special kind of relationship in which they both keep each other happy Serena keeps Tonys sexual needs satisfied, and he buys her anything she wants. Serena teaches Fiona how to do the same with her own stepdad, but Fiona and her stepdad take a while to get comfortable with each other. Serena and Tony prove to them that as long as everyones happy, then it doesnt have to be weird. Swapping stepdaughters is a good warm-up for Fiona and Juan to feel comfortable with the idea, but the idea of tasting stepdaddys dick becomes too tempting all of a sudden

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Description: Spencer Scot arrives at Lexington Steele's house for their first meeting. As she waits for him, she gets turned on by the thought of what might happen between them. When Lexington finally appears, she finds herself instantly drawn to his dominance and power. Lexington and Spencer begin to explore each other physically. They share passionate kisses, and Lexington gently guides Spencer through various sensual touches as they both become increasingly aroused. Lexington takes control, He teases her with his big black cock. Lexington thrusts into Spencer with powerful strokes, taking her over the edge again and again. She cries out in ecstasy as they both reach the peak of their sexual experience together. Lexington Steele finishes her off with a facial blast.

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Description: Tony Rubino overhears his stepsister Sophia Leone talking to her boyfriend. She is saying that she won't do anything kinky with him, just vanilla stuff for now. But Tony knows better, he knows just how to handle his stepsister. He tells her to take her tits out, she is hesitant because she is on the phone with her boyfriend but Tony is insistent and she listens. Next, he demands that she remove her shorts and shake her ass for him.

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Description: She get home from a long day and her mind go to one thing.

Not the bills, or her friends, or her job.

Nah, when she dreams, she dream of one thing.

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Description: Blonde Sophie Reade is adorned in black, lacey lingerie. Her perky tits and big, round ass have never looked so good. Horny Sophie has been dreaming of being fucked all day, but just one dick won't do. Enter Danny D and Xander Corvus, who are packing exactly what Sophie is looking for. Danny and Xander take turns filling her wet, tight holes, making Sophie scream out in ecstasy. Xander fills Sophie's amazing pussy with his cum, before Danny swoops in and covers her gorgeous face in his sticky load!

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Description: Celezte Cruz comes over to clean up Josh's house. What she doesn't know is that he doesn't care about her cleaning the house, he really cares about cleaning that pussy. He can't stop looking at her tits and her gorgeous ass in her French maid outfit. After a few flirtatious passes, Celezte starts to

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