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Description: Yuna Shirosaki is a police officer that at times has to go undercover. She is on a case here that requires that she get close to a man suspected of corporate espionage. She dresses up in her pretty top and skirt and goes to a bar to find him. Yuna knows to get the info she needs she is going to have to get very close to him to see if he is indeed a spy. After he buys her a few drinks in a bar he invites her to a nearby hotel to hang out. Yuna is eager to get the info so she allows him to seduce her. They enter the hotel room and he is all over her as she looks so hot in her tight skirt. He wastes no time in grabbing at her body and kissing her getting her ready for some spying on what she has under her bra and panties. Yuna takes her job very seriously and she allows him to take off her clothes and grope her naked body. She has a cute bra and matching panties on and this gentleman pushes her panties aside so he can get a better look at her pretty pink Japanese pussy. He fingers her hole and it looks so inviting he reaches down and spreads open her pussy lips. He licks them and plays with her lips and sticks his tongue deep in her pussy hole. He then takes off her panties and bra and slides his cock in her. He fucks her and unloads all his cum into her pussy. She enjoys his cock and gets every inch of it in her but then he gives her a sex toy to use on herself while he watches and enjoys her getting off for him. In the end, maybe the sex was gratuitous as she already has the info she needed to know he was a spy. Maybe Yuna just needed a good fucking and thought he could provide one.

My Babysitters Club - Adriana Jade - Babysitter's Side Hustle

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Description: Johnny The Kid is not too happy about his parents getting a babysitter for him, and when Adriana Jade shows up with a list of chores for him, he reluctantly gets to work. Later, he overhears Adriana making some pretty sexual noises so he takes out his phone and starts spying on her. Turns out this babysitter is making some money on the side by selling sexual content online! Johnny threatens to show the footage to all the moms in the neighborhood so Adriana offers to do anything to prevent that from happening.

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Description: It all started in the evening, Monroe doing her homework while Willy and Mark messing around with her. She then decided to move on to another kind of home work. Taking a double dick and enjoying the rest of her evening showered with cum.

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Description: Ally Coopers new husband Ruban Rolex and her stepson Johnny The Kid have prepared a whole day of surprises for her to celebrate Mothers Day. Ally gets breakfast in bed, a family photo session and a sensual foot rub from Ruban, which ends up turning her on! When Ruban has to run to the pharmacy for some pills that will help him perform, he leaves his son Johnny in charge of pleasuring his stepmother! Turns out having her way with her stepson is exactly the best Mother's Day present she couldve asked for!

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Description: Three teen friends, Emily Willis, Leah Lee, and Vina Sky, are going door-to-door looking for sponsors for their school trip to France. They've already been to soooo many houses but aren't having much luck. It seems like they're on the verge of missing out on an amazing class trip! But they have one more house to try...

When Kenzie Taylor opens the door, she is beyond pleased to have so many cute girls on her doorsteps. She instantly allows them inside to hear more about their trip. Of course, the more the teens talk about the trip, the more they realize that Kenzie is smitten with them... maybe even fantasizing about them! Since they're determined to get her sponsorship, the teens pull out ALL the stops.

Kenzie is blissfully overwhelmed as the teens slyly gossip about how they most look forward to sunbathing in France in their cute little bikinis. It'll be so nice having so many girlfriends nearby to help rub the lotion all over their half-naked bodies, too. It seems like they have Kenzie wrapped around their little fingers but there's just one more thing they can do to REALLY seal the deal...

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Description: A sexy psychologist helps a depressed guy through sex therapy. Susy Gala, the hot Spanish girl, makes her first exclusive scene for SEXMEX. She, dressed sensually, attends Salva Da Silva in her office. She knows well how to comfort him. So, she slowly undresses until she is in lingerie. At that point, Salva begins to alleviate her ills. She takes his big cock to give him a good blowjob. In addition to having a beautiful face, she has the body of a goddess, with huge tits and a big ass that makes Salva forget all her sorrows. Showing her tattoos, Susy Gala enjoys Salva's cock until she reaches an orgasm. They both ended up really happy....

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