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She completely understands, India says gently. A thought seems to cross India's mind. 'In fact, I was with a girl in roommate at the time actually,' India says. Aidra turns back to her, her eyebrow raised skeptically. Look, she appreciates that India is trying to...relate to her and everything, but...MAKING up some college hook-up? Aidra asks rhetorically. There's really no need to do that, Aidra says. India's eyes widen. She looks wounded. No, really, she SWEARS that it's true! India says sincerely. Ok, SURE, whatever, Aidra says sarcastically.

The next day, India comes over to Aidra's place again and tells Aidra that she has a surprise for her her old college friend Katie Morgan is coming over. A moment later there's a knock on the door and Katie walks in. Katie smiles at Aidra as they say hi to each other, Katie biting her lip subtly as she gets a look at Aidra. Aidra seems slightly wary. So, THIS is her college roommate that she was telling her about yesterday, India says. 'Can you explain to her what happened between us in college?' India asks Katie. 'Sure! Well, it's simple really...your step-mom and I were...TOGETHER for one night,' Katie says without a hint of embarrassment. Aidra laughs incredulously. Ok so, trying to relate to her was sweet at first, but now that India has gotten her friend to lie for her, it''s just kind of awkward now, Aidra says. She doesn't need India to do this to make her feel like she's...normal or whatever, Aidra continues. Maybe it was a mistake to even tell India in the first place, Aidra adds, shaking her head. India again looks hurt.

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