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She Will Cheat - Paige Owens - Gives Up Her Husband For A Massive Black Cock

File: wxaqmnashwichpaioweiiq6ihcp89.mp4
Size: 501.45 MB
Duration: 27:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Paige Owens has a job interview today to be a personal assistant for a wealthy and very handsome black man but there's a problem. Her insecure husband keeps texting her until she finally just calls him in the middle of her interview. It seems like he wants to end things, he sucked anyway so she's not sad but now she REALLY needs this job, and she lets him know she'll do anything it takes to be part of the corporate family. He takes her into the bedroom to see if she really means it and she wastes no time giving him what he obviously wants, her gorgeous naked body. You can't blow a load on the person you're interviewing and NOT give them the job, right?

She Will Cheat - Kayla Paige - Hot Milf Doctor Cheats On Her Husband With A Patient

File: hgwqsnashwichkaypainxfcyiflmu.mp4
Size: 489.58 MB
Duration: 22:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kayla Paige is so sick of her worthless cheating husband. He just sits on his ass and fucks other women all day while she's hard at work running a medical practice. Today though, she's had enough. A handsome bearded man comes in to have his balls checked on, everything is fine, and so is he! Once she gets a glimpse of his big fat cock she can't help herself, she needs to get laid and why not him? Kayla is such a sexy milf the patient can't resist, and Kayla finally gets exactly what her shitty hubby can't give her, a fat cock!

She Will Cheat - Crystal Taylor - Isn't Getting Laid By Her Husband, So She Becomes A Cam Girl To Get Cock

File: f1u8knashwichcrytaycsxawbodes.mp4
Size: 735.84 MB
Duration: 30:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Crystal Taylor is fed up with her marriage. She's venting to her friend about how she never has sex anymore and her friend decides to tell her about True Fans. It turns out she can start a profile where she can post nudes and sexy videos and get paid for it, the perfect way to move on from her shitty marriage. She agrees to do it and calls a male performer her friend put her in contact with for her first video. They have super hot kinky sex, exactly what she needed, and even better if she can make some money off it!

She Will Cheat - Mckenzie Lee - Gets Even With Her Cheating Husband By Screwing The Hung Repairman

File: hbpbmnashwichmckleetkgmx57r2z.mp4
Size: 598.98 MB
Duration: 30:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mckenzie Lee is at home trying to do some laundry, but her dryer breaks down in the middle of things. She calls a repairman who thankfully shows up fairly quick. While he's trying to fix it, she calls her husband to tell him about the problem and hears another woman in the background! She decides to get revenge on that cheating piece of shit by playing his own game. She propositions the repairman and of course he accepts. How lucky can one guy get? He's getting paid for the repairs and gets to fuck the hot milf too!

She Will Cheat - Nina Elle - Busty Blonde Milf Fucks Her Employee While Her Cheating Husband Is Out

File: umi3tnashwichninelllnbvpnzkbe.mp4
Size: 574.88 MB
Duration: 28:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nina Elle and her husband run a business together, but her husband never comes in for work. She knows he's out cheating on her and she's fed up with it. Her employee Codey comes into her office for a chat, and she's so worked she unloads everything on him... and she also decides fucking him would be the perfect revenge. He's a little thrown off at first but she's gorgeous and you shouldn't say no to the boss, right? Hopefully, he can finally get that promotion after pounding his boss's dripping wet milf pussy!

She Will Cheat - Vanessa Vega - Cheats In Her Husband With Her Personal Trainer

File: hjij8nashwichvanvego3ajgdgref.mp4
Size: 584.56 MB
Duration: 30:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa never sees her husband, he won't even wake her up in the morning with a kiss goodbye, instead she will get a text. She is so frustrated she vents to her personal trainer when he arrives for their session, but this is the opening her trainer has been waiting for. Vanessa is a gorgeous girl and needs to be satisfied sexually and he is just the man. He pulls her pants down and goes down on her till she is cumming all over his face, he then takes her to the living room and plows her over and over till she can take anymore. That was the workout Vanessa really needed.

She Will Cheat - Avery Black - Cheats On Her Husband With Their Hung Roommate

File: ywvgtnashwichavebla6hvsyk8jkg.mp4
Size: 473.23 MB
Duration: 26:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Avery Black needs to have a conversation with her husband but as usual he has to rush out the door for work. She knows he's been cheating on her so she's completely checked out of the relationship at this point. She sits down to talk to their roommate and she tells him everything... and he tells her he's always been attracted to her. If her husband can cheat, why can't she? She takes him in the bedroom and goes to town on him, she gets so into it she doesn't even notice her cuck husband coming back in to grab his phone and seeing everything! Besides their roommates cock is bigger and better anyway!

She Will Cheat - Aila Donovan - Hot Brunette Cheats On Her Husband With A Young Photographer

File: uwfa8nashwichaildonivrpl7cmxt.mp4
Size: 934.32 MB
Duration: 33:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alia Donovan is chatting with her girlfriend Avery about relationship troubles with her husband, things aren't going well and she needs a way to spice things up. Avery says she got some racy boudoir pictures taken and it turned her whole relationship around! Alia calls the photographer and sets up a a meeting. He takes some incredibly sexy photos of her, but taking photos of such a gorgeous woman gets him turned on and he decides to make a move. Alia shouldn't cheat but she hasn't been laid in so long! Her hubby can see the pictures but he doesn't have to know about the facial she got from the photographer!

She Will Cheat - Dava Foxx - Hot Milf Dava Foxx Fucks Her Hung Therapist Right In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

File: vlzt3nashwichdavfoxldi3289vfz.mp4
Size: 985.46 MB
Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dava Foxx has been married to her husband for 5 years now and shes not happy. They try going to a therapist to see if they fix things and their therapist has a dramatic new type of treatment that makes Davas hubby nervous. The therapist wants to fuck her right there in front of him! Davas husband is such a worthless cuckold that he doesnt even do anything about it and instead sits there and watches his gorgeous wife take his huge black cock deep in her severely neglected pussy.

She Will Cheat - Alison Rey - Sexy Alison Rey Cheats On Her Cuckold Husband With A Big Black Cock

File: vsvvjnashwichalireyhrzuwijb9k.mp4
Size: 146.45 MB
Duration: 18:06
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Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey has been with her husband for a few years now, and stayed faithful fora little bit of that time. Her cuckold husband is out again and she needs cock now so she invites her BBC boy toy over for some fun and he doesnt disappoint. He eats her out like hes starving and fills her pussy completely with his massive black cock. Her husband could never fuck her like this with his little dick! And he certainly couldnt give her such huge load of cum all over her perfect ass!

She Will Cheat - London River - Busty Blonde Milf London River Fucks Her Hung Stepson Right In Front Of His Cuckold Dad

File: y5y3pnashwichlonriv5yrygrrzq8.mp4
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Duration: 25:13
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: London River is so fed up with her worthless husband. He should be looking for a job but hes sitting around watching sports again. She wants to shake things up and shock him a little and her stepson wants that too. So they do the most shocking thing they can think of, they wake him up from his nap by having London suck her stepsons cock right in front of her worthless cuckold husband! Hes shocked but what can he do? He knows what a bad husband he his so he just sits and takes it while London takes it deeeeep in her tight pussy from his son!

She Will Cheat - Vanna Bardot - Sexy Vanna Bardot Cheats On Her Husband But He Sees Everything On Security Cam!

File: czqubnashwichvanbarpkiep7pdu4.mp4
Size: 512.23 MB
Duration: 28:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Vanna Bardots husband is worried, and he should be. She denies it to his face but shes been cheating on him for months, and today hes going to find out for sure using his new security camera. When she meets with her lover for their usual afternoon fling hes going to see his wife cheating on him, taking another mans cock in her mouth and her pussy and her loving it. He never thought hed be a cuckold but thats what happens when you dont please a woman as sexy and horny as Vanna!

She Will Cheat - Jewelz Blu - Jewelz Blu Fucks Her Big Cock Personal Trainer While Her Wife Watches!

File: gd8wynashwichjewblu7koimk6evd.mp4
Size: 468.46 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is married to a woman, but they have a very special relationship. Jewelz' wife loves watching her fuck guys and Jewelz loves to do it. She invites her personal trainer over for a session, but she has a different kind of exercise in mind. She reveals her lingerie the second he walks in and before you know it she's sucking his cock in bed while her wife watches and enjoys everything over a security camera! Jewelz get fucked hard and deep for her wife's enjoyment and even takes a huge facial, the exercise session will have to wait until next time!

She Will Cheat - Aaliyah Love - Blonde Milf Aaliyah Love Cheats On Her Husband With A Handsome Bbc Man

File: yf8hrnashwichaallovekkayhadoa.mp4
Size: 199.43 MB
Duration: 24:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hot milf Aaliyah Love is in trouble. Her car just broke down in front of a strangers house but thankfully the stranger is niceand also a handsome black man. While shes waiting for a tow truck they get to talking and she tells him that her husband is worthless and shes looking to get fucked HARD right now. Hes not about to turn down such a gorgeous milf so they get right to it. She sucks his huge BBC and takes it deep in her pussy. His cock is huge and he fucks her with it like her husband never could, who cares if the tow truck ever shows!

She Will Cheat - Violet Monroe - Red-haired Punk Chick Violet Monroe Fucks Bbc While Her Worthless Husband Is At Work

File: pqeh7nashwichviomoncxcutzntbz.mp4
Size: 260.49 MB
Duration: 32:06
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Format: mp4
Description: Violet Monroe isnt happy with her husband, he wont ask for the raise he deserves at work and his cock is so small they had to order a cock extender for him online. While hes at work, their handsome black neighbor brings over a package of theirs he accidentally opened and he saw the extender! He lets her know that hes just as big as that extender and it turns her on so much she decides to ask if she can see it, but she doesnt want to JUST see it. She wants to suck it and get fucked by it and get a massive facial from it, and she sure does!

She Will Cheat - Heather Vahn & Alix Lynx - Heather Vahn Fucks Alix Lynx In Front Of Her Worthless Husband

File: oh7mwnashwichheaalihpjffrokg1.mp4
Size: 226.64 MB
Duration: 27:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Heather is not satisfied with her husband and after a night of partying with Alix Lynx they get home and he goes straight to sleep leaving the girls to play. Alix Heather start to fool around when her hubby wakes up to find them but heather isnt putting up with it, she tells him to sit his useless ass down and watch how Alix can please her in ways he will never. Reluctantly he sits and watches Alix please his wife with screaming orgasms until they are both covered in each others cum.

She Will Cheat - Kenzie Taylor - Sexy Blonde Kenzie Taylor Gets Pipe From Her Bbc Plumber While Her Husband Is Away

File: 84gdcnashwichkentayvifwp5ipmu.mp4
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Duration: 30:15
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Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor is so fed up with her husband. Hes never home and even though she got all dolled up for their night out, he cancels at the last minute! They have a plumber scheduled to come over and he just happens to be a very handsome strong black man. Kenzie talks to him while he works and decides to ask how he would treat her if he was her husband, and of course, he would treat a beautiful woman like her right. While hes thinking about it his massive cock gets hard and she can see it through his pants! She decides to pull it out and show him the good time her husband is missing! She takes his cock like a pro and takes his hot load all over her amazing tits, if only her cuckold hubby could see!

She Will Cheat - Riley Star - Slutty Young Housewife Riley Star Cheats On Her Cuckold Husband

File: 6tttenashwichrilstabsgz9rmcdz.mp4
Size: 436.58 MB
Duration: 21:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Riley Star is at home doing laundry while she waits for her lover to come over. Her husband is gone, but what she doesnt know is hes just installed security cameras in the house! Luckily her husband has to go to a meeting right before her big cock lover shows up. She fucks him like crazy in ways that her husband isnt even capable of. She takes his fat cock like a pro and after he blows his hot load all over her cute tits, he leaves and she takes a nap. But did her cuck hubby see anything?! Find out!

She Will Cheat - Kagney Linn Karter - Hot Blonde Kagney Linn Karter Cheats On Her Cuckold Husband With Her Neighbor’s Bbc

File: wavh5nashwichkaglinkarosfrcvygzu.mp4
Size: 281.25 MB
Duration: 24:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Its Kagney Linn Karters birthday today and her worthless husband has a last minute business trip and is canceling on her again! She goes outside to fume and runs into her handsome black neighbor who happens to be her husbands best friend!. He invites her over and she vents to him about her troubles and he offers to give her a massage for her birthday to relax her. She accepts but once she gets his strong hands on her naked body she decides that her husband can go to hell, she wants some big cock for her birthday. She lets him eat her ass before sucking his massive BBC and takes his load in her mouth after he gives her the good hard fuck her cuck husband cant give her!

She Will Cheat - Avery Black - Cute Avery Black cheats on her cuckold husband but he sees it on camera!

File: 857ycnashwichaveblavluo5udnta.mp4
Size: 416.16 MB
Duration: 22:24
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Avery Black is having her usual masseur over today after her husband leaves the house. This time, however, she forgets about the security system that her husband has installed and he sees everything, and it it aint just a massage that she gets! When he pulls up the live feed on his phone its Avery thats giving the massage, a cock massage with her mouth that is! This masseur eats her out and fucks her pretty little pussy hard all for her cuck husband to see live! Her lousy husband even gets to see the masseurs hot load get blown all over his young wife Averys pretty face. Finally he gets to see a how a real man fucks his wife!

She Will Cheat - Jasmine Jae - Big Tit British Milf Jasmine Jae Takes Dick In Front Of Her Cuck Husband

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Size: 245.74 MB
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Format: mp4
Description: Big tit British milf Jasmine Jae is so sick of her husband, all he ever does is jerk off to internet porn. She catches him AGAIN, but this time afterward the internet provider shows up to connect the new high speed service, so she decides shes going to get a little extra service from him. She starts to touch him and he cant resist and next thing you know his cock is in her mouth, but her husband comes back in the room and sees everything! Does that stop her? No! Her worthless cuckold husband can sit and watch if he loves porn so much, heres the real thing and he can finally see how a real man pleases a woman!

She Will Cheat - Emma Hix - Cute Blonde Wife Emma Hix Fucks A Handsome Spaniard While Her Hubby Is Gone

File: yi5txnashwichemmhixj6rfp3ijvd.mp4
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Duration: 27:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Hixs husband has apparently had enough. He just called Emma and accused her of cheating on him, which she hasnt even doneyet! This all happens while she has a handsome Spanish plumber over to fix her bathroom and when he comes to ask about his payment, she decides shell give him a little something extra. If her husband thinks she cheating, she might as well actually do it, right? As soon as she starts kissing him hes ready to go, hard as a rock. He makes her cum over and over like her worthless husband NEVER could. This handsome plumber cleaned her pipes and his own!

She Will Cheat - Brenna Sparks - Sexy Young Asian Brenna Sparks Fucks A Hot Bbc In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

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Duration: 27:49
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Format: mp4
Description: Brenna Sparks is still in bed with her hubby when her masseur calls and says hes arrived for her appointment. Hubby says hes leaving for work so she goes downstairs and gets the usual from her handsome black masseur, which involves him eating her tight little pussy. But during this portion of the massage her worthless husband walks in! Rather than stop, she just lets him know that this is what her massages areand shes not stopping. Hes such a cuckold she even makes him sit and watch her get pounded by BBC so he can see how a REAL man fucks her!

She Will Cheat - Jillian Janson - Sexy Redhead Jillian Janson Cheats On Her Husband With Her Super Freaky Friend

File: botennashwichjiljan3jydt5hakb.mp4
Size: 348.92 MB
Duration: 26:27
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Format: mp4
Description: Jillian Jansons husband has gone off the deep end, hes accusing her of cheating on him and even changed the locks on their house! She decides to go over to her old friend Tommys place for some comfort, but while shes there she starts to reminisce about the old times when they used to hook up and things would get really freaky. Her husband was never adventurous in bed, and since he thinks shes cheating on him, why not actually do it? Her and Tommy have a wild time and get nasty just like the old days, fuck what her cuckold husband thinks about it!

She Will Cheat - Ivy Lebelle - Curvy Ivy Lebelle Cheats On Her Husband With An Art Appraiser

File: yw153nashwichivylebs8efvfj1xz.mp4
Size: 202.16 MB
Duration: 24:52
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Format: mp4
Description: Ivy LeBelle is done with her worthless husband, shes ready for a divorce and some new dick, but she isnt going to leave the relationship empty handed. Her hubby has a huge art collection so she decides to call an appraiser to come take a look at the artand maybe check her out too! The appraiser wants to take his time with everything, but she offers a different arrangement if hes willing to tell her the figures she wants to hear. If he gives her an appraisal on spot, he can do it with his cock in her mouth! Who could say no to Ivys curves?

She Will Cheat - India Summer - Hot Blonde Milf India Summer Gets Fucked Deep Her In Her Ass By Bbc

File: hxmulnashwichindsumcqkjs2igc2.mp4
Size: 231.92 MB
Duration: 28:38
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Format: mp4
Description: India Summer just got some wild news form her doctor. It turns out she has a rare condition where her clit is actually located deep in her ass! The biggest problem with this news? Its about 6 or 7 inches deep in her ass and her worthless husband doesnt have that much dick to spare. Right after she hears the news someone from her internet company comes to the door to offer her better service, but she has a different kind of service shed like to get instead. After she tells him about her condition and how her cuckold hubby cant please her, how can he not fuck her tight ass?

She Will Cheat - Kleio Valentien - Tattooed blonde Kleio Valentien cheats on her husband with their handsome roommate

File: wlfnwnashwichklevalxnaomrfkpd.mp4
Size: 217.14 MB
Duration: 26:50
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Format: mp4
Description: Kleio Valentien has to deliver some hard news. Her and her husband have a roommate, but unfortunately they have to kick him out of the house. Before he goes he asks for one last hug, she agrees, but when they hug the sexual tension could be cut with a knife. They know they cant resist each other and hey, hes leaving anyway, right? Hubby isnt home and he doesnt really satisfy her anyway, so why not? They fuck and suck like teenagers and enjoy every second.

She Will Cheat - Aaliyah Hadid - Busty Aaliyah Hadid fucks a BBC right in front of her cuckold husband

File: hkyelnashwichaalhaduypbdn5w3u.mp4
Size: 223.02 MB
Duration: 27:26
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Format: mp4
Description: Hot wife Aaliyah Hadid is getting fed up with her husband, hes off to work again leaving her all alone. He never wants to fuck anymore, but luckily she has a BBC on the side wholl come over and treat her right. Once he shows up they get right to business, but as soon as his fat cock is in her mouthher husband comes home! Hes shocked to see his wife taking a huge black cock, but she lays down the law and lets him know that hes not satisfying her and she needs a man who can. So he just sits and watches like the worthless cuckold he is while his wife gets railed!