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Mommy's Girl - Laney Grey & London River - Someone's In Big Trouble

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Description: Laney Grey gets called up to her sibling's room by her stepmom, London River. It seems that London found a porno mag hidden in the family study, which London assumes is Laney's sibling's. Does Laney know where their sibling is? He absolutely MUST be punished for hoarding such FILTH in the house. Laney says she hasn't seen her sibling, but it's clear by the guilty look in her eyes that she's hiding something ELSE... The truth is, that porno mag isn't her sibling's at all... It's hers!

London, however, still assumes that the magazine belongs to Laney's sibling. She goes on a long rant about the multitude of punishments that she'll inflict on that good-for-nothing rascal. As Laney listens to London list of such punishments, she can't help but start to feel guilty. Why should he have to suffer London's wrath when it's HER who's to blame? In an act of integrity, Laney fesses up to the magazine being hers.

It turns out that Laney was worried about London finding out she was a lesbian, which is why she kept the magazine a secret. London assures her that she'd never be mad about that, but she IS angry that Laney would have broken their house's 'no-porn-allowed' policy. Laney will have to be punished for it, starting with a spanking!

A Girl Knows - Laney Grey, Tiffany Watson & Theodora Day - Our Sex Worker Roommate

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Description: Anything can happen when you live in a house full of hot influencers. Tiffany Watson is just trying to film some content for her loyal fans but nosey Laney Grey won't stop spying on her. watching Tiffany perform for her fans turns Laney on. Laney starts to touch herself in the hallway and really starts to get into it before she gets caught masturbating by their third roommate Theodora Day, who decides to join her since she also loves listening to Tiffany perform for her fans. Laney grabs some fun toys and the girls masturbate together in the hallway. The girls get way too noisy and Tiffany is pissed. She storms out into teaches the hallway and demands that the naughty roommates either join.

Missa X - Laney Grey - Watching Porn

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Description: Stepdad Ryan Driller hears someone at the door and cries out Samantha?. No, just me, his stepdaughter Laney Grey responds, and sits down on the living room couch next to him.

She tells dad that mom won't be home until Monday, and jokes about him about not knowing what she's up to. Ryan tells her he's in the doghouse She dropped by my office and heard a porn movie playing. You know it was you watching the porn in my office, he says. Ryan wants her to set mom straight, but Cadence complains that mom has made it impossible for her to watch porn on her own, I can't even shop on-line for underwear, without the stupid Blocker shutting me down...

Laney offers her stepdad advice on how to treat her mom I've known her a lot longer than you have, and I think she needs to be put in her place every now and again. No, I'm not taking relationship advice from my stepdaughter, Ryan insists. That night, Laney sneaks her dad's laptop into her room, and starts watching a romantic scene. Turned on, she fetches a huge dildo from her end table drawer, and closes the bedroom door to masturbate in private. Her moans wake up daddy, and he goes to investigate.

Laney's caught in the act, but embarrassed, Ryan tells her she can return the laptop when she's done. She offers to teach him how to erase his browser history. As she does, Ryan notices that the porn movie Laney's watching is titled Daddy's Girl. I have a question when your mother walked by and heard you watching porn, were you watching one of those kind of scenes?, he asks. Laney shrugs her shoulders, but daddy deduces Now this makes much more sense why she was so pissed off with me. Wait, does this have anything to do with those new rules she's been bitching about, like why I can't walk around the house in a towel anymore, or I can't go outside in a bikini by the pool?, Laney asks.

Yeah, she thinks you and I have a kind of relationship that's too close for a daddy and stepdaughter, Ryan admits. And when she heard the porn and its title she thought I was fantasizing about you, he points out. I need you to apologize to your mom about this, he says urgently, getting flustered as to how they can resolve this situation with mom. We've got to think up something for you to say to her, he begs, anxious to get his wife to come back home.

Laney starts bargaining, saying she'll tell mom it was all her doing, but that Ryan first must watch porn with her. I'm not watching porn with my stepdaughter he declares with some finality. But she retorts, cooly You want mom back?. He thinks it over and relents, with Laney pointing out He looks a lot like you, daddy. They both get turned on by the action, She puts a blanket over daddy's crotch and tells him You can masturbate if you want.

Ryan gets embarrassed when Laney starts talking dirty, describing the movie's action while they watch. May I sit on your lap, daddy?, she asks. He's a bit bewildered at how forward his stepdaughter is acting, and she removes the blanket and sits atop him. Giving him a lap dance, she begins the dirty talk and Ryan is powerless to stop her. Watch the taboo scene unfold

Blacks On Blondes - Laney Grey - Laney Rides Damion

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Duration: 38:47
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Description: Laney Grey heard her BFF Damion Dayski on the phone with his coach talking about how his bad grades will get him kicked off of the college badminton team. Laney came to his room to console him due to him being so upset. She offered Damion a back rub to help relieve his stress. The when Damion flipped over she saw his huge cock and asks if it was real and wanted to touch it. Damion was all about it. Laney thought since Damion was upset and that they were BFFs that her boyfriend wouldn't mind. So Laney put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. Then Laney got brave and jumped right on top of it for a ride. Damion then took over and smashed her pussy in every position imaginable. Then he busted a nut all over her face and felt so much better about getting kicked off of the badminton team.

She Will Cheat - Laney Grey & Kimora Quin - Kimora Leans On A Friend

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Duration: 26:27
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Description: Kimora decides to get some action from her friend Laney Grey after finding her husbands laptop and seeing his browser history. its one thing that her husband prefers virtual pussy but if Kimora cant get cock then real pussy is the next best thing.

Perv Therapy - Laney Grey - Bikini Treatment

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Duration: 51:33
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Description: Laney is a teen girl with a serious issue of body dysmorphia, and she is about to go on a family trip to Florida. She doesnt like the way she looks, and she is insecure about her body, so she goes to see Dorian, her therapist, for some guidance. To overcome her disorder, Dorian asks her to wear a skimpy bikini. The experiment seems to work, but Laney is also convinced that she cant get any boy to like her. Dorian quickly discovers the root of Laneys trauma and takes a rather unorthodox approach to reassure her patients self-esteem a hot fuck session.

My Daughter's Hot Friend - Laney Grey - She Gives Her Friend's Dad A Gift

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Description: Will was supposed to spend Father's Day with his daughter but she's out of town. He had the day planned. He was going to stop by her place and fix her broken sink and then spend the rest of the day with her. Still, Will stops by to take care of the sink but once there, he's greeted by his daughter's good friend, Laney Grey. She's housesitting and planned to use the pool as well, but the weather is shitty so she's stuck inside. Will treats her to a special make-shift spa day in the bedroom. What a perfect time for Laney to fuck her best friend's dad and give him the special Father's Day he deserves.

Blacked - Laney Grey - Happy Wife

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Duration: 38:58
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Format: mp4
Description: Laney's man likes to share, and if he's willing to share she's willing to pull out all the stops for another man hair, makeup, lingerie, and bedroom moves her husband never gets to see.

Family Strokes - Brandi Love & Laney Grey - A Very Special Birthday

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Duration: 57:02
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Description: The morning of her 18th birthday, Laney has no idea how much her life truly is gonna change. Turns out her parents Brandi and Ryan have arranged a little surprise, and after she blows the candles on the cake they decide its time to reveal that shes adopted. Laney is surprised by this information but after Brandi tells her that now they can develop a more honest deep relationship she starts to be glad about the whole thing. Next thing she knows, stepmom and stepdad are giving her the best birthday present by showing her how to fuck!

She Seduced Me - Harley Haze & Laney Grey - Study Session Massage

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Description: It's important to have breaks from studying, and adorable Indo-Caribbean teen Harley Haze got a stiff back, which is in desperate need of a massage. She politely asks her friend Laney Grey to give her one, if it's not too weird for her. Little did she know that her friend Laney is a lesbian and that...

New Sensations - Laney Grey - Laney's Accommodation Is Bigger Than Expected

File: puepknaneselangrefz5gc2qytm.mp4
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Duration: 23:35
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Description: When tired hotel guest Laney was finally in her room, she asked her Maitre d'hotel Milan to have a seat and accompany her for a few minutes so she could apologize for being a little agitated earlier. But when Laney began to make her move on him, he did not want to be unprofessional and tried to pass on her advances. Laney being turned on now asks Milan to help her break in the room and since her husband is no where around she was ready to show her appreciation, especially when she whipped out his big cock, her mouth and cheating married pussy could not be any happier as she tried to fit it down her throat and her tight little hot pussy enjoying every inch deep inside until Milan covered her bush full of cum., INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

My Babysitters Club - Laney Grey - Sticky Finger Babysitter

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Duration: 43:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Laney picks up a babysitting gig from Celtic Iron. Laney is hoping to make some extra money to buy her sister a birthday present, but when she notices the abundance of stuff Mr. Iron has, she figures he wont see if one or two toys go missing. But things go awry, and Laney gets caught in the act! Celtic Iron will forgive Laney and even let her keep the stolen items and a little extra cash if she can make things right.

Mommy's Girl - Cory Chase & Laney Grey - Stuck Snooping

File: x8a8tnamogicorlanou7hlbfysm.mp4
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Duration: 46:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cory Chase is convinced that her stepdaughter, Laney Grey, is sneaking her girlfriend into the house. Cory decides to get to the bottom of it by looking for evidence around the house. Cory soon searches under a sofa and triumphantly finds sexy women's underwear that clearly belongs to the girlfriend, but when Cory tries to get out from beneath the sofa, she realizes she's stuck!

Laney returns home moments later, finding Cory's lower half stuck out from beneath the sofa. Cory is sure she's been caught but, to Cory's surprise, Laney mistakes her for her girlfriend and starts becoming flirty. Cory's then shocked when Laney starts eagerly eating out her pussy, though Cory has to keep up the ruse to not give herself away. Despite her best efforts, Laney finally becomes suspicious and realizes it's been her own stepmom all along. After a heated confrontation, Laney insists that the only way she'll forgive Cory for her trickery is if they finish having sex!