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The Dick Suckers - Angel Youngs - Like a Fuckin' Popsicle!

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Description: Angel Youngs has a problem, and it's a big one oral fixation. Angel's a dick sucker, and her very favorite dick to suck is the one she's about to suck for the very first time. That's why Angel lives on those dating apps. You know...the ones where you swipe right! That's pretty much all Angel does. Swipe Right. Then, head over to the dude's place dressed like a slut with one goal -- make Dude nut. Angel will use use wet, eager mouth to suck off her new friends. Miss Youngs is so slutty, a lot of times her tongue ends up deep in man ass. And if she really can't control herself? Then it goes up her cunt. One time. Just for that extra edge to produce the biggest cum blast!

Swallowed - Sera Ryder & Angel Youngs - Certified Dick Suckers

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Duration: 56:14
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Description: When you get two totally naughty dicksuckers like Angel Youngs Sera Ryder together, you get the blowjob of your life! They are so eager to stick their tongues up each others asses shove that dick to the backs of their throats. These girls choke on it, spit on it, drool on it take it to the head until theyre swapping cum in horny bliss!

Hoby Buchanon - Angel Youngs - 19 Year Old Wants Rough Sex

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Description: 19 year old big tits Angel Youngs came by to see Daddy in one of the year's best scenes to date. I start fucking her face, slap her and spit in her mouth. I fuck her face more and put her in a headlock, spit on her and slap her titties. I fuck her hard from behind and then stand on the couch and fuck her face and she eats my ass. She POV sucks my cock and says she wants more dick, I spit in her face, fuck it more and her pussy in various positions while I step on her head...

I put all of my fingers in her pussy then fuck her face and pussy more. I sit on her face then fuck her face in a standing 69. I flip her upside down on the couch, spit in her mouth and throat fuck her til she gags. I switch to POV for her face fuck training and figure 4 her head and she eats more ass. I pick her up in the air and pound her teen fuck box. Next I take her out by the pool for a surprise then I fuck her face hard in a laying 69. She rides my cock while I choke her then I put my finger in her ass and pound her hard. I fuck her more roughly on the bed in different positions then flip her upside down and fuck her face and tits. I try to blow my load inside her pussy but can't make it in time and it goes all over her tight pussy instead. Angel was a good girl for Daddy!

Devil's Film - Angel Youngs - She's More Stacked Than Her Mom!

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Duration: 44:13
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Description: Angel Youngs is frustrated as she goes over her math homework with her stepdad, Donnie Rock. Why does she have to learn something she's never going to use, anyway? Especially if she can just continue living with Donnie and her mom, Crystal Taylor?? Of course, Donnie doesn't think this is gonna happen, but it seems like his mind may be on more than just studying as he sneaks lustful glances at Angel's chest. When Angel catches him, she is amazed and amused, though then gets a sneaky idea. If Donnie finishes her homework, then she'll finish HIM!

But as they start fooling around, starting with a handjob, Crystal returns home. She's so caught up in starting the housework that she doesn't even notice what her sneaky daughter and husband are up to! But how long can Angel and Donnie escape her gaze as Angel pushes them even further?

NF Busty - Angel Youngs - Take It From Here

File: gdpjvnanfbuangyou8okssxb2lp.mp4
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Duration: 22:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: It's Angel Young's anniversary, and she has a bit of a surprise planned for her hubby. Decked out in sheer lingerie that really highlights her incredible body from her tits to her slim belly, Angel lays down to snap some naught selfies. She sends her photos to her husband, along with texts begging him to come home. Angel's husband bursts her bubble by telling her he has to work...

When Angel hears about her husband's plan, she is disappointed but open to taking care of her own needs. Slipping her hand between her thighs, she begins working herself towards a climax as she masturbates her tender clit. While Angel is diddling herself, her husband leaves his phone and walks away from his desk. Who should pick it up and see those naughty pictures but hubby's boss, Damon Dice who also happens to be Angel's ex boyfriend. Angel may not realize it, but she has just totally ignited an old flame.

Damon knows that Angel's husband will be working all night, so he takes it upon himself to go to Angel's home and take care of her himself. Although Angel is surprised to see Damon, she doesn't put up much resistance as he captures her lips in a searing kiss. They relocate to the bedroom as Damon sheds his top between kisses. He fills his palms with Angel's incredible breasts, kneading them and squeezing her nipples as he reacquaints himself with her stunning body.

Once Angel decides to commit, she doesn't look back. She lays Damon down on her marital bed and opens her mouth to start lapping at the tip. Her blowjob grows gradually hotter until she is full on deep throating Damon's hardon. Damon wants a taste, too, so Angel climbs on top of him and leans forward to create a lusty 69.

Since Angel is already on top, it's a simple thing for her to slide her thong to the side and scoot her hips forward so that she can fill herself up with his hardon. She throws her head back in delight as she rocks her hips. When Angel turns around for a cowgirl ride, Damon thumbs her clit to make sure that she cums nice and hard.

Laying Angel down, Damon takes it nice and slow as he lifts her thigh and slides on home. Their coupling has a feel of familiarity as he gives it to her in just the way he knows she likes. As Damon works his hips, he does his best to let Angel's moans guide his strokes.

Once Damon has brought Angel off once again, he urges her up onto her hands and knees. Doggy has always been one of Angel's favorites, so Damon isn't about to leave that off the menu. He dives deep, holding on to Angel's hips to steady himself as he fucks her. When he has left Angel quivering with one last orgasm, Damon pulls out and lets himself cum all over her ass. Their final kiss seals the renewal of their hotblooded affair

Perfect Fucking Strangers - Angel Youngs - Gets fucked by hotel staff after her breakup

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Duration: 47:57
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Format: mp4
Description: Angel Youngs is on a trip with the girls following her recent breakup. She has the room to herself for a while before her friend's get into town and she wants to be a little naughty. Now that she's finally single again she wants some random dick and she knows just where to get it. She asks the hotel to send up the cute towel boy she saw earlier. He stops by soon after to deliver towels and instead of a tip he gets to blast a load of hot jizz on Angel.

Family Swap - Angel Youngs & Katie Monroe - St Patricks Day With My Swap Family Gets Sexual

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Duration: 26:14
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Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Katie Monroe finds herself disappointed in her swap husband, Steve Holmes. Katie was hoping for a swap family that would be into swinging, but Steve is only interested in playing things straight. Katie's swap daughter and swap son, Angel Youngs and Kyle Mason, are at least on her side. The trio finally get their chance to go at it as a swap family on St. Patrick's Day when they decide to throw a party...

Steve comes out of his room dressed in conservative clothing, only to be greeted by Angel and Katie decked out in shamrock pasties and green thongs. Steve tries to lay down the law, but the girls are having none of it. They tell Steve to go get dressed in something fun or they'll just undress him themselves. Making good on their sexy promise, the girls cluster around Steve to relieve him of his clothes. He tries to argue at first, but when Angel opens wide and starts sucking her swap daddy off with Katie's help, his objections gradually die. With the girls both on their knees, it's a simple thing for Kyle to whip out his hardon and finally slide his dick into his swap sister's pussy the way he's been dreaming of doing.

Steve can tell when he's outvoted, and he finally relents and gives Katie what she needs. He pulls her into his lap, while Kyle sits down so that Angel can mirror the position. Rocking their hips together, the girls each ride a hardon facing frontwards and then with their tits pushed into their respective lover's faces. Next, Katie gets on her knees and Angel lays on her back so that their partners can go to town on their dripping twats as they exchange hot kisses. Next, Katie gets to sample Kyle's fuck stick while Steve enjoys some certified nubile teen pussy. The girls wind up on their backs as Steve pops, giving Angel a full load of cum. A moment later, Kyle blows his load as well, filling his swap mommy's pussy with the jizz she's been wishing for.

Property Sex - Angel Youngs - They're Just My Friends

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Duration: 39:40
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Description: After getting complaints from his other tenants, Chuck shows up at Angel Young's door to confront her. The neighbors tell Chuck that there is always loud noise at Angel's place, and many men come and go all the time, sometimes only for an hour. Angel is insistent that they are just her friends, while Chuck reminds her that her apartment is not a commercial location. Angel decides the best way to prove to Chuck what she is doing is to treat him like a friend, and she takes off her shirt to reveal big pierced boobs! Turning around, Angel pulls down her shorts to show Chuck her shaved pussy and then shakes her booty for him. Chuck fingers and licks Angel until she cums, then she deepthroats his cock. Angel rides Chuck's big dick reverse cowgirl and he spanks her big ass, then fucks her pussy missionary until he creampies her.

Rk Prime - Angel Youngs & Keely Rose - Two's Cumpany

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Duration: 39:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After finding her boyfriend Van Wylde fucking their roommate Angel Young in the shower, Keely Rose locks him out of the bathroom taking her own turn with Angel. Things get heated when Van barges in to confront them, but the lover's quarrel is settled with an enticing suggestion from Angel, a threesome.

My Girlfriend's Busty Friend - Angel Youngs - Angel Youngs Fucks Friends Man For Extra Pay

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Duration: 35:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Angel Youngs and her friend's man, Donny Sins, work together cleaning up houses. They find a dildo while cleaning out one house and it reminds Angel of how well she can titty fuck. Donny would love to see that so he promises his weeks pay in exchange for a show. Angel obliges but it gets Donny to hard to work, so he offers her a second weeks pay if Angel gives Donny some. Money is money so Angel drops to her knees and sucks on Donny's cock before riding it.

Nympho - Angel Youngs - Angel Youngs Is A Natural Nympho

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Duration: 57:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Angel Youngs 1st time here at Nympho is a devilish good time! Shes got big, floppy, naturals she likes it rough, wet wild. This deep-voiced slut loves deep poundings bouncing on the cock as hard as she can. Like a true nympho, she gives us boobjob, blowjob, squirting more!