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Japan Hdv - Marina Aoyama - Must Service And Angry Client When Her Office Screws Up

File: 4t7yznajahdmaraoytum8b7eiye.mp4
Size: 831.02 MB
Duration: 14:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marina Aoyama is an office girl who is often sent to clients when the someone in the office has screwed up. As a girl who works in the office she has no idea she was going to be the one who had to go around and clean up the messes of the workers each time they screwed up a clients order. Marina Aoyama is good at her job though. She knows how to talk to the client and make him understand that it was a mistake from someone in her office and it wont happen again. The client is usually not satisfied with just an apology a they feel the infraction was too large. That is why Marina Aoyama is also an expert at sucking cock. She has this skill that she can use when the client is still not pleased after she bows and grovels and apologizes on behalf of her office co-worker. Marina Aoyama knows that a good cock sucking can be used on the client and a big mistake can be forgiven and forgotten if the cock is sucked properly. The clients are usually surprised at this method of atonement but while performing the cock sucking the clients usually have a visible change of attitude as they look down and see Marina with her blouse unbuttoned and thier cock deep in her mouth. She does such a nice job of kneeling down and slipping that cock in they hardly notice when she unbuttons her blouse to show some cleavage. Today the client is quite pleased with Marina as she sucks on his cock. He unloads all his cum in her mouth and makes her show him her mouthful of his cum. This was very satisfying but he feels that the infraction was so great that although this service was wonderful it was not enough.

Japan Hdv - Mio Ozora - Waitress Is Convinced To Make A Porn Video While At Work

File: uu7sunajahdmioozofpkrn5xxui.mp4
Size: 3.40 GB
Duration: 01:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You know when you frequent the same restaurant you notice the waitresses there. And while you enjoy your food you sometimes wonder what it would be like to fuck one of them. Mio Ozora is a waitress at a small place and has some regulars that are very interested in seeing what she is like after hours so to speak. They bring in their camera and pretend to be doing a video of restaurants and reviewing them. Their actual goal is to take a nude video of this lovely waitress. They let her know that she could make a lot of money with them if she agrees to do some videos with them nude. She is reluctant but these two are experts in convincing hot ladies to let them explore their bodies. Such is the case here as Mio is slowly convinced to show them her underwear. And then from there she is convinced to let them slip a vibrator into her panties to get her pussy wet. They let her sit there with this sex toy stimulating her for some time before they decide to continue on, and they do this when she is more ready to show more of her sexy body. Since this sex toy has been stimulating her clit for so long she is now ready to let them explore more of her body and suck on her tits. Mio has a lovely set of breasts and once they are out and being sucked on she is more than ever ready to go further and take off more of her clothes. With each removal they are closer to their goal of getting her naked and enjoying every inch of her lovely body. It does not take long before she is at their will and her panties are off and they are looking at her lovely hairy pussy. What a delightful pussy Mio has and they go go work on it some more with the vibrator and slide it in that lovely hair pie. Mio is such a delight and when she sits on the table and spreads her legs and lets them in, she sighs with pleasure at being stimulated and excited by them. It is not long before she has a cock in her mouth and then from there a cock in her pussy as she lays back on the breakfast table with her legs spread.

Japan Hdv - Mirai Aoyama - We Have A Magic Mirror

File: 3ltoanajahdmiraoy35nf3rkf5x.mp4
Size: 2.43 GB
Duration: 42:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mirai Aoyama is always such a good sport. We had a fun time with her earlier in the make up room as she got ready for todays video shoot. We did not tell her much about what we would be doing, we just mentioned an abandoned building and a mirror. This got her very excited. She imagined what we were talking about but could not have imagined what would be happening to her. As she enters the space today she notices the bed and the mirror over it and the large hole on the bottom. She has no idea what it will be used for. She also has no idea we have called a whole group of horny men to the shoot today to help us out with our new fun toy. It is called a magic mirror as Mirai puts her head through it and can not see what is happening to her body on the other side. She just knows that someone starts to touch her. And then she realizes that there are more than one set of hands that are touching her and she realizes this is going to be a gang bang of her pussy as a group of men are going to go to work on her sexy body as she lays on the bed with her head on the other side not seeing what is happening. Our group of men begin by using their hands to explore the body of Mirai and they then bend over and start to use their tongues on her licking her sexy body and tasting her delicious sweat. These men are all hungry and are anxious to take Mirai. They pull off her panties and spread her legs and start to explore her pussy as they spread it open. Mirai has the pinkest pussy that all the men seem to want to take a lick of. It seems the whole group of men take their turn licking her pussy juice as she lays restrained on the bed. The gentlemen take out a sex toy to stimulate her pussy and get it ready for the pounding that is to come. This whole group of men all take turns using Mirais pussy and enjoying it as they each stick their cocks inside her and pound her pretty pussy. Mirai of course moans out loud as these men fill her with their semen. What a fun magic mirror as Mirai gets fucked time and time again. We even have Mirai get in doggy position to allow some men to fuck her doggy style. This was a great shoot you re going to want to watch.

Japan HDV - Ann Takase - Meets An Old Male Adult Video Star She Knows Well And Fucks Him

File: isfgwnajahdanntakwsx6o86gob.mp4
Size: 1.86 GB
Duration: 32:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We all have our favorite porn stars. Well, porn stars also have their favorite porn stars. Today Ann Takase told us who hers is and we are very excited to bring you both of them together. Ann is at home and we barged in on her and had some fun with her as we brought one of her biggest fans to meet her. She treated him royally and sucked and tittied fucked him and he took all of her sweet pussy like a pro. Since Ann is a famous Adult Video actress we decided that pairing her with another pro after giving her an amateur to suck on would be a nice contrast. Ann is in her pink see through bikini and looks amazing. Our male adult star enters the scene and Ann is visibly excited to see him. They have worked together before and Ann really enjoyed the time they spent together. He explored her pussy and she had his cock in her mouth and she enjoyed the sex scenes with him as he really pleasured her with his cock. Today he is back and he brought his cock with him and he has told us he will do it again. The two start out with some heavy petting and some French kissing. We are excited to watch as he explores her body and moves and around so he can check out her pussy that he missed so much. This is a delightful reunion of these two adult stars and we are lucky to be here for it. Ann has such a fuckable body it is all we can do from jumping in the scene and sticking a finger in her pussy or pulling out out cock as she spreads her legs open and gets her pussy fingered and licked and sucked on. This video is most special as we get a great view of Ann having her pussy licked and spread wide and we see how lovely and pink her pussy is. Ann does a nice scene as well as she sucks down his cock and really takes it all in her mouth and down her throat.

Japan HDV - Satomi Nagase - Becomes A Porn Actress Today On Her First Av Shoot

File: hwmltnajahdsatnagyuqlhymfgj.mp4
Size: 2.45 GB
Duration: 43:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Satomi Nagase has passed the interview and we are anxious for her to start in her new profession as an adult video actress. Satomis mother is still with us and she is so happy for her daughter to realize all her dreams and become an AV actress. She watches with pride as her daughter is introduced to a very famous male lead. He brings out some bondage equipment for her to put on as we are going to be starting our first shoot with her and it is time she learned what it is like to be on a real porn shoot with a real actor. She gets a ball gag put in her mouth and a chain around her neck and she is led around the room like an animal. This is going to be a bondage shoot and her first so she is really thrown into the deep end on this new profession she has chosen. She gets her hands cuffed and is hung from the ceiling as she is told what she needs to say and beg for in this bondage video. Our actor is tough on her and makes sure that she obeys his commands and does as he says as he pleasures himself with her body. Satomi has an amazing body and her tits are huge. It is time for her nipples to be rubbed and grabbed as our actor takes them in his hands and squeezes them and pulls at them and gets off touching her body. He then turns his focus to her pussy as he spreads she legs and opens her pussy lips to show the camera to see how wet her pussy is. We can see clearly that her pussy is very wet as she begs for our male lead to play with her pussy. Satomi gets unchained and now it is time to use some sex toys on her pussy. Our actor spends the next hour grabbing and touching and probing her body and enjoying her hot young body as we film him entering her mouth and pussy with his hard cock in many positions. This was the first of many shoots we hope to have with this new porn starlet.

Japan Hdv - Shizuku Hutaba - Goes Out For A Run And Cheats On Her Husband With Three Men

File: gefddnajahdshihuto67wcagxty.mp4
Size: 3.76 GB
Duration: 01:06:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Shizuku Hutaba knows that as you get older you should take care of yourself and your body watching what you eat and making sure you exercise. Shizuku likes to go for runs in the morning to exercise. This helps her feel better about herself as she stays in shape. Shizuku has an amazing body and she wants to keep in shape by exercising. Today she is out for a run and getting all sweaty but it seems she has twisted her ankle and might need some help. Luckily for her a few guys run by that can help her up and take her to a nearby apartment where they can let her rest and massage her sprained ankle. This sounds great to Shizuku as she really can not walk and a massage might help her as one of the men is a trained therapist. While getting her leg massaged she notices that this man has a hard on. She happened to have her leg in his lap and while rubbing her leg she stimulated his cock. She is turned on by this and takes off her jacket to show off her huge tits as she does not wear a bra when she runs because it hurts her. The men become very interested in her big tits and begin touching them. Shizuku is quite surprised by all this and realizes that she is alone with two men who are giving her a lot of attention and they both have hard cocks from looking at her and touching her. This is going to lead to her being a cheating wife she is sure of it. Shizuku spends the next hour with these gentleman as they grope and fondle her and fuck her lovely pink pussy. In fact while she is there another man comes over to join in so she has three swinging dicks to play with.

Japan Hdv - Mirai Aoyama - Shows Off Her Cock Sucking Skills While Using A Vibrator.

File: i8w7cnajahdmiraoykwh5fivjia.mp4
Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 20:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mirai Aoyama has some of the greatest tits we have ever had in our hands. As far as AV actress go, Mirai Aoyama has some of the best boobs ever. We surprise her today back in the makeup room. She looks great and is always fun to interact with. She is playful and lots of fun. We have her slip a remote controlled vibrator in her pussy for the interview with us today so we can click it when we like to stimulate her lovely pussy. While talking to her she tells us she loves animals and her favorite position is being on top when fucking. We have a fun interview with her today that you are going to watch as she describes her first sexual encounter she had as a high school student. We tease and play with her threatening to leave the vibrator button on and vibrate her inner pussy during the whole afternoon we have scheduled with her. After a while we ask her to check her pussy to see how wet it is from all the stimulation we have been giving her with our remote control. Mirai pulls down her panties and shows us her pussy as she spreads her legs and we can confirm our little vibrator did its job well and her pussy is indeed wet and glistening from all the pussy juice she has. Mirai does have a lovley pink pussy and we ask her to go to work on it with our vibrator. She lifts her legs and starts to massage her clit with the vibrating machine and she is moaning and shrieking with the pleasure her pussy is feeling from our little machine. She looks so good one of our staff gets his hard cock out and puts it in her face to tempt her. She loves looking at a hard cock and as it is right next to her face she takes it in and enjoys some face fucking while she pleasures herself with the vibrator. She gets a mouthful of hot cum for her efforts.

Japan Hdv - Ann Takase - Gets To Meet A Fan In Her Home Today To Suck And Fuck

File: apnhunajahdanntakvfdmkjv7v5.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 29:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In Japan AV actresses are revered. They become famous and are very sought after as TV hostess and personalities. They are not shunned and marginalized. So, today we have miss Ann Takase who is an adult video actress in Japan and we have surprised her by coming to her home to do some filming. Normally she would come to us but today we wanted to show what it is like for a fan of hers to enjoy some time with her in her own surroundings. Ann Takase is very sought after in the adult industry. Ann is sexy and young and has a very unique look to her. Ann is not your typical waif of an AV actress but has a full figure and is super sexy. She is a new kind of AV idol as she has a real ass on her, one that you can grab a hold of when you are sliding your cock inside of her. She has a great set of tits as well that are not your typical tiny Japanese tits. We are back in her room today and have brought a long a fan of hers to meet her and of course our guys with their cameras so we can film the fan encounter. We are very happy to chat with Ann as well during our time with her in her room. She explains why she became an AV actress. In her real life she was not able to have the kind of sexual encounters she wanted, so she decided in this profession she could have the threesomes and orgies and wild sex she craved. Today she has a fan in her room and she gets to show us her skills she has acquired as an AV actress. Those include sucking and fucking. We are all here for it and the lucky fan gets his dream come true with Ann Takase today.

Japan HDV - Marica Hase - To Europe To Play With Us And Gets Fucked In The Garden

File: 2euofnajahdmarhash3r7qvw5m7.mp4
Size: 3.62 GB
Duration: 01:03:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marica is in Europe. This is so exciting for everyone as she has wanted to come to visit and now she is here. This is a fun interview with Marica and she talks about her life and how she enjoys being a porn actress. She loves her life and is quite happy to be known as a porn star. Marica has worked all over the world and she loves to role play and enjoys her job but is not so fond of prying journalists asking about her private life. She is outside today for our shoot and she loves the outdoors and is excited to be shooting in Europe. Marica is having so much fun on the shoot today she is not sure if it is a documentary about her life or if the other actors on the set are there to role play with her. Her male counterpart decides to treat her like a mother figure and asks her to treat him like a young man. This quickly devolves into a fun time and some fun play between the two. They get into it right away and outside as well. He kisses her lightly and then more deeply as his hands start to roam around her body. He kisses her with his tongue as his hands move to her breasts and he caresses them over her bright spring dress. He is very horny as he pulls at her dress and lifts it to reveal that our horny Marica is not wearing any panties. What a sexy pussy is revealed and just as we remembered it, her pussy is cleanly shaved and looks lovely. Even though we are outside his hands reach up to pull her dress up and his hands are all over her breasts and naked body. Marica is as sexy and glowing as ever and all we can do is dream wishing that were our hands that were all over her naked body. Marica has the most lovely tits and watching them being rubbed and grabbed is making all of us hard. This is such a fantastic video documentary of Marica getting fucked and sucked outside for her porn shoot in Europe. This is fucking and sucking and we get a great view of our actor sucking and licking and playing with her amazing pussy. Marica is so good we want to eat all of her up.

Japan Hdv - Maki Koizumi - Works As Cleaning Staff And Fucks A Man In A Public Toilet

File: mhnaknajahdmakkoixosv4qlhac.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 34:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maki Koizumi knows she has an amazing body. She has a set of tits that are huge and she can use them to get what she wants normally. She decides that since she has this man alone and back there in the bathroom she is going to use her time wisely and not just get him off but make sure she gets off herself. She watched this gentleman enter the rear bathroom of the theater where she works and went back to seduce him. She had his cock in her mouth in a matter of minutes. She teased him with her tits and rubbing her ass up against him. This all was too much for him so he pulled out his cock and started jerking off right there in front of her. She made sure he enjoyed his visit to the theater that day by sucking him off and letting him unload all his hot cum in her mouth. Now that he had his pleasure, she wants to make sure she gets off as well. She sits in a booth and does a little show for him to get him hard. She takes off her clothes and starts to rub all her body to get all warmed up. She is horny from his cock in her mouth and now she wants her own pussy pleasured. She pulls out a sex toy and has him watch as she spreads open her pussy and masturbates for him. She has one hand on her boobs squeezing her amazing tits and the other on her dildo working away on her pussy. Now that she has climaxed her guest is interested in groping her and getting some of that pussy himself. He has her in his mouth in a second and starts working on her body with his own mouth. He wants to fuck her now. She makes sure he is hard enough and sucks on his cock some and then he finally gets to enter her wet pussy. He rides her until he comes again.

Japan HDV - Akari Asayiri - Gets Out Of The Rain At Her Son’s Friends House And Fucks Him

File: 5ilyknajahdakaasaojjjrki1lu.mp4
Size: 3.73 GB
Duration: 01:05:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Akari Asayiri was out shopping today and got caught in a rainstorm. The rain came down so fast and unexpectedly that she got drenched and wet through and through. She had to take refuge somewhere so she knocked on a door of a friend that lives on that street. It is also her sons friends house. Akaris friend was not home as she was also out shopping but her son opened the door to her and let her in to wait out the rain. She uses the towels to dry off but is so wet she wants to take off her clothes to dry her body. Her friends son takes some peeks at her as she disrobes and she looks amazing to be his moms friend. How can she be this hot and so much older than him? Akari is wearing some black panties and a matching bra and looks sexy as hell and even all wet she looks like a million bucks. Akari is rather turned on at the attention she is getting from her sons friend. She decides since he is that interested in her that he must think she is quite sexy and she decides to see how much he is willing to do by teasing him some. She touches him asking about his workout regime. His cock is getting hard. She can see that being so close to him is turning him on. She decides to go a step further with this young man and put his hand on her breast. Akari is feeling horny so takes off her top and lets him grope her and enjoy her tits. He has his hands all over her and she is so turned on.

From there Akari starts kissing him and then goes down to suck on his cock. She decides that since she has him there and no one is home but him she is going to give her sons friend the afternoon of his life and fuck his brains out.

Japan HDV - Maki Koizumi - Jumps On Men In A Public Bathroom To Suck Them Off

File: nuu1hnajahdmakkoiufpxcdghfl.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 23:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maki Koizumi works as cleaning staff at a movie theater and she loves to wait for men to enter the restroom in the back so she can hunt them down and tease and tempt them. They think she is just there to clean the restroom when she is really there to watch them pull their dicks out and then rub up against them with her ass as they try to pee. Maki makes sure to wear no bra and have her uniform unbuttoned so that they can get a great view of her lovely tits as she leans over and sweeps and mops the floor. Today Maki has found the last customer has entered the restroom in the back in the small theater so she goes back to tempt him to see if he will make any advances when she teases him with her hot tits and a rub of her nice ass. He can not pee when she is there and Maki is obviously watching his cock as he tries. She is going to get him hard as she leans over and insists that he not be bothered by her as she mops the floor but her tits look so lovely as she bends over and she is too cute so there is little this unsuspecting man can do but hold on to his cock and watch as she moves around him trying to catch a glimpse of his dick as she pretends to clean. This is too much of him and he just starts jerking off watching her. This is her cue to reach over and help him with his cock as he jerks himself off and she leans in and sucks him and helps him jerk off. She lets him titty fuck those amazing tits as well and finally just pulls his cock into her mouth and sucks him until he unloads all his cum into her pretty mouth. She shows him how much cum he blew as she spits it in her hand. Maki sure got him off making this the best public bathroom visit of his life.

Japan Hdv - Yuna Shirosaki - Goes Undercover To Catch A Spy And She Uses Her Pussy To Do It

File: el8j4najahdyunshiaeskyd2sdb.mp4
Size: 3.04 GB
Duration: 53:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yuna Shirosaki is a police officer that at times has to go undercover. She is on a case here that requires that she get close to a man suspected of corporate espionage. She dresses up in her pretty top and skirt and goes to a bar to find him. Yuna knows to get the info she needs she is going to have to get very close to him to see if he is indeed a spy. After he buys her a few drinks in a bar he invites her to a nearby hotel to hang out. Yuna is eager to get the info so she allows him to seduce her. They enter the hotel room and he is all over her as she looks so hot in her tight skirt. He wastes no time in grabbing at her body and kissing her getting her ready for some spying on what she has under her bra and panties. Yuna takes her job very seriously and she allows him to take off her clothes and grope her naked body. She has a cute bra and matching panties on and this gentleman pushes her panties aside so he can get a better look at her pretty pink Japanese pussy. He fingers her hole and it looks so inviting he reaches down and spreads open her pussy lips. He licks them and plays with her lips and sticks his tongue deep in her pussy hole. He then takes off her panties and bra and slides his cock in her. He fucks her and unloads all his cum into her pussy. She enjoys his cock and gets every inch of it in her but then he gives her a sex toy to use on herself while he watches and enjoys her getting off for him. In the end, maybe the sex was gratuitous as she already has the info she needed to know he was a spy. Maybe Yuna just needed a good fucking and thought he could provide one.

Japan Hdv - Haruna Ueda - Gets A Free Acting Lesson From An Online Ad She Has Responded To

File: yizaenajahdharuedpqcacd3fie.mp4
Size: 3.31 GB
Duration: 58:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haruna Ueda is a lovely young Japanese housewife. She has seen an online ad for a free acting lesson. She is not an actress but would like to try as it has been a passion of hers and since she is always bored at home with a husband that is always away she has decided that she would like to try. Her instructor has a script written by a student and they will try acting it out and he will teach Haruna how to act. When Haruna reads the script she thinks it is a bit awkward as the character she is to portray is a prostitute. Her acting coach reassures her this is quite common as there are so many roles that can be played now a days with erotic anime games. Haruna agrees and they begin the free acting lesson as her coach explains how to deliver the lines. Her coach decides that she is not in the right mood for this dialogue and tries to set the mood for the scene as he comes up behind her and wraps his hands around her and grabs her chest. He massages her tits as she delivers the lines about her pussy being so wet. Her coach continues to play with her tits and begins kissing her neck and ears. He is really setting the mood for this drama and urges her to continue while he kisses her neck and grabs her boobs getting her nipples hard through her sweater. The lines are perfect for him as she reads them aloud talking about her soft breasts and her wet pussy. Her coach is such a professional he helps act out the entire scene as he begins to disrobe Haruna as he paws away at her lovely body. She has a great set of tits and a lovely ass. He fingers her pussy from behind and has her suck on his cock. He continues to urge her own to get more into the role as he slides his cock inside her pussy to demonstrate what his character would do to her pussy. What a great free education Haruna is getting in the world of acting.

Japan Hdv - Ako Nishino - Is In Her Kimono While Each Of Her Former School Classmates Fucks Her

File: 44cssnajahdakonis8ohz6iass6.mp4
Size: 2.33 GB
Duration: 41:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ako Nishino is being blackmailed. After a school class reunion some former classmates and her old teacher were at her home a little drunk. One of her classmates found her bag of sex toys. Ako was very embarrassed and begged the group of friends not to tell the other classmates. Ako is quite shy and didnt want all her old friends to know that she loves to use sex toys on her pussy and masturbate when she is home alone. The group of friends decide that they will keep her secret. But they also decide that she must compensate them for this. They want her to show them how she uses her sex toys on herself. She agrees and while she has a muscle massager working on her pussy one of her friends starts to pull down her kimono so he can massage her tits. Another friend decides he wants a closer look at her pussy and spreads her legs wide. This emboldens all the other friends and they start to pull out their cocks and jerk off as they watch their old classmate masturbate for them. They decide since their cocks are out and hard that it would be nice if Ako gave them all hand jobs and suck on their cocks as well. This has turned into a real orgy as Ako tries to take care of all the cocks she has thrust in front of her face. Ako really seems to be enjoying this as well as she slides one cock after the other down her throat. Of course now even the teacher is in on the action and he wants to slide his own cock into her pretty pink pussy. What a delight for her to get so much attention from her old classmates. She handles all of their cocks like a pro as they take turns getting sucked and then fucking Ako.

Japan HDV - Kisa Azumane - Invites Two Men Back To Her Office To Get Them Interested In Sex

File: n9gjgnajahdkisazubugmvghriv.mp4
Size: 3.42 GB
Duration: 01:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: News Announcer Kisa Azumane turned politician is asking all Japanese to do their part to help with the decline in population. These two guys are just not interested in relationships and marriage so they tell her, no way. She takes them back to her office to chat about this issue and she explains to them that if sex were not so troublesome to get would they be more interested in fucking. These boys are very happy to hear what she has to say and she grabs their hands and uses them to rub her big tits. These two young men more and sorta got what they came for. Kisa kisses them and gets them horny and shows them how easy it is to get naked and enjoy some coitus. She asks both of them to get naked and she allows both these young men to spend the afternoon enjoying her body. She is very lovey and Kisa has the sweetest pussy. The gentlemen spread her legs and go to work rubbing her pussy hole. They are both quite excited that this hot sexy lady has brought them back to her office and she is allowing them to explore her body and enjoy some time rubbing her pussy. They really do rub her pussy right as she moans with pleasure as they spread her hole and finger her clit and enjoy an afternoon with this hot Japanese lady. They ask about sticking their fingers inside her and she agrees but only one at a time. They love the smell and feel of her pussy so they both go down on her licking that hot pink Japanese pussy hole and giving it a tongue bath. She is the hottest woman and they bring out some vibrators to use to get her wetter and hornier.

Japan Hdv - Yui Misaki - Has A Voyeur That Jumps In And Gives Her The Cock She Wants

File: qs6xnnajahdyuimisusopzr8hhr.mp4
Size: 2.16 GB
Duration: 38:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When we last saw Yui Misaki she was at home alone taking care of her sexual needs alone. Unbeknownst to her a workman was watching her as she spent some alone time with her dildo. She was enjoying her pussy with her sex toy as a workman watched her whole show from the open curtains. This surely was the greatest day of that workmans life as he watch her get off by herself. He had never seen such a pink pussy and was amazed that here was the most lovely of girls fingering herself right there as he went about his work on her apartment building. When she finally climaxed he could no longer contain himself and jumped in through the window. He made an excuse that he had some papers for her to see for the work that he had done but she seems to have seen through this excuse and allows him to stay in her apartment. Although she had already climaxed she could still use the touch of a man on her naked body. The workman was more than eager to explore her body and jumps at the chance to take off her clothes and rub his hands all over her. Yui has a great set of tits and a juicy pink pussy that is so lovely that once you are near it you could not control yourself and not reach out and touch. The workman is so horny for her but he takes his time exploring her pussy and making sure she is ready for some fucking that he plans on giving her. He has her climax with his fingers. He then tells her to get on top of him and he slides his cock inside her wet pussy. This is the workmans best day on his job ever. Fucking Yui was such a delight. He hopes he can come and work on this apartment building every day.

Japan HDV - Sayokyoku Michiko - Is A Lonely Housewife So The Deliveryman Fucks Her

File: gvpjanajahdsaymickrlozfpmsb.mp4
Size: 3.22 GB
Duration: 56:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sayokyoku Michiko is a lovely Japanese housewife. She stays home everyday while her husband is at work and cleans and takes care of the house. That is her job and she enjoys it. She does her best to keep the house clean and she feel very comfortable at home alone every day but she sometimes feels lonely. Today while cleaning she is wearing her t-shirt braless and some tight white very short shorts. The doorbell rings and she opens it to find a delivery man who notices how sexy she looks and can not help himself but want to reach out and grab her. The deliveryman has guessed correctly and knows that she is looking for some attention as she is a lonely Japanese housewife and has not had a cock in her for some time as her husband is too busy at work every day. What he decides to do is come in and giver her the pleasure she is seeking from a man. A deliveryman knows what a typical Japanese housewife is missing as he meets them every day on his job visiting the houses of Japanese women who are at home alone all day. Sayokyoku will not admit what she wants at first but once he brings her to the bed and begins to finger fuck Sayokyoku it is clear she wanted a man to suck and lick her lonely Japanese pussy. The deliveryman opens up her pussy and massages it and fingers it and licks it to pleasure Sayokyoku. He takes his time making sure her pussy is really worked over with his fingers and his tongue. He strips off all her clothes and massages her tits and then takes off his own clothes so she can suck on his cock. She is hungry for cock and she enjoys sucking and licking his cock and balls. This whole afternoon turns into a fuckfest that she enjoys while he fucks and sucks her lonely pussy.

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Description: This is going to be fun. One of the most favorite series we have is the Share My Girlfriend day. We get couples in and ask the man if he would share his lovely girlfriend with out team. We also has the girlfriend if she would be amenable to sucking a few of our cocks. We are really great at making the couples feel at ease and comfortable with our team. This helps them decide if they would like to engage in an orgy with us. We dont care too much about the male but if the girl is hot, then fuck we want that couple to slide right in and let us engage in the most dirty vile sucking and fucking session we can come up with. Kana is hot and we want her! She is nineteen years old and she is so shy. We introduce our actor to the couple so they can get to know him some and chat a bit. This helps the couple feel safe and secure. Today we are all set up for the couple so we were all hoping they gave the A-OK so we could get into Kana. They say they will do it so we introduce them to the sex toys we will be using on her. This is going to be fun! Look at her lovely face. And with her boyfriend sitting there the whole time we play with her. It is such a turn on to stick your tongue inside a hot wet pussy when the guy who should be doing it is watching you. Kana was such a joy. All of us wanted to get it on with her. We hope that she enjoyed it enough that she wants to come back and let us get another look at her inner pussy as we lay her back and spread open her legs and dive into her pink Japanese pussy. She really was licked and sucked and nibbled at all afternoon. We could not get enough of her delicious body and cute face. What a wonderful place to hide a cock, deep inside her as she moans and pants and her boyfriend watches the whole ordeal.

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Description: If you were sick in the hospital and needed mending wouldnt it be nice to have a nurse that cared for you and made sure all your needs were met? Today we have Yui Nozomi as a hospital nurse checking on a patient. She had noticed him before and thought he was quite handsome. Yui thought the best medicine could be administered at night when everyone was sleeping. She could sneak into his room and make sure that this sick patient had a nice time with her mouth all over him. When she opens the curtains she finds him awake. She asks how he is feeling and she can see that he is happy to see her. He is instantly aroused at her being in his room late at night and looking so lovely. Yui sits on the bed and reaches down and pulls up his clothes to lick his nipples. She plays with him and then pulls the blanket off to use her feet and rub his cock through his underwear. She is not shy and lifts her uniform to show him her cute white panties as she continues to play with his cock with her feet. She decides to give him a show and pulls her panties up tight so he can see her pussy. His cock is rock hard so she decides to lean over and take it in her mouth. Yui sucks on his cock as he reaches down to grab her tits. He wants her naked so she unbuttons her uniform and lets him reach inside and play with her nipples. Her tits are out now and he pulls Yui up so he can suck on her nipples as she straddles him. Now he wants her nude so she pulls down her panties and uniform and lays back on the bed to show him her pussy. She is wet and she lifts her leg so he can see deep inside her. What a lovely meaty pussy she has and he reaches down to play with it. He wants it in his mouth so he turns over and spreads her legs to eat her out. She climaxes with his tongue inside her and now she is wanting his cock in her mouth again. Yui is sucking him off and now wants him inside her so she reaches down and guides his cock inside her. She bounces up and down on him enjoying his cock as it penetrates her deeply. He wants to try some new positions as well and he takes her doggy style before he finally lays her back and unloads all his cum inside her to give her a nice creampie.

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Description: Our expert apologist has blown the angry client. Maiko has sucked all the cum she could out of his balls. She has licked and sucked on his ass and jerked him off. Maiko has taken off his clothes and given him a tongue bath. She has satisfied this client sexually to change his mind about the problem that has arisen between their companies. Now he has rested a bit she continues to lick him and grope his cock. He is now hard again as he sits up and reaches for her tits as she unbuttons her blouse. Maiko helps the client by lifting her bra and allowing him to lick and suck on her nipples. He has his hands all over her slender body as she jerks off his cock. If this client is go forgive her company for their mistake he is going to want more than a blow job. He reaches down between her legs and rubs her pussy through her panties. He is now wanting her pussy so Maiko slips off her pantyhose so he can get a better feel of her pussy. She sucks on his fingers as he reaches into her panties and plays with her pussy. He wants to slide one in and she is now wet enough that he can penetrate her with his fingers easily. Maiko sits back on the chair, leans back and opens her legs so he can finger her properly. She moans with pleasure as his finger slides in and out of her wet pussy. What a lovely sight for the client to see her spread open like this and panting from the finger fuck he is giving her. He wants her in his mouth so he reaches down and slides his tongue inside her. She tastes so delicious he pulls her on top of him so she can sit on his face and jerk him off as well. Maiko can sense he wants more so she mounts his cock, guiding it into her pussy. He gives her a nice fuck and she makes sure that she is loud and clear with her moaning as she slides up and down on his cock.

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Description: When we last saw Misaki she was sucking some hard cock. She had her husband in mind when he asked her to suck him off after dinner. She was not going to fuck but he insisted that she come closer to him so he could feel her body. He got his cock hard and he wanted her to suck him off. She is a good Japanese housewife and of course allowed him inside her mouth. She let him know that she needed a fuck but after he blew his cum in her mouth all he wanted to do was sleep. So, being the smart Japanese housewife that she is she let him sleep. She went and showered and got dressed up and went to pay a visit to a friend. This friend would not deny her when she asked to be fucked. After she arrives at his place, she is told that she will indeed be fucked and that he has invited a few friends over to help him get her what she needs. She is quite eager to meet them and the other two men there are eager to get a piece of her. Misaki looks fantastic and she is wearing something special under her dress. She has a sexy pair of leopard print thong panties. Misaki does not resemble the shy quiet housewife as we saw her last. She is horny and sexy and is a fuckable sex toy you would find out any late night at a club. The men get to work on her taking off her clothes and groping her and kissing her beautiful body. This sexy Japanese angel is enjoying all the attention and can not wait to have a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. She has desires that need fulfilling and she is here to be ravished and taken and fucked so she can climax. The men have even brought along some sex toys to stimulate that lovely clean shaven pussy of hers. What a fun night she is having with all those cocks all over her.

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Description: Rei Kitajima loves to visit her neighbors and drop off food that she makes. Today she stops by her neighbors house with something delicious she has cooked up for him. Rei pushes her way into Tatsuyas apartment and sits down as she prods him to try the food. Rei is wearing her most revealing top today as she wants to be sure that her new neighbor sees as much of her tits as he can to be sure he imagines how she would look naked. Rei then begins the art of seducing him as she has an interest in getting some of that hard cock deep inside her if she can...

Tatsuya has never had a woman before and Rei is going to make sure that this first time for him is wonderful. Rei knows that her body is awesome and unmatched as she has a huge set of tits and a long pair of legs that end up in a fabulous ass. Rei gets him so hard she can see it through his pants and her next goal is to get him to drop his pants so she can pull out his cock and get a good sucking of his cock. Rei has imagined this for some time as she has wanted her new neighbor since the first time she saw him when he moved in. Tatsuya does not need much prompting to start sucking on her tits and touching her pussy through her panties. Rei has a wonderful hairy pussy that is getting wetter as he touches her and rubs her clit. She moans with pleasure as he works away at her pussy. This is too much for Rei and she leans over and takes his dick in her mouth to slurp up as much of it as she can in her hungry mouth. Rei decides that she needs more of his tongue and has him lay down and suck on her pussy while she hops up and down on his face for a nice face fucking. She wants his cock in her deep and decides it is time to jump on and ride him.

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Description: Our office girl today is Maiko Sargimi. She is great at fixing issues that arise with customers. In fact when there is an issue that needs resolving the boss sends her in to do the formal apology. The boss knows that anyone angry with any screw up will soon forgive their company and continue on in their business relationship. Today she is on her knees again, bowing and apologizing for a new screw up. That does not seem to be enough for this customer though and he wants more. What she has is a lot to give but this is not what he expected. She will change his frown to a smiley face though with her hands and mouth. Leave it to her to be alone in a room with an angry customer to change his mind about suing the company. First she will rub up against the client and get him excited. She goes for his cock right away and rubs him through his pants and protestations. Then she will kiss him while groping his cock and lifting her skirt to rub herself all over him. She unbuttons his shirt and licks his nipples. He is hard so she will continue to rub his cock until she can un fasten his belt and unzip his pants to unleash his hard cock. She takes his cock and slides it in her mouth while looking up at the client in his eyes. She wants him to know that she will allow him to do anything to her if he will but forgive their company for the mistake. By this time the client has given in and all he wants to do is get Maiko naked and grab her tits and suck on them. Maiko is such a cock sucking expert she will have his balls in her mouth as well and bend him over to give his ass a very good cleaning with her mouth. What joy the client experiences while getting his ass licked and cock jerked off by this most excellent of apologists.

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Description: Our housewife today is Misaki Yoshimura. She is a sweet girl who always takes care of her husband. He comes home from work and Misaki is there to greet him and take his bag and jacket and put them away. She has dinner prepared for him when he arrives and he is fed well. What a wonderful Japanese housewife she is. After dinner when he is hungry for something else to eat and he pulls her in she accepts his advances and allows him to enjoy her sweetness. Her husband is somewhat of a lazy man though and poor Misaki gets tired of always being there for him when she also has wants and desires. He likes to pull out his cock and get a good sucking after dinner. Sometimes she protests that she has to clean the kitchen or that she has not yet showered. But she is a good Japanese housewife and quickly gives in. This evening he has finished his dinner and now he is hungry for something else. He wants some of sweet pussy and her hot sexy mouth. He pulls her close and grabs her tits and unbuttons her blouse so he can rub her nipples. What a joy it is for him play with her tits and have such a lovely bride. He wants her mouth on his cock though and asks her to please suck him off. She wants him inside her but he wants a good hard cock sucking. This is not a bad thing, and she does it willingly but she also wants to climax and get off. The problem is that he comes in her mouth filling her with his hot spunk and now he wants to sleep and can not be bothered to fuck her. What a let down for Misaki. But, she is also a smart Japanese housewife and she knows how to fix this problem of having an unfulfilled sex life!

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Description: Rina Serino plays a beautiful Japanese wife named Nina. She is out with her husband today and they are going to have a nice afternoon. Her husband lets her know that he is going to be picking up a friend to come along. She does not know him but her husband assures her that he is a nice guy. What Nina does not know is that her husband has told his friend to be aggresive with her and feel her up when he enters their van. She is so surprised at this behavior and asks her husband and he lets her know that is friend is a very nice guy and he has allowed him to enjoy the ride with her which includes sharing her with his friend. Of course Nina is surprised at this and somewhat embarrassed. What happens next surprises her as this stranger who is very good friends with her husband starts to grope her and wants to unzip her dress so he can get to her tits. Nina has some big beautiful tits and he really wants to touch them. His hands are all over her sexy tits and body and he is visibily aroused as his cock can be seen through his pants. He pulls out his cock and offers it up to Nina to enjoy. She leans over and takes him in her mouth and sucks on his hard cock as they drive through the city with her husband in the front seat and them two in back. She has his whole cock in her mouth and he pushes her down more to make sure he is deep into her throat as she sucks on his cock. Her tits are so wonderful he reaches around and grabs them both. What a lovely way to spend the day for the three of them as Nina sucks a strangers cock in her car and her husband drives them around. Nina finally gets him off and he unloads his whole load of cum into her mouth. Her husband has had a secret desire to be cuckolded so he met a man online and offered her up to him.

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Description: A hot babe in a uniform. A cosplay Japanese girl. An Asian babe in a costume. These are the things that turn us on. Today we have Miss Yui Nozomi and she is here in her nurse outfit. You see, she is a nurse, today. And as a nurse her job is to help patients feel better. Walking into the doctors office can be scary but a kind nurse can help calm you down. But seeing such a lovely babe in her uniform and her being so kind to you makes your cock rock hard. Your focus goes from your pain to the sexy hot mouth of that hot nurse and all you can think about is those lips wrapped around you sucking you off while you look down at her eyes and reach down to grab her tits. What a joy it is to be ill today as you now have a reason to visit the doctors office and see your favorite nurse. The great thing is that today is your lucky day as she has noticed your hard cock in your pants and after the doctor leaves she offers to relive some of your stress and suck on your rod. What a lovely gesture and since you are already hard, she helps unzip your pants and slide your cock deep into her warm wet mouth. Yui Nozomi is a cutie and what a joy to have her show us her cock sucking skills today in this doctors office. When she is the nurse, everyone volunteers to be the patient. She knows how to suck a cock and she loves to give handjobs too. If you are keen on blowing your load in her mouth she is open to do that as she leans over when she can tell you are ready to come and she swallows your cock up and lets you unload in her mouth. She then makes sure to suck all your cum out and invites you back to the office whenever you fell slightly ill.

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Description: We are back with Miyu and her boyfriend. This time, we have a new proposal for them and we wanted to run it by her boyfriend and her to see if they were amenable to the idea. What we thought would be fun is to have Miyu back in our studio to fuck. But this time rather than just watch, we have her boyfriend participate in her on camera fuck. Miyu seems OK with the idea of having her boyfriend there to watch and also participate so we go ahead with our plan and get them back to the studio to get going with the Miyu orgy. Back up in the room we play some game about sex and what kind of sex they like best. We enjoy watching them squirm talking about satisfying each other sexually. We then move them over to the bed so that we can get started with todays goal, the fucking of the lovely Miyu. The duo are prompted to kiss and get going so that they can move on to the fuck show. Miyu gets undressed and her boyfriend starts to kiss her and touch her and he has her on the bed laying down as he gropes her almost naked body. Miyu helps her boyfriend get naked and they get back to groping each other. This is shot in a real gonzo style and these two just get right into enjoying each others body forgetting that there is a camera there filming them. This is really just the first in the series as we only have time for them to fuck right now and then we will introduce a third member to join them and fuck Miyu as her boyfriend sits next to her sucking and fucking another man. We love watching Miyu get fucked and watching her tits bounce all around so we are all for the idea of having someone fuck her while her boyfriend sits near by.

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Description: Here is our newcomer Miss Nene Azami playing Nene Honomi in her first Naughty Maid series. It seems that Miss Nene Honomi is a new maid hired by an agency and sent out to work as a house maid in a place where the other house helpers are very naughty and nasty and love to play fun sexual games. Her first day on the job the butler gives her a test to see if she is nasty enough to do the job oh house maid in this house. He gives her a strap on dildo and orders her to simulate jerking off. She is then blindfolded and told to continue to jerk off her fake cock. The butler is going to get her wet by kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her body. This really turns Nene on and her pussy starts to drip as she is in need of some attention to her pussy. She is sat down and her legs are spread so the butler can get access to her pussy as he slides his mouth on her fake cock as if to suck her off. This is a turn on for Nene and her pussy is being rubbed through her panties and she is getting horny. She is then stood up and disrobed. Her bra is taken off and what a pleasant surprise, her tits are huge! What a bonus that is as they are going to be great fun to watch bounce around as she gets fucked. She is now almost naked and the butler needs to test out her cock sucking skills so he whips it out and tells her to get busy licking and sucking on his hard cock. What a pleasure it is to see her suck that cock. She is so lovely and watching her bend over and her tits sway as she moves is a real turn on. Her tits are so big and delicious that it is a given that she get them fucked. They are just too huge to not have a cock in there. What a delight to watch her on her first job using her tits to get someone off. Her tits end up with a load of cum all over them in the end and the butler is satisfied with her skills and it looks like she will do well in her new job.

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Description: Yuri Sato has been sent to a house to clean. The owner is not expecting her as she is new and he prefers the old girl who used to clean his apartment. He talks to the agency that is sending her and he tells them that he is going to have to tell her how the apt is to be cleaned as she is new and he likes it done a particular way. Yuri arrives and the new client is quite demanding and asks that she do the job in a particular way. Because Yuri does not want her clothes to get dirty she takes them off to get started cleaning. She has a lovely body with the best fucking tits you can imagine. She has most of her pussy shaved but is hairy on top so her lips are quite visible. The client is watching her disrobe and has decided to come and give her tits a grab as they are so perfect he wants to get a feel for them. He asks her to get started and she puts on some gloves and starts to use the cleaning rags to clean furniture. The client decides since she is bending over nude that he would get behind her while she is cleaning and stick his face between her ass cheeks. He grabs her ass and spreads it open and smells her pussy and ass spread wide. She has a delightful smell to her and the way her tits fall while bending over has the client quite excited. Yuri is sexy and beautiful and is trying her best to clean the apt but the client continues to touch her and grab at her body. She does her best and continues to wipe down the floor when all of a sudden the client sticks his fingers in her pussy from behind. This is a surprise to her as she did not know that this is the proper way to clean a house. The client has decided he also needs a cleaning and spends the afternoon with her naked and her mouth on his cock and his mouth all over her hot body.