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Japan HDV - Yuu Asoh - Lucky Guy Gets To Fuck Ultimate Idol

File: gkz8wnajahdyuuasoao7vhotnhk.mp4
Size: 2.17 GB
Duration: 38:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Being a male porn star can be quite fun. You get to fuck all kinds of hot babes and you get to do whatever the director wants to their bodies. But once in a while, you get extra lucky and you have a scene with women like Yuu Asoh. Shes not a regular porn star. She is a legendary idol who looks like a fashion model and is more skilled like a slutty cougar. And whats nice about her scenes is that men give their best when it comes to fucking her, because they want to impress. The result is an excellent sex scene like the one youre about to watch. Like she wasnt hot enough, Yuu came in front of the camera wearing a set of slutty pink lingerie with cutouts for her tits. Our guy began worshipping her breast right away. And when he was done with playing with her tits, he spread her legs and started worshipping her pussy. He ate that clit so well that Yuu came before she got a dick in her vagina. To return the favor for a great oral experience, this goddess got on her knees and sucked the lucky mans dick. And she did an excellent job. Because the man couldnt get enough of that sweet pussy taste, he wanted to lick some more. They did some 69 and Yuu even sat on his face for a while. And then it was time for her to get fucked. Our guy put in so much stamina and effort in properly drilling her cunt. And even though shes a pretentious legendary porn star, we can safely assume that she was pleased by the end of this scene.

Japan HDV - Yuuki Fuwari - Tricked Model Came Back

File: qy44gnajahdyuufuwn2sjlgt1si.mp4
Size: 2.48 GB
Duration: 43:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yuuki Fuwari is the definition of the girl who is asking for it. After she was tricked by her photographer to pose nude and to get naked in front of the camera, you would think that she would forget his number and never work with him again. But this gorgeous and innocent presenting fashion model is actually a big-time slut. Thats because she returned to the set for the same photographer. And when the photographer saw her, he knew that he could push her limits and teach her a lesson. He didnt even waste time pretending to shoot fashion photos with her. He sent in his two assistants to start ripping off her clothes and tie her up. And Yuuki didnt even flinch. In fact, she submitted with a big smile on her face. The guys started pulling on her nipples and playing rough with her beautiful titties. They made her suck on their fingers and pushed them in her cunt. And then they took turns using her as a set of holes. She was spit-roasted. When one guy was banging her pussy, the other one was fucking her mouth. And even though she screamed through the whole process, she enjoyed every minute of it. She got fucked hard in so many positions. By the end of the shooting, her pussy was stretched to its limits. And then, she got a messy creampie for her hairy cunt. Shell surely be back for more.

Japan HDV - Kanna Kitayama - Cheating Wife Blows Another Stranger

File: jzp2unajahdkankitrwhfhg5p8t.mp4
Size: 819.36 MB
Duration: 14:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kanna Kitayama became a cum addicted slut. After she figures out that she can easily cheat on her boring husband without stepping out of the house, she takes her chances with whoever knocks on her door. At first, she started playing with herself for strangers online. And then when a delivery boy figured out who she was, she decided to fuck him. Then she did the same with another delivery boy. And now she put her eyes on a paper salesman. The guy was pretty reluctant at first, but Kanna made him play with her titties while she was rubbing her hand over his crotch. Soon after, she was kneeling in front of him, pulling down his pants and taking his cock into her mouth. Shes an avid cock sucker. But after a while, she pulled out her titties and started playing with them. The paper salesman was hypnotized. She made him play with her tits and then had him bury his face between them. But what he loved the most was when Kanna made him put his dick between them. Looking at this housewife getting her titties fucked is amazing. But whats more amazing is watching her work that mouth on the cock and wank it until she makes it cum. She switched between cock sucking and titty fucking until the salesman came all over her titties. After emptying his balls on this housewifes tits, the salesman got up and left. But hell surely come again knowing where this slutty nympho lives.

Japan Hdv - Airi Miyazaki - Perverted Games In The Store

File: bmu32najahdairmiyfauejgiz72.mp4
Size: 3.25 GB
Duration: 57:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Working in the convenience store can be so boring. Thats why so many workers are fucking in the break room. But Airi Miyazakis story is a bit different. She has a colleague whos a total perv, who is manipulating her and using her for all his dirty ideas. Everything started when Airi bent over in the store and revealed that she was wearing sexy lingerie. This turned her perv colleague over the limits, and he started pushing himself on her. Although Airi was scared at first, she is a total slut and accepted the dirty games of her colleague. But the dirtiness went through the roof. At first, the colleague only touched her intimate parts and played with her tits. But soon enough he got way more perverted. He made her serve clients while he was fingering her secretly from under the counter. He licked her pussy on the counter. He followed her into the bathroom and then made her suck his dick. But the dirtiest game that he made her play was to suck an old clients dick in the middle of the store. Watching her suck that old mans dick turned the perverted colleague on so much that he cant kept it in anymore and jumped on her. He fucked her in the middle of the store, and Airi loved every moment of it, even though she acted shy. They did 69 and then the colleague started drilling her pussy hard while she was screaming. After all these perverted games, Airi finished the shift with a load of cum in her cunt.

Japan HDV - Ayumi & Mio Hutaba - Ultimate Massage Parlor Experience

File: hestqnajahdayumioqsxj5prpt5.mp4
Size: 2.65 GB
Duration: 46:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The luck of this man seems to keep running. After a nice blowjob experience in the massage parlor that he enjoyed in the previous episode, now he gets to enjoy Mio Hutaba and Ayumi in a full-service experience. The two girls take him in a bathtub, where they wash his whole body, focusing on his cock. But they do more than washing. They suck on it and treat it like its the cock of a king or even a god. They soap up his entire body and keep grinding on him. Imagine feeling the pussy of a porn star grinding on your leg, while another porn star plays with your nipples. After that amazing bath, the two porn stars take their client onto an inflatable mattress, where they oil up their bodies and hers. What happens next is a wild session of amazing oiled-up naughtiness. Each of the girls grabs a leg of this man and starts worshipping it. They lick his soles and rub their pussies on his thighs. What youll see is something out of a wild sex dream. The babes take turns riding his dick. After a while, the lucky man wants to fuck them. And they bend over for him. And at the end of the session, he cums inside one of the babes pussies. And the other one picks up his sperm out of her friend to play with it. Now that theyre done with a client, they cant wait for the next one.

Japan HDV - Kurumi Chino - Nympho Maid Finally Fulfills Her Sex Dreams

File: s1a5dnajahdkurchipibmgcqyf3.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 28:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You surely remember Maid Kurumi, the nympho maid with a massive sexual obsession with her boss. After she masturbated in his bed and after her master finally noticed her obsession and fingered her tight pussy until she squirted multiple times, it was finally her much-awaited moment. The master took her to the bedroom and fucked her. And you can enjoy the entire adventure in this new episode. Everything about this encounter is simply perfect. We finally get to see Kurumi fully naked. She looks stunning. Shes skinny and has some of the hottest perky tits youll see. No wonder her boss hired her as a maid. He went straight to worshipping her titties, and soon after, he had her on her back with her legs spread open so that he can take care of her tight hairy pussy. He licked her pussy well before he got on his back and let her play with his cock. And we also finally get to see why Kurumi is so obsessed with her boss. This man has a fat cock that she can barely fit in her mouth. And she sucks on it with so much passion and lust. This is what she always wanted and that is why she is so happy. And then she got on top of the dick, impaling herself on it. That cock is pretty big for her pussy. But she took it all in. But wait until you see the master take charge. He rails her raw making her scream with his dick. Finally, after all that railing, he lets his jizz flood the inside of her tight little pussy.

Japan Hdv - Renka Shimizu - She Cleans A Random Man’s Cock

File: iigvtnajahdrenshirfozkxdgg2.mp4
Size: 670.24 MB
Duration: 11:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Heres the second episode of the wild adventures of Renka Shimizu. As you know from the first episode, the director had a nice idea. Since shes an AV model who pleases men through the screen, why not please regular men in front of the camera as well? After they found a random man on the street who looked like he needed some pleasure from a porn star, and she sucked him off in the back of the van, it was time for them to move things into a hotel room. But before she could enjoy the beautiful big dick of this random man, Renka had to make sure he is clean. She got in the bathroom first and cleaned herself. And while she was showering, her new friend built up the courage and asked to join her in the shower. She agreed and soaped up his body. But feeling his tensed muscles and touching his cock made her horny. So she started the foreplay in the shower. She caressed his entire body, hissed his neck, and licked his nipples. She also got the favor returned, and let the man play with her perky titties, which she enjoyed so much. She then moved down to his dick. Renka loves sucking this guys dick, as you can see in the video. She uses her tongue in such playful ways, licking the balls and shaft until erection. And then she put it in her mouth and let it slip down her throat. Renka got so horny that she literally begged to be fucked. Stick around to see her wish come true!

Japan Hdv - Nana Fujii - She Gets A Special Swimming Lesson

File: hm3oonajahdnanfujbgvuiytfad.mp4
Size: 3.41 GB
Duration: 59:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nana Fujii always wanted to learn how to swim. So she got into her swimming suit and went to a lesson. However, the teacher that she got is pretty horny. And when he was teaching Nana how to swim, he kept staring at her ass. All that touching turned on Nana as well. He started feeling her boobs and even though she was shy at first, she didnt want the man to stop. He even started licking her titties and playing with her pussy next to the pool.

But because they almost got caught, they had to move the action somewhere more private. So they went into the locker room where all the teasing turned into hardcore play. Nana was impressed with the size of her swimming teachers cock. She sucked on it with so much passion and its clear that feeling such a big cock in her mouth is making her extra horny. And she got her oral favor returned. The teacher went down on her and licked her hairy pussy, putting her into a sexual trance. After some more oral play, it was time for the skinny hot slut Nana to feel that thick long dick inside herself. She got fucked so nicely. The swim teacher knows how to properly please a woman. He put her in many positions and gave her multiple orgasms. And then she got her tight cunt filled up with fresh sperm. Nana got more than she hoped for during her first swimming lesson. Shell surely return to this teacher.

Japan HDV - Madoka Araki - Cute Slut Wife Fucked In A Hotel Room

File: enqkonajahdmadarauhwr746kxy.mp4
Size: 2.48 GB
Duration: 43:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Its always the wives you least expect. And Madoka Araki is the type of housewife who looks like she would never be brave enough to cheat on her husband. But in fact, she is a masochistic slut who lusts to be used like a whore by dominant men. After she met our colleague in the park and got in his car where he sucked his dick until she got a mouthful of cum, she was taken to a hotel room where she could be used like a BDSM slut. When our friend got her completely naked, even though he is a daddy, he couldnt stop himself from licking her pussy. That hairy little cunt of hers looks so delicious. And then he wanted to please her fantasy of being restrained by a daddy and put cuffs on her hand while playing with her pussy some more. She loved getting a toy shoved up her twat. But what she also seemed to enjoy was to get her face fucked. She sits there taking the entire dick down her throat as if she has a G-spot in the back of her mouth. Submissive housewives like Madonka are always happy to have their holes used. And when the cock finally was pushing inside her pussy, she got wild. She let herself moan and scream like a whore. Or maybe she couldnt control herself. She came so many times on that dick before our friend could also jizz inside her pussy. And after all the fucking, she looks like she is hypnotized. She finally got properly fucked!

Japan Hdv - Noriko Igarashi - First Bukkake Gang Bang

File: hhcuonajahdnorigahit8mcctry.mp4
Size: 3.52 GB
Duration: 01:01:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Can you believe that Noriko Igarashi has never had a bukkake before? Its hard to believe that a MILF in this industry has never been covered in the cum of multiple men at the same time. Thats one of the cornerstones of Japanese porn. However, the career of this top-shelf vixen lady is different. She is a stylish performer who doesnt usually submit to men. She likes to be pleased in front of the camera. And she is like that because she joined the industry late in life when she was already a MILF. And we wouldnt have this gangbang bukkake scene if the director of the movie and her agent wouldnt work behind her back to trick her into showing up for a scene thinking it would be a regular shoot. But when the director called all the boys on set, Noriko was angry. She almost left the set. But after a lot of convincing work, she finally agreed to shoot the scene. And she ended up loving this gangbang adventure more than she would have thought. The men with whom she performs are fans of her and they wanted both to please her and to enjoy her. The men took turns licking and worshipping her pussy. Every man in that room wanted to make her cum. And she made sure to return the favor with some awesome blowjob moments that look so great on camera. And then the true fun began. All those dicks took turns fucking her cunt and every man wished to impress. She got completely cock drunk by the end of the video. She kept having orgasms while her pussy got fucked as the other men kept cumming on her face. At the end of this bukkake gangbang she could barely speak. Thats how much she enjoyed it!

Japan Hdv - Akari Asayiri, Haruka Aizawa & Marica Hase - Orgy Party With Three Busty Goddesses

File: l7jx6najahdakaharmarda8pvyxg72.mp4
Size: 2.45 GB
Duration: 43:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Heres the second part of the adventures of the big tits trio of Japanese porn. If youve been checking out our site lately, you know weve released a movie in which Marica Hase, Akari Asayiri and Haruka Aziawa are having fun drinking, giving a naughty interview, and then masturbating together. In this second part of their adventure, you will enjoy something more extreme. But like all extreme things, its nice when it starts slow and easy. The three girls are given a challenge. They have to compete in a blowjob contest. They play rock paper scissors to see who goes first and then they take time sucking on the dick of a very lucky guy. After all the blowjob fun, two more guys are joining the fun. The three-on-three orgy party is a hit. The girls are having so much fun sucking and getting fucked. Especially since the men take good care of their pussies with their fingers, tongues, and with toys. This is the ultimate orgy party. Who wouldnt want to have some fun with three of the most gorgeous and famous porn stars in the Japanese industry? And you can see from their performance why they are so successful. Everything in this orgy party video is unscripted, meaning that the director lets the girls and the guys have fun and they filmed everything. If you ever dream of a perfect sex party, this is it. And the cum play at the end is outstanding. The girls got creampies, they cleaned each other creampies and even cumkissed for the camera. Youll cum so many times watching this superstar orgy.

Japan HDV - Miho Miyazawa - Skinny Slut Oiled Up And Fucked By 2 Pervs

File: dhhchnajahdmihmiy9quztajqu9.mp4
Size: 2.94 GB
Duration: 51:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You probably already know Miho Miyazawa. Shes one of the skinniest and most petite stars that are featured on our site. But at the same time, she is also one of the sluttiest babes we ever had the pleasure of filming. This skinny little slut is a cock addict and she loves getting fucked a little too much. Sometimes she feels so good in front of the camera that we start thinking she would perform in porn movies for free. In this film, in which she has fun with two young men with sizable dicks, she starts out by acting shy. But once the guys start oiling up her body and fingering her twat, she drops the act and enters a horny trance that makes her look so hot. The expressions on her face will let you know that she cant wait to suck on those dicks and have them stretch her little shaved pussy. But before that, the two pervs explore her body. And what a show that is. Her tiny ass and tight holes look so great in the close-ups that we shot. She even gets licked before the two guys start using her holes. And after shes properly turned on, the men switch from treating her like a princess to treating her like a whore. They take turns fucking her face and then they spit-roast her. Hearing her moan with a cock in her mouth while her little pussy is stretched to its limits is such a nice experience. And she looks so great when she starts cumming, because her skinny body starts contracting and all her bones are showing. Shes completely obliterated by the end of this video. And then the men take turns cumming in her cunt, which she loves so much.

Japan Hdv - Nami Honda - She Is A Skinny Slut Who Loves Fat Cocks

File: 5qg8pnajahdnamhon5asz324der.mp4
Size: 3.51 GB
Duration: 01:01:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If youve been a fan of our site for a long time, youve surely seen Nami Honda before. Shes a babe born in 1988 but who still looks like she is in her early 20s. Shes that kind of skinny fun-sized hottie who can be fucked in so many positions and for whom any dick is extra big. She asked us to pair her up with a young and handsome man because she felt extra horny for this shooting. So we had her paid up with a guy whose young big dick is just what she needs. But before that, we asked her some personal questions so that we could get to know her more intimately and also turn her on a bit. When we introduced her to the guy she was about to film with, she was sho happy. She relaxed and let the magic happen. The sex in this scene feels so natural, and thats because the two lovers have an intense connection and they enjoy each others company. He started by kissing and playing with her titties, making sure she feels good all the time. And then our young friend went down on her hairy pussy. She enjoyed the oral session so much. She even sat on the face of our friend and had a marvelous orgasm. Then she showed him happiness with her mouth. Her cock sucking skills are amazing. And that got the dick ready for her pussy. She got fucked hard in so many positions, and she was covered in sweat at the end of the video when our young colleague filled up her pussy with his fresh jizz.

Japan HDV - Shino Aoi - Fit Masseuse Fucked Hard By Her Client

File: xhucfnajahdshiaoioqrsbuetaf.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 32:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Shino Aoi is a masseuse who has lots of regular clients. But this daddy is her all-time favorite. Not only that he has a big cock, but he also has a lot of stamina and naughty imagination. After she sucked him, massaged him with an oiled-up body, and rode his dick hard, the gentleman wanted to return the favor and give her a fuck session shell never forget...

The two of them moved to action in a bathtub, where they chatted for a bit while Shino wanked and sucked his dick. And then it was time for her to go through some massive amounts of intense pleasure. It started with a nice session of fingering that make her little pussy cum hard. She moaned like an angel throughout this finger-blasting session. And youll love how her fit body and perky little titties are shaking in the moments she cums. When her pussy was opened up, it was time for her to get filled with cock. The lovers got the action on a bed, where Shino couldnt stop herself from worshipping that big cock some more with her mouth before she laid down on the bed and spread her sexy skinny legs to get penetrated. And once the cock was balls deep inside her hairy twat, her angelic moans turned into hardcore screams. Even when she got on top, her client was still in charge, grabbing a hold of her ass and moving her up and down his dick. She got drilled in so many positions. Its impossible to count how many orgasms she had. And she loved this mans dick so much that she fingered herself after he gave her a creampie only to taste his sperm

Japan Hdv - Reiko Kobayakawa - Stunning Milf Getting Her Ass Fucked

File: iwevynajahdreikobeyk6f4isu8.mp4
Size: 3.69 GB
Duration: 01:04:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Reiko Kobayakawa is one of the most stunning MILFs you will see in porn and she deserves more popularity. She looks like a sex goddess. She is tall and has big boobs, long legs, an amazingly shaped body, and a big juicy ass. Shes that kind of porn star who started out in the industry when she was in her early 30s. That means she joined the industry because she was horny and wanted to show off her stunning beauty, not because she needed money. Now that shes in her early 40s, she is ready to put on some amazing kink shows for all the horny men watching her. In this video, you will witness a perfect hardcore anal scene with a MILF who knows how to take it. Its a BDSM-themed movie in which Reiko gets pleasantly teased with a bit of pain through spanking before anything happens. And she loves getting spanked. Shes wearing sexy stockings and a pair of black panties. When the panties come down, her master starts fingering her asshole and then puts all kinds of toys inside it so that he can properly warm it up for a session of anal sex that will be pleasurable. All the anal toy play was so intense that Reiko had a couple of orgasms before the master even whipped his cock out. And the way her big juicy booty is jiggling as she trembles when her orgasms are hitting her is mesmerizing. After a while, she gets up and sits on the face of her master. And thats when youll notice that she is wearing a corset that is making her boobs and ass look even bigger. And then its time for her to get fucked in the ass. She enjoyed anal in so many positions and she managed to cum at the same time as her master.

Japan Hdv - Tsubaki Kato - Good Wife.

File: jeqyinajahdtsukatblmkixnmg3.mp4
Size: 657.40 MB
Duration: 11:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tsubaki Kato is a good housewife. But she was born to be a slut. Thats because she has a lot of sexual energy. Once her hubby comes home, that energy makes her explode and she wants his dick in so many ways. If you watched the previous episode, you know that she couldnt resist not getting on her knees and sucking his dick as soon as he got through the door. But she didnt even let him have a bath. She joined him in the tub so that she can use his dick some more. To be fair, he does have a pretty nice dick, and Tsubaki cant keep her mouth off it. Under the pretext that she wants to clean her hubbys manhood, Tsubaki started sucking on it. She worshiped that penis in so many ways. She even tried sounding it with her hard perky nipples by pushing them down on the urethra. Even though her titties are small, she still wanted to be titti-fucked. And the way she grind with her wet pussy and tight asshole on the dick made her hubby so horny. It was all about teasing in the bathtub. She wants to drive her hubby insane because she knows that when hes properly teased, he ravishes her pussy. Not to mention that the cum load in the end is massive. After she properly teased her hubby, it was time for her to move the action to the bedroom, where she could enjoy all her naughty work. Stick around for another episode of this nympho housewifes adventures.