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Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor, Victoria Voxxx & Spencer Bradley - Lady Boss: New Boss Goss

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Duration: 43:21
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Description: Two coworkers, Spencer Bradley and Victoria Voxxx, are busy gossiping about their new boss, Kenzie Taylor. They've heard GREAT things about her from past employees, who all swear that working under Kenzie has been unlike anything else they've experienced. Spencer and Victoria just can't WAIT to get to know her better and see what all the hype is about.

But later that day, their hopes are dashed as they realize that Kenzie is NOTHING like what they were led to believe. She's strict, demanding, and overbearing. And to add fuel to the fire, Kenzie's been extremely dissatisfied with Spencer and Victoria's work so far. And if things couldn't POSSIBLY get any worse, Kenzie overhears Spencer and Victoria complaining about her and confronts them. Oops!

Spencer and Victoria are initially mortified but soon grow surprised when Kenzie reveals that her employees love to work with her not because of her management style, but because of the incredible perks she likes to offer. No hard work should go unpunished, and Kenzie knows how just how hard these two office gossips have been working... It's time for Spencer and Victoria to put their fluttering lips to good use and have a playful, energetic threesome with their boss! How's THAT for some hot office goss?

Bang Rammed - Kenzie Taylor - Kenzie Gets Rammed and Scoops Up A Cumshot To Eat

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Duration: 29:15
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Description: For the first time ever, our November Bang! Babe Kenzie Anne passes the Bang! crown to our December Bang! Babe Kenzie Taylor. Two hotties begin the scene, but then Kenzie Taylor takes on a huge cock. Without losing a beat, Kenzie Taylor gets facefucked until she can't breathe, only to be tossed around and get fucked every which way. At the end, she takes a huge load on her tits and scoops it up to eat it up with pleasure.

Mom Swapped - Aiden Ashley & Kenzie Taylor - Our Sons Shouldnt Swap Swords

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Duration: 22:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rico Hernandez and Apollo Banks got caught by their stepmoms jerking off. Aiden Ashley and Kenzie Taylor think that their stepsons are a couple, but the boys deny it. To see if they're lying, the stepmoms offer to swap stepsons as long as they're okay being naked next to each other. Apollo and Rico agree to that challenge, so the stepmoms decide to go for it...

Swapping stepsons so that Kenzie is taking care of Rico and Aiden is taking care of Apollo, the stepmommies get their friend's stepsons nice and hard. They pop those titties out to sweeten the deal for the boys and get their hands on their hardons. Stroking their friends' stepsons off, of course leads to wanting more, so Kenzie gets down to suck Rico off while Aiden gets busy deep throating Apollo.

Shoving the guys onto the couch, Kenzie climbs aboard Rico's hardon for a stiffie ride that's mirrored by Aiden on Apollo. Kenzie turns around to bounce away in reverse cowgirl while Aiden gets on her hands and knees so Rico can go to pound town from behind. Kenzie finishes herself off on her knees in doggy while Aiden rolls onto her back to spread herself wide open for Apollo. Both guys pull out at the last moment, leaving the ladies cum covered and satisfied.

Hustler - Kenzie Taylor - It's A Mommy Thing 11

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Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie is furious when she storms into a young dude's apartment looking for her daughter. She calms down quickly though when she finds out that she's not dating the handsome young man she finds, and calms down even more when she learns that he likes older women AND eating pussy!

Mommy's Girl - Kenzie Taylor & Lily Larimar - Hump In The Night

File: qlbnwnamogikenlil9d1rtcdgvn.mp4
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Duration: 37:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After moving into a creepy new house with her stepmom Kenzie Taylor, Lily Larimar hasn't been able to get a wink of shut-eye since the house is SO CREEPY. Kenzie tries to console her at times, but Lily insists she's fine. She'll grow out of this! She's a big girl now, right? But comforting her stepdaughter isn't the ONLY reason Kenzie wants to give Lily some comfort- she's actually got a mega crush on her!

Kenzie puts a plan in motion to seduce Lily. She invites her stepdaughter to watch a movie that evening, promising her they'll find something NOT scary to watch. But Kenzie ends up tricking Lily into watching a horror movie by choosing a movie that looks unsuspecting. She's hoping that Lily will get so scared that she'll have no choice but to leap into her stepmom's arms. Though Lily does end up getting scared, the plan backfires, with Lily going off to her room.

But Kenzie has one more trick up her sleeve. She starts making creepy noises through the walls of Lily's bedroom, which creeps Lily out so much that she ends up calling Kenzie into her bed. Kenzie is happy to oblige, and Lily has no idea that Kenzie was actually the reason for all the jump scares. They cuddle in bed, though Lily still can't calm down enough to get some rest. Well... Kenzie does have ONE idea that might help Lily relax. A little 'hump' in the night might be just what the doctor ordered!

Everything Butt - Kenzie Taylor & Rebel Rhyder - Human Hand Puppet

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Duration: 59:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mistress Kenzie Taylor has her submissive toy, Rebel Rhyder, bent over in a predicament of metal device bondage with wrists and ankles securely locked in. Kenzie opens Rebels ass with a big Bad Dragon toy, bringing it around to Rebels mouth so she can taste her own ass off of it. Kenzie then cuts Rebels panties off and shoves those dirty panties in her submissives mouth. Kenzie then straps-up with a giant dildo, fucking Rebel hard in the ass and administering plenty of ass to mouth. Rebel cums loudly from Kenzies hard pounding. Rebel is then strapped with her legs wide open on full display, ready to become a human hand puppet for Kenzie. Rebel gets her ass fisted until she has multiple orgasms. Rebel gapes wide from getting plowed with an even bigger dildo this time, with more ass-to-mouth. Kenzie, turned on from destroying her subs asshole, makes Rebel lick her ass and begin playing with her mistress. Kenzie gets a glass toy to open up with, then is ass-fucked with a dildo until she orgasms.

Mommy's Girl - Kenzie Taylor & River Lynn - He Wouldve Been Proud Of Us

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Duration: 24:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor is concerned about her stepdaughter, River Lynn. Ever since a death in the family, River has been drowning herself in school work and activities. Kenzie knows it's because River's in mourning and doesn't want to face her feelings, but Kenzie is worried that it isn't healthy for her...

Finally, Kenzie sits down with River to talk it all out. Kenzie expresses that although the bond between her and River hasn't always been the greatest, she IS Kenzie's stepmom. Kenzie only wants the best for River and for her to be happy... and she knows ONE fun way to express herself and get over grief...

Kenzie then slides her hand up along River's leg in a flirty fashion. River is stunned, unable to believe that Kenzie thinks that having SEX together will make things better. But the more Kenzie butters her up, the more tempted River is. Finally, after some convincing, River's willing to give it a try. Maybe this really IS just what River needs to finally let go?

Mommy's Girl - Kenna James, Kenzie Taylor, Serene Siren & Lily Larimar - Gyno What You Did Last Summer

File: 4hg7znamogikenkenserlilwxxwlvnfnp.mp4
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Duration: 41:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and Kenzie Taylor are accompanying their stepdaughter Lily Larimar for an appointment with their family gynecologist, Kenna James. Kenna begins the checkup with some routine questions and when everything seems to check out, asks Lily what has brought her in today. Lily reveals that she's recently become sexually active, so she thought now would be a good time to do a checkup. Kenna is supportive of this new development in Lily's life and agrees to perform the checkup. But before getting started, she makes sure that Lily is comfortable going through it with her stepmoms in the same room. Lily nods- absolutely, she's totally cool with that.

Kenna begins the checkup by inspecting Lily's mouth, throat, and ears. She then undoes the back of Lily's gown and inspects her breathing. Everything seems normal, so Kenna asks Lily to remove her gown completely for a more thorough examination. Lily strips naked and spreads her legs, giving Kenna a good view of her vagina. Kenna puts on some gloves and moves Lily's panties to one side, sticking one of her fingers inside of her. There are hints that both Kenna and Lily are enjoying this, but they wouldn't dare admit it- especially when Lily's stepmoms are watching from the side of the room.

Speaking of Lily's stepmoms, Kenna notices that both of them seem to know quite a bit about Lily's sex life... Maybe a bit TOO MUCH, actually. Serene and Kenzie try to play it off- Lily tells them everything, so of course, they know some details about what she gets up to. But Kenna can read through the lines and it becomes increasingly clear that Lily is in fact in sexual relation with her stepmoms! But Lily assures Kenna that it's completely consensual... and FUN. Well, Kenna doesn't have any issue with that, as long as she gets to join in! Serene and Kenzie are taken aback for a moment, though become intrigued when Lily seems to be into it. Why not? They have an energetic and playful foursome in Kenna's office, making this one doctor's appointment they'll talk about for all the summers to come.

Mommy's Girl - Kenzie Taylor & Alexia Anders - Close To Her Heart

File: rq41enamogikenalejcqsxw4syt.mp4
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Duration: 29:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alexia Anders and her stepmom Kenzie Taylor are currently alone in the house, so Alexia is using the opportunity to give Kenzie a special birthday present. Sure, Alexia already gave Kenzie a present earlier, but that was her PUBLIC gift to Kenzie, as her stepdaughter. Now this other one is her PRIVATE gift to Kenzie, as her secret LOVER.

The gift turns out to be a locket that Alexia had noticed Kenzie admiring at the mall. Kenzie looks stunned and a bit guilty, but Alexia doesn't notice, as she happily describes how she saved up to buy the locket, and had their names engraved inside it. That way, Kenzie can always carry their special relationship close to her heart.

Alexia finally notices that Kenzie looks upset, and asks what's wrong. Kenzie explains that her husband Alexia's other parent bought her the same locket. Kenzie feels terrible, especially since Alexia can't return hers now that it's engraved. Alexia reassures Kenzie that it's okay, because awkward things are bound to happen when they have a secret relationship. As long as they have each other, that's what counts. Kenzie tenderly strokes Alexia's hair, then they kiss and get undressed. They lovingly touch and taste each other's beautiful bodies, expressing their feelings in every kiss and caress. Looks like it's a happy birthday for Kenzie after all!

Mylf Classics - Kenzie Taylor - Big Black Birthday Cock

File: 8j6wrnamyclkentay21cugizgze.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 44:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This Mylf Classics update features Kenzie Taylor, Jon Jon, Maximus. Originally released May 25th, 2020, this BBCParadise scene was and still is a major hit! For Kenzies birthday, her husband Maximus ties her to the bed and blindfolds her before sending stud Jon Jon with his big black cock to fuck his wife into oblivion!

Mommy's Girl - Kenzie Taylor, Arietta Adams & Freya Parker - Baited At The Slumber Party

File: fkv7enamogikenarifrekzzdzq8spe.mp4
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Duration: 29:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker and her friend Arietta Adams are having a slumber party at Freya's house. As the girls prepare to watch a movie, Freya's stepmom, Kenzie Taylor, asks if they want popcorn. The girls decline the offer, but Freya gets up to use the washroom before the movie starts. As Freya leaves the room, Arietta notices Kenzie checking Freya out.

Arietta tells Kenzie that she can see that Kenzie is lusting after Freya. After initially denying it, Kenzie admits that Arietta is right, but Kenzie doesn't want to act on those feelings because Freya is her stepdaughter. Arietta suggests that SHE be a stand-in for Freya, and fulfill Kenzie's desire to be with a younger woman. Arietta tells Kenzie to wait in her bed later with a blindfold over her eyes, and Arietta will stop in and give her a sexy surprise. Kenzie excitedly agrees.

Later that night, Kenzie is blindfolded and waiting in her bed as instructed, when Arietta comes in. But what Kenzie doesn't know is that Arietta is accompanied by Freya! Arietta asks Kenzie if she's ready for her surprise, and Kenzie eagerly confirms that she is. Freya caresses Kenzie's thigh and touches her over her panties, then removes her panties and eats out her pussy. Kenzie basks in the pleasure, unaware that it's Freya and not Arietta who is making her feel so good.

Eventually, Kenzie gets so excited that she removes her blindfold, and is startled to see that Freya is the one who's been touching her all this time. However, once Kenzie recovers from her shock, she admits that it feels really nice to have her wish granted, so she and Freya decide to keep going... and invite Arietta to join in for a sexy threesome!

Hustler - Kenzie Taylor - Milf Bush

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Duration: 37:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie shows off her proud hairy bush and loves playing with it, but when a lucky dude comes along who also has a bush fetish, she's more than happy to let him have it.

Evil Angel - Kenzie Taylor - Big Titty Fuck & Anal!

File: aatdanaevankentayzsxkdleju7.mp4
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Duration: 29:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: By a shimmering pool, flashy platinum blonde Kenzie Taylor teases in thigh-high black boots and matching leather jacket. Inside, she strips, exposing her huge, heaving tits for veteran porn stud Mick Blue's feasting. The fetish-attired bombshell drops to her knees to suck Mick's big cock. He plunges his meat between her big boobs, smothering it with a rollicking titty fuck. Kenzie mounts his meat for a cunt-slamming joy ride. She strokes and feeds on Mick's dick more in an urgent blowjob.

Mick licks her sphincter, giving a serious rim job. 'Give it to me right in my fuckin' asshole,' begs the lady. Mick delivers a relentless anal hammer-fuck, pummeling her rectum! And Kenzie gives tasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio. He crams her cleavage, cunt and colon in multiple fucking rounds. Finally, Mick floods her with a cum facial. Kenzie gurgles spermy drool down onto her immense jugs.

Mommy's Boy - Kenzie Taylor & Caitlin Bell - You Know Us So Well

File: qtnvxnamobokencaiaccnbsmzxp.mp4
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Duration: 43:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor and Caitlin Bell, a married couple, are bickering as Caitlin tries to clean up the living room. Codey Steele, their stepson, is about to enter the living room when he sees them bickering. He is concerned as he observes them briefly. Codey then greets the stepmoms and tries to improve the mood, though it's still tense.

Codey becomes more worried, admitting that he's afraid they'll divorce. Kenzie and Caitlin admit to knowing they have things they need to work through, including how to be physically close again. Codey begins suggesting ways for them to reconnect. He starts by suggesting a shoulder rub, which Caitlin and Kenzie agree to...

Caitlin gives Kenzie a shoulder rub, slowly reconnecting while there are hints of sparks. Everyone starts to relax, and Kenzie suggests that Codey could give Caitlin a shoulder rub at the same time. Codey agrees to it, and they form a massage train as Codey rubs Caitlin's shoulders while Caitlin continues massaging Kenzie.

Feeling much happier, Kenzie and Caitlin apologize to each other for arguing, and get flirty with each other as well. Then they both start to come onto Codey, insisting that his attentiveness is what helped them reconnect and is what they're missing in their lives. They invite him to have sex with them. Codey is shocked, but the stepmoms assure him that this will be a great way to reconnect as a family. He wants to keep the family together, plus his dick is hard from having two beautiful women getting flirty with him, so he gives in. It's time to bring this family even closer together!

Bratty MILF - Kenzie Taylor - Helping My Stepmom Move On

File: vbrfnnabrmikentaytcjq78iedx.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bigtit babe Kenzie Taylor is having a hard time moving on after her marriage begins to fall apart. Fortunately, she has Charlie, her stepson, to turn to in her time of need. She asks Charlie if he can have a sitdown chat with her. Charlie is a bit confused, but he joins Kenzie at the table. When Kenzie begins unbuttoning her shirt to bare her big tits, though, Charlie tries to get her to cut it out...

Needing to feel desirable, Kenzie continues to work at Charlie's resistance until he finally capitulates. Those giant DDDs are just too much temptation, especially when he gives in and uses his hands for a tactile exploration. Kenzie doesn't want to stop at first base dropping to her knees, she pops Charlie's cock from his pants and begins sucking him off in a BJ designed to make her stepson so hard he can't say no to fucking her.

When Kenzie hops onto the table and lets her knees fall apart to reveal her hairy twat, Charlie doesn't hesitate to go for it. He gives it to his busty stepmommy on her back, and then again when she leans over the table to take a doggy style pussy pounding. Charlie lays down on the floor so Kenzie can ride him, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. When Charlie is ready to bust a nut, Kenzie takes care of him with a handie that guides his cum shot to hit her right in the mouth.

Jules Jordan - Kenzie Taylor & Kayley Gunner - Kenzie And Kayley Are Oil Overloaded

File: gbhl4najujokenkay6lzybre3bo.mp4
Size: 5.65 GB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Kayley Gunner, Kenzie Taylor and Zac Wild make off with our nation's oil reserves. But the only carbon emitted is their heavy breathing from all the slippery fucking! Kayley Gunner and Kenzie Taylors tits and ass were the perfect choice for this buttery venture. Both starlets heave where it counts. Top it off with a can do spirit and you have one energetic, oil-soaked fuckshow. After a nice tease featuring the two harlots clad in neon green strappings, Zac Wild appears loaded and ready to lube. He says Look at these glorious asses. YES! Now thats the spirit. The talented trio proceed to insert themselves into the wet frenetic fucking. Wild constantly squirting the twosome down. Whether its on their bulbous, twerking asses or their firm, big boobs. After slick doggy, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl and a terrific one-knee side mount involving Kayley Gunner, Wild stacks the two asses. He dutifully churns their twats in a joyous double decker pecker wrecker. Creating slurping and suction sounds worthy of the visual. The gusher of a scene ends with short-blonde Kenzie Taylor feeding Kayley Gunner her already consumed load. About a foot or more of space between them, Gunner gulps from the Taylor cum fountain and shows off her now full ownership of the deviant drink

Sweet Sinner - Kenzie Taylor & Anna Clair Clouds - The Seductress 3

File: xxlz7naswsikenann85pec4p7vi.mp4
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Duration: 31:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sara knows that the only person she likely cannot manipulate is another woman and she was right. After a late-night encounter with lawyer, Kim Sara realizes she may have met her match. The attraction to another woman as equally conniving as her is a huge turn on and before long the two are sneaking up to Saras bedroom to eat each others dripping wet snatches. As the two erupt into explosive orgasms it soon becomes clear that maybe this will become more than just a one-night stand.

Sweet Sinner - Kenzie Taylor - The Seductress 3

File: j4z6tnaswsikentayqvadkplkkb.mp4
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Duration: 27:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After his wife, Kim complains about not having sex for months, Christian reminds her what makes the two of them so compatible, their killer chemistry. Kissing her deep and slow, he works his way down to her pussy finding it already dripping wet. He shoves his cock deep inside her tight pussy and gives her a deep dicking that she wont soon forget.