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She Will Cheat - Dava Foxx - Hot Milf Dava Foxx Fucks Her Hung Therapist Right In Front Of Her Cuckold Husband

File: vlzt3nashwichdavfoxldi3289vfz.mp4
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Duration: 26:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Dava Foxx has been married to her husband for 5 years now and shes not happy. They try going to a therapist to see if they fix things and their therapist has a dramatic new type of treatment that makes Davas hubby nervous. The therapist wants to fuck her right there in front of him! Davas husband is such a worthless cuckold that he doesnt even do anything about it and instead sits there and watches his gorgeous wife take his huge black cock deep in her severely neglected pussy.

My Pervy Family - Dava Foxx - Step-son Goes Crazy From The Scent Of Mom's Panties

File: tb2sgnamypefadavfoxl8ydxqtlcd.mp4
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Duration: 18:42
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: My Stepmom, Dava, is always working out in those tight outfits. She is like clockwork always working out at the same time, I know she is busy so I run into her room to smell her dirty laundry. Dava's panties just drive me crazy, they smell like her and it makes me feel a certain way. I put a pair of her pantyhose over my head and burst in on her working out, now is my chance to have my way with my Stepmom. I fuck my hot Stepmom and as I was about to cum until unexpected visitor ruined the whole thing.

Family Lust - Dava Foxx - Step-Sibling Desire Watching

File: upcddnafaludavfoxjqmwofh1h8.mp4
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Duration: 14:34
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My step-brother has grown up to be a college guy who likes to masturbate. This afternoon I heard him in his room and as I opened his door, there he was jerking off again. I stare at him stroking his big cock while he watches wondering who hes really fantasying about. He doesnt even notice me while I stand in his doorway. I bet I could get his attention

Mommy's Girl - Brandi Love, Scarlett Sage & Dava Foxx - My Mom Does What

File: euu1nnamogibrascadav6injk99dxu.mp4
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Duration: 38:25
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlett Sage needs to follow one of her parents to work for a school essay. However, her dad isn't available and her step-mom, Dava Foxx, is nothing but a gold digger and layabout... or so she thinks! When she brings up the project to Dava, Dava insists that she owns her own business, which is news to Scarlett, and invites her step-daughter to tag along with her. Although Scarlett is skeptical, she follows after Dava as they leave the house.

Scarlett is surprised to see a limo parked in their driveway. Whatever Dava does, she's well taken care of! Although Dava skirts around revealing exactly what she does yet, she insists that appearances matter and there's no way she's meeting any of her clients in a junk bucket.

Once they arrive at their destination, Scarlett is wary as Dava greets Brandi Love, who is one of her clients. Scarlett is then shocked when Dava instantly starts flirting with Brandi, both of them beginning to strip down. NOW Scarlett realizes that Dava's involved in the oldest profession -- she can't submit a school report about THAT!

As Dava dutifully gets to work pleasing Brandi, Scarlett awkwardly sits nearby. She tries to avoid looking directly at them as Dava eats out Brandi's pussy, but it's not long before Scarlett herself starts getting hot and bothered. Seeing this, Dava and Brandi teasingly invite her to join -- it's important for her to have hands-on experience, after all...

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Morgenstern!

Zero Tolerance - Whitney Wright & Dava Foxx - Let's Bang The Babysitter 6

File: lpyclnazetowhidavbsj8gv8y2m.mp4
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Duration: 25:04
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: This 6th installment of the classic babysitter series delivers a whole new cast of hotties that can't wait to get hardcore after hours with their horny bosses! Every scene is a juicy three-way of 'forbidden fruit' with the undeniable chemistry that only a naughty nanny fantasy can deliver.

Moms Teach Sex - Dava Foxx & Kyler Quinn - How To Fuck Your Mom

File: blxsxnamotesedavkylohlvcmszuj.mp4
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Duration: 34:42
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kyler Quinn will do almost anything to make her boyfriend Codey Steele feel sexy. She shares with us that she learned Codey had a fetish for sucking a hot mom's titties. Kyler agrees to role play with Codey, giving him her lush boobs to suck before she blows him. Kyler doesn't feel like she has really catered to Codey's fantasies, so she goes to talk to her stepmom, Dava Foxx, to figure out what to do next.

Dava listens to her stepdaughter's concerns, which end with Kyler's belief that Codey won't get over his fetish until he has had the chance to suck a real mommy's titties. She bargains a bit with Kyler, but eventually agrees to help her stepdaughter out. Kyler brings Codey in and gives him permission to go wild with those genuine mom boobs. Dava may have been just tolerating the sex play at first, but by the time Codey's fingers slide beneath her miniskirt, they find Dava's twat nice and wet. She ultimately agrees to let him lay her back on the bed and fuck her.

Not about to be left out of the action, Kyler climbs onto her stepmother's mouth and rides it while Codey fucks Dava. Then Kyler takes a turn with Codey buried between her thighs while she eats Dava out. Dava gives Codey a ride in her landing strip fuck hole, and then Kyler gets on her hands and knees so Codey can bang her doggy style while staring at Dava's jugs. The girls finish Codey off as they lay on their backs side by side, taking turns sucking him off until he cums in Dava's mouth to finish living out his fantasy.

Mylf Blows - Dava Foxx - What Deepthroat Dreams Are Made Of

File: upvknnamybldavfoxqrtbzkku8x.mp4
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Duration: 28:33
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Bookish MILF beauty Dava Foxx is all about giving guys exactly what they want. When she sees a devoted husband not getting the attention he deserves, she springs into action. She likes to wrap her fingers around a hard cock and stroke it until it is ready to burst. Then she wets her lips and puts it in her mouth, working her magic as the orgasmic sensations kick in. All the while, she whispers sweet nothings, making the incredible blowjob that much more seductive. She is especially good at multitasking, licking balls and stroking the shaft at the same time. Not to mention, she loves getting a splash of sperm all over her face. Dava is what dreams are made of!