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Hush Pass - Nickey Huntsman - Hot Booty Babe Nickey Loves It The Ass

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Duration: 31:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Nickey Huntsman is petite but this girl packs a nice juicy booty you just want to bang... and we do! Watch as JMac admires that sweet ass then penetrates flexible Nickey slamming her ass hard in man positions including pile driver then feeding her the cum reward for job well done.

Girls Try Anal - Nickey Huntsman & Jay Taylor - Saving Herself For Marriage

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Duration: 27:58
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Taylor, a bride-to-be, and one of her bridesmaids, Nickey Huntsman, are checking out a dress Nickey received in the mail. As they look at the dress, unimpressed, talk turns to Jay's sex life, and it's revealed that Jay is saving herself for marriage.

Nickey is skeptical since she is under the impression that Jay has hooked up with many people. Jay clarifies, saying she has only had ANAL sex, which doesn't count.

Nickey shakes her head in disbelief. She then seems to get an idea. Giving Jay a lusty look, she asks if Jay wants to have anal sex with her, since, by Jay's logic, THAT wouldn't count either. Jay looks back at her with a tempted but coy expression., her eyes darting along Nickey's body.

They gaze at each other for one more pleasantly tense beat before they give in to their lust and suddenly come together for a passionate kiss. Nickey slips Jay's top down, revealing her perfect breasts as Nickey begins to suck on her nipples.

Just because Jay's saving herself for marriage doesn't mean she can't have a little fun!

Robo Meats - Nickey Huntsman - Clothing Optional

File: wcjr6naromenichunm2etbncprq.mp4
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Duration: 16:32
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Little Nickey is just getting ready for school. Her da-d stops her on the way out the door to check out what she has chosen to wear. She stops to model the outfit for him, as he uses his timestop watch to freeze her in her tracks. Seeing the opportunity to play a little game with his davghter, he unbuttons her denim dress revealing her sexy little tits, held up in her bra. He unfreezes her and slightly chides her for being a little too revealing but tells her the outfit is fine. As she starts to leave again, he freezes her and unbuttons her dress all the way, revealing her entire sexy nubile body. When he unfreezes her, he toys with her further asking if there is something wrong with the buttons of her dress. She buttons back up and begins to leave again. He freezes her and pulls her delicate little panties down before unfreezing her again. The delicate thing tumbles to the floor and is terribly confused as to whats happening. Da-d tells her to sit down on the couch. She moves to sit, but before she does, he freezes her again, opening her dress and pulling off her panties. He unfreezes her and she cant believe this is happening and doesnt understand. She sits down and starts to think about it when Da-d does it again, this time laying her down and stripping her fully, spreading her legs and exposing her furry little pussy. He unfreezes her and tells her she surely will never get to school if she doesnt get her clothes on. She agrees and knows something weird is definitely going on. He freezes her again and poses her, arching her back. He unfreezes her and pretends like she was asking about her breast size. Just utterly confused she decides to wear something else. As she begins walking to her room he freezes her again, and positions himself in his chair before unfreezing her. He tells her she cant go to school naked and shes left her clothes on the couch. She begins to gather them when he freezes her again. He approaches his frozen davghter and sucks on her nipples before laying her back on the couch. He spreads her open and tastes her pussy before deciding to push it further. He slides his dick into her and begins fucking her. He unfreezes her briefly for her to see what is happening. He pulls out of her and shoves his cock in her mouth open from her asking what her Da-d was doing to her. He puts her on her side and lifts her leg to fuck her. He pumps his cock in and out of her tight little hole, loving on his little lady. He pulls it out and jerks himself over her frozen body before expelling her bruthers and slsters all over her sexy little body. He sits back at his desk and unfreezes her. She sees his cum all over her body and embarrassed as well as now seeing her Da-d completely different exclaims she needs to get cleaned up.

Spizoo - Emily Blacc, Nickey Huntsman & Ryan Keely - My Dyke Girlfriend

File: kl3ignaspieminicryajdpwh7bqth.mp4
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Duration: 16:00
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Girlfriends, Ryan and Nikki love each other. They do everything together...including other girls. When they notice how cute their gardener is they decide to get dirty. Emily unsuspectedly entires in the home at their request and its not long before they are ravishing her body and giving her the ultimate lesbian experience. Turns out this gardener absolutely loves all types of bushes. Watch all three ladies lick, spit, kiss and grind on one another in this super hot dyke threesome!!!

Web Young - Nickey Huntsman & Kristen Scott - Mouth To Mouth

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Duration: 44:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kristen Scott is sitting on the bed in her bedroom. She has a cellphone to her ear and is talking to Nickey Huntsman. When she greets Nickey, she sits up straighter on the bed and smiles throughout. Kristen mentions that she's nervous about their CPR class since she doesn't have the technique down. Nickey says she's been studying up, so she'd be happy to help her out. Kristen then offers her family's poolside as a place to practice to make it more authentic. Nickey easily agrees, and they plan to meet up in an hour and a half.

Kristen leads Nickey to the poolside. Both teens are fully-dressed with their bikinis underneath. Nickey admires the pool, then asks if Kristen's parents know that they are practicing mouth-to-mouth? If they don't and they catch Kristen and Nickey practicing, things could get awkward. Kristen tells her that her parents are out for the day. She also points out that they're both 18 now, so it doesn't really matter.

Nickey says that that's true, she just didn't want things to get weird. Kristen assures her that everything is fine, and they begin to strip down to their bikinis. Kristen is distracted briefly by Nickey's perky breasts, though hurriedly follows suit to avoid being caught staring.

Nickey lays down on a towel and Kristen hovers over her. There's a little bit of awkwardness and shyness between them as Kristen leans down toward Nickey, but she begins. Nickey helps hold Kristen's hair away from her face as she presses their lips together and starts the chest compressions. At first, the technique is methodical, although the mouth to mouth contact lingers with each attempt. Kristen also starts to hesitate, her eyes drawn more to Nickey's breasts as her hands hover above before doing compressions.

When Kristen does CPR the third time, their lips linger long enough that Nickey giggles, teasing that that was more like a kiss than CPR! Kristen's embarrassed and apologizes, but Nickey assures her that it's okay -- in fact, she liked it! They come together for a sensual makeout session that leads to Kristen inviting Nickey into her home.