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Nubile Films - Alya Stark & Veronica Leal - My Yoga Instructor

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Duration: 27:37
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Description: Alya Stark and Veronica Leal are having a girls only yoga session on the softest of rugs. The fit and fuckable ladies are looking fine in their body suits as Veronica shows Alya the ropes. The work together on their stretches, but the more they have their hands on one another, the more the sexual tension builds. When Alya has Veronica cradled in her arms for some leg stretches, she can no longer resist the temptation to rub Veronica's pussy.

Veronica makes it clear that she's super into this new change to her yoga routine with kisses and soft mewls of pleasure. Unsnapping Veronica's body suit, Alya rolls the fabric up to expose Veronica's tits. Then she puts both hands to work, with one rubbing Veronica's clit and the other attending to her hard nipples. As Alya moves on to a full on finger fucking, Veronica sinks low enough that she can tug one of Alya's breasts out to suckle it as she progresses towards a big O.

Temporarily sated, Veronica gets Alya onto her hands and knees on the couch. Still kneeling on the rug, Veronica finds herself at the perfect height to undo Alya's body suit and make herself at home. Leaning in, she indulges in a voracious pussy feast that involves plenty of action with her fingers and tongue. Sweeping licks bring the party higher as Veronica teases Alya's anus as well. When Veronica goes to work finger banging Alya's snatch, she doubles down on her girlfriend's delight by kissing Alya's ass and giving a bit more attention to her chocolate starfish.

Eventually, Alya flings off the last of her clothes and rolls onto her back. Legs spread wide, she winds her fingers into Veronica's hair to pull the redhead close once again. This new angle of penetration encourages Veronica to fill Alya's snatch with her fingers while leaning in to lap at Alya's clit with her hot tongue.

Now that Veronica has brought Alya off, she takes a well-earned break by climbing into Alya's arms and letting her girlfriend's fingers do some exploring. Alya slides two digits deep inside Veronica's fuck hole, then gets on her belly so her tongue can do more of the work. As Alya makes magic with her mouth, Veronica knows that she's not ready to give up on the carnal delights that she can give in return.

The girls relocate to the floor, with Alya on her back and Veronica on top. Their lesbian 69 completes itself as Veronica arranges herself with her pussy on Alya's mouth and her own face buried between Alya's thighs. They keep up the hard work for each other's pleasure, never stopping until both of them have experienced one last climax. Finally satisfied, they come down from their workout in each other's arms on the rug.

Viv Thomas - Alya Stark & Cherry Kiss - Take It Off

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Duration: 18:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Cute brunette Alya Stark is lying on the bed watching while sexy blonde Cherry Kiss gets dressed. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Take It Off begins, Cherry is getting frustrated, rifling through her wardrobe, but Alya has a better idea. Pushing her girlfriend up against the door, she kisses her hungrily. Cherry responds eagerly, undressing Alya and sucking her beautiful breasts, before kissing her way down to her shaved pussy. Alya moans with pleasure as Cherry licks her skilfully. They rush to the bed, where Cherry uses her fingers and tongue to drive her sweetheart wild. Getting naked, Cherry straddles Alyas face, arching her back and squeezing her nipples as she gets eaten to an intense orgasm. Moving into scissors, the gorgeous girls grind their wet pussies together and share a powerful mutual climax. Cherry wants another taste of Alya, lapping up her juice until she cums again.

Viv Thomas - Alya Stark & Veronica Leal - Picture Perfect

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Duration: 24:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning redhead Veronica Leal and her gorgeous girlfriend Alya Stark are hanging artwork on the wall, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Picture Perfect begins. Alya climbs the stepladder, giving naughty Veronica the opportunity to peep up her short skirt and discover shes not wearing panties. She kisses and spanks Alya playfully, until the sweet brunette responds with passion, then lifts her top and runs her tongue all over Alyas perky breasts. Kissing her way down, she nuzzles her face between Alyas thighs, eating her shaved pussy skilfully. Alya gasps with pleasure as Veronica licks her clit until shes at fever pitch. They move to the bedroom, athletic beauty Veronica going face down ass up to devour Alya from head to toe, giving her a powerful climax. Now Alya lavishes attention on Veronicas perfect breasts as she slides a hand into her booty-hugging shorts to fingerbang her. She strips the Colombian babe naked and licks her voraciously, turning her over to eat her pussy and ass from behind, driving her to an intense orgasm. Hide

Viv Thomas - Alya Stark & Vicky Love - Waiting For You

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Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Vicky Love is getting impatient, thinking of her girlfriend, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Waiting For You begins. Stunning Alya Stark finally returns from her night out clubbing, her dress riding up to expose her sexy stocking tops as she straddles Vicky on the sofa. She kicks off her heels and kisses her sweetheart passionately, fondling her big breasts and sucking her nipples. Alya moves astride her girlfriends face to get her shaved pussy eaten, moaning with pleasure as Vicky spreads her folds and laps at her prominent clit...

Sneaky Sex - Alya Stark & Azure Angel - Sneaky Lesbian Workout

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Duration: 37:37
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gyms the sexiest places on earth. Barely any clothing, sweating, swole bodies its no surprise people will go out of their way to have sex there, even if it means risking your relationship. Such is the case with the beautiful brunette Azure Angel when she and her boyfriend hit the gym. But its not the boyfriend shell be fucking. Their trainer, Alya Stark, an incredible European goddess seduces her by touching Azures ass and tits while she helps her stretch. These wild European girls start making out with their titties out, with the boyfriend in the room! Alya takes Azure somewhere slightly more private and eats her pussy. The girls fuck scissoring, pussy licking and fingering until theyve got a solid workout. And the boyfriend? Hes none the wiser.

Nubile Films - Alya Stark & Mia Evans - Forbidden Pleasures

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Duration: 21:50
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: A hot red body suit clings to Alya Stark's curves as she checks herself out in the mirror. Meanwhile, Alya's girlfriend, Mia Evans, settles into a warm bath and watches Alya preen. When Alya is satisfied, she struts over to join Mila by the tub.

Lingerie may be sexy when it's on a girl's body, but there's nothing hotter than when it comes off. Mia watches with greedy eyes as Alya strips and then joins her in the water. The girls exchange a deep kiss, but what Alya really wants is an orgasm. When Alya climbs onto the edge of the tub and spreads her thighs, Mia is happy to oblige the silent request.

Crawling on her hands and knees through the water, Mia settles between Alya's thighs. Her tongue flicks out to lap the dewy beads from Alya's smooth pussy. When Alya makes it clear that she wants more, Mia dives deeper to indulge in a full blown pussy feast. It only takes a few minutes for Mia to bring Alya to the swift climax that she's been chasing. From there, the girls settle in for a more intimate encounter.

Guiding Mia out of the tub with a deep kiss, Alya gently urges her girlfriend to the ground. When Mia has laid back, Alya crawls between her parted legs. Lapping delicately at Mia's clit, Alya enjoys the flavor of her lover's musk. Her hands roam Mia's lower body, caressing her belly and tickling her inner thighs as she works Mia's passion to new heights.

Crawling further up Mia's body and abandoning her pussy feast, Alya replaces her mouth with her magic fingers. They slide up and down Mia's bare twat, spreading her juices everywhere. Then they press deep, giving Mia finger banging penetration that leaves her gasping from the force of her orgasm.

As Mia is coming down from cloud nine, Alya gets on her hands and knees on the rug. Mia knows just what to do. She comes up behind Alya and laps at wat her girlfriend's smooth slit. When Alya rolls onto her back, Mia continues working her soft lips and clever tongue over her clit. The pressure is just what Alya needs to reach a whole new plane of delight.

The girls aren't done yet. Alya lays Mia down on the carpet and then climbs on top of her girlfriend. Laying in a 69, they each keep eating the other out, both of them using their fingers to double down on the other's pleasure. Mia is feeling sated by the time Alya is done with her, but she knows her multiorgasmic girlfriend could use one final indulgence. Cuddling close with Alya in her arms, she finger fucks her lover until Alya's body twitches with one last round of pure bliss. Mutually content, the girls curl up in each other's arms.

Viv Thomas - Alya Stark & Blue Angel - Runaway Girl 2

File: z2edlnavithalybluhhe2usdi2x.mp4
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Duration: 23:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Blue Angel is completely entranced by sexy brunette Alya Stark, as episode two of Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Runaway Girl begins. Blue was introduced to this intriguing beauty by her mysterious lover Liv Revamped at the end of part one, and they get better acquainted in the bathroom of the nightclub, kissing passionately...

Viv Thomas - Aislin & Alya Stark - Ride With Me

File: 5xlvznavithaisalyuappfiac6d.mp4
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Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy blonde Aislin is out on her bicycle, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Ride With Me begins. When she stops on a railway bridge to fix her faulty bike chain, cute passerby Alya Stark offers to help, and the two hotties strike up an instant rapport. Back at Alyas place, Aislin takes off her panties while her new friend fetches her toolbox. The sweet green-eyed brunette is surprised to get a flash of Aislins bare pussy, but returns her spontaneous kiss eagerly, and shivers with pleasure when Aislin pulls down her top to bare her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then slides a hand into her tiny shorts. Soon Aislin has the shorts off and is sucking on the puffy pink folds of Alyas shaved pussy, and then easing a finger inside to frig her to a powerful climax. Now the busty blonde straddles Alyas face to get her shaved pussy eaten. As Alya laps at her clit voraciously, her boobs bounce hypnotically while she shudders with pleasure. She dismounts and lies back with her thighs spread wide as Alya drives her to an intense orgasm.

Viv Thomas - Alya Stark & Kira Queen - Lucky Break

File: jxuwhnavithalykirdilnfgxpyf.mp4
Size: 185.16 MB
Duration: 23:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Alya Stark is out driving with busty Kira Queen when their car breaks down on a remote country road. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Lucky Break begins, the girls go in search of water on an impulse, playful Alya sprays it over her friend, turning her skimpy white top transparent. To Alyas delight, the voluptuous raven-haired beauty takes off her top to reveal her huge breasts, and they kiss eagerly, glancing around to make sure theres nobody to see them. Kira takes off her shorts and sits on a picnic table with her thighs apart so Alya can lick her shaved pussy, making her moan with the pleasurable sensations...

The White Boxxx - Alya Stark - Common Passion

File: bjapjnathwhboalystatedidhto5p.mp4
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Duration: 26:59
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alya Stark loves being carried on hands, caressed and fucked hard but passionately. After a wet blowjob Max Dior lays her down on her back and eats her pussy before putting his big dick inside of her. Alya Stark enjoys sex so much that she starts shivering, getting closer and closer to climax. After riding the big dick she jerks it until Max ejaculates in her open mouth and on the pretty face

Horny Hostel - Alya Stark - Breakfast Is Served

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Duration: 35:41
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alya Stark wake up in hostel and want sex from her boyfriend. But he was still sleeping. So she walks into the kitchen from hostel and meet a nice black guy. With him she make some nice food play with yoghurt over her body. Freddy Gong is testing how deep she can take his big cock both in her mouth and in her pussy