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Fitness Rooms - Rebecca Volpetti & Asia Rae - Cock Lovers Interracial Threesome

File: hcnyfnafirorebasiasep6twa5i.mp4
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Duration: 24:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Lovers Asia Rae and Rebecca Volpetti finish their workout, get naked, and eat each other out in 69. As the ladies pleasure each other, Max Dior overhears them, and spies in. When they notice the stud, the ladies rip his clothes off and take out his hard cock to give him a double blowjob. Asia and Rebecca take turns taking Max's thick cock, then Asia sits on Rebecca's face while Max fucks her missionary style. Once both babes have bounced their booties on Max's big dick, then give him a sloppy double blowjob until he covers them both in cum!

Nubile Films - Marilyn Sugar & Rebecca Volpetti - Working From Home

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Duration: 33:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marilyn Sugar, Rebecca Volpetti, and Sam Bourne are part of a threesome that lives together. Sam has been working from home, but Marilyn and Rebecca are eager for him to give them the attention they crave. Today, they've come up with a plan to make sure that Sam joins them in the bedroom instead of staying glued to his computer.

They begin with Rebecca taking a quick shower while Marilyn does her makeup. The girls both wind up decked out in lingerie that hugs their curves. Strutting into the kitchen where Sam is trying to concentrate, they kick off a not-so-subtle makeout session that involves plenty of caresses. When both girls are topless, they relocate directly into Sam's line of view. Marilyn gets Rebecca's panties off and tosses them to Sam, who looks up to see Rebecca pressed against the doorframe and Marilyn crouched behind her, teasing Rebecca's pussy. When they know they have Sam's attention, the girls embrace and beckon Sam to join them in the bedroom...

They don't wait for Sam to get their party really started. Since the girls are both nude anyway, Rebecca goes to town squeezing and suckling Marilyn's breasts. That's how Sam finds them. They welcome him with open arms and mouths, making sure that his hard dick receives plenty of attention even as they're kissing him. When Rebecca and Marilyn get down on their knees to start sucking Sam off, they share so nicely as they indulge every bit of their passion.

Sam eventually gets on the bed so that the girls can continue to blow him. Their BJ and ball sucking bliss only comes to an end when Marilyn takes things to the next level by letting Rebecca help her straddle Sam's hips and slide down onto his fuck stick. Her velvet gloves pulses in delight as she rocks her hips and enjoys that first feeling of fullness.

Rebecca gets to enjoy the same treatment as Marilyn climbs off and lets her girlfriend hop on. Where Marilyn enjoyed herself in reverse cowgirl, Rebecca takes Sam's cock on a cowgirl ride. Marilyn's hands on her ass and Sam's balls help both of them double down on their delight. When Rebecca hops off, Marilyn is there to suck her girlfriend's juices from her boyfriend's hardon.

Sam stays on his back as Marilyn mounts him in cowgirl and Rebecca crawls on top of his mouth. Riding Sam's tongue while Marilyn rides his cock is the perfect interlude for Rebecca. She can even lean forward and suckle Marilyn's bouncing titties and hard nipples.

Rebecca gets to enjoy the D again as she gets on her hands and knees so that Sam can take her in doggy. He gives it to her in a perfectly sensual rhythm that Marilyn wants some of, too. Sam is happy to deliver when the girls swap spots. In fact, Rebecca takes the opportunity to slide underneath Marilyn in a makeshift lesbian 69. That puts her face in the perfect spot to catch Sam's cumshot in her open mouth when he blows his load right on Marilyn's bare muff.

Porn World - Rebecca Volpetti - Ex-husband And Boyfriend Stuff Sexy Slut Airtight In Dp Gangbang

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Duration: 37:24
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Description: on the couch and starts sucking him off. Some minutes later, his stiff cock is balls deep inside of her pussy when the new boyfriend Vince, and his friend David walk into the house to discover whats going on. Since hes well-aware of his girlfriend being a slut, Vince isnt surprised in the least bit and rolls with the situation. Next, Vince, David, and Yanick all have their cocks out and Rebecca is taking turns blowing all three of them. When their dicks are nice and hard, they stuff them into all three of her holes. The hardcore airtight DP gangbang concludes with the guys shooting their loads into Rebeccas filthy little mouth.

Massage Rooms - Rebecca Volpetti & Katy Rose - Euro Girls Passionate Sapphic Love

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Duration: 23:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sapphic lesbians Alexis Crystal and blonde teen Marilyn Sugar are in bed together for some naughty fun. Alexis feels on Marilyn's booty while the lesbians make out, then pulls out her perky tits and sucks her puffy nipples. Alexis lies Marilyn down and slides a hand down into her sparkly panties, then rubs and fingers the blonde teen's wet pussy. Pulling Marilyn's panties to the side, Alexis licks and kisses the blonde's pink pussy. Sitting back up, Alexis lets Marilyn take control and caress her own pert tits, then the lesbians 69 to mutual orgasm!

Fitness Rooms - Rebecca Volpetti & Asia Rae - Interracial Lesbian 69 In The Gym

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Duration: 24:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Attending her first ever yoga class, Rebecca Volpetti waits for her instructor Asia Rae in the Fitness Rooms. Rebecca admits to Asia that she is nervous, but the instructor calms her charge's nerves and shows her the first position they will hold. The lesbians lock eyes and sparks fly, and Rebecca spreads her legs enticingly. Asia crawls over and pulls Rebecca's shorts to the side, then licks her wet pussy with her pierced tongue. Turning over, Asia lies on her back, and Rebecca sits on her trainer's face. Back on the mats, the lesbian lovers 69, then Asia sits on Rebecca's face, twerking her big booty until she cums!

Fake Taxi - Rebecca Volpetti - Cheating Babe Fucked On Backseat

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Duration: 27:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This petite blonde got into the backseat today and told me just drive. I thought it was strange, but I've had more bizarre requests, so I went along with it. She asked me if I was married, and said she was wondering because I turned her on. I thought it was a prank, but when she spread her legs, took off her panties, and played with her tits, I knew she was serious. She said she had a boyfriend, and this was a fetish they shared, her hooking up with strangers. She begged me to pull over so she could suck me cock. I fucked her tight, wet pussy in the backseat of the car and made her climax, then I pulled out to cum on her.

Lez Cuties - Rebecca Volpetti & Alyssa Bounty - Girls Get Down To Business

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Duration: 27:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's a spark, a tension in the air. But not a bad one, you know...that kind of sexual tension an energy that needs to be released. That's what Alyssa Bounty and Rebecca Volpetti were feeling the office. exchanging glances, eye contacts and as soon their coworker leaves, they got down to business.

Lesbea - Rebecca Volpetti & Zuzu Sweet - Two Sexy Natural Lesbians Make Love

File: 6tiyunalesrebzuzqanzsjvgrr.mp4
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Duration: 23:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy natural lesbians Rebecca Volpetti and Zuzu Sweet are due for some intimacy. Wearing their naughtiest lingerie, the lesbians kiss passionately, then begin to strip. Zuzu sucks and squeezes Rebecca's perky tits, then the blonde babe licks and kisses the brunette's neck. Rebecca lies Zuzu back on the bed, and with two handfuls of booty, licks her wet pussy. Zuzu returns the favor doggystyle, and each lesbian makes the other climax!

Spizoo - Rebecca Volpetti - Fucks A Big Cock While Aerial Hooping

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Duration: 35:12
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Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca Volpetti is an aerial hoop dancer who loves giving her man, Larry Steel, a private show. Complete with her latex overalls, Rebecca is ready to give the lucky stud one hell of a show. After showing off her quick hoop routine, the lustful babe drops to her knees and gives Larry a sloppy blowjob. She then bends over and holds the aerial hoop while her man fucks her doggystyle. The beautiful blonde can't help but moan as she slides up and down Larry's big cock in cowgirl while she hangs on the hoop. Her shaved pussy is stretched out nicely with every thrust of Larry's cock. The horny stud keeps on fucking Rebecca's tight pussy before letting her jerk off his cock until he cums all over her face.

The White Boxxx - Rebecca Volpetti - Pussy massage

File: frjldnathwhborebvolkym1vmfpmw.mp4
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Duration: 31:58
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca was waiting relaxed for a refreshing massage when she saw Kristof coming in. Thats when her kinky mind thought of the naughty stuff that could begin. He started oiling her sexy body and massaged her passionately, while she completely relaxed. So he poured more oil an her beautiful ass cheeks, on her pussy and on her butt hole, massaged this beauty until she started shaking her booty. Then he fingered her pussy deep while also rubbing her clit, played with her right tit and made her grab his dick. When Rebecca felt his big thick cock she knew that she wanted to suck it nice and smooth for the sex to be just as good. She rode him amazing while her pussy was glazing with oil and love. How great she felt above! Kristof fucked her pussy hard even though he made her hot from the start. He enjoyed ther moaning and couldnt stop fucking until both started cumming.

The White Boxxx - Rebecca Volpetti & Jenny Doll - My Two Girlfriends

File: cnddsnathwhborebjeng3mfvkb5hb.mp4
Size: 437.19 MB
Duration: 28:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: What's better than having sex with your girlfriend? Having sex with your girlfriends' friend at the same time. Erik is tied to the chair while Rebecca Volpetti Jenny Doll kiss and masturbate each other, getting ready for his big dick. Once he is untied he doesn't waste on second and starts taking turns fucking each of them until both girls had their share of orgasms.

Girls Only Porn - Rebecca Volpetti & Stacy Cruz - Sticky Sweet

File: g8jgnnagionporebstaajdplun21d.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 22:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hopping onto the kitchen counter, Rebecca Volpetti indulges in a morning snack that really hits the spot. Splayed out in just panties and a loosely tied t-shirt that leaves very little to the imagination, Rebecca looks good enough to eat, too. She is just finishing up when her girlfriend, Stacy Cruz, comes down for her morning coffee. Stacy is also wearing nothing more than an open shirt and a thong...

Clambering off the counter, Rebecca takes a bit of her sweet treat on her finger and struts over to Stacy. She drops the first taste onto Stacy's lips. Then she moves her fingers lower to trace sticky sweetness over Stacy's nipples. Since Rebecca has made a mess, she is of course obligated to clean it up with her very soft tongue. Once she's had a taste of passion, Rebecca knows that she won't be satisfied until they have both had orgasms.

Pushing Rebecca onto the counter, Stacy peels her lover out of her panties and opens her shirt to unveil Rebecca's entire slim figure. She spreads Rebecca's push juices all over, then leans in to rub Rebecca's clit. Kneeling to settle between Rebecca's thighs, Stacy goes in for a full fledged bald pussy feast. Stacy keeps up the tongue work until her much tinier lover lets loose a low moan of completion and then jumps into her arms for a deep kiss.

The girls relocate to the much comfier bedroom, where Rebecca uses her teeth to relieve Stacy of her underwear. She cozies up to Stacy's thigh as she flicks her tongue out. Stacy initially contents herself with her hands kneading her big breasts, but eventually Rebecca finds just the right spot. At that point, Stacy wraps her hands and feet around Rebecca's head to keep her in that exact place.

Once Stacy has had her initial climax, Rebecca lays back against the pillows and welcomes her lover's tongue as it renews the magic all over again. This time, Stacy takes it nice and slow as she explores every inch of Rebecca's sweet slick folds. Opening herself completely with her knees behind her shoulders, Rebecca guides Stacy's probing fingers. She finally gets the big O she craves when she gets on her knees and lets Stacy finger fuck her until her hips are bucking.

Laying down, Stacy pulls Rebecca on top of her. Pressing her mouth to Rebecca's snatch, Stacy keeps her girlfriend's private party going. Meanwhile, Rebecca leans forward to create a girl-on-girl 69. They keep up their mutual pussy feast until Rebecca eventually climbs off and lays hands on a vibrator. Urging Stacy onto her knees, Rebecca presses the vibe to Stacy's clit while her tongue teases Stacy's ass.

As soon as Stacy has enjoyed a climax, she rolls Rebecca onto her back so she can make out with her lover while giving her a taste of her own medicine with the vibrator. Pulling Stacy close, Rebecca makes it a mutually pleasurable interaction. The girls enjoy some toy-supported scissoring, then indulge in the aftermath of their lovemaking with deep kisses.

Hands On Hardcore - Rebecca Volpetti - Cafe Au Lait Cock Combo For Rebecca's Tiny Twat

File: 4n5yunahaonharebvol5c2ashyqlw.mp4
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Duration: 47:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Slender Romanian babe Rebecca Volpetti's getting really horny -- she hasn't gotten laid in months! She's so desperate that she's set up a series of blind dates at her house in the hope of getting some action. But when the doorbell rings, Rebecca is surprised to see that it's black stud Darrell Deeps at the door. Rebecca's never been with a black dude before, but she doesn't care -- she's curious to find out if the rumors are true! After Rebecca spills some wine on his shirt, Darrell is forced to strip out of his shirt, and it doesn't take much for Rebecca to follow suit. She releases Darrell's magic wand from its cloth cage and is gratified to see that it fulfills every inch of her expectations! After the cream-skinned vixen deep-throats him, Darrell gives Rebecca what she needs by slinging his superschlong into her tiny pink snatch in the spoon position before giving her the deepest shagging she's ever had when he reams her out in cowgirl, still wearing her black stockings, as she screams in pleasure. All of a sudden someone else walks in -- a nerdy young white guy named Josh. Rebecca had meant for him to come the following night, but she must have given him the wrong date. Josh wants to go, as he's looking for romance, but Rebecca and Darrell take pity on the incel and convince him to join in their revelries. Rebecca primes Josh's pump by flashing her perfect ass and rubbing her pert mouth up and down his shaft, then Josh takes her from behind while she polishes Darrell's knob. Then the dudes switch places! And the party's just getting started -- can this cafe au lait combo satisfy Rebecca's endless lust? Find out!

Nubile Films - Rebecca Volpetti - Time Well Spent

File: 8quvznanufirebvol35kcfmv6lc.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 22:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lovely Rebecca Volpetti enjoys an indulgent bath complete with a selection of fruits and some wine. She enjoys her treats and the warm soapy water as she watches her boyfriend, Sam Bourne, shave. That intimate scene is only the beginning of their time together...

Stepping out of the bath, Rebecca dries herself off and puts on an outfit designed for seduction. Her top barely covers all the essentials, while her skirt is so short that it easily rides up to show off her bare pussy. No panties for this hottie.

When Sam comes out of the bathroom, Rebecca is all ready for him. She slides her hands up his slim body and captures his lips in a searing kiss. Relieving Sam of his towel, Rebecca is delighted to see his stiffie spring free. What better invitation to lean in and start sucking? Once she starts blowing her lover, she's voracious for the dick. Her BJ is a sloppy, deep throat delight as she gets Sam onto his back.

With Sam laying in the bed, it's a simple thing for Rebecca to peel off her skirt and climb aboard for a stiffie ride. She's got all the right moves as she rides that D. Sensual undulations of her hips get the party going. Then she turns around so that Sam can hook his hands beneath her knees and piston in and out of that velvet glove.

Getting forward on her knees, Rebecca remains impaled on Sam's fuck stick. Now, she can twerk her way to another big O. Bouncing away on that cock, Rebecca rides Sam hard. It's an easy transition for him to push her forward so that her cheek rubs the bedsheets as he drives into her in doggy.

Rolling onto her back, Rebecca welcomes Sam back inside with a do me smile and parted thighs. Her hands are everywhere, rubbing her stomach and squeezing her tits and nipples. Sam goes deep, and the harder he thrusts the more Rebecca curls her knees backwards to open herself more for his penetration. That complete abandon totally does it for Sam, who shoves himself all the way inside and gluts Rebecca with a creampie to finish their fuck fest.

Viv Thomas - Rebecca Volpetti & Marilyn Sugar - Wet Morning

File: 7ajffnavithrebmar9f1umbxel5.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 25:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute blonde Marilyn Sugar gets up and takes a shower, leaving her girlfriend sleeping, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Wet Morning begins. Gorgeous Rebecca Volpetti wakes up and watches her sweetheart through the glass wall, soon deciding to join her in the shower. They kiss hungrily and suck each others nipples as they embrace. Marilyn licks her way down Rebeccas slender body and between her thighs, lapping at her shaved pussy to make her moan with arousal. Moving to the bed, Marilyn devours Rebecca even more ravenously, giving her an intense orgasm. Straddling Rebeccas pretty face, she grinds breathlessly as the sensations drive her wild. Rebecca laps at her wet pussy until she trembles and moans through a powerful climax, immediately followed by a second. Its the perfect start to their day.

Stuck 4K - Rebecca Volpetti - Don’t rummage through the fridge or you’ll get stuck!

File: lyv9znast4krebvolklxtvahtok.mp4
Size: 2.81 GB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1920x1012
Format: mp4
Description: It was pitch-black outside, but Rebecca Volpetti couldnt sleep. She was fixated on the delicious ice-cream that was waiting for her in the fridge. She quietly jumped from her bed and tiptoed her way to the kitchen. We see her opening the fridge to reach for the coveted tub when suddenly her hand gets stuck in a narrow opening between other groceries. Yeah, Rebecca herself cant believe it either she repeatedly tries to release herself, but fails every time! Her hand is stuck big time, so she finds herself half-naked and completely helpless, screaming in the middle of the kitchen, Hey, could somebody please help me? Her husband rushed to her aide, but after seeing a booty THAT firm and succulent, he realized that he cant rescue her just yet He needs to fuck her first!