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Kink Test Shoots - Vanessa Vega - Punishment For The Mouthy Brat

File: tcouznakiteshvanvegdmxizmrxh8.mp4
Size: 4.98 GB
Duration: 01:10:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mouthy brat Vanessa Vega is exploring her limits with intense torment from Eli Cross. Vanessas session begins in a standing position with a collar around her neck and her wrists behind her back keeping her locked in position. Eli warms up her flesh with hard smacks from a leather flogger, bringing Vanessa into a blissful ecstasy. He continues with more impact play from a riding crop on her ass and nipples. Large toys are inserted into Vanessas hungry holes as the slut screams in ecstasy, and Eli cant help but laugh as she suffers.

She is rewarded with a squirting orgasm that has her writhing in her restraints. In the next position, Vanessa is placed on her back, legs spread wide open, with a large pink butt plug deep in her ass. Vanessa is helpless as Eli starts clamping her pussy lips with clips. Eli canes Vanessas feet and legs as she intensely screams and laughs from the torment. In the final position, Vanessa is face down and ass up with her wrists and ankles in restraints. Her marked-up body is punished further with cane strikes from Eli. Vanessa is ravaged with a large toy in her ass that goes straight into her mouth afterwards. Her pussy and ass are stretched further while a vibrator is held firmly against her clit, inducing her to squirt even more.

Modern Day Sins - Vanessa Vega - Lust Triangles: Right Under His Nose

File: rhayunamodasivanvegqtlqkalak6.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 39:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Robby Apples is supportive of his stay-at-home wife, Vanessa Vega, who has recently created a startup to keep herself busy. Robby is especially impressed that Vanessa has hired a personal assistant who comes by the house often. Vanessa seems to be hiding something about her assistant, though Robby doesn't notice. After Robby leaves for work, Vanessa smiles to herself.

Shortly after that, Vanessa's assistant Nathan Bronson arrives and greets her with kisses, because he's actually her secret lover. However, Vanessa feels that their affair is growing dull. To add more excitement, she tells him that she has devised a plan to spice things up even further...

Later that day, Robby returns home and finds Vanessa alone in the bedroom. She seduces him, and he agrees to be blindfolded to add some extra fun to the sex. After Vanessa blindfolds Robby, she motions for Nathan to come into the room. Robby has no idea Nathan is there, as Vanessa gives Robby a blowjob while Nathan partially undresses Vanessa and eats her out from behind. It's clear that she wants to have sex with BOTH men at the same time, so she can enjoy the thrill of cheating right under her husband's nose. As Robby remains blindfolded, the risky threesome continues, including a daring DP!

Foxxed Up - Jenna Foxx & Vanessa Vega - Gagged And Tongue Tied

File: 4ouj5nafoupjenvan7okrgfdrdi.mp4
Size: 810.68 MB
Duration: 11:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Are you into BDSM? It turns me on sooo much getting gagged and tied up! If that's your kink this is the update for you! My gorgeous friend Vanessa Vega is here with me and she wanted to see how much I could handle..I was ready for her to show me the ropes! Watch her put a ball gag in my mouth and bust out the clamps. She clamped my nipples, pussy, and even my tongue! Once she started using my vibrator on me I couldn't help myself! I just had to orgasm..multiple times! Take a look at this hot GG scene today, I know you'll love it!

Evolved Fights Lez - Vanessa Vega & Sheena Rose - Vanessa Vs Sheena

File: 45viznaevfilevanshewa7qycizkq.mp4
Size: 2.72 GB
Duration: 47:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sheena The queen of Mean Rose is back after taking mommy time. She comes back with hug milky jugs and an insatiable thrust for orgasms. Vanessa Vega has been on fire in her recent matches. She knows how to score for the judges with sexual domination and today she is not pulling any punches with Sheena. These two horney lesbians are on a mission to make each other cum in every single round. Sheena is an aggressive wrestler and able to get face sit pins on Vanessa a lot but Vanessa quickly puts her mouth to use and starts going to town on Sheena.

Sheena is mesmorized by the pleasure and often times face fucks vanessa back to get herself edged to Orgasm. This fight does end in an Orgasm on the mat. These girls were working so hard for it, it was bound to happen. The winner uses her slut for her pleasure and both girls are thuroughly tired from sex fighting and cumming

Girls Way - Whitney Wright, Serene Siren, Vanessa Vega & Nicole Kitt - Stop This Nudism Nonsense!

File: qk1frnagiwawhiservannic6xlb1kwomi.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 40:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everything was hunky-dory at Whitney Wright, Vanessa Vega, and Serene Siren's house... that is until their roommate Nicole Kitt became a NUDIST. It started innocently enough, with her exiting the bathroom naked after a shower, or not wearing her bottoms on some mornings. But soon enough, her nudism became a full-time thing. It's gotten so bad that Whitney, Vanessa, and Serene can't even invite guests over anymore!

Something HAS to be done, so Whitney and Vanessa send Serene to go talk some sense into Nicole. But in a shocking turn of events, Serene returns without clothes! The unthinkable has happened... she's been converted to nudism. Enough is enough! Vanessa grabs Serene and takes her back to Nicole's room to talk some sense into BOTH of them. Moments later, however, Vanessa returns without HER clothes as well. Whitney can't believe what she's seeing. Has everyone lost their MINDS?

Seeing no other option, Whitney faces off against these three nudists on her own, committed to restoring order to their household. But as Vanessa, Serene, and Nicole surround her and muse about the perks of being a nudist, Whitney finds herself getting more and more tempted to join their club. Will Whitney be able to hold out? Or will she succumb to all this nudism nonsense as well?

Hotwife XXX - Vanessa Vega - She Gets Her Wish For Two Men Inside

File: wob8rnahoxxvanvegayhw3fmss7.mp4
Size: 2.43 GB
Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy wife Vanessa Vega was not expecting such a great gift from her husband John on their Valentine's Day trip to Spain! John has made her wish of having two cocks inside her pussy come true and hired stud Ramon is waiting to be let in the door. Vanessa was beyond excited and eager to get right to the hard dicks in waiting as she quickly whipped Ramon's cock out and began gagging on it as her husband slipped his cock inside her dripping wet hole. Vanessa was so wet her hot pussy swallowed both throbbing cocks for a hard pounding, taking her to huge orgasms for a face covered in hot man cum!, INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Her Limit - Vanessa Vega - I Want It Harder

File: xdyh7nahelivanvegrecobojkmn.mp4
Size: 646.84 MB
Duration: 24:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Slim brunette Vanessa Vega flirts and teases in sexy lingerie, posing playfully through an outdoor intro. She meets indoors top stud Kyle Mason. The insatiable model immediately kneels before him and sucks his big white cock. Vanessa wastes no time stuffing his lengthy rod into her throat. She chokes and slobbers as she deepthroats. Kyle tosses her on the couch to fuck her cunt. Kendra rides his pole in a warm-up pussy pounding. She whimpers when Kyle stuffs his massive meat up her asshole. Hard anal sex comes with kinks a nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Orgasmic Kendra's pussy ejaculates girl squirt! In the final moments, Kendra drops to her knees to receive her creamy reward. Kyle pumps hot semen into Kendra's open mouth.

Lez Be Bad - Riley Nixon & Vanessa Vega - Doctor's Rectal Retrieval

File: z8i4onalebebarilvanuwitvtjvfq.mp4
Size: 1.57 GB
Duration: 52:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: An embarrassed patient, Vanessa Vega, goes to a doctor, Riley Nixon, after being unable to remove a set of anal beads she got stuck inside her. As she lies there in the doctor's office with bright purple anal beads sticking out of her ass, Vanessa is definitely rethinking her life's choices. Fortunately for her, Riley isn't bothered as she sets to work prepping Vanessa with lube to remove the beads. But this act unexpectedly leads to BOTH of them becoming aroused... and Riley soon puts the anal beads BACK inside of Vanessa to PLEASURE her! What follows next is a raunchy romp focused on gaping, fisting, and putting a rectal speculum to very good use.

Modern Day Sins - Vanessa Vega - Cum Gluttons: Virgins' Squirt Scare

File: lr3cdnamodasivanvegpononndmko.mp4
Size: 1.44 GB
Duration: 38:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Apollo Banks and Vanessa Vega, a couple, are nervously waiting in an exam room. After a few moments, Arabelle Raphael enters and greets them pleasantly. As they exchange greetings, it's revealed that Arabelle is a doctor at this walk-in clinic and will be taking care of Vanessa and Apollo today. When she asks what she can do for the couple, the couple explains that when they were getting frisky, Vanessa started 'leaking' from her vagina. Worried about her health, they came here. Did they do something wrong? Is Vanessa going to be okay??

Arabelle looks sympathetically at them and shakes her head. 'Oh... the sexual education in this country...' she says with a sigh. She then smiles, placing her hand reassuringly on Vanessa's knee, and assures Vanessa that there is NOTHING wrong with her at all. In fact, the 'leaking' that Vanessa described is something called 'squirting'- or 'orgasmic transurethral expulsion', to be exact. Arabelle explains that not ALL women can do it, but for those that can, it's perfectly natural.

The couple is visibly relieved, though they have many questions. Arabelle starts answering their naive questions about squirting, though sees that the couple is still a bit uncertain. Arabelle considers the situation and then suggests that, if they're up for it, she'd be willing to guide them through a sexual experience. They can learn about squirting together in a safe space and, that way, Vanessa and Apollo will feel better equipped to handle it when it comes up in the future. Although Apollo and Vanessa are shocked, this is a learning opportunity they can't pass up!

Everything Butt - Brooklyn Gray & Vanessa Vega - Vanessa Dominates Brooklyn

File: ktnw7naevbubrovanmnqfhlm3q1.mp4
Size: 2.11 GB
Duration: 58:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn is standing in a stockade predicament. Vanessa walks in with a cane and strikes Brooklyn while verbally humiliating them. Brooklyn gets bratty and combative but starts behaving once they feel Vanessas fingers and tongue inside. After sufficient stretching, Brooklyn is ready for a nice, thick dildo in their ass. Then Brooklyn is tied, bent over, legs spread open with a bar and arms pulled back. Vanessa fucks their ass hard with her big strap-on cock and delivers ass-to-mouth and breath play. Then Brooklyn gets a vibrator on their clit while Vanessa licks and fucks their ass. Finally Vanessa and Brooklyn are together on a bed and Brooklyn gets their ass opened wide by Vanessas fingers and a big glass pillar. Now its time for the favor to be returned. Brooklyn toys with Vanessas asshole using a big plug, eventually working up to fisting Vanessa until she cums.

Brazzers Exxtra - Christie Stevens & Vanessa Vega - Mischievous Milf Gets Busted By Bossy Goth

File: svrlgnabrexchrvantvi96gbimm.mp4
Size: 1.54 GB
Duration: 42:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens is the new MILF of the house with a new stepdaughter, Vanessa Vega, who is not a huge fan. While Christie is cleaning, she gets curious to whats happening behind Vanessas closed doors even though her new hubby Vanessas dad has given Christie strict instructions to stay the fuck out. Christie ignores all warnings and decides to snoop. Her mischievous ways lead her to a treasure trove of BDSM sex toys. Christie has a blast playing with Vanessas private collection until she is caught red-handed. Vanessa decides to take advantage of the situation and show dirty MILF just how its done. Christie works her pussy and takes a selfie to share with her man, Alex Jones, who joins the fun lickity split.

Kinky Spa - Vanessa Vega & Braylin Bailey - Vanessa Gives Braylin A Lesson In Massage

File: 9jvbtnakispvanbrasjmsjrt4ol.mp4
Size: 837.43 MB
Duration: 27:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Braylin has been slacking on her job at KinkySpa and Vanessa is not happy, so she is going to show her how its done. Vanessa takes Braylin into the back and gets her oiled up and ready for her massage, but Vanessa knows all the tricks of the trade. Vanessa gets Braylin so worked up she cant help but want to devour Vanessa pussy as they 69 giving each other orgasms over and over. Braylin shows vanessa exactly what she is capable of but now she needs to prove it to the clients as well.

Slut Inspection - Suzanne Ferrari & Vanessa Vega - My Wife Brought Home A Squirting Slut

File: gk5pbnaslinsuzvanryknk5ogkv.mp4
Size: 946.13 MB
Duration: 24:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dont look now, but theres a hot tattooed slut in your living room making out with your wife. On second thought, definitely take a look. Vanessa is hot as fuck and she wants to put on a show. Your wife pulls your cock out and shoves it down Vanessas throat. Vanessa is such a slut she doesnt even need the help, she rams your cock down her throat like its the only thing she cares about. Your wife has Vanessa lay on her so she can feel every thrust as you pound Vanessa wet pussy. It is so hot Vanessa starts squirting and even your wifes pants are in the splash zone. They wanna make out more so Vanessa bends over. It is so hard to not come while fucking her and she even tells you shes messing with you and trying to get you to cum. You wanna take your time though so you hold it together. That is, until she gets on top and you lose control. She wants it and you cant hold it back anymore. Like a good slut she jumps off and rubs your cumming cock all over her face. What a happy day!

Evil Angel - Vanessa Vega - Anal, Oil, Latex, Squirt

File: qeywinaevanvanvegfdecjdo2vb.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 31:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Longhaired, tattooed vixen Vanessa Vega looks hot in a tight, brown latex bandeau bra-and-skirt ensemble, teasing and stripping to start the show. The kinky starlet soaks her fit body in hot oil, eager for a frisky backdoor bang. She shakes her thick booty through a heated tease sequence. That's when hung stud Milan arrives to assist. Vanessa welcomes him with a sloppy blowjob, drooling profusely as he fucks her mouth. Vanessa rubs the spit over her face with sex-crazed fervor! Milan stuffs his thick shaft into her sphincter. A raunchy anal exhibition delivers ass-to-mouth fellatio and lewd rectal gaping. Orgasmic Vanessa's pussy ejaculates soaking girl squirt! She rides Milan's dick and rims his bunghole. The freaky, wild girl stretches open her eyelids as Milan masturbates, and she smiles as he cums into her open eyes!

Cuck 4K - Vanessa Vega - The Art Of Fucking Deception

File: y7xvnnacu4kvanvegss6hfe3nuu.mp4
Size: 2.44 GB
Duration: 28:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes strange things happen in life that could be called a happy or, on the contrary, an unhappy coincidence. However, people with experience and family life know that coincidences are not coincidental. If the wife is cheating on her husband, it is hardly a coincidence. And if there are cameras installed in the house, sex under their lenses is also unlikely to be coincidental. And if a good friend of the family is a hacker with access to those CCTV cams? All in all, everything is mixed up in this lusty and weird story of three cocks and one pussy...

Evil Angel - Vanessa Vega - Gaping Anal Fucking Melee

File: dhzpnnaevanvanvegqjnut87j7e.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 35:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Vega is a sexy alt-girl with a tattoo on her inner thigh that reads, 'Nasty Fucking Bitch.' The sassy sodomite starts her session by teasing the camera in a sexy, fetish-style outfit. Vanessa shakes her chunky booty directly in front of the lens, soon stripping and fingering her butthole. Hard-fucking stud Ramon Nomar arrives to plug her anus with a toy, and Vanessa treats him to a slobbering, ball-lapping blowjob. She stuffs fingers into her bunghole as Ramon's rod pummels her twat, and Vanessa talks dirty through this vulgar action. Ramon jams a butt plug into her mouth as his boner reams her, and the young hottie spreads open her gaping bunghole. A melee of rigorous anal reaming comes with messy, ass-to-mouth fellatio and decadent dickdildo double penetration. For the finale, Vanessa opens her mouth as masturbating Ramon splatters hot semen on her outstretched tongue.

Pure Taboo - Vanessa Vega - No Going Back

File: aua5hnaputavanvegr8areoldli.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 47:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jenna Vanessa Vega looks at a loss as she's lovingly ushered into the room by a man Nathan Bronson. Jenna looks emotionally wrecked, insisting that she feels regretful about what they did. But the man, on the other hand, tries to convince her otherwise. 'We did what we had to do to be TOGETHER, Jenna. There was NO other way,' he insists as he tries his best to comfort her with familiar little kisses and caresses.

But, as the events leading up to this moment flash before her eyes, Jenna's guilt eats her from the inside...

BBC Titans - Vanessa Vega - Dr Vanessa Gangbang Fantasy

File: cyb3gnabbtivanvegapfdtcmf1n.mp4
Size: 810.20 MB
Duration: 28:55
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Dr. Vanessa Vega is a world-renown Beverly Hills psychologist. Eddie paid her visit for some advice and during the course of the discussion happened to mention how it was with his boys the BBC Titans back in college. Even though she has a wall full of degrees Dr. Vega is still a slut at heart and wondered about this experience. Oh boy, a serious Vanessa Vega interracial gangbang ensued. The BBC Titans rammed her pussy and asshole into a double penetration orgasmic fucking mess. Fucking beautiful.

Penthouse Gold - Vanessa Vega - Professor Seduces Student

File: rjatnnapegovanvegew6vtekskq.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 26:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After sexy professor Vanessa Vega discovers her husband cheating on her, she gets consoled by student Robby Echo. How can he say no when this tattooed hottie begs him to fuck her so she can feel something? He bends the lusty MILF over on top of the desk to lick her holes from behind, and then proceeds to pound her horny pussy from every angle. Watch the brunette vixen scream and moan as she gets the living daylights fucked out of her. This is one naughty Penthouse affair you don't want to miss.

Big Wet Butts - Vanessa Vega - Latex Lover's Big Wet Ass

File: docgunabiwebuvanveg6w5q6l3d1l.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 46:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Vega knows what she wants latex, oil, and for Isiah Maxwell to fuck her ass. Dressed in a latex halter and peek-a-book skirt, Vanessa feels herself up and drizzles oil over her body, before fingering herself and putting on a show for her eyes only in front of a mirror. Then, with a riding crop in hand, she turns her attention to the tied up Isiah. She runs the crop along his skin, teasing him, before she rides his face and sucks his dick. While hes still tied up, she lets him deepthroat and fuck her face, before untying him and letting him have his way with her. He fucks her ass as he fingers her, making Vanessa cum over and over, before finally filling her pussy. Once shes satisfied, Isiah fucks her face one last time and cums all over her.

Sis Loves Me - Vanessa Vega - The Price Of Fame

File: cohbsnasilomevanveg5or6qckbkd.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 44:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Vanessa finds out that her new stepbrother is an internet sensation, she tries to convince him to help her become an influencer. Austin is willing to help her achieve her dreams but only if she can afford the price of fame. After a sexy handjob, Vanessas fandom on social media skyrockets, making her eager to do more. This time, Vanessa blows her stepbrother with her luscious lips, raising her follower count once again. Now, shes ready to go all the way by taking Austins titanic cock up her ass to unblock a new level of popularity.

Family Hookups - Vanessa Vega & Gabi Paltrova - Gabi teaches her stepsister how to make extra cash

File: ntxrbnafahovangab7lvijj3gzq.mp4
Size: 940.69 MB
Duration: 28:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gabi gets caught by her stepsister Vanessa making content for her porn channel and Gabi decides to pull her hot stepsister into the mix to make some major cash. People love lesbian action but its even hotter when they are stepsisters fooling around. Vanessa isnt sure at first but when they start playing with each other her inner slut comes out.

Evolved Fights Lez - Jupiter Jetson & Vanessa Vega - Jupiter Vs Vanessa

File: z5igsnaevfilejupvanunnnzhq9ou.mp4
Size: 2.28 GB
Duration: 39:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Both Jupiter and Vanessa have shown great promise in their rookie days. Both are aggressive and horny which makes them perfect candidates for this tournament. They are the same size and skill so today it comes down to who is more perverted. Vanessa uses a lot of power moves to toss Jupiter around. Jupiter stays calm and collected. They have completely different styles and as they say, styles make fights. these girls go for pussy the entire time but only one can win. Loser is strap on fucked by the loser and made to cum over and over.

Pure Taboo - Vanessa Vega - Past His Prime

File: bgwnanaputavanveglw8ubpexf4.mp4
Size: 1.88 GB
Duration: 54:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Vanessa Vega and her former teacher, Mr. Harris Clarke Kent, enter Nicole's old classroom. A class reunion is happening in the gymnasium, but Nicole asked Mr. Harris to let her into the classroom so she can reminisce. Mr. Harris warmly says that he's really not supposed to unlock any of the classrooms at night, but Nicole had always been so studious and even helped to organize the class reunion, so how could he say 'no' to her? To his surprise, Nicole becomes resentful and says he didn't have any problem saying 'no' to her when she was his student...

Mr. Harris is confused, so Nicole clarifies that she's talking about back when she was 18 and told him that she WANTED him... but he rejected her. Mr. Harris claims that he turned her down because it would have been inappropriate for a teacher to have a sexual encounter with a student, but Nicole doesn't believe him. She angrily reveals it was an open secret that Mr. Harris was having sex with plenty of other 18-year-olds in her class, so why not HER?

Mr. Harris admits that he simply wasn't attracted to Nicole back then, because she used to be too nerdy for his tastes. Nicole says that she suspected as much, but over the years she's learned to be more confident and love herself. Nicole smugly adds that the years clearly HAVEN'T been as good to Mr. Harris, who has definitely aged and must have a harder time seducing students now. Mr. Harris admits that she's right, but Nicole says she has an offer for him. She states that she wants the closure of knowing that Mr. Harris never should have said 'no' to her, so she is offering him sex one final time