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Adult Time - Hazel Grace & April Olsen - What's Mine Is Yours

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Description: April Olsen comes down the stairs to join her boyfriend Seth Gamble in the main hall. She nervously asks if she looks alright, and Seth kindly replies that she does. April admits that she's pretty nervous- she's never done anything like this before. Seth assures that there's nothing to worry about- he's sure it'll all go splendidly. April loves how reassuring Seth is, and as she runs her hands over his chest, tells him that she's excited for him to see her with another guy. Seth smiles, saying that he's excited for her to see him with another girl. They'll just have to see if the OTHER couple is into it as much as they are.

Seth and April head to the front door and welcome their new friends Hazel Grace and Oliver Davis into the house. It's clear that everyone is excited even though it's the first time they've had a double date together. They all sit on the couch, kick off their shoes, and get to know each other a little with some small talk. April muses about how they've never really had couple-friends before, so this is really nice! Hazel and Oliver agree, and comment how so many people in this town are stuck-up, so it's nice to find some down-to-earth people like themselves.

When the chemistry seems to be flowing, April asks the couple if they are open-minded. Hazel and Oliver laugh and confirm that they are. Seth asks them just HOW open-minded they are. For example, would it be okay if he and April kissed in front of them? Hazel and Oliver don't mind and watch with arousal as Seth and April make out with each other. Before long, Hazel and Oliver are making out as well, and it isn't long after that these couples decide to swap, leading to an incredible and steamy foursome.

My Sister's Hot Friend - April Olsen - Sexy shows her friend's brother a real good time

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Description: April Olsen needs help completing her school work because she's getting ready to go to a fun filled festival with her best friend. Her paper is due but doesn't have spare time to do it. Who better to ask than her friend's nerdy brother, Diego? He has plans to hang with friends so after some negotiating he's willing to do it only if he can put his dick in April's wet pussy.

Kinky Spa - April Olsen - Gets A Customer Referred That Rocks Her World

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Description: Charles gets a phone call from his buddy telling him he has to try this massage parlor he found called Kinky Spa and to request a super-hot masseuse April. When Charles arrives, he is luck April is available and ready to go. She takes him to the back and after a quick rubdown Charles gets exactly what he is looking for, April rolls him over on his back and takes his cock down her throat then stripes to reveal her gorgeous body. She rides him working out all his kinks getting Charles to release all his stress over her amazing tits.

Penthouse Gold - April Olsen - Loves to Have Creampie Fun

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Description: Rockstar pornstar Apri Olsen is looking hot AF and kinky chic in black latex bra top, booty shorts, and knee-high boots so it's no surprise that Lucas Frost can't resist covering every inch of her banging body with his mouth and hands, including shoving his face in between her curvy ass cheeks to lick her trimmed pussy from behind. It doesn't take long before the lucky stud is pounding the sexy Penthouse starlet and deep doggy style drilling has him cumming for a dripping creampie finale.

Penthouse Gold - April Olsen - Gets Dirty With Stepbrother

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Description: When Robby Echo strips naked in front of hot stepsister April Olsen to show there's nothing wrong with nudity, the banging brunette gets naughty ideas in her head instead. Even though it's taboo, it doesn't take long for the step-siblings to get naked and get down to dirty business. The lucky stud gets the blowjob from the sexy Penthouse star that he's always been fantasizing about, as well as a taste of her sweet nectar, but best of all is the amazing pussy fucking until he cums all over her.

Adult Time - April Olsen, Casey Calvert, Charlie Valentine & Gizelle Blanco - First Time Cuck

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Description: Charlie Valentine and Gizelle Blanco are on a double date with Casey Calvert and April Olsen, having invited them over to their loft. After some brief small talk, we learn that these two couples have met on a dating app. Casey explains that she and April have been dating for three years, but she has wanted to spice things up and in fact, Charlie and Gizelle are the first couple she's met with.

When Charlie inquires about how April feels about the arrangement, April explains that she is more of a 'watcher' than a 'doer', and is happy to live vicariously through Casey. Charlie and Gizelle find this very generous of April. After all, it's not every person that would let their partner plow the neighbor's field.

Gizelle checks one last time if their new friends are 100 okay with this, and when everything seems good to go, they get down to business. Gizelle and Charlie surround Casey, kissing and fondling her from either side. Casey moans with delight as April watches from the sidelines, loving every second of it. They have a steamy, sensual lesbian threesome, with April occasionally splitting her legs apart to give herself a little stimulation as well. After all, if she's going to watch her girlfriend cheat, she may as well enjoy the show

True Anal - April Olsen - April’s Anal Pleasures

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Description: Some girls love to show off their extreme love of anal! April Olsen is one of those girls. She loves to get her ass stretched, gaped completely run through by not just a thick, long dick, but she uses her dildo too! Aprils a happy slut in ass fucking heaven once shes double fucked swallows the nut!

Hot And Mean - Lacey London & April Olsen - Eye On Her Thigh Strap-on

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Description: Pervy April Olsen wants her stepbro's girlfriend Lacey London and she knows just how to get her. April seduces Lacey with a well timed ass slap and titty flash, then reveals the big dildo attached to her thigh strap. Maybe if the boyfriend were paying attention to her instead of watching sports, Lacey wouldn't have been so easily swayed, but April easily convinces Lacey to ride on her thigh strap-on. The girls then go off to April's room for more lesbian fun.

Brazzers Exxtra - April Olsen - Tossing My Roommate's Salad

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Description: April Olsen's already started making a romantic dinner for two when her boyfriend tells her he's got to work late. No point letting this salad go to waste, so April lets her roommate Scott Nails join her, and he helps out by tossing the salad before April sucks his cock as an appetizer! Scott devours April's pussy and ass and she takes an anal pounding!

All Girl Massage - Casey Calvert & April Olsen - Put It To Good Use

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Description: A masseuse, April Olsen, is surprised when a bolster is delivered to the massage parlor. She hadn't ordered the bolster, and she isn't too experienced with using them. However, she doesn't want it to go to waste, so she decides to put it to good use with her next client.

When the client, Casey Calvert, arrives, she is curious about the bolster. April tells her it's a freebie for the day, so Casey agrees to try it. Casey strips down and then gets into position on the bolster, which raises her posterior. As April massages Casey, they both start to understand the advantages of the new angle, and Casey enjoys herself... especially when April focuses on massaging Casey's ass.

April starts to become flustered herself, and offers to make today's massage an EXTRA special one. Casey happily agrees, so they have sensual sex, starting with April fondling and tasting Casey's raised rear. It's clear that there are many benefits to using a bolster!

Tushy - April Olsen - Architect’s Assistant

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Description: April knows just how to manipulate her husband. She does it by proxy through another man, so marital disputes become a case of two-against-one. Once she gets her way, she gets naked as a thank you for all the camaraderie.

Kink Features - April Olsen - Tainted Love, Episode 7: The Decisio

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Description: April Olsen and Quinton James have exchanged a lot of stories of BDSM exploration on they searched for love. What they didnt anticipate was the emotional excitement this journey would bring to the surface as they shared with one another, and the vulnerability that came with it. Theyve both grown as humans, life stylers, and lovers, all the while unaware that what they were really searching for was buried deep inside each other.

Naughty Office - April Olsen - Sexy brunette fucks her co-worker to help alleviate stress around the office

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Description: Ryan has been having a stressful few days at work and it's about to get worse. Luckily he has his co-worker, April Olsen, around to help him cope when he's having a hard time. Today April decide to help him out by having him fuck her on his desk. After all, what are co-worker's for?

Girls Way - Vicki Chase, Lilly Bell, Kimmy Kimm & April Olsen - Lady Boss: Performance Reviews

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Duration: 43:55
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Description: Three coworkers Lilly Bell, Kimmy Kim, and April Olsen are nervously waiting to be called on by their boss Vicki Chase. It's time for their annual performance reviews and they all seem extremely worried. Judging by their anxiety, it's clear that Vicki has a reputation for giving out negative, scathing reviews.

Vicki calls all of the coworkers into her office and begins the review. After examining each of their files, Vicki comes to the conclusion that none of them are stellar employees. They're not the worst of the bunch, but not the best either. However, Vicki may be willing to fudge their reviews to be more positive... IF they have sex with her AND each other. However, it's all or nothing. If even a single coworker backs out, the deal is off. She then gives the coworkers five minutes to make their decision.

Lilly is already into the idea and tries to convince Kimmy and April to accept the deal, but they are hesitant. April, who is married, is afraid of cheating on her wife. Lily, however, reminds April that a negative review can be much worse for her marriage than an innocent foursome. April thinks it over and is convinced. Both Lily and April now try and convince Kimmy, but she isn't interested. Kimmy is straight, so this would be a VERY new experience for her. But with her silver tongue, Lily manages to convince Kimmy as well.

When Vicki comes back in, the coworkers are eager and ready to get started. They have a playful, energetic foursome- making it clear that any problem can be solved through the magic of teamwork!

Teamskeet Selects - Penelope Woods, Anna Chambers, April Olsen & Brenna Mckenna - Best Of February 2022

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Duration: 01:19:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: They say its super important to reflect on your achievements, and we couldnt agree more. For this Selects update, were celebrating the best of the best for the month of February. Youll see performances from models like Anna Chambers, April Olsen, Brenna Mckenna, Penelope Woods, and more!

Kink Features - April Olsen - Tainted Love, Episode 3: Gamer Incubus

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Duration: 01:05:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: In the third installment of Tainted Love, April is relaxing as Quinton plays the piano for her. They begin to chat about the next fellow that April had a date with, and we uncover a little more this time than just Aprils sex life.

April has set up a chill time to spend with Tommy at his place. They are getting to know each other, which eventually leads to them really getting to know each other. They start off a little awkward, as most of us do, but once they find their rhythm they cant get enough of each other. Clothes come off, and flesh is revealed, leading to some steamy hot sex, along with a power exchange to see what each of them are in to. The move the action to his bedroom where he has all of the things he needs to give her the experience that she came for. April is tied in a few different positions using different things to restrain her with. First theres top, but then Tommy breaks out leather belts, floggers, and of course there is lots of dirty sex too.

Kink Features - April Olsen - Tainted Love, Episode 2: High Protocol

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Duration: 54:11
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Format: mp4
Description: In Episode 2 of Kink.coms 7-part series Tainted Love, April and Quinton have moved to the kitchen for a little snack as April begins to tell her next story involving a high protocol Top named Derrick Pierce.

April arrives at Derricks home a little nervous, but excited to see what happens in such a high protocol environment. They have a nice dinner before moving to the bedroom where Derrick initiates her into his world of BDSM. He begins with some basic Ds training to get her into the mindset that he wants her, but constantly checks-in to assure that she is OK with the procedure. April happily consents to the activities, so Derrick goes for it with bondage and domination! She is inspected before he allows her to suck his cock, and then moving on to more intense activities. She is eventually tied to the bed in a doggy position, bent over with legs spread. Derrick issues some corporal punishment with his flogger before fucking her into multiple orgasms. The intensity increases along with everything else, but in the end we find April a very satisfied submissive!

Family Hookups - April Olsen - Meets Her Stepbrother And His Massive Cock For The First Time

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Duration: 26:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: April is sitting in her room embarrassed and confused, she just met her stepbro Robby for the first time and in the process accidentally flashed him her great body. To calm her down though Robby decides to strip for her so they can be even, but he didnt count on April liking his cock so much. Next thing you know April has his cock down her throat swallowing it all, Robby takes her in multiple positions pounding her hard enough to break her bedframe. It looks like April Robby are going to have a great weekend that their parents can never find out about.