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A Girl Knows - Bridgette B, Silvia Saige & Whitney Wright - Indecent Proposal

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Duration: 49:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Boss lady and Silvia and her sweet model assistant Whitney have a hard day of fashion house visits ahead of them. Poor Silvia just isn't in the mood but bespectacled MILF Silvia knows they need to nail this new client. When large-breasted glamour girl Bridgette answers the door things get interesting fast. The sexy client won't take no for an answer and before long the blonde beauty has both women in bed. The three horny hotties get wild together and innocent Whitney gets a full erotic education from her more experienced lovers.

Mylf Selects - Silvia Saige, Brandi Love, Ryder Rey & Chanel Camryn - Best Of Brandi Love Compilation

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Duration: 58:23
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Description: Hey, MYLF lovers! If you simply cant get enough of fan-favorite Brandi Love, then check out this jaw-dropping compilation featuring the one and only vivacious blonde in the hottest situations. A true goddess and one of our MYLFs of the Month, Brandis love for cock and her juicy pussy will drive you mad in this raunchy collection.

Mylf Features - Silvia Saige & Mandy Bright - The Price Of Perfect

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Duration: 01:32:07
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Description: When youve got your heart set on being the best of the best, you dont have to worry because the cream always rises to the top. Silvia Saige's life is perfect, but she just wants to be Mylf of the Month. With the help of her stepson, Nick, and Mylf committee members, Calvin, Rusty, and Mandy, Silvia does everything in her power to score the prestigious award. Silvia ensures no horny soul goes unsatisfied and sucks and fucks all the way to becoming the stunning milf she was born to be.

Milfty - Silvia Saige - The Price Of Perfect, Part 1: Don’t Mess This Up

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Duration: 29:19
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Description: The Price of Perfect Part 1 of 3 Silvia has a nearly perfect life, she lives in a beautiful house with her wonderful stepfamily and is sought after by all sorts of horny studs. She is truly living the milf fantasy. But there is something Silvia doesnt have, Mylf of the Month status. She wants it so badly, and she can feel the title in her grips. When she learns her stepson, Nick, plans to throw a massive party, she confronts him. If Nick cant have his party, he wants something else from his stepmom, pussy! Silvia lets Nick fuck her and, in doing so, begins her rise to become Aprils Mylf of the Month.

Mylf Of The Month - Silvia Saige - Royal Flush

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Duration: 33:38
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Description: Hey, MYLF fans! Ready to bow to our new queen for this month? Lets celebrate April with the ravishing beauty of Silvia Saige. This goddess answers some of the sexiest questions, sharing her love for her followers. And to top it all, after a hot QA, Silvia plays a naughty poker game with Mike. The prize? Her pussy!

Mom Swap - Brandi Love & Silvia Saige - Recovering From The Divorce

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Description: After Brandis divorce, she seeks comfort in her friend Silvia who invites her and her stepson Joshua to go on a getaway trip with her and her stepson Tyler. Once they all get settled in, they spend some time by the pool where Brandi confesses to Silvia that she hasnt had sex in a really long time and is feeling extremely horny lately, so Silvia tells her how shes been picking up young boys at the college bars lately and has been having a blast! They both point out how handsome each others stepsons were and come up with a way to swap and seduce them!

Hot And Mean - Ryan Keely, Silvia Saige & Rex Ryder - Big Tits And Big Ambition

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Duration: 33:24
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Description: Ryan Keely and Silvia Saige are two women who know what they want. Unfortunately, it just so happens that what both women want is the coveted position as the PTA President. To figure out who should get the volunteer job, Rex Ryder the retiring president invites both the sexy Ryan and sultry Silvia to his place to work things out. Things quickly get too hot to handle, as Rex finds the women competing for the job and his cock, so he decides to leave the choice up to them. Annoyed at their situation, Ryan and Silvia decide to work things out the only way they know how by sucking, licking, scissoring, and fucking their way to the top!

Pure Taboo - Silvia Saige & Coco Lovelock - Lost Little Lamb

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Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4

Cindy Coco Lovelock is worried because she's been having thoughts that the Church considers to be sinful, so she visits her pastor's home for guidance. But the pastor's wife, Mrs. Murphy Silvia Saige, says that he isn't home right now. Mrs. Murphy offers to take a walk with Cindy while they wait for the pastor to return. As Mrs. Murphy takes Cindy by the hand and goes for a stroll, she reveals that she knows Cindy is here to talk to the pastor about having feelings of lesbianism...

Cindy is stunned that the pastor told her secret to Mrs. Murphy, but Mrs. Murphy changes the subject by saying she just remembered that she left cookies in the oven, and hurries Cindy inside. Once they're settled in the living room with a plate of cookies, Mrs. Murphy reveals to Cindy that she is also a lesbian, and that the pastor is gay.

Mrs. Murphy explains that she and her husband have been using his position to find people who are questioning their sexuality, so they can 'help' these people by having sex with them. Cindy is horrified, saying this goes against the Church's teachings. But Mrs. Murphy uses scripture to justify herself, saying that God loves everyone, including those who stray from the flock. Mrs. Murphy claims that she and her husband have been chosen by God to be shepherds to those who have strayed, and that she can help Cindy too

Mylf Classics - Silvia Saige - New Neighbor Perks

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Duration: 38:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whats up, MYLF fans? Its time for another Classics update! This scene comes from our hit series, BBC Paradise. Silvia Saige cant believe her husband would go away for weeks at a time, constantly leaving her home alone. But luckily for Silvia, the new neighbor, Jax Slayher, might be precisely the kind of friend she needs. With the house to themselves, Silvia and Jax waste no time getting to know each other.

Girls Way - Silvia Saige & Lyra Lockhart - Cougariffic: What Would Your Parents Think??

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Duration: 32:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige is at a pool party, though it isn't long before she has to run inside and hide out. It's clear she needs a breather, fanning herself, though she doesn't have any time to herself before she's joined by Lyra Lockhart, wearing a skimpy bikini and sultry smile.

Lyra teases Silvia about running off, not being shy at all as she sits down next to Silvia and flaunts her perky breasts. Silvia is flustered by how much skin Lyra's showing, though tries to insist that she WASN'T hiding... However, Lyra is sly, remarking that she KNOWS Silvia was checking her out and that she fled to avoid her...

Silvia stumbles all over herself as she tries to deny this, though Lyra only becomes even more flirty and seductive. She's had her eye on Silvia while now and WANTS her. Even though Silvia is obviously tempted, she's still shocked by Lyra's boldness. She's been friends with Lyra's parents for so long -- what would they think??

But Lyra only turns up the heat, proving that she doesn't CARE what her parents think... They're not the boss of her and they're NOT the boss of Silvia either! They can do WHATEVER they want... And as soon as Lyra rises to her feet and invites Silvia to follow her to her bedroom, Silvia can no longer resist.

A POV Story - Silvia Saige - Show Me How You Like It

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Duration: 44:48
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Format: mp4
Description: It's Silvia's 20 year class reunion and she and her husband Charles Tommy Gunn are going to be late if they don't leave soon. Unfortunaely he had to leave for a meeting but her stepson Nathan Bronson tries to reassure her and convince her to go anyway because success is the best revenge. Nathan even offers to be her date and she accepts. After the reunion Silvia and Nathan come home and she and Charles get into a short over her relationship with Nathan and how she is upset with Charlies. This leads Silvia to sneak off into the night to condide and eventually seduce Nathan. It doesn't take Silvia long to convince Nathan to Show Me How You Like It.
Soft and sensual loving turns into an energetic fuck session ending in a glazed ass for Silvia.

Mommy's Girl - Silvia Saige & Liz Jordan - Oh, You Shouldn’t Have

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Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A naive teen girl, Liz Jordan, wants to give her loving stepmom, Silvia Saige, a special birthday gift, but can't figure out WHAT. It seems like Silvia has EVERYTHING she could possibly need... although she COULD relax more. Liz then does an innocent internet search, but gets results about sex toys. Thinking they're personal massagers, she happily buys one for Silvia -- THIS will help her relax for SURE!

A few days later, Liz hands Silvia the wrapped present and Silvia excitedly unwraps it... only to find a sex toy. She awkwardly asks Liz if she knows what the gift actually IS and Liz still believes it's an innocent personal massager. Silvia is amused and patient as she tells Liz that the 'personal massager' is actually a sex toy.

Liz is shocked and HUGELY embarrassed about the mistake. Silvia assures Liz that she has nothing to be embarrassed about, but that it's obviously time for Liz to learn more about 'personal massagers.' Liz is a little bit embarrassed at first but also eager to learn so that she NEVER makes such a mistake again. But as Silvia tries to teach her, things aren't clicking for Liz, so it's time for Silvia to get more hands on!

Naughty Office - Silvia Saige - Smokin hot brunette gives in and finally fucks her patient on her office couch

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Duration: 35:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige has been Sam's therapist for a while, and now that he is single again he would like to hook up with her. Silvia is hesitant since Sam is her patient, but she practically melts in Sam's hands when her tells her how much he wants her tits and ass. After hearing those magic words Silvia takes a pounding from Sam's dick right there and then.

Mommy's Boy - Alison Rey & Silvia Saige - Hands-On Sex Lesson

File: fn1cgnamoboalisilobtzh8y9hp.mp4
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Duration: 39:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rico Hernandez and his girlfriend Alison Rey are sitting on Rico's bed. They are holding each other's hands. They are celebrating their six-month anniversary and are clearly happy and in love.
Alison then lightly caresses Rico's arm, looking shy but flirty. She playfully teases that there's only one other thing that can make their anniversary PERFECT. Rico is confused at first but quickly realizes she's talking about sex. It becomes clear that they are virgins, but after a few moments of debate, decide to finally go through with having sex.

As much as they want to dive right into having sex, they're both a bit nervous and clueless. Rico suggests asking his stepmom, Silvia Saige, for sex advice. Although Alison is a bit hesitant, she agrees and they leave to find her in another room.
Rico and Alison find Silvia relaxing in her own bedroom. Silvia happily greets them, knowing that it's their anniversary. Rico and Alison say they need her help, admitting that they want to have sex but are inexperienced and afraid. They hope that Silvia can help give them some advice. Silvia agrees to help.
Silvia is very eager and authoritative as she decides that the young couple will learn more by practicing and suggests that Alison blow Rico right in front of her. Rico and Alison are shocked but hesitantly go along with it. Silvia instructs Alison on what to do as Alison puts Rico's cock in her mouth.
But Silvia is not satisfied with Alison's efforts and much to the shock of Rico and Alison, sinks to her knees and begins to blow Rico to demonstrate for Alison.

Moms On Moms - Silvia Saige & Sofie Marie - The Hardest Job In The World

File: ygsgmnamoonmosilsofokogxztm3t.mp4
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Duration: 37:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige arrives at Sofie Marie's house which doubles as a daycare. Sofie greets Silvia pleasantly, welcoming her in and inviting her to sit on the couch. There are various toys strewn throughout the room and Sofie has to move aside some toys that have been left on the couch as they take their seats. She makes a joke about 'stepping into her office'. Silvia laughs politely but seems too stressed out to be super friendly...

Sofie thanks Silvia for coming a bit early today. Before picking up her little one, Sofie wants to get to know Silvia a little better, something she likes to do with all the parents. They make small talk for a few moments. Silvia mentions that her daughter loves coming to daycare. Sofie expresses affection for Silvia's daughter, adding that people like her are what make running a daycare out of her home such a fulfilling job.

Sofie can sense that something is wrong as she looks at Silvia. She asks Silvia if she's okay. Silvia, a single parent, confesses that she's overwhelmed. They open up to each other. Sofie can relate to Silvia since she too is a single parent. There are hints of attraction between the ladies.

Sofie gives parental advice to Silvia she needs to take time for herself and ESPECIALLY get laid, since it is a great de-stressor. Sofie then offers to help Silvia with that and Silvia agrees.

That is DEFINITELY great advice, Sofie!

Milfs Like It Big - Silvia Saige - My Mother-in-law Is Horny For Me

File: j2chnnamiliitbisilsaiyf4diswsvl.mp4
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Duration: 29:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lucas Frost just wants to chill with his Girlfriend, but he gets interrupted by her mother, the stunning Silvia Saige, who needs his strong helping hands for just about everything. First, she wants him to lift her up so she can store something on the highest shelf of a cupboard. Much to his surprise, the perverse Silvia clearly tries to tease Lucas with her feet while she is up on the counter. Later, the horny MILF asks his son-in-law to help her pullup her jeans. Her big butt gets in the way, much to Lucas delight, leading to a steamy sex session, behind the girlfriend's back!

Mommy's Girl - Silvia Saige & Kylie Rocket - You're All I Need

File: xrctcnamogisilkyldm8r9bwgdl.mp4
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Duration: 30:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige and her bubbly stepdaughter, Kylie Rocket, are back home after a shopping trip. Kylie LOVES the new dress Silvia got for herself and encourages Silvia to date again, although Silvia seems a bit resistant to the idea. It's this resistance that confuses Kylie because she knows Silvia is so hot and amazing that she can land anyone she wants!

Erotica X - Silvia Saige - Lottie's Lap Dog

File: l43fwnaerxsilsaikydsdzbf8f.mp4
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Duration: 36:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ford Townsend Charles Dera is a dirty dog. That man is always sniffing around for some hot tail, and it's not hard for him to find it. But that doesn't mean Ford's life is easy. After all, Charlotte 'Lottie' Townsend Silvia Sage is an epic ballbuster. She's sick of their house being so messy and complains to Ford about the state of their place while taking a steamy bath. Needless to say, Mrs. Townsend is sure to get her way.