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Girls Way - Jenna Sativa & Nicole Aria - Caught Between Duty And Booty

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Duration: 27:48
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Description: Nicole Aria, a federal agent, is undercover at a company to gather as much evidence as possible to catch a suspected embezzler, Jenna Sativa, the company's accountant. Although Nicole's dedicated to the cause, as soon as she meets Jenna for the first time, she's smitten!

Over the next few weeks, Nicole tries to keep her mind on the task at hand but every time Jenna is in the same room as her, she becomes flustered. But this is a SERIOUS BUSINESS and Nicole has a job to do. Although it takes time -- and some very close calls -- Nicole finally gets hold of the damning evidence she needs...

When the day finally comes, Nicole confronts Jenna, revealing who she is and why she's really there. Jenna thinks it's a joke at first but Nicole assures her that this is the real deal. Jenna is concerned but then gets a sly idea as she starts coming onto Nicole. Although Nicole may have been able to keep her job a secret, her attraction to Jenna has been SUPER obvious... so Jenna's SURE they can come to some kind of agreement

Girls Way - Jenna Sativa & April Olsen - Health Craze

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Duration: 27:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Jenna Sativa has her face buried in an article on her tablet when her friend, April Olsen, shows up at her house. They have plans to go out but Jenna excitedly tells April about an article she just read about an amazing new health regimen.

Jenna explains that the regimen involves strict abstinence, which supposedly leads to many health benefits -- including better sex! Both ladies, who both have husbands, are interested in trying it, but worry that they won't be able to stick to it. However, after a bit of a pep talk, they agree to give it a go. They can do ANYTHING they put their minds to!

Unfortunately, only mere days later, Jenna and April are frustrated and discouraged. So far, they haven't been seeing any benefits and now they're both just horny. They desperately look back at the article to see if they missed something. After scanning the article again, they come to the conclusion that the regimen specifically calls for abstinence between men and women. That's when they realize they can take advantage of a loophole if they have sex with just WOMEN instead.

It SOUNDS like a good plan, though they're both nervous as they eye each other up. It's just that neither of them ever had sex with a woman before. But who better to try it out with than a friend, right? And this way, they can get even MORE benefits out of the regimen!

Rk Prime - Keisha Grey & Jenna Sativa - Strappy Anniversary

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Duration: 23:40
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Description: For their anniversary, Jenna Sativa's girlfriend Keisha Grey surprises her with not only a hot lingerie outfit, but also a gift a new toy strap-on! These babes can't get enough of each other as they suck each other's big tits, undressing on the couch. Keisha spoils Jenna with licking her pussy and ass, and Jenna teases Keisha before sucking her clit. Keisha dons the strap-on to give her gf the best gift of all a nice hard anniversary pounding, and of course Jenna has to give Keisha the same present!

Girls Way - Jenna Sativa & Maya Kendrick - A Strapping New Neighbor

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Duration: 28:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maya Kendrick helpfully returns a parcel to her new neighbor, Jenna Sativa, that was mistakenly sent to her. Jenna is thankful, assuming it's a moisturizer she ordered, and invites Maya inside for a chat to get to know her. But as they idly chat about the moisturizer, Jenna begins opening the parcel... then quickly realizes it's NOT the moisturizer but a strap-on she's ordered instead!

Maya is startled but intrigued, and grows increasingly flustered as Jenna admits that it's indeed a strap-on and that she's a lesbian. Jenna is relieved when Maya only becomes even more intrigued as she starts asking questions about the strap-on, which eventually leads to Jenna asking if Maya would like her to try it on just to see what it's like. Of course, once Jenna slips into the harness and is strapped in, Maya's curiosity gets the best of her as an unexpected lust takes hold!

Girls Only Porn - Haley Reed, Harley Haze & Jenna Sativa - Wedding Party

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Duration: 28:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Reed is getting married! Her bridal party includes her intended's sister, Jenna Sativa, and Jenna's girlfriend, Harley Haze. The girls are enjoying brunch mimosas as they celebrate all the work they've done, which of course leads to girl talk.

Haley makes a comment that implies that not everything is perfect. Jenna and Harley want to know more, so Haley eventually confesses that Jenna's brother isn't too good at muff diving. He's also not a very good kisser. Jenna wants to know what kind of a kisser her brother is trying to be, but Haley doesn't know how to answer. Jenna pulls Harley in for a demonstration...

Haley finds that she enjoys watching Jenna and Harley kiss. Passionate is nice, but sensual is even better. Haley can't help running her hands along her collarbone and breasts as she watches her friends make out. Encouraged, Jenna slips a hand beneath Harley's miniskirt to rub her girlfriend's twat. Haley simulates the movement on her own body.

Jenna offers to show Jenna even more as she and Harley confess they like when people watch them. Haley is game to go to the bedroom. Harley lays on the bed being a willing model as Jenna gives Haley an education in how to seduce a girl. From tender caresses to a titty feast to going down on Harley, Jenna spares no details for Haley's benefit.

Jenna eventually inquires whether Haley wants to experience the same type of pussy feast that she just witnessed. How could Haley say no? She cradles her head on Harley's thighs and watches as Jenna goes to work for her pleasure. Jenna is all compliments as she demonstrates to Haley that getting eaten out is a true joy. By the time Jenna is face first in her twat, Haley is insatiable. She welcomes Harley's hands on her tits as Harley slides Haley's sheer bra out of the way.

Now that Jenna has satisfied both girls, it's her turn to get some. She doesn't hesitate to get her clothes off, right down to that hot black bra and thong that outline all her glorious curves. She pushes Haley onto the bed to give Haley some guidance in how to eat a girl out with some face riding. Meanwhile, Harley takes up the mantle feasting on Haley's meaty fuck hole. Jenna even leans forward to show Haley all about creating a lesbian 69!

Haley remains on her back as Jenna moves on to her next lesson Tribbing. Harley gives Haley a review in face sitting as Jenna presses her pussy to Haley's. The girls all bounce away in a rhythm that quickly gets all three of them moaning.

There's just one lesson left for Haley to learn Finger fucking. Jenna and Harley help Haley onto her back so that her legs are spread nice and wide. Then Jenna slides her fingers knuckle deep to help Haley experience the pleasure that just her hands can create. When Jenna leans forward to lap at Haley's clit, Harley is there to take up finger banging Haley's tight snatch

Girls Way - Jenna Sativa & Haley Reed - Eco-Friendly

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Duration: 24:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: As Haley Reed opens her refrigerator and looks inside, her roommate Jenna Sativa walks in. Haley greets her and makes a little bit of small talk with Jenna about how the day is going so far. Jenna comments that she just watched a documentary about how much damage has been done to the environment. It made her worried for the future of the planet, but she doesn't know what to do about it. Haley suggests that they start composting and also think of other ways to be more eco-friendly.

Mylf X Mindi Mink - Mindi Mink & Jenna Sativa - Me And Jenna Sativa, Need I Say More

File: ltbj4namyxmimiminjenyovx7zcgx5.mp4
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Duration: 22:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Inside This Update Movies Photos Rate this Update Average Rating 5 Average Rating 5 Average Rating 5 Average Rating 5 Average Rating 5 Click to add to favorites I have had an absolutely amazing job. I get to make love to beautiful young women like Jenna Sativa. Jenna, an award winner herself, is so soft, sweet and yummy everywhere inside and out! We share so many tender sensual kisses and admire each other passionately. The way she loves on my big breasts and plays with them felt so good. She is a true lover of women just like me. You also get to several different camera angles and see up close and personal me gently sucking on her clit and making her cum! You will get to witness real chemistry with this video

Deviant Hardcore - Jenna Sativa & Maddy O'Reilly - Sexy Mistress Jenna Sativa dominates Maddy O’Reilly

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Duration: 23:09
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous young Maddy OReilly is ready to willingly take whatever her hot mistress Jenna Sativa dishes out. She takes some hard spanking, face sitting, and is teased liked crazy with her mistresses magic wand. Maddy is such a good girl and Jenna shows her a good time.

Hot And Mean - Jenna Sativa & Molly Stewart - Cam Girl Lock Up

File: tysfonahoanmejenmolstsafqehrn.mp4
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Duration: 39:29
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Molly is a successful cam girl, but sometimes, success can bring unwanted attention! When one of her clients insists on meeting her and won't take no for an answer, her friend Jenna suggests they take matters into their own hands and teach him a lesson!

All Girl Massage - Jenna Sativa & Gia Derza - Employee Discount

File: k757xnaalgimajengiahwbxxbam97.mp4
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Duration: 41:08
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Jenna Sativa is ready to start the workday but is concerned because her crush and receptionist, Gia Derza, is running late, which isn't like her. Then Gia finally limps into the parlor, holding her achy butt, after having slipped down some steps and hurt herself. Yet, when Gia desperately tries to get Jenna to give her a free massage, Jenna hesitates. As much as she WANTS to help, it's against company policy since Gia already had her complimentary massage that month...

'But I CAN give you MY complimentary massage, as long as we do things a little differently,' Jenna adds with a hint of mischievousness. Gia is just so happy to get a massage that she agrees right away. It doesn't matter to her what kind of massage it is as long as it feels good!

Once Gia strips down, Jenna breaks out a bolster so that she can really get into Gia's glutes. Gia melts into her crush's strong touch, not wanting to admit that she's quickly becoming aroused. Things only get hotter when Jenna reveals that she wants to give Gia a NURU massage. Although Gia's surprised, since she thought the bolster was what made this massage different, she eagerly hobbles to the mattress.

As their naked, wet bodies slide together, both girls get so turned on that they can't hold back their feelings anymore. They give into their lust for each other as Jenna starts things off by plunging her tongue and fingers deep inside Gia's pussy. It doesn't take long before they're tribbing and riding each other's tongues until they're completely spent. Complimentary or not, Gia's welcome to get massages from Jenna whenever she wants!

Girls Way - Jenna Sativa, Whitney Wright & Avi Love - One Last Fling

File: rzonznagiwajenwhiavivds3xjpfyl.mp4
Size: 392.97 MB
Duration: 35:44
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Avi Love is sharing the bed with her fiance, Jenna Sativa, who is dozing next to her. However, Jenna is restless, and it's revealed that Jenna had a nightmare about her ex-girlfriend, Whitney Wright, who stood her up at the high school prom. Avi is suddenly concerned about her girlfriend dreaming about her ex when they're supposed to be getting married, although Jenna insists that it's all in the past -- they didn't even have sex!

Avi doesn't believe Jenna that it's all in the past. She declares that Jenna needs to reconnect with the ex to have sex with her to get rid of any lingering feelings. Jenna is shocked -- she can't cheat on Avi! Avi calmly assures her that it's not cheating since she's going to be there, too. Although Jenna's hesitant at first, she agrees for the sake of her future marriage.

After getting hold of Whitney through an old contact, she invites Whitney over one night. When Whitney arrives, she's only greeted first by Jenna. Given their history, Whitney assumes they're going to rekindle the flame, but when Avi makes an appearance, she learns that Jenna's engaged! Although shocked at first, Jenna and Avi soon fill her in on the details, asking if Whitney will have a threesome to help everyone move on. Although this isn't the sort of thing Whitney usually does, she's touched by how chill the couple is. Yeah, sure, she'll have sex with them to get it out of everyone's system -- she owes Jenna, anyway.

With Jenna being the focus of their attention, Whitney and Avi both start by pleasing Jenna with their mouths and fingers. Jenna loves every second of the attention, but once she starts getting comfortable, she returns the favor by eagerly fingering and eating out their pussies as well. As things get hot and heavy, it's easy to live in the moment as they bring each other to orgasm. Maybe now, they can all finally move on with their lives!

Hot And Mean - Jenna Sativa & Kandie Monae - Fuck It's Hot

File: xcgqjnahoanmejenkanrfreb6xm9x.mp4
Size: 306.37 MB
Duration: 31:49
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Jenna Sativas shower is interrupted by her inconsiderate roommate Kandie Monae, she takes matters into her own hands. Jenna drags Kandie into the shower fully clothed and strips her down to teach her a lesson. Jenna dominates Kandie, rubbing her wet body for some soapy shower sex.

We Live Together - Jenna Sativa & Whitney Wright - Empress Sativa

File: h6tbjnawelitojenwhi193izi3mmm.mp4
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Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian icon Jenna Sativa isn't just a queen, she's an empress, and she wants to be treated as such! Her lover, Whitney Wright, tends to all of Jenna's many needs caressing her tits and big ass in a deep bathtub filled with rose petals, gently drying her with a fluffy towel, and dressing her in lacy, black lingerie. Jenna sits on her golden throne as Whitney kneels and licks her empress's feet, kissing up her legs before exploring Jenna's pussy with her mouth! Whitney does such a good job making Jenna cum, the empress kneels between her loyal subject's legs to give her her reward, then 69s and scissors her. Now it's Whitney's turn to get the empress treatment!

Flixxx - Carter Cruise & jenna Sativa - Affront With A Friendly Weapon

File: bsl9hnaflicarjencazrdfrjyb.mp4
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Duration: 27:38
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Carter Cruise unwinds in a hot shower until she hears a loud noise coming from downstairs. She gets out to look around and finds herself naked with a dildo pressed into her back! Luckily for Carter, its a friendly weapon being wielded by her girlfriend Jenna Sativa.