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Family XXX - Gia Derza - Gia Loves Her Step Dads Older Big Cock

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Duration: 28:53
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Description: Unsatisfied step daughter Gia does not want to see her boyfriend for a lack of orgasms and little did she know step daddy Steve is the perfect older cock to make her pussy cum again and again. Steve suggests that he knows his way around a young body and Gia quickly knows that's the kinda dirty she needs to cum as Steve has her big juicy ass in the air as he slurps away at her sweet pussy and ass juices. Gia now beyond turned on and wet, chokes down on his big cock before squeezing it balls deep inside her tight pussy for a few rounds of orgasms and a few of Steve's ounces of cum poured down her throat.

Cherry Pimps - Eliza Ibarra & Gia Derza - Dysfunctional Cock Leads to Functional Cuck

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Duration: 22:47
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Description: Eliza Ibarra is tired of not getting fucked by her husband Johnny Hill! She leaves him to shop with his money, so he can enjoy some physical therapy without her. Maybe his therapist can get his dick working again, too! In comes his therapist, Gia Derza, and she's ready to work. She couldn't help but notice that he has such a smokin' hot wife, and he cannot even fuck her! Eliza returns and needs to show off her lingerie to someone who will appreciate it. Of course, Gia loves watching her perky titties in lingerie, and really wants a taste for herself! Unluckily for Johnny, Gia has another kind of therapy on her mind, and it certainly isn't for him!

Tonight's Girlfriend - Gia Derza - Gets Submissive For Fan As He Fucks Her Vet Pussy

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Description: I'm a fan of Gia Derza. There's just something about her... so unique and gorgeous, definitely one of a kind. Luckily, after a very generous offer from me, she decides to meet me at my hotel room. You see, I'm a married man, so I don't really get to have exciting sex anymore, so I have Gia get a little submissive for me as I take control and make her fuck me in all the ways my wife can't.

Evil Angel - Gia Derza & Savannah Bond - Beach Bikini Slut Sc. 4

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Duration: 42:08
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Description: Blonde bombshell Savannah Bond showcases her big, ripe melons as foamy waves crash along the shoreline. Ms. Bond spreads big-eyed, brunette cupcake Gia Derza's ass spread and inserts a toy up Gia's butthole. Savannah gives a tasty lesbian rim job. Gia toys Savannah's butt and licks her gal pal's sphincter. Stud Alex Jones shares his dick with the bikini bunnies -- they stroke and suck his big Black cock. Savannah rides his dark shaft as he delivers an anal reaming. Gia sucks his fat nuts while his meat probes Savannah's tight asshole. Petite Gia gives an ass-to-mouth blowjob. Gia squats and rides a big boner. Savannah sucks Gia's ass essence from his plunging ramrod. Gia spreads her girlfriend's butt cheeks, allowing Alex to re-enter her exit. Alex thrusts his meat between Savannah's big tits. 'Make it fucking disappear!' Savannah commands, needing a titty fuck. The girls take to their knees to issue a spit-covered, double blowjob. Alex spackles their cute kissers with a cum facial. The two ladies snowball his semen in a lesbian kiss. Great action that's 'licensed to thrill'!

Purgatory X - Gia Derza - La Bodega Vol 1 E2

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Duration: 26:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After window-gazing Gias Gia Gerza incredible after-hours show, Codey Codey Steele is hell-bent on convincing her to allow him into the store. Gia reluctantly relents and opens the door. The two get to talking and Codey drops a not-too-subtle hint that he saw everything and asks, how do you do with the real thing. Gia, being an insatiable, still-horny slut, needs little convincing and the fun begins. Codey rams his rod deep down her throat and proceeds to destroy Gias asshole. Its a raunchy romp around the store with tons of sloppy gagging, face slapping, and hard pounding anal with a huge thick load of cum to top things off.

Anal Only - Gia Derza - Gia’s Anal Appetite

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Description: Gia Derza will satisfy any every anal appetite! She got those big innocent eyes, but one not so innocent gape! Shes got one of the most memorable assholes she loves to take a pounding! Who doesnt love a girl who loves to gape?!

My Sister's Hot Friend - Gia Derza - got bitten by a snake and only Donny's monster snake can help her out!!!!

File: xeerjnamysihofrgiaderz8bz7opxdm.mp4
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Duration: 35:21
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Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is catching some sun at her friend's back yard but from nowhere a snake bites her in the ass and the only person around is her friend's brother Donny, and now he will try to take out the venom from her ass, and even if the bite is not poisonous he still needs to massage the ass area but that works for a bit only so Donny tries a new method, he whips out his anaconda and pounds that ass!!

She Loves Black - Gia Derza - Secret BBC Hook Up With Her Friend’s Dad

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Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is a sexy slut. Currently she stays in her BFF's house for a few months. She is sneaking boys in at night and have some sort of sex parties it sounds like. My wife and I are growing uneasy about the situation. So one day when she was about to head out to meet her friends I asked her if we could have a sit down to talk. She was wearing this super cute pink skirt and top that just made her look stunning...

As I brought up the issue she had a shy smile on her face and apologized for the inconvenience. She said she can't help herself when she sees a big cock. She just feels like she has to take it and feel it inside her holes. Well, I thought it's a bit too much TMI but I had to admit it sounded very hot the way she talked about it. Soon I noticed that she is not wearing panties as she accidentally or maybe on purpose opened her legs in front of me. At that point I could feel that Gia was flirting with me. Oh boy! Is this really happening to me? As I was wondering about that she said she was always dreaming about playing with my big black cock. She thinks it must be huge given the fact that the type of man as I am tend to have a massive penis. I couldn't even really react to that before I found her on her knees in front of me reaching for my already hard cock. When I took it out her eyes went wide and her mouth watered. She grabbed it and started to admire it before she jerked it and eventually started licking and sucking it. She was struggling to fit that BBC in her little mouth but she said she loves it when it makes her choke and gag before she manages to hit the back of her throat with it. I was mesmerized. She asked if it's ok to put it in her wet pussy so she can feel it throbbing. I barely had any words at that point. I just nod. She stood up and directed my hand to finger her tight pussy before she turned around and sat on my BBC. It's exactly what she wanted she said as she bounced up and down on it. She grinds on it before she squat down to suck it again to taste her own cum. Than she asked me to stand up and fuck her face really hard, make her feel like a little cocksucker whore that she is. She drooled all over, made it a very messy blowjob. Than I've bent her over and fucked her hard with my big fucking cock. She was screaming out of joy. Then she spread her legs and had me banging her in a missionary position. Before she rode me again I had her giving me a slutty footjob with her perfect feet and toes. After orgasming all over my cock again and again she said she wants to suck me off and taste my warm sperm. She said she just loves cum in mouth, so she went on her knees and jerked and sucked my massive penis until my sticky load sprayed all over her face and mouth. We were both stunned about what just had happened. We both agreed to keep this in between us for the sake of the rest of the family and friends.

Digital Sin - Gia Derza - A Stepfathers Desires 6

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Size: 2.43 GB
Duration: 28:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A stepfather's desires are hard to control when his daughter is seducing him. Watch MJ Fresh, Angeline Red, Gia Derza, and Natalia Nix use their young, tight bodies to lure their fathers away from mom. Can daddy resist their youthful sluttiness? Hell no! He's fucking that teen twat till he's spent!

Jules Jordan - Kissa Sins & Gia Derza - Kissa Sins Teaches Gia Derza The Art Of Big Cock Pleasures

File: znrgdnajujokisgiamowdqate9c.mp4
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Duration: 40:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sadistic slut Kissa Sins is in charge of Gia Derzas mondo ass in this scene from Jules Jordan. Sins is draped in a fetish outfit made up of chain and very little else. It actually suits her curvy frame wonderfully. Derzas in a short plaid skirt that simply cant contain her cheeks. Kissa smooches her pet and disciplines her for kissing her back without permission. Gia apologizes and Sins says You can make it up by licking my ass well done Kissa leads her servant like a new found stray to a salivating Manuel Ferrara...

Sins thinks Gia has been good thus far so the friendly group begins kissing. Devious darling Kissa is dead focused on Derzas meaty rear. They both put Derza face down in the sofa leaving an ass slab for Sins to worship. Ferrara nastily fingers Gias asshole then repeatedly feeds it to a waiting Kissa. Sins continues to grab the mammoth cheeks, her bright yellow fingernails add to the show. Are you going to do a good job sucking his cock? Youre not going to embarrass me? Kissa asks slyly. She controls the blowjob holding Derzas long hair. Sins stands and contributes a huge slobber offering then jacks Manuel as Gia sucks. Kissa and Derza stack their monumental butts into cowgirl. Gia the first to mount, Sins on top. The ass-cheek eye candy is plentiful. After switching Kissa is drubbed until she squirts at an awaiting Derza. The vulgarity continues when Gia moves into doggy. Her rotund booty consumes Ferraras cock then he feeds it into Sins mouth. Manuel has the two starlets on their knees. They each beg for his cum. Manuel puts their faces together and delivers right down the middle then deposits equally to their mouths! A definite controlled demolition cumshot Finally Kissa and Gia share the glazing they took as the naughty comes to heel

Jules Jordan - Gia Derza - Definition Of DP'd

File: 9gjuvnajujogiaderkcdpmvg55t.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 30:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Get ready to worship Gia Derzas ass shrine as the hotter than ever super gal is back in this scene from Jules Jordan. Gia brightens up an already sunny day, clad in stunning pink and red see-me lingerie. Thigh and hip aficionados should appreciate the fit of her bottoms. The front accentuates her god given great hips, and the back strapping causes the jelly to make any ass lover go apeshit. Derza delights with a pink collar that has daddy spelled out in glittering letters...

Her hair is styled in a sleek pullback that reminds you of an 80s punk. A stellar look for Gia. The blue-eyed temptress pops her tits from her top. It stretches underneath as she maintains a tongue in cheek grin with her pearly whites. Before going inside we hear that its All you can eat Gia Derza... Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes are there to try and tame the tart. Not likely as she gulps down both cocks, constructing strings of slobber that look like they could be played. Holmes whips his dick out and sits on a loveseat. Jules is sitting next to him as Derza sits on his dick side-saddle. An already marvelous sight. Gias ass and thighs in a glorious curved position. The filthy Derza licks Jules asshole while riding reverse-cowgirl on Holmes. Then she has the chutzpah to handle both cocks in a double-penetration masterstroke. Derza has so much ass you feel spoiled watching, she dutifully takes both cocks again in cowgirl, throwing in joyous moments of single cock doggy. She then easily coaxes the glamour glue from both tallywackers. Allowing streams of goop to decorate her face and also getting in tastes, throwing in a glowing smile at fade

New Sensations - Gia Derza - My Young Hotwife

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Format: mp4
Description: They married young and are not ready to settle for one man. Its a dream come true for their husbands. Watch as young hotwives Gia Derza, Honey Hayes, Jane Wilde, and Lyra Lockhart enjoy the new dick their husbands have brought home for their pleasure.

Bang Rammed - Gia Derza - Projectile Squirts During Her Anal Drilling

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Description: Gia Derza makes it extra nasty just for you! She preps her tight asshole by rubbing her perfect clit and swirling around her pussy. She wants to show you how much her asshole can handle, and she can fit her whole fist inside! Not only does she take a anal drilling inside her holes but she squirts everywhere while she cums over and over!

Evil Angel - Candice Dare, Kenna James, Emma Hix, Gia Derza & Paige Owens - Five Lesbians: Wild-ass Anal Orgy!

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Duration: 38:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: Dressed as a sexy cowgirl, blonde Paige Owens wrangles four horny babes in a lesbian anal orgy. Emma Hix, Kenna James, Candice Dare and Gia Derza expose their phat asses in sexy wildlife costumes. Emma plunges a pink dildo in Gia's butthole. Gia opens her mouth widely and sucks on a fat pink dildo. Paige rails Emma's asshole with a purple strap-on, making her moan in delight. Candice offers Kenna a worshipful rim job, and Paige squirms as the girls stuff a dildo inside her dripping cunt. Paige's pussy ejaculates girl squirt, and the babes savor her flavor! The wild-ass behavior climaxes with the ladies shooting milk from their gaping bungholes!

Rk Prime - Gia Derza & Ava Sinclaire - Pranks For A Big Ass Package

File: kjfoxnarkprgiaavariikiczmfv.mp4
Size: 952.80 MB
Duration: 35:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: College roommates Gia Derza and Ava Sinclaire are bored, so they decide to have some fun with delivery man Will Pounder, who makes multiple daily appearances to deliver goods ordered online. When Ava answers the door and lets her towel drop, exposing her tits to Will, we're off to the races. This escalates to Ava unzipping Gia's skirt and pulling it right off as Gia flirts with Will, followed by Ava bending over to show Will her butt plug. Teasing, though, isn't nearly as fun as a finger, and cock, up the ass. Will is more than happy to fill Ava and Gia's asses with his hard cock, and he makes a special delivery of cum after intense threesome anal action.

All Anal - Gia Derza & Paige Owens - Big Boob Double Anal

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Format: mp4
Description: Paige Owens Gia Derza are anal matchup made in heaven! These 2 curvaceous sex queens have a lot of ass that needs filling drilling. Let them get you going with their hypnotic big tits outstanding oral skills before they get down to the main event of hardcore anal action! Gias lovely butt takes that nut, while these 2 beauties share the load in a classy cumswapping toast!

Rk Prime - Gia Derza - Stop Gaming And Fuck My Holes!

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Description: Come on, Xander Corvus! Your hot babe, the one and only Gia Derza, is cleaning the whole house while you're too busy playing your dumb game? Gia's working really hard, you know? She bends down and sticks her butt out to go in all the hard-to-reach corners! The queen deserves some love. That's why she undresses and gets on all overs over the counter. She wants you to admire her tight pussy and her precious boobs dangling gently. Fill you fuck her, now? Oh, and in BOTH her holes, please.

Teamskeet Selects - Serena Santos, Gia Derza, Val Steele & Vivian Taylor - Hottest Spring Babes

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Duration: 46:36
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Format: mp4
Description: Enjoy this compilation of the hottest spring babes such as Vivian Taylor, Gia Derza, Serena Santos, Val Steele and more get into the best kinds of trouble until theyre all covered in cum!

I Made Porn - Gia Derza - New Favorite Neighbor

File: gd1thnaimapogiaderj9rlc4kpm8.mp4
Size: 3.09 GB
Duration: 36:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Videographer Chad Alva is hanging out at his rooftop when he meets his downstairs neighbor Gia Derza who asks if he could show her his apartment. When theyre inside, its clear that Gia is dying to get into Chads pants, and when she finally starts rubbing on his dick he gives in to temptation and takes his new favorite neighbor for a wild, sexy ride!

Cherry Pimps - Gia Derza - An Anal Favor With Gia Derza

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Format: mp4
Description: Gia Dera comes barging into Charles Deras door, with a razor and shaving cream in hand. She needs to ask him a huge favor. She has a client on his way to her, and she cannot possibly go without a perfectly shaved ass. Charles couldnt believe that his hot little neighbor was asking him to shave her ass, so its clean as a whistle! He hesitates, but then she makes him an offer he cant refuse! She says, you can fuck it, too! Thats when Charless eyes light up, because hes more than happy to get some of that ass in return for such a naughty favor. In fact, he might be the one coming out ahead! As soon as he digs in, he happily takes her up on her offer. What a reward he receives in return!