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Deep Lush - Destiny Cruz - All About Destiny

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Duration: 28:12
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Format: mp4
Description: This scene features the beautiful Destiny Cruz who has shot with Small Hands and I separately but never together. Small Hands and I rip her clothes off eager to feel her body and please her. We all go crazy fucking in one super hot threesome. We have amazing chemistry and take advantage of it. The scene ends with me fucking Destiny in missionary and Small Hands getting a blowjob until I cum deep in her pussy and Small Hands cums in her mouth and on her face at the same time.

Kinky Spa - Mckenzie Lee & Destiny Cruz - Destiny's New Boss Shows Her The Ropes At Kinky Spa

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Duration: 29:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Destiny is going to work for her first day at the Kinky Spa. Her new boss Mckenzie sits her down and goes over the basics but lets her know that she will be giving Destiny a massage to get a feel for the job. During her massage Destiny quickly realizes why it's called Kinky Spa when Mckenzie dives into her pussy mid massage. Destiny is eager to show what she can do as well, she lays Mckenzie down and gives her the Massage of her life. There's nothing like a hot young girl hungry for work and pussy.

Digital Sin - Destiny Cruz - I Want To Fuck My Stepdad

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Duration: 31:22
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Format: mp4
Description: Some daughters want a pony and others a new car, but these girls want to fuck their stepdads. Watch Mia Kay, Allie Addison, Destiny Cruz, and Harlow West as they seduce their father figures with their tight teen bodies and eagerness to please. One way or another, theyre getting that daddy dick!

Tushy Raw - Destiny Cruz - Double Or Nothing

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Description: Do you believe in Destiny? When you see this petite package squeezed into a peach dress, you might just believe it was fate that brought you to her. Well, as it turns out, fate brought two other guys along to give Destiny her first DP.

Rk Prime - Destiny Cruz - Rate My Bathing Suits

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Duration: 26:56
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Format: mp4
Description: Her boyfriend hasn't been giving her enough of that D lately, so Destiny Cruz has a plan, and she sets up a hidden cam to catch it all on video for her fans! She asks Van Wylde to rate her bikini purchases, then tries on her new bathing suits, each sexier and more revealing than the last. Destiny's itsy-bitsy pink bikini does the trick, so she sucks Van's cock and rides him, getting his full attention as he empties his balls on her face.

Evil Angel - Destiny Cruz - Young Anal Badass

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Description: Young, blonde Latina starlet Destiny Cruz talks nasty to the camera, flaunting her hot body in a skimpy swimsuit. Destiny fondles her twat through a heated tease session, soon welcoming hung stud Ramon Nomar. Destiny gives him a drooling blowjob, whimpering as Ramon simultaneously probes her rectum with a dildo. Destiny rides his big cock, creaming and moaning as Ramon's rod stuffs her cunt. She masturbates as Ramon's rod pries open her sphincter. Ramon sodomizes her hard! The nasty backdoor boning features rectal gaping and ass-to-mouth fellatio. Ramon rewards Destiny with a cum facial.

Filthy POV - Destiny Cruz - While The Parents Are Out, Why Not

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Duration: 20:51
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Format: mp4
Description: Destiny's Step-brother is a bit weird and today she finds him standing over her bed with his cock out, she freaks out on him but notices how big his dick is. To be honest they have messed around before and Destiny really liked the feeling of his big dick inside of her. She figures their parents are out and why not, it felt so good last time...

We Live Together - Alina Ali & Destiny Cruz - Making Her Jealous

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Duration: 33:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The perverse Alina Ali loves to slide in hotties' DM, even though it makes her girlfriend, the pretty Destiny Cruz, jealous. Today, Destiny can't handle Alina's popularity. She grabs Alina's phone and carelessly throws it on the wall. Alina takes her revenge by doing the exact same thing to Destiny's phone. At that exact moment, the two girls realize how sexy the other looks when she's angry. It doesn't take more than that for the two aroused women to stop fighting and start fucking. Make-up sex rarely has been so satisfying!

The Flourish XXX - Destiny Cruz - Misson Impossible

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Size: 513.89 MB
Duration: 25:40
Resolution: 1364x720
Format: mp4
Description: Mission Impossible, The Nuclear Package starring Destiny Cruz And Alex Jett The setting finds Destiny Cruz enjoying a relaxing day on her back porch when she gets a call from the National Defense advisor. That she has lost contact with her agent and there is a nuclear package loose in Los Angeles that needs to be retrieved by them both. She rushes into the office and gets behind the desk to communicate with her agent and locate the package whereabouts. Alex Jett Jason Bourne comparison finally rushes into the office with the package after almost being killed by assailants...

They then get verbally scolded by the Chairman of the National Defense and told that in the morning they would both go before a board to be reprimanded punished. The two realize their careers are in jeopardy so they decide to make the most out of their time and the office by fucking in 3 different office locations. The first is in the conference room where they do some oral , doggy and miss on the table! They then goto the office desk and fuck on the chair. Finally they hit the office couch and fuck all kinds of ways as she takes his dick and fingers in her holes and he cums all over her face.

Evil Angel - Destiny Cruz - Anally Corrupted!

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Description: Lusty blonde Latina Destiny Cruz spreads her ass cheeks and squeezes her perky tits together. She shows off a clear butt plug, and Mick pulls it from her sphincter's grip. He eats her wet cunt, making Destiny squirm in pleasure. Mick slides a finger inside her rectum, and she can't help masturbating. Destiny kneels to give Mick an enthusiastic blowjob. He drizzles oil on her ass and fucks her cunt doggie-style as Destiny screams in pleasure. Mick switches holes, plunging his big cock into her hungry asshole. He teases her butt with a dildo, and she sucks his dick ass-to-mouth. The intense anal fun builds until Destiny swallows a mouthful of sticky sperm.

Family Xxx - Destiny Cruz - Destiny Has A Tight Trap For Step Daddy

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Description: Super slutty and horny step daughter Destiny has devised a plan to lead her step dad Jason to her room to find her spread wide and playing with her hot pussy. Now that the trap has worked Jason is upset that she continues to tease and mess with him until she he gets his first taste of her wet sweet pussy. Destiny bends over and deep throats his thick hard cock before sliding it inside her pink hole making sure he fucks her deep and hard and rewards her with a even hotter and thicker load.

She Seduced Me - Destiny Cruz & Kylie Le Beau - Sorority Massage

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Description: Sorority Girl Destiny Cruz is taking a massage class on campus and she asks if she can practice on her sororitysister Kylie Le Beau. Destiny sees the opportunity to get naked and slippery with her hot roommate and urges her to go for it. Destiny keeps pushing Kylie to go further and further to get deep...

Hotwife Xxx - Destiny Cruz - Tiny Latina Wife Destiny's Time Has Come

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Description: Delectable tiny Latina wife Destiny is very nervous about her first hotwife experience and has her husband on the phone to help her relax. Anxious stud Charles takes it from here and starts to caress her soft petite body as her pussy gets nice and wet and Destiny is now ready for him to enter her tight hot pussy.

Spizoo - Destiny Cruz - Naughty Schoolgirl Teases And Fucks Her Professor

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Duration: 39:33
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Description: Stunning blonde with gray eyes and supple lips, Destiny Cruz, teases her professor, Robby Echo, into banging her hard. She especially didn't wear any panties just for him that day to show how horny she is for him. The sight of Destiny's slender body is simply too much to resist. Robby can't help but be aroused as Destiny strips in front of him. Not able to resist the urge any longer, the lucky professor showers Destiny's body with passionate kisses before having a blast in licking her wet pussy. Destiny returns the pleasure by giving Robby a sloppy blowjob. The horny duo then fucks each other hard in standing, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle. Robby shows no signs of stopping. He pounds Destiny hard before cumming on her face.

Digital Playground - Lacy Lennon & Destiny Cruz - Paranormal Visions

File: mkla6nadipllacdeskkdopwi57c.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 56:43
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Format: mp4
Description: After the beautiful Trisha Lacy Lennon fears her house might be haunted, she hires paranormal investigator, Brock Hendrix Quinton James to either confirm her suspicions or conclude that she's losing her mind. When Brock visits the home and meets Trisha's husband, he suspects something is amiss, leading to the discovery of a gorgeous ex-girlfriend Destiny Cruz who might just be the missing link that helps him crack the case.

Love Her Feet - Destiny Cruz - Friendly Neighbor Deserves a Foot Fuck

File: jcn99nalohefedescruv5q8ty8rra.mp4
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Duration: 46:47
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Description: As she strips off her tight jeans, sporty Destiny shows off her tight ass, wrestling to get her pants off with her delicious French pedicured toes on the cool marble floor. Flexing her sexy feet up and down off the ground, she admires herself in the mirror, her bright pink thong hugging the curves of her tiny, toned frame. She dips her foot into the bath bubbles playfully as she bites her lip, knowing shes about to enjoy a sudsy foot playtime by herself. Slathering water all over her body, rubbing the soap bubbles into her tan skin while massaging her sexy feet, Destiny is feeling super sensual as she spreads her legs to give herself even more pleasure...

Getting herself wet in all the right places, horny Destiny greets her friendly neighbor at the door. Hes trying to warn her about street cleaningshe should move her car if she doesnt want to get towed. She has something else in mind foot fucking her friendly neighbor into oblivion. He gently taps that pussy as he licks her feet like a foot fetish pro. He worships her soles and takes her whole foot deeply into his mouth to get a better taste. When he slides his dick into her delicious mouth, he cant help but enjoy watching her grab her feet behind her as if she is being spit-roasted like a good little foot fetish slut. She grabs her sexy feet as they bounce behind her head as he face fucks his gorgeous neighbor. Reverse cowgirl never looked so good as he slides his cock deep inside her wet pussy, showing off the pussy juices as they spill out from her tight wet cunt. Her feet resting on top of his thighs, this friendly neighbor needs to feel her tight pussy from all angles as he grabs on those sexy feet, sucking on her toes, feeling how delicious they are in his mouth, swirling them around on his tongue as he penetrates that pussy into oblivion. She cant contain her moaning as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her tight wet hole, feeling its juices pouring out onto her. At just the last minute, before he is about to cum inside her, he pulls his dick out so he can spray his cum load all over those delicious, sexy feet. Covered in cum, her sexy feet with a perfect French pedicure looks absolutely irresistible as she laps up the delicious cum on her feet with her tongue

Vixen - Destiny Cruz - Blowing Off Steam

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Size: 2.19 GB
Duration: 37:42
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Description: Destiny is having one of those days, and now to top it off this gorgeous waitress is being asked to work a triple shift. What would happen if she just walked away from it all? Maybe she would find the relief she needs in the nearest hotel suite

Cherry Pimps - Destiny Cruz - Hot And Exotic Pussy

File: mazuknachpidescruvxuyropo51.mp4
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Description: Destiny Cruz is looking sexy in her wine red lingerie and loves feeling Ryan Mclanes hand all over her ass while they passionately kiss. She yearns for that hard cock she wants to feel it deep in her throat and deep in her pussy as he thrusts it so deep, first slowly and then faster and faster. Smack that ass and give this babe what she wants. She can not keep her hands off that cock. She loves feeling every inch over and over in that tight pussy stretching her out so much. Ryan fingers that tight pussy getting his fingers soaking wet but all Destiny wants is to taste that hot cum of his!