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True Lesbian - Ana Foxxx & Alexis Tae - Back In Town

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Description: Sidney Alexis Tae is back living with her parents after her first semester away at college. Life's been a bit rough for her since she broke up with her toxic girlfriend and she's hoping some time away will help her move on. That's when she decides to get back out there by going to a neighborhood party.

After Sidney arrives, she sees Dani Ana Foxxx and is instantly mesmerized by her. Dani's so full of life and impossibly beautiful, making it very hard for Sidney to think of anyone but her.

When Dani later approaches Sidney when she's alone, it's revealed that they vaguely knew each other in high school but ran in completely different social circles. Sidney can't shake the feeling that Dani may be flirting with her but it's hard to tell and she doesn't exactly want to risk getting hurt again so soon.

But Sidney ultimately can't keep herself away from Dani. Somehow, they click, and they start calling each other and spending time together in the weeks following the party. Although Sidney tries asking Dani about her sexuality multiple times, Dani is always maddeningly elusive, which only makes Sidney even more attracted.

Then, just like that, they somehow find themselves in Sidney's bed one day, making out and being closer than ever. Even though Sidney now realizes that she's fallen for someone who's likely in the closet, potentially putting herself in an even more toxic situation than ever before, she can't resist the forbidden allure

True Lesbian - Casey Calvert & Whitney Wright - Meeting Myself For The First Time

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Description: Allison Casey Calvert has a conversation with her friend Sandra Kira Noir. Kira asks Allison how the divorce is going. Allison says that it took her quite a while to not resent her ex-husband anymore, especially since she had to come to terms with the fact that he was gay and had kept it a secret from her for so long.

Allison explains that she felt like a fool for not realizing he was gay, and she was upset that he took YEARS of her life that she can't get back. But then she started to realize that maybe she never really loved him either, at least not in THAT way. Had she just been influenced by the same pressures from society that he had? Did she ever really want this marriage to begin with, or did she just go along with what she THOUGHT was normal and expected of her?

Sandra looks sympathetic as Allison says that now that she's single, she's realizing that she doesn't even know who she is... It feels like she's meeting herself for the first time, as she has come to realize that maybe, like her husband, she doesn't even like the opposite sex. Allison admits that she thinks she may be queer, but how can she be sure when she doesn't even KNOW any lesbians... She has so many questions that NOBODY can answer for her.

Sandra offers to put Allison in contact with someone she knows Lily Whitney Wright, who is a lesbian as well as a really nice person. Sandra says that maybe Lily can help Allison to find some of the answers she's looking for... Or at the very least, maybe Allison can make a new friend.

A few days later, Allison arrives home with Lily after having a wonderful and informative conversation at a cafe. Allison thanks Lily for her time, and apologizes for asking her so many questions. But Lily assures her that no apology is necessary, pointing out that Allison has been through a tough ordeal. Lily says she's glad that she could help provide some clarity. In a flirtatious tone, Lily adds that she REALLY had fun getting to know Allison.

Allison is flustered, and asks if Lily is flirting with her, it's been YEARS since anyone flirted with her, plus she's never had a WOMAN do that with her before, so she guesses she's just oblivious to these kinds of cues. Lily playfully offers to be more direct, and gives Allison a kiss that makes her quiver at the knees.

True Lesbian - Ana Foxxx & Serene Siren - I Brought This For You

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Description: Serene Siren and her friend Ana Foxxx return to Serene's new apartment after a fun night out. Ana congratulates Serene on the apartment, knowing that Serene worked hard to live in such a nice place. Jumping onto Serene's bed, Ana motions for Serene to come sit next to her. Ana then gives Serene a shoulder rub, and Serene can't help but think that Ana seems more touchy-feely than usual.

Serene had always gotten the vibe that Ana might be bi, but she'd never seen Ana really do anything with another woman. Serene had kissed women in the past, but never anything with Ana. They'd always just been friends.

But now Ana hops up, turns on some music, and begins sexily dancing for Serene, hinting that tonight will be different. After the seductive dancing, Ana takes a dildo out of her purse. Serene is shocked, asking Ana what she's doing with that thing in her purse... does she just go everywhere masturbating at parties? Ana laughs and says that no, she doesn't do that. Ana just assumed that she was going to end up at Serene's place tonight, and she's been waiting for them to have some time alone without any boyfriends in the way. Ana sticks out her tongue and slowly licks the dildo from bottom to top, then looks at Serene and says 'I brought this for you!'