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Perv Mom - Katie Morgan - Ask Me, Fuck Me

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Description: Austins friends at school keep talking about sex, but the poor guy hasnt even seen a naked woman! Desperate, he spies on Katie, his hot stepmom, but she catches him immediately. When Austin explains his situation to her, Katie feels bad for her boy and decides to help him out by giving him a little preview of her massive tits and a good blowjob. To Austins surprise, his stepmom is a great cock-sucker and prefers to swallow!

The next day, Austin wakes up with a boner after having a vivid dream about his stepmom. The blonde milf comes in urging him to get ready for school, but when she sees him hard, she steps up once more and swallows the whole thing. She thinks shes helping him out, but when she discovers that Austin is failing his latest sex ed test at school, she realizes her boy doesnt know the first thing about pleasing women. Its time for her to take matters into her own hands and use her powerful pussy on her stepsons cock to show him how its done!

Cuckold Sessions - Katie Morgan - Dicks Gift For Sexy Milf

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Duration: 33:52
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Description: Katie Morgan and Ethan Sinns have been married for three years now and while they love each other let's face it after 3 years things get a bit stale. Now on Anniversary night they are getting ready for dinner. Ethan thinks when Katie comes in dressed up more than expected and declares to Ethan that she got herself a present and she hopes and expects that he will like it too. She tells him she loves him and all but she needs more. And in this case more is two guys from work, Goldey who brought along his friend Mazee as well. To Katie's delite Ethan shows just how happy he is with her choice by his own enormous boner. Goldey and Mazee are more than happy to take care of this nymphomaniac blonde and her voracious appetite for cock. They finally blow in perfect back to back fashion on her tits and Katie asks her Husband if he really wants his deep fantasy. He of course does and she shoves his face right into her cum covered tits for him to worship.

Modern Day Sins - Katie Morgan - Tit For Tat

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Duration: 34:35
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Format: mp4
Description: Katie Morgan is doing chores when she rounds a corner and bumps into Johnny Goodluck, her teen's tattooed boyfriend. Katie is taken aback, remarking that she had no idea Johnny was even visiting today. In fact, she never heard the door open or the doorbell ring. Johnny can't help but look guilty as he explains that he snuck into his girlfriend's bedroom by climbing a tree. He knows he shouldn't have done that, but he desperately wanted to see her and... after all, it's not really in his nature to follow the rules.

Katie is floored by this news, caught off-guard and upset that her teen and Johnny would have so little respect for the rules of her home. At the same time, however, she can't seem to stay angry at Johnny. There's just something about his devil-may-care attitude and rebellious swagger that has a knack for disarming her. As if things couldn't get more tense, Johnny makes a move on Katie, admitting that he's always wondered what it'd be like if the both of them... fooled around. He bets that Katie could certainly keep up with him, and she might teach him a thing or two as well.

Katie can't believe what she's hearing, but something inside of her prevents her from disengaging. She wants Johnny. She can't deny it... and just the thought of his hard cock inside of her is enough to make her do something as unthinkable as it is tempting. Johnny tears off Katie's clothes and hoists her up on the kitchen counter, spreading her legs apart to shove his face into her already-wet pussy. After Katie sucks on his cock for a while, she slides it into her pussy, letting Johnny fuck her all over the kitchen in various raunchy positions until he blasts his load all over her perky tits.

A Girl Knows - Katie Morgan, Marilyn Johnson & Sonny Mckinley - Double Penetrated By My Teacher!

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Duration: 27:25
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Format: mp4
Description: All-American porn babes Katie Morgan, Marilyn Johnson, and Sonny McKinley get it on in the detention room in their skimpy school uniforms. Their stern teacher catches them ogling explicit pics of her in her other life as a porn MILF and decides to make them pay with their asses, mouths, and pussies. Whipping out her trusty strap-on dildo, she soon has the girls mounted on her desk moaning, and dripping wet. Nobody gets to go home until the teacher's voracious pussy has been thoroughly satisfied.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Morgan - A Very Stepmom Conundrum

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Duration: 45:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie is a new stepmom, just trying to please everyone including her 2 new entitled stepsons, Ricky Spikey. The guys battle for their stepmoms attention, each coming up with a diabolical injury ruse in an attempt to appeal to Katies nurturing side. Katie having so much on her hands figures its better to tend to both these miscreants at the same time in a taboo threesome!

Distorded - Katie Morgan - A Visit To The Dungeon

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Duration: 21:42
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Format: mp4
Description: Distorded brings you a big fetish variety. Distorded porn covers many many niches from foot fetish to face fucking to lesbian domination to massage porn. There is something for everyone here at the fetish variety network we call Distorded. Enjoy top pornstars from the USA in fetish productions brought to you by Bizarre Entertainment. All to be found in the AdultPrime website. With your password you get access to 90 other studios like SinfulXXX, ClubSweethearts, Submissed and many more top studios.

Perv Mom - Katie Morgan - Analversary Surprise

File: w82vgnapemokatmorfqysyuk8pg.mp4
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Duration: 44:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katies husbands birthday is coming and she wants to surprise him with anal sex. Thats why she keeps watching porn and rehearsing with a butt plug until Austin, her stepson, catches her red-handed. Katie explains the situation to Austin, and he offers to help her practice before the upcoming birthday party. Katie will master the art of backdoor fucking with the help of her surprisingly experienced stepson.

Freeuse Fantasy - Katie Morgan & Ginger Grey - Showing Her The Route

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Duration: 31:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ginger arrives to the busstop where hot mylf Katie is already waiting for the bus, but since shes new around town shes pretty confused on how to use the bus. Katie is a regular so she starts teaching Ginger about all the routes and stops while they wait. Finally the bus arrives late and the driver John informs them that it broke down and will have to wait there until they come repair it. Ginger and Katie decide to wait inside the bus and, to pass the time, might as well suck some cock!

My Babysitters Club - Katie Morgan - Chloe Comes Back

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Duration: 34:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe loves babysitting for Kyle and Katie, but when Katie suspects Chloes been messing around with her husband, she fires her immediately. But Chloe is no pushover, and her relationship with Kyle is more than just a fling. Chloe sneaks back into the house while Katie is away to keep gettin it from Kyle.

Adam And Eve - Katie Morgan - Double Booked: Date Night

File: alkvanaadanevkatmorqkhzj8zguj.mp4
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Duration: 26:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maid of Honor Lily Julia Robbie is desperate to find a plus one for her best friend's wedding. Having already planned an evening with Liv Revamped, Julia is set up on a blind date with Ryan Driller, at the same time and at the same restaurant! Confronted with a tough choice, she does what any young, hot, and sexually adventurous girl would do. She has an unforgettable date night threesome! The only question is if she can have a plus two for the wedding.

Moms Lick Teens - Katie Morgan & Vanessa Sky - Clean Freak Stepmom Gets Dirty

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Duration: 35:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Sky's only had her new stepmom for a week, but she already can't stand Katie Morgan's clean freak ways. When she comes home to see Katie on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor--and playing with her pussy--it confirms Vanessa's suspicions that the blonde MILF is a freak in the sheets, too! Katie catches Vanessa going through her drawers and using her dildo, and she decides to teach the teen a lesson, spanking her ass and then showing Vanessa how to please her pussy with all her toys.

Sweet Sinner - Katie Morgan - Family Affairs 3

File: lphfynaswsikatmor7cxqnrjwqw.mp4
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Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet Sinner brings you Family Affairs 3 featuring the most passionate sex scenes yet. Everyone has had the fantasy to fuck a family member! It's such a taboo turn on that everyone can relate too, the naughtier the better the sex! Do not miss this steamy release.

Top Web Models - Katie Morgan - The Perfect Model

File: mwauinatowemokatmor7fsp3ffkgp.mp4
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Duration: 28:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yes, ladies and gents ok we know this is pretty much all gents... Katie Morgan. This one might be the best model yet. A body built for sin. A voice that is just too fucking perfect. I can only imagine when she says fuck me daddy. I couldn't wait to try this model! And she's a nasty little fuck. Can I get 2? Scott Hancock

Mom Swapped - Katie Morgan & Shay Sights - The Power Of Pussy Compels You

File: jnpagnamoswkatshac3n2npjssk.mp4
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Duration: 23:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Morgan and Shay Sights are both active in their church. Today they're going through their sons' old clothes to donate to the church yard sale. Everything is going swimmingly until Katie finds a dirty magazine under her son, Joshua Lewis's bed. The girls decide their songs are in moral danger and that they'll have to confront them.

Calling Joshua and Shay's son Juan Loco together, the moms confront their kids. Joshua and Juan try to pin the blame on each other. Eventually it becomes clear that they have to purge one another's sons of their sinful thoughts. The only way to achieve that is to make them cum. Shay takes on Joshua's hardon, while Katie opens wide to take Juan in. A blowjob isn't enough to make either boy nut, so the ladies move on to more drastic measures.

Having the boys sit side by side, the girls peel off their clothes. Katie mounts Juan in cowgirl while Shay gives Joshua the same treatment. When that doesn't work, the moms turn around and give it to each other's sons in reverse cowgirl. Some might say that Katie and Shay are having an outright good time as Katie gets her pussy pounded in doggy and Katie enjoys Joshua's dick while she's on her back. The ladies switch positions so that Juan gets to do Katie on her back while Shay enjoys some doggy style. When the boys finally pull out to blow their loads, their moms are pleased that they have helped purge those terribly sinful thoughts.

Glory Hole - Katie Morgan - Katie's Very First Ever Gloryhole

File: ffvmknaglhokatmordgfrv4tz9y.mp4
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Duration: 25:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Morgan's very first ever Glory Hole has got her a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. She is so into the idea of using and objectifying the dicks coming from the hole. She has decided to only call it the wall dick. But Dick it is for her and she quickly gets the appeal of having Cock all to herself and no one to talk to or deal with. Stripping out of her stripped sexy outfit she bares her lady bits to the cock for fucking. Bang
Bang goes the wall and right to Katie's cute little head and cum. She returns the favor with further face love and a powerful grip upon the Penis. Finally on her back to takes it the deepest she has gotten it so far. She can feel the cock pulsing within her she knows the explosion is forthcoming. So back to her knees she goes just in time to be surprised with a blast to the back of her throat and a bit off cough and choke. The rest she lays across her tittys' for the world to see.

Mommy's Girl - Katie Morgan & Khloe Kapri - I Don't Want To Talk About It

File: hxeqlnamogikatkhlkb5vd7xblh.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 34:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Morgan is folding laundry when her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, arrives home from school. Khloe looks upset, so Katie asks if she's okay. However, Khloe says she doesn't want to talk about it, and stomps off to her room, slamming the door shut. Now even more concerned, Katie knocks on Khloe's door and asks if she's alright, but Khloe insists she doesn't want to talk about it.

Later that day, Khloe approaches Katie and asks to borrow her car. But Katie says that with the way Khloe has been stomping around and slamming doors, she doesn't want to just give Khloe the car without knowing what's going on first. Khloe repeats that she doesn't want to talk about it with Katie, and says she wants to borrow the car so she can talk to her friends about it instead. However, Katie says that Khloe looks too upset to drive safely, and pleads for the two of them to talk it out instead.

Khloe admits that she has a crush on a girl at school, but when she told the girl about her feelings, the girl was disgusted and told other people about it. Now everyone at school has been acting weird around Khloe. Katie is sympathetic, and surprises Khloe by telling her that she actually used to date a girl back when she was in college.

Khloe asks how it's possible to tell if a girl is into other girls, in order to avoid making a mistake again. Katie tries to give Khloe some pointers, but then Khloe admits there's another woman she has a crush on... and it's Katie! This surprises and intrigues Katie, who offers to give Khloe some pointers on how lesbian sex works. Khloe eagerly agrees, and the two of them take family bonding to a new level. Isn't it great when things work

Moms Tight - Katie Morgan - Cumming In My Stepmoms Face Cream

File: 4tpr4namotikatmoreq8vheqehn.mp4
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Duration: 22:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Juan Loco is really into his new stepmommy, Katie Morgan. He doesn't feel like he can be honest about his feelings, so he takes matters into his own hands to express himself in other ways. One morning, Katie is in the kitchen minding her own business when she hears a sound coming from her bedroom. When she goes to investigate, she finds Juan with his back to her, cumming into her face cream. Although Katie could be mad about Juan's inappropriate behavior, she finds that she's more turned on than anything else. It gives her an idea of how to go from here so they can all be satisfied.

Later that day, Katie has changed into workout clothes when Juan walks in and sees her in her tight little outfit. He turns to go, but Katie has seen him. She calls him in for a talk. While they're chatting, Katie drops that her skin is so youthful and tight thanks to her face cream. That gives Juan the opportunity to admit what he has done. Katie is prepared for this she tells Juan that it's too tight in between her thighs and then asks for his help. As Juan reluctantly agrees, Katie gets increasingly handsy. Juan tries to defuse the situation, but there's no stopping his curvy stepmama from getting what she wants Juan's cock in her mouth and more.

By the time Katie has gotten Juan's dick in hand, it's nice and hard. How could he not be with that voluptuous body his for the taking? Katie goes to work, sloppy sucking and stroking. When Katie gets on her hands and knees for Juan to give it to her, he doesn't hesitate to slide on home and deliver. Taking a seat on the couch, Juan uses his hands to support Katie as se rides the salami in reverse cowgirl. When she turns around, it just gives her the leverage to shove her huge titties into Juan's face to suckle as she keeps on riding him. There's no stopping this horny mommy as she falls onto her back and spreads 'em nice and wide for Juan to bring her off one last time. When it's time for Juan to pop, he pulls out and delivers his cum shot on her stomach, making it easy for Katie to rub it all over her lower body.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Morgan & Alexis Fawx - More Than Roses For Mother's Day

File: qsi7tnabrexkataletadwuq2wdf.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Busty MILF Alexis Fawx is having the worst Mothers Day ever. After getting all dressed up to celebrate, she discovers that her family has gone out without her. Yikes! Upset, she calls her friend, Katie Morgan, who suggests she come over to commiserate since her family forgot about Mothers Day too! Once at her friends house, Alexis and Katie decide that if their husbands wont treat them right for Mothers Day, then theyll just have to take matters into their own hands. While the two of them are in the middle of some hot lesbian action, Katie gets a massive bouquet delivered thats signed with love from her new stepson, Juan. As she gushes over the flowers, Alexis cant help but get jealous and decides to see if Juan has a gift for her too. Although he seems confused at first, swearing that he doesnt know anything about a flower delivery, he quickly decides to go with the flow as she starts sucking his dick. Unfortunately for Juan and Alexis, Katie walks in at exactly the wrong or maybe the right! moment and decides that while the flowers are great, shelike Alexisreally wants his cock and a threesome for Mothers Day.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Morgan & Gia Derza - Blast-sisted Living Threeway

File: bnbivnabrexkatgia5r6y6liobs.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 29:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Crew and his pervy old bud are clowning around and competing for the attention of their day nurse, Gia Derza. Little does Jay realize, his hot and horny fuck buddy, Katie Morgan, is creeping in to give him some afternoon delight. Irritated by their handsy friend, they dump the geezer into a closet and fuck in peace. When they hear Gia coming, Katie pretends to be Jays companion. Gia is too distracted by Jays raging hard on to notice Katie hiding in plain sight. Katie likes watching but if you have her man's cock, youve got to eat her pussy too! So, she throws herself in the mix, and its a threesome!