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Moms Teach Sex - Aila Donovan & Katie Kush - Put Those Tits Away Young Lady

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Description: Katie Kush is just starting to really lean into her sexuality. She has been flirting hard with Codey Steele, who is the son of her dad's boss. Katie knows that she's playing with fire since it might impact her dad's career if things go sour with Codey, but that's what makes him even more fun to tease. She has offered to do Codey's hair, and she really plays up her assets as she gives it a nice comb. There's no bra to get in the way or her hard nipples and she knows Codey can see a bit of areola. The scene is totally perfect until Katie's stepmom, Alia Donovan, walks in. Codey dips out, and once he's gone, Alia gives Katie the advice that she needs to put her tits away. They're not weapons after all. Katie pretends she doesn't know what Alia is talking about, so Alia offers to show her...

They get set up in hot yoga outfits and wait for Codey to walk into the room. Once he joins them, they ask for help stretching. Once Codey agrees to help them out, Alia comes up with increasingly sexual so-called yoga poses for Codey to help them out with. It's no surprise that Codey pops a boner with two scantily dressed girls throwing themselves at him. Katie point blank asks if Codey has a boner and he denies it, so she suggests he take his pants off for better flexibility as he helps them stretch. Codey eventually does, but his hardon is clear through his briefs. He still denies the existence of his erection, so Katie tells him there won't be a problem if he takes his underwear off. Trapped by his own lie, Codey gets naked from the waist down and swears it's not a boner, this is how he always is. Katie is good to go along with that. She gets into a yoga pose and tells Codey that if it's not an erection, he totally won't stick it in when she peels off her tight pants to reveal her juicy twat.

Codey hesitates, but Alia is there to help him decide. Once she guides Codey's dick into Katie's fuck hole, Katie goes wild banging him! Alia watches in satisfaction for a moment before shimmying out of her own leggings so Katie can muffle those moans of delight by feasting on her stepmommy's pussy. Alia wants a piece of the action, so Katie gets out of the way and lets her stepmom scoot forward to enjoy a deep pussy pounding. Once she has Alia settled, Katie climbs onto Alia's face and rides her stepmom's tongue as Codey keeps Alia's pussy party going. Putting Codey on his back, Alia helps Katie climb aboard the fuck stick express and bounce away on that fine hardon. Then Alia gets on her hands and knees so she can enjoy Codey's big dick in doggy while she eats Alia out. Finally satisfied that they have enjoyed everything Codey has to offer for the time being, the girls roll Codey onto his back once again and go to town blowing him and sucking his balls. Their deep throat double BJ finally nets Katie a mouthful of cum to share with Alia.

Interracial Pass - Katie Kush - Petite Crushed By Big Black Cock

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Description: Petite young Katie just loves sex, she wants to fuck all the time and with a booty like that on her small frame we know she gets a lot of takers! Watch this horny girl take on big black cock like it was nothing and get her pussy crushed getting rode in all kinds of positions!

Rk Prime - Katie Kush & Aubree Valentine - Fucking The Whole Sorority: Part 2

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Description: Picking up where we left off, Kyle Mason has just had sex in the sorority house and now finds himself pantsless in the hallway. Kyle goes to the bathroom to change, but he bumps into the beautiful Aubree Valentine, yet another sorority girl craving dick. She gives him a blowjob, then invites him into the shower, but they're interrupted by the return of Kyle's girlfriend, Katie Kush. Katie not seeing Kyle in the shower expresses her horniness to Aubree and the two girls go off to a bedroom for lesbian sex. When Katie catches Kyle watching at the door, she finds an excuse to leave Aubree alone and finally leads Kyle off to a separate room to get some dick. After some sexy and sneaky back and forth, all three end up in the same bedroom together the girls decide to share Kyle's dick and everyone has a happy ending!

Innocent High - Katie Kush & Lily Larimar - Solve For X

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Description: Katie Kush and Lily Larimar just cant seem to focus in class, and professor Maximus isnt happy about it. To stop their constant chatter, he seats star student David Lee between them to break up the talking once and for all. But after professor Maximus falls asleep at his desk, the students do much more than talk. In the true fashion of a helpful student, David makes sure Lily and Katie ace their math testand learn a few other things, too.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Kush - Frat Attack! Part 1

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Duration: 32:38
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Description: Katie Kush and her sorority sisters are bitter rivals with their campus fraternity house of horny college men, including Van Wylde. Katie has a master plan to steal their beloved dickhead mascot. Her and her fellow pledge are on a mission to keep Van distracted with naughty games while their plan unfolds. Katie is a master of distractions and slips her pledge in while mesmerizing Van with a strip tease game that gets him right in the eye. The games don't stop there as Katie convinces Van to fool around with her some more as she plays a squirty game of pussy pong.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Kush & Kayley Gunner - Frat Attack! Part 2

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Duration: 43:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After Katie Kush succeeds in stealing a mascot mask from the rival frat house, she runs home with her pledge to celebrate their victory with their sorority house leader, Kayley Gunner. Just when they think they've gotten away with it, Van Wylde shows up. The ladies are ready to defend their throne and mascot, but Van has a pinata surprise full of sex toys for them, and it's turned both Katie and Kayley's attention on each other. Van almost gets away with the mascot snag when both ladies stop him and decide to use his big hard cock for their pussy pleasure.

Deep Lush - Alex Coal & Katie Kush - Party Of Three

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Description: Alex, Katie, and I come together for a fun and really hot threesome. We all make out with each other, hands and mouths exploring every part of each others bodies. I fuck each of them while they lick each others pussies and share a hitachi. They both give me an incredible blowjob together and lick my asshole. The scene ends with me fucking Katie in doggy with Alex underneath of us licking my balls and Katie's pussy until I cum inside of her.

Squirted - Katie Kush - Help Me Squirt, Daddy

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Description: Hi Daddy. Ive never squirted before and I want to squirt so bad, Katie Kush tells her man, Ramon Nomar. Can you help me out today? I just want to make a big mess everywhere! On her bed surrounded by dildos and vibrators, Katie grabs hold of her favorite blue vibrator and gets to work on her clit. Im just so wet for you, Daddy, the all-natural babe says right before she puts a dildo in pussy and cums all over on it! Daddy cant handle watching anymore. With Katie begging him to help her squirt, Ramon leaps into action by fingering her tight, little pussy hard and fast. The petite blonde cums, but her Latin daddy isnt done with her yether education in the art of squirting has just begun!

Family Strokes - Andi Rose & Katie Kush - Stepcousin Andi

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Duration: 37:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Up and coming model Andi Rose visits her stepcousin Katie Kush whos living with her stepdad photographer Dan Ferrari. Katie always had a crush on Andi, so she talks her into making out a little, but as they do, Dan starts filming them with his camera. Andi makes them promise that they wont leak the footage before agreeing to have a hot threesome!

Evil Angel - Katie Kush - Daddy Ive Never Squirted Before 4

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Duration: 44:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In Daddy, I've Never Squirted Before 4, Toni Ribas trains young porn cuties in the art of female ejaculation. The experienced directorperformer serves up four furious fuck sessions, each soaked in gushing gash geysers and topped off with sloppy cum facials. Petite, adorable Leda Lotharia urges Toni to help in her quest for a splashy climax. Toni treats her to harsh throat reaming and then pummels her sweet slit until it spews multiple blasts of hot juice! Asian honey Vina Sky teases Toni on the bed, playfully masturbating. She deepthroats his throbbing tool, and he power-plows her wet pussy to torrential orgasms. Blonde babe Katie Kush wants to feel the sensation of lewd liquid bliss. She chokes on Ramon Nomar's big cock through a nasty blowjob, and his massive boner makes girl squirt cascade from her cunt. Another darling blonde, Coco Lovelock, wears a schoolgirl skirt with no panties. She eagerly taunts Toni, whose intense manhandling leaves her twat erupting waves of fuck fluid. He slathers Coco in hot semen.

Wild On Cam - Katie Kush - Will Swallow All That Cum LIVE

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Duration: 01:40
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Description: Katie Kush is excited to be back at the WildOnCam studio and is eager to get down and fuck Dan Ferrari. She is looking sexy in her purple lingerie and bounces that juicy ass right in your face wishing so badly she could sit down right on you and feel your tongue all over her clit. She so badly wants to cum and so badly wants to get Dans hard cock deep down her throat! Face fuck her please! She begs for it so Dan delivers making her drool and spit all over his cock! This babe needs no lube with that much spit coming out of her mouth! Katie shows off her flexibility bending her legs way back in a super split giving Dan all the access he needs to that pussy! Fuck her now! That is all Katie wants is that cock as deep in her as possible. Archive from 3-05-2021 5pm LIVE show!

Rk Prime - Katie Kush - My Morning Routine

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Duration: 28:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In today's tutorial, social media star Katie Kush walks you through the steps of her morning routine it involves sexy heels, tight sweats, juicy lips and a lot of cleavage for her small, perky tits... But what would a morning routine be if it didn't involve a good facial? That's why Scott Nails is here to help. Thankfully, we're not talking about skin care, but rather about draining those full, heavy balls on Katie's perfect face. That's the best type of care anyway!

Bratty Sis - Katie Kush - Step Sisters Sexperiment

File: 53eronabrsikatkusggwdcojbmk.mp4
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Duration: 20:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush trusts her stepbrother, Brad Stirling, so she comes to him when she needs help. Brad is initially open to helping his stepsis out, but when Katie starts giving details about the sexperiments she wants to try, Brad becomes a little bit more hesitant. Katie insists, so Brad helps her put on a blindfold. Katie then gets Brad to hand her an ice cube that she uses to make her nipples nice and hard. Brad is a bit shy about watching his stepsis in such a position, but Katie really wants his participation.

Eventually, Brad gets to his feet and pulls his dick out so Katie, still blindfolded, can wrap her hand around it and start stroking. In response, Katie leans back and tugs her miniskirt up and her panties to the side so she can see what it feels like for Brad to bang her while she's blindfolded. The lack of sight really does enhance all her other senses, but Katie discovers that she wants to watch her stepbro bang her. She looks him in the eye as he stands before her pounding away at that greedy twat, then discards the blindfold entirely.

Rolling onto her knees with her torso leaning over the couch, Katie moans long and loud as Brad delivers a proper pussy pounding. When Brad takes a seat, Katie climbs into his lap so she can shove them titties in his face as she rides him. She turns around and plants her feet to ride Brad in reverse cowgirl as her tight twat pulses in delight. When Katie is finally satisfied with her sexperiments, she opens wide and starts sucking until Brad delivers a facial of cum that drips down her smiling mouth.

Squirted - Katie Kush - Katie The Cock Rider

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Duration: 38:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The only thing Katie Kush enjoys more than Toni Ribas fingering her till she squirts is riding his big cock till she cums, and Toni can't believe how good it feels as she throws that booty back as she grinds on him. He strips her out of her pink bikini and fucks her mouth, making her squirt and licking her pussy, then fucking her nice and deep. Katie just keeps cumming over and over, especially once she finds a hot pink vibrator to use on her clit while Toni pounds her! This cowgirl gets back in the saddle and rides Toni into the sunset before taking a big facial.

Glory Hole - Katie Kush - Katie Is Big Dick Centric

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Duration: 23:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie is Big Dick centric and her current Boyfriend is just not living up to her needs. So she has convinced herself that going to the local Glory Hole is not cheating. She figures if she is not talking to them , doesn't have their numbers and never sees them she has no reason to feel guilty. She is pretty sure her Boyfriend knows something is up though as every time she leaves he is calling her all the time and texting her phone buzzing away constantly. So here she is
half choked on a fat cock and he calls right in the middle just annoying her again till she can get rid of him. Back to the Big cocks in front of her she knows she needs to fuck those cocks deep too. Fucking one right to pop with just enough time to spin around and take it in the face, the other she has to put in the work and milk it hard but the creamy reward is worth everything.

Brazzers Exxtra - Katie Kush - Greenhouse Drip

File: xdkthnabrexkatkus1jlo1ei1fa.mp4
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Duration: 38:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Are you ready for a beautiful, bouncy, big booty blonde to arch and twerk, to tease and flaunt, to crawl across your screen? She's played the cutesy friend, the oblivious roommate... But now Katie Kush wants to trap you in her gaze, enchant you with her tight body, and destroy you with her juicy bubble butt. She wants you to worship every inch of her soft curves, watching the light bounce off glistening wet skin. She wants you to imagine her cheeks overflowing your gripping hands, her tiny smirk as she arches over you... To imagine her tight body before peeling off that bodysuit. All building up to a little taboo treat as she begs Xander to slide deep in her tight ass. But, before the ultimate reward, Katie is going to build you up with some steamy, dripping tease...

Devil's Film - Katie Kush - My Wife's Daughters An Exhibitionist

File: 9viq3nadefikatkusralh9ly2sc.mp4
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Duration: 25:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Crew is in over his head when it comes to his mischievous stepdaughter, Katie Kush. She always walks around NAKED in the house, not seeming to care that it makes him uncomfortable! It's like she has no boundaries and enjoys pushing his buttons... Sure enough, when she has her boyfriend, Ricky Spanish, over one day, Jay's beyond shocked when Katie convinces Ricky to have sex right in front of him!

Girlfriends Films - Gizelle Blanco & Katie Kush - Women Seeking Women 177

File: 81zafnagifigizkatu9gj5uz8dh.mp4
Size: 437.45 MB
Duration: 37:15
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Girlfriends Films welcomes debut performers paired with returning stars in the 177th installment of our flagship all-girl series Women Seeking Women. The release entitled Women Seeking Women 177 features four girlgirl scenes, each highlighted by a returning favorite paired with a Girlfriends Films debut performer.

Poly Family Life - Katie Kush, Lana Mars & AKGingersnaps - Alaska Road Trip

File: yfdi5napofalikatlanakgab276j2syh.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 20:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: ''Family' is more than just a word to describe us.'

'Daddy' Smassh, 'Mommy' AKGINGERSNAPS, and 'Babygirl' Lana Mars are a contemporary family on the journey of a lifetime. They are in a polyamorous relationship, meaning that all three of them are together through thick and thin. Being in such a relationship, while also doing a road trip across Alaska, has been wonderful but challenging.

As they make their way through the wilderness, they learn a lot more about the land, the cultures, and themselves. Although they enjoy being enlightened, they sometimes struggle with finding the time and space to have some ALONE time -- whether for themselves or their work as sex performers...

Whenever they can, they make use of spaces like hotels to have a bit of privacy. Not only do they use this time to work on projects but be intimate with each other as well. Although it can be tricky, this family makes it work.

For one of their latest projects, they invite their friend Katie Kush to join them. To them, Katie's not just enough performer to work with but practically family as well. As she and AKGINGERSNAPS pull close together and begin making out, that's REALLY what this whole road trip and life adventure is about showing how a family is really something you choose!

Rk Prime - Katie Kush - Horny For Her Boyfriend's Best Bud

File: lfpxznarkprkatkusac4tz5fswe.mp4
Size: 772.37 MB
Duration: 33:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Pressure shows up at his buddy Matt's house, but his friend is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Pressure's greeted by his best friend's hot girlfriend, Katie Kush, who invites him to have a seat next to her on the couch. While trying to keep his eyes off Katie in her skimpy clothes, he attempts to make small talk, only for Katie to confess that her boyfriend isn't able to make her cum! It's obvious that Katie's looking to fuck, and despite trying to stay loyal to his friend, Pressure can't resist the chance to get up in that pussy for some wild cheating sex!

Step Siblings Caught - Jessie Saint & Katie Kush - How To Stuff Your Step Sister And Her Friend

File: xor5jnastsicajeskat8cvycublyu.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 28:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's Thanksgiving time and Katie Kush and her stepbrother Seth Gamble are ready to celebrate with their parents, Andres Mclovin and Serene Siren. Katie has even been allowed to invite her friend, Jessie Saint, for dinner. The girls are dressed in their holiday costumes for school. Serene asks Seth to put on his costume. He refuses, so Serene tells him to stuff the turkey instead. Seth claims he doesn't know how, so Serene kicks all three kids out of the kitchen and tells them to come back in an hour with the knowledge of what to do. Relocating to the bedroom, Seth pulls up online videos while Jessie offers to just show him how to do it. Seth is a jerk, so the girls make a plan to fuck with him.

Undressing Jessie, Katie lays her out on the bed so that she's nice and naked and ready for Seth to stuff her. Jessie tells Seth that first he needs to take the giblets out. He can practice by finger banging her. The girls tell Seth that next he needs something to stuff in. They point out that Seth's dick is already hard so he can use that. It takes a second to convince Seth that this is the right call, but Katie helps Seth whip it out and shove it into Jessie's snatch. At first, Katie is only trying to get her friend laid. As Seth keeps pounding Jessie right, though, Katie decides she wants some of that D for herself.

Getting on her knees on the bed, Katie moans in delight as Seth stuffs her, too. She leans forward and eats Jessie out as she's getting fucked, making sure that Jessie's good times keep rolling. Next Seth lays on the bed so Jessie can climb on top and ride his dick in reverse cowgirl. Katie gets another shot at the D when she takes Jessie's place and rides Seth. Her position lets her once again lean forward to eat her friend out even as her hips set an orgasmic rhythm. Finally sated, the girls work together to blow Seth until he delivers a cumshot that they can both enjoy together.