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Burning Angel - Maddy May - Shadowbanned

File: lfjsgnabuanmadmay4oohhmwo9o.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 31:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cady Rocky Emerson is reeling from Regina's sudden disappearance and calls on her followers to help her figure out what's going on. Cady is convinced that Jamie Jane is somehow connected to everything that is happening and is determined to find her. Just as Cady is posting her plea for help, Gretchen Maddy May walks in.

Cady tries to convince her that something seriously weird is going on, but Gretchen is skeptical. Just then, Gretchen's date, Codey Automatic Dante Colle arrives. Codey is one of Gretchen's new followers and does robot dances online. Gretchen suggested that they make a robot dance together in honor of Regina.

As Gretchen and Codey film the robot dance in Gretchen's room, it doesn't take long for things to get hot and heavy between them.

Meanwhile, Cady thinks she's finally figured out what happened to Jaime and Regina...but can she save them??

Burning Angel - Jessie Lee & Rocky Emerson - Shadowbanned

File: hjvwtnabuanjesrocz21w4kv58x.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 32:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cady Rocky Emerson thinks she may have figured out the source of all the recent strange occurrences. As she ponders her next move, she suddenly hears a terrible scream coming from the bedroom. She nervously goes to investigate.

When Cady walks into the bedroom, all the lights are flickering. Something is clearly amiss. Sensing a mysterious presence in the room with her, Cady addresses Jamie Jane, telling Jamie that she knows where she has disappeared to...and how to bring her back. Cady goes on to explain that she has arranged a group chat with some of Jamie's fans and has a plan.

Taking a deep breath, Cady enacts her plan. As Cady and Jamie's fans work together, Jamie Jessie Lee suddenly materializes. Cady is stunned as she realizes that not only has Jamie returned, but her online presence has too!

Jamie is elated to be back and grateful to Cady for her help. Jamie decides to show her appreciation to Cady, and they come together for a hot kiss, their perfect bodies grinding against each other.

Looks like Jamie's already making up for lost time!

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Shadowbanned

File: llhncnabuanjoaanghokh9bl6ml.mp4
Size: 823.43 MB
Duration: 40:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Regina Joanna Angel is excited to be moving into a new house with her two best friends, Cady Rocky Emerson and Gretchen Maddy May. They can't wait to get started on all the amazing social media content that they plan to produce at the house. As they get settled, Regina tells the girls a story about the house's previous resident, Jamie Jane, an adult film actress and social media star who mysteriously fell off the online map without any explanation...

Regina then goes to her room to get started on some selfies. As she sets up to take the pics, she notices a mysterious figure creeping around behind a curtain in her room. She pulls back the curtain, realizing it is Zacky Codey Steele, a social media admin. Regina is surprised to see him, and he excitedly tells her that she promised they would hang out once he got her account verified, which he did. But Regina won't be happy until Zacky gets Gretchen's account banned, since Gretchen is her main competition. Looking at Regina lustfully, Zacky will do anything to have her. He quickly does what Regina wants, getting Gretchen banned. Regina grins triumphantly. Now that she's gotten what she wants, she's about to give Zacky what HE wants.

But...what REALLY happened to Jamie Jane??

Burning Angel - Jane Wilde & Aubrey Kate - Succubus

File: otgqdnabuanjanaubx6hqimltqc.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 33:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Still struggling to process everything that has happened, Mary Jane Wilde tries to relax in the bath, while, over at the strip club, Michael Small Hands languishes, his spirits low. Aubrey Kate taunts Michael, who can't understand why she's taking pleasure in his misery.

Burning Angel - Jane Wilde - Succubus Part 3

File: 7xzmsnabuanjanwilaixsfzkqe4.mp4
Size: 653.90 MB
Duration: 33:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Overcome with worry over where Michael is, Mary Jane Wilde prays at the church for his safe return. Pastor Tommy Tommy Pistol walks in to check on her. Seeing that she is still distraught, Tommy again encourages Mary to be at peace with what is happening.

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Succubus Part 2

File: jhtnhnabuanjoaangvdqdfxo2ts.mp4
Size: 824.65 MB
Duration: 38:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The next day, Mary Jane Wilde waits anxiously at the altar of the church. She is dressed in her wedding dress. Michael Small Hands still hasn't shown up yet and Mary is beginning to freak out. Pastor Tommy Tommy Pistol isn't very reassuring, telling Mary that he sees young couples like this all the time. They rush into things, and the guy gets cold feet, running off. Mary insists that Michael would NEVER run off. Something is VERY wrong here...Michael is MISSING.

Unable to just sit idle while Michael is missing, Mary storms out, determined to find him.

Her first stop is the strip club that Michael went to the night before. Mary walks around the club, asking the dancers if they've seen Michael anywhere, but no one answers her. When Mary finally asks Aubrey Kate if she's seen Michael, Aubrey tells Mary that she remembers Michael. In fact, she gave him a dance.

Mary questions Aubrey further, asking her if Michael may have given her a hint of where he was going or what he was planning to do. When Aubrey refuses to answer her question, Mary has an angry outburst and is eventually taken out of the club by a bouncer.

But, unbeknownst to Mary, Michael is in a back room of the club. He tries to call for Mary, but his cries are in vain. Aubrey walks into the back room, followed a moment later by Joanna Angel. Joanna gets one look at Michael and tells Aubrey to finish him off and get him out of there. Joanna leaves and Michael tries to reason with Aubrey. But Aubrey just laughs, pointing to Michael's hand, where he now bears the same mark as seemingly everyone else in town. He stares at it in shock and horror.

Meanwhile, onstage in the club, Joanna expertly works the crowd. In the front row, two guys, Paul Mick Blue and Max Zac Wild catcall to her. Joanna gets a wicked glint in her eyes, inviting both guys on stage with her.

Joanna's HUNGRY...and she's about to feed...

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Dungeon Furniture Emporium

File: sydusnabuanjoaangisml1ujszt.mp4
Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 34:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Furniture collector Dante Colle is back at Joanna Angel's Dungeon Furniture Emporium to look around. When Joanna approaches him, demanding to know why he's returned, he drops a bomb on her, telling her that his real name is Frank, a name that Joanna knows very well, since it's that of her fiercest competitor in the furniture business!

Joanna's shocked, but Frank insists that he's only there to assure Joanna that there are no hard feelings. He loves the passion she has for her business and he's been trying to expand his brand to include more items like the selection that Joanna offers. In fact, he's been hanging around the emporium lately to get inspiration. But he confesses to Joanna that he still doesn't GET most of her furniture.

Joanna gets a determined look in her eyes and tells Frank to follow her into a private room. A few moments later, Frank has his arms and head strapped into a piece of furniture. But he's still puzzled. How is this furniture PRACTICAL??

Joanna decides to show, rather than tell, slipping her clothes off and revealing her luscious body. Joanna unstraps Frank, eager to demonstrate all of her emporium's offerings.

It's safe to say that Frank is VERY impressed by Joanna's UNIQUE approach to customer service!

Burning Angel - Brooklyn Gray & Gia Derza - Joanna Angel's Dungeon Furniture Emporium

File: 33thvnabuanbrogiaij8ioqjrci.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 36:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Girlfriends Gia Derza and Brooklyn Gray are at the emporium, looking around the showroom. Joanna Angel approaches, asking the ladies how she can help them. They tell Joanna that they are looking for a washing machine and ask her if her store sells appliances.

Joanna doesn't have any washing machines, but, eager to make a sale, she gestures to a large cross, claiming that they can use this to wash clothes. Brooklyn is puzzled, asking Joanna to explain how THIS can possibly wash clothes?? Joanna thinks for a moment before asking Gia to take off her clothes. Gia enthusiastically gets naked. Joanna hangs Gia's clothes on the cross and uses a crop to 'wash' them...

Brooklyn isn't convinced, insisting that this is NOT a washing machine. But Joanna argues that it's multi-functional, saying it also works as a dry shower. Gia excitedly volunteers to help demonstrate and climbs up onto the cross. Once Gia is strapped in, Joanna uses the crop to 'whip her clean.' Gia loves every second of it, giggling with pleasure.

Joanna hands Brooklyn the crop and invites her to try it. Brooklyn tentatively whips Gia, who squeals with delight. It doesn't take long for Brooklyn to get the hang of it, and Joanna discreetly leaves.

After all, the ladies need privacy to take their new 'washing machine' for a spin!!

Burning Angel - Jessie Lee - Joanna Angel's Dungeon Furniture Emporium

File: dhcacnabuanjeslee877ogouxkc.mp4
Size: 1012.16 MB
Duration: 28:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Lee and her boyfriend Ruckus are shopping for furniture at Joanna Angel's Dungeon Furniture Emporium when proprietor Joanna comes over to check on them. But Ruckus isn't interested in any of the furniture there and insists that Jessie and him get going. Jessie on the other hand, loves the emporium and plans on decorating their whole apartment to look just like it.

Ruckus fires back, telling Jessie that there's no way that's gonna happen. Joanna steps in, reminding Jessie that sometimes guys need a FIRM hand. Jessie looks excited as Joanna shows her all the training tools she has available that will help her teach Ruckus a thing or two.

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel & Adira Allure - Joanna Angel's Dungeon Furniture Emporium Episode 1

File: ozvgvnabuanjoaadiwplbnfomku.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 42:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Furniture collector Dante Colle is browsing around the dungeon furniture emporium when proprietor Joanna Angel checks on him. They chat about a particular piece of furniture, but Joanna quickly decides that she doesn't like Dante's attitude and scares him off.

No sooner has Dante fled than Adira Allure walks into the emporium, looking to find a desk for her dorm room. Joanna notices how hot Adira is and gets an idea, telling her that she can give her a lot more than a desk. In a flash, Joanna has Adira decked out in smoking-hot leather.

But Joanna's plans for Adira are just getting started, and she's about to give Adira a hands-on demo of some of her kinkiest furnishings!

Burning Angel - Samantha Mack - Wild Wedding Banging The Bride

File: 6jiiynabuansammacgbn4cts1gr.mp4
Size: 987.93 MB
Duration: 26:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blushing bride Samantha Mack has just given her gorgeous wife-to-be Jessie Lee the gift of getting fucked in the ass by a man for the first time. But even though Jessie enjoyed every minute of getting fucked by Isiah Maxwell, she still feels a little guilty, as if she's just cheated on Samantha...

Isiah hates to see any strife between his friends, so he makes a suggestion that he hopes will help, maybe he could fuck Samantha too, to even things up?

Jessie is all for it, and Samantha doesn't need any convincing either, stripping off her wedding dress as she gets to her knees, taking Isiah's hard dick down her throat.

It's safe to say that this bride will NEVER forget her special day!

Burning Angel - Jessie Lee - Wild Wedding: Jessie Lee's First Anal

File: kenbdnabuanjesleequiey4rgmb.mp4
Size: 1.10 GB
Duration: 27:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful brides Samantha Mack and Jessie Lee are on their way to their wedding ceremony. As they chat about how excited they are to be spending the rest of their lives with each other, Jessie laments that there is ONE thing she wishes she had done before she got married, gotten fucked in the ass by a man! Samantha wants Jessie to have everything she desires, so she immediately springs into action, calling their friend Isiah Maxwell and telling him that they have an emergency that they need his help with. A few minutes later, the brides arrive at Isiah's house. He's shocked and taken aback when they tell him what the emergency is, Jessie NEEDS to get fucked in the ass by a man! Being the good friend that he is, Isiah is always willing to help, so he dives right into the task at hand.

Burning Angel - Charlotte Sartre - Backseat Driving School

File: acahqnabuanchasar2wgfxbrjy3.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 29:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Traffic school student Quinton James is at home using some toy cars to practice for a test when fellow student Charlotte Sartre pays him a surprise visit. He promised her that he would tell her all about the car crash that landed him in traffic school and she's eager to hear about it. He explains what happened. As Quinton tells the story, Charlotte quickly gets turned on by all the details, rubbing her little pussy. When Quinton notices what Charlotte's doing, he's surprised but definitely likes what he sees. Eager to get in on the action, he leans over and kisses Charlotte, beginning to play with her clit. Looks like Quinton's found himself quite the twisted study buddy for the traffic school test!

Burning Angel - Aiden Ashley - Backseat Driving School

File: vonwtnabuanaidashxymwsh81os.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 29:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Traffic school continues as teacher Joanna Angel asks the class to tell her something that all their car accidents had in common. As various students in the class speak, one of them, Aiden Ashley, is so bored and horny, that she starts playing with her pussy under the desk...

Another one of the students, Dante Colle, sees what Aiden's doing and can't take his eyes off of her.

Joanna goes on, telling the class that she senses a lot of pent-up energy in the room, which may be affecting their driving. Luckily she has the perfect exercise to help relax them.

She plays some pre-recorded traffic sounds, asking them all to close their eyes and breathe deeply. But it looks like Dante has caught Aiden's eye too, because when everyone else has their eyes closed, Aiden leans over to Dante, taking his cock out of his pants, and sliding it down her throat.

That's ONE way to release pent-up energy!

Burning Angel - Rocky Emerson - BackSeat Driving School

File: p6bmsnabuanrocemexgfjiokd1w.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 34:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Class is in session at the wildest traffic school you've ever seen!

The teacher, Joanna Angel, kicks off the first class, although no one seems too excited to be there. But NO one's less excited than Rocky Emerson, who's already had to go to this traffic school once before...

Joanna asks one of the students, Quinton James, to tell her what landed him in traffic school. Apparently, he was on his way to a modeling gig when he got into an accident.

Joanna suggests that, to help him learn to respect automobiles, Quinton should go outside and help Rocky wash her car.

So, a few minutes later, Quinton is washing the car as Rocky watches, not lifting a finger. When Quinton takes off his shirt and talk turns to one of his previous modeling gigs, Rocky scoffs, insisting that any idiot could make washing a car sexy. Quinton challenges Rocky to give it a go in that case.

Rocky's all in, stripping off her clothes and getting nice and wet as she washes the car.

But things are about to shift into a whole other gear.

Buckle up, Quinton!

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Joanna Angel's Lana Episode 3

File: o9mtknabuanjoaangxnthcixlmm.mp4
Size: 318.78 MB
Duration: 16:37
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since Joanna Angel saw something in the attic of her new home in Signal Hill, she's been plagued with intense, dark, sexual desires. Not only that, but visions have started to swirl in her head of ominous mist, leather masks, and hooded figures. But instead of scaring her, these visions fill her with fire and the never-ending need to fuck.

She spends her nights restlessly roaming the house, dancing to a beat that only she can hear. She's unable to keep her hands off herself as these visions guide her... though there's only so much pleasure she can give herself...

She hungrily pounces Aaron Small Hands in bed one night, getting him riled to have a spontaneous romp. Aaron is all for it, although he's blown away by how much more aggressive Joanna's been during sex these days. He's not really COMPLAINING, but it IS a bit... startling... to say the least.

But tonight, after Joanna goes to town on his cock and begs him to hammer her pussy, he's starting to get a bit worried. Especially when disturbing visions of her wearing a mask and looking sinister start creeping into his head.

What is happening to them??

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Joanna Angel's Lana

File: 5fdn9nabuanjoaang8wv98obtek.mp4
Size: 833.62 MB
Duration: 44:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Joanna Angel and her husband, Aaron Small Hands, have just moved into a gorgeous new home in the town of Signal Hill. As they lay in bed together after their first night in the place, they're ready to begin the next chapter in their lives. But while Joanna is proud about the great deal they got on the property, Aaron is a little nervous about it. Ever since they moved in, neighbors have been giving them weird looks...

Burning Angel - Gia Dimarco - Cum on my Tattoo

File: lrgwgnabuangiademw88kwwgjiu.mp4
Size: 747.44 MB
Duration: 27:37
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Decked out in a leather bodysuit and showing off her stunning tattoos, smokin' hot Gia DiMarco looks good enough to eat. But who's got a big enough appetite to handle the voluptuous Ms. DiMarco? Enter Small Hands, who's got a fierce hunger for the sweet treats that Gia has to offer.

As they come together, Gia pulls out his cock, spitting on it and jerking him off while he squeezes her perfect tits. Craving a taste, Gia gets on her knees and stuffs Small Hands' cock down her throat, gagging as he face-fucks her. Small Hands returns the favor and buries his face in her wet pussy, tonguing her little clit as Gia grinds on his face. Now that she's ready for him, Small Hands bends Gia over and spreads her pussy even wider, filling her up with his cock.

Gia's tats are about to get painted with a hot load of cum...

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - The Gift That Gets Re-gifted

File: 9zuwlnabuanjoaanghkjjxcticm.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 36:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's a special day in Joanna Angel and Small Hands' household Small Hands' birthday! Joanna gets up early to get ready to surprise him in bed with a smoking hot birthday fuck session.

Decked out in some sexy lingerie, Joanna creeps into the bedroom. When Small Hands opens his eyes and sees Joanna, her tight body spilling out of the lingerie, his cock instantly gets hard.

Joanna strips out of her lingerie, showing off her perfect tits as she climbs into bed with Small Hands. She rips his underwear off and stuffs his hard cock down her throat, giving him a nice sloppy blowjob before sucking on his balls.

Now that they're both ready to go, Joanna hops up onto Small Hands' throbbing cock and slides it into her wet pussy, riding his rod as she screams with pleasure.

Happy Birthday, indeed!

Burning Angel - Rocky Emerson - Soaked And Bound

File: nyjtvnabuanrocemessqcawcj3u.mp4
Size: 787.24 MB
Duration: 30:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Rocky Emerson is bound, wet, and begging to get her pussy pounded. Ramon Nomar walks in, ready to give her what she needs. He kicks things off by whipping her perfect little pussy as Rocky squeals with pleasure.

Ramon slips Rocky's top off, sucking on her perky tits and whipping her hard nipples. He takes his stiff cock out of his pants and slams it into Rocky's soaked pussy, fucking her tight hole as Rocky moans in ecstasy. Rocky can't get enough of Ramon's rod and bounces on it as he rubs her little clit.

Ramon is about to fill EVERY ONE of Rocky's juicy holes...

Burning Angel - Izzy Lush - Soaked And Bound: Izzy Lush

File: reykrnabuanizzlus5tcsenns2j.mp4
Size: 644.33 MB
Duration: 27:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Izzy Lush is raunchy, red hot, and ready to get rammed. Decked out in fishnets, her pussy is already quivering for Isiah Maxwell's thick cock. He lays her down, spreading her legs and burying his face in her pussy until she squirts, shaking as she sprays her sweet juices everywhere.

Next, it's Isiah's turn as Izzy sinks to her knees, stuffing his cock down her eager throat. He fucks her face, driving her wild with pleasure. Begging for him to fuck her, Isiah gives Izzy what she needs, bending her over and sliding his cock into her snug little pussy.

Izzy's never going to forget the incredible fucking that Isiah's going to give her...

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel - Flaming Hot Anal POV

File: xxmppnabuanjoaangydftuvrcka.mp4
Size: 941.48 MB
Duration: 33:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The flaming hot Joanna Angel has been craving an anal creaming...and that's exactly what Small Hands is there to do. Joanna kicks things off by gulping down his massive cock, deepthroating his throbbing shaft as she gives him an amazing and sloppy blowjob.

Once Small Hands is all warmed up, Joanna squats on his cock, sliding it into her wet pussy. Joanna goes wild riding his rod, getting herself revved up for the main event. She switches holes, stuffing Small Hands' huge cock into her tight little asshole.

Joanna's about to get the pounding of a lifetime...

Burning Angel - Jewelz Blu - Teen Creampie

File: cleecnabuanjewbluvbaor8iche.mp4
Size: 866.24 MB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Jewelz Blu is hanging out in her room. Horny as hell, she's already dripping wet as she slides a massive dildo into her pussy. She goes wild, fucking herself as she moans with pleasure.

But there's no substitute for the real thing, so she gets down on her knees and slides your thick cock down her throat. Jewelz works your cock like the expert she is, giving you a sloppy blowjob and deep-throating you. Pretty soon, Jewelz can't wait any longer for you to fill her up. She lowers her juicy ass onto you, sliding your cock into her tight pussy and riding you like a slutty little cowgirl.

Jewelz has been craving your creampie all day, and that's EXACTLY what you're gonna give her...

Burning Angel - Harlowe Blue - Soaked And Bound: Harlowe Blue

File: mnmesnabuanharblucqtuy5mdoe.mp4
Size: 674.77 MB
Duration: 27:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Harlowe Blue is a twisted little devil who's been itching to get soaked, bound, and pounded out. Lucky for her, Ramon Nomar shows up to give her what she's been craving. He gets right into it, bending her over and slapping her luscious ass as he rips her fishnets off, burying his face in her soaking wet pussy. Harlowe goes crazy, squealing as she grinds her pussy on Ramon's face.

Now that she's ready, Ramon slides his hard dick inside Harlowe and fucks Harlowes tight pussy. But Harlowe wants a taste of that cock, and sinks to her knees, stuffing Ramons dick down her greedy throat. Stroking his shaft as she bobs her head on his cock-head, she drives Ramon wild.

But Ramon's just getting started on Harlowe, and by the time he's done, she's going to be BEGGING him for more...

Burning Angel - Kenzie Reeves - Girls Like It Rough

File: idrqsnabuankenreed38khfrcfv.mp4
Size: 321.22 MB
Duration: 34:41
Resolution: 640x356
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Reeves is one hot piece of ass. This little lady has a huge appetite for rough sex and today she's ESPECIALLY horny. Her little pussy is already getting wet through her panties and her scene partner Tommy Pistol hasn't even shown up yet.

For Kenzie, the golden rule is the rougher, the BETTER. She just loves being choked, and having her pussy, tits, and asshole slapped.

Luckily Tommy's just as freaky as Kenzie, and when he does show up, he gets right down to business, choking Kenzie hard and licking her face before he shoves her head down and stuffs her pretty face full of his cock.

Things are ONLY gonna get rougher from here, but that's EXACTLY what Kenzie wants...

Burning Angel - Mackenzie Moss - Girls Like It Rough

File: a67jwnabuanmacmoszlw9xzvqk4.mp4
Size: 329.77 MB
Duration: 35:04
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Mackenzie Moss LOVES the rough stuff and she's been craving some choking, spanking, and a good dick shoved deep in her throat. So when that good dick shows up, in the form of Small Hands, Mackenzie's practically drooling.

Small Hands tears off her bra, squeezing her throat as he slaps her perfect little titties. Mackenzie squeals, already going wild as Small Hands rubs her clit while she strokes his cock. Mackenzie gets on her knees and gobbles his dick, taking it down her throat balls-deep. She gags like the little slut she is, working his shaft with both hands. Small Hands spits in Mackenzie's face as she moans gratefully.

There's no doubt Mackenzie really DOES love the rough stuff, and Small Hands isn't about to disappoint her...

Burning Angel - Keira Croft - Girls Like It Rough

File: 43owcnabuankeicrorqk7pgnrkt.mp4
Size: 399.02 MB
Duration: 40:41
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: There's nothing Keira Croft loves more than to get choked, slapped, spit on, and treated like the little fuck-doll she is. She can't wait for Kyle Mason to pound her until her eyes water and her makeup runs down her face. And when Kyle shows up to do the deed, he's ready to oblige, whipping out his massive cock.

Keira wraps both of her hands around that dick as Kyle feeds it down her throat and face-fucks her. Popping his dick out of her mouth, Kyle cock-slaps Keira's pretty little face before he bends her over. Slapping her juicy ass, he tears off her panties and slams his fingers into her pussy, finger-fucking her until she squeals.

Kyle lays Keira down on the couch and spits on her, stuffing his thick cock into her tight pussy and fucking her hard, pulling on her hair as he drills her straight to fuck-heaven.

Keira wanted it rough...and that's EXACTLY how she's gonna get it!

Burning Angel - Emma Hix - Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 3

File: hmvognabuanemmhixpyxzkmomgh.mp4
Size: 850.10 MB
Duration: 31:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Evil tiki babe Joanna Angel is having her way with Aaron Small Hands when Emma Hix busts in, revealing that she's actually an undercover agent there to take Joanna down. Joanna thought she had dealt with Emma...PERMANENTLY, so this is definitely a nasty surprise.

As the ladies stare each other down in a tense standoff, Joanna calls for one of her minions to help her. But Emma announces with a smile that she's convinced this particular minion that SHE'S his new master. Joanna is livid, but she doesn't have a chance to act on her anger because the minion bonks her on the head, knocking her out.

Aaron is reeling from the revelation of Emma's identity. Did she ever really like him? Emma explains that it wasn't a matter of liking him...she needed him since he was the perfect cover for her to get access to a secret tiki bar. Aaron is furious. Why shouldn't he just write an angry blog about her? Emma has the perfect idea to calm Aaron down he can bend her over the bar and fuck her.

Just another day at the Cannibal Cult Tiki Bar!!

Burning Angel - Joanna Angel & Vanessa Sky - Evil Tiki Babes: Episode 2

File: vxdcunabuanvanskynmyqfm6pno.mp4
Size: 554.26 MB
Duration: 33:31
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Evil tiki babe Joanna Angel has gotten the drop on Aaron Small Hands and Emma Hix, tying them up and demanding to know why they're investigating her and her bar, the Cannibal Cult. But Aaron's confused. He's no cop, he's a blogger who writes about secret bars. In fact, one post from him could put Cannibal Cult on the map. Joanna's furious. The last place she wants her bar to be is ON THE MAP, since the Cannibal Cult's really just a front for all sorts of shady shenanigans.

Wondering whether or not she believes Aaron, Joanna threatens to eat Aaron and Emma for dinner unless he fucks her and Vanessa, since that's the only way to REALLY prove that he's not a cop.

Having sex with two gorgeous women at the same time is never an easy task, but Aaron will do whatever it takes to save his beloved Emma. So, as Emma is carted off to another room, Aaron gallantly allows Joanna and Vanessa to suck his cock.