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Slut Inspection - Alex De La Flor - Tiny Slut Alex Gets Huge Facial From My Husband

File: gkhrbnaslinaledelaflo7hkgqmv55z.mp4
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Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: I think my husband must have saved up all of his cum for Alex De La Flor. Who could blame him? She is such a hot little slut, turns out shes super nasty too. This teen deep throats his cock and even gives him a sloppy rimjob. And OMG, she loves his cock. He slides right into her tight teen pussy and she goes crazy. She is super wet because she knows that Im watching. She goes to hard that her makeup gets absolutely destroyed before getting covered in a huge facial.

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor, Alix Lynx, Catalina Ossa & Jenna Foxx - Wheres My Girlfriend?

File: tu1innashsemealealicatjenvgypgvhqle.mp4
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Duration: 29:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Girls have a lot of fun drinking and playing games on their double date until Alex De La Flor and Alix Linx disappear in the kitchen to cheat on their GFs. Catalina Ossa and Jenna Fox catch them in the act and decide to get revenge they will fuck and make their cheating GFs watch. Soon, the anger will

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor & Ember Snow - Lil Stepsis Needs A Job

File: bcz66nashsemealeemby4ymkhooah.mp4
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Duration: 36:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Ember Snow sees her lil stepsister Alex de la Fluer skipping work again she loses it. she confronts the younger girl and demands to know why she is so irresponsible and cannot hold a job. Alex is a brat in response so ember seduces her right there by the pool! Hot poolside lesbian action

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor & Milana Ricci - Squirting Study Break

File: 5t2hfnashsemealemilft3dwk4ndm.mp4
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Duration: 46:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Milana Ricci is trying to study but her horny girlfriend Alex de La Flor just won't leave her alone. Milana tries to concentrate while Alex tries to get her aroused enough to take a study break. Eventually Milana reluctantly gives in to Alex's advances. The two hot girls make love on the couch and...

Mr Lucky POV - Alex De La Flor - Cumdrunk Cutie Creampie

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Duration: 30:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alex De La Flor is a petite Asian cocksucker who is ready to get filled up. This sexy babe cums over and over again on this hard cock while moaning loud enough for the entire city to hear. Her perky breasts match her attitude as she brings a high energy fucking filled with laughter and orgasms. She sucks dick and gets her tight twat stretched open before taking a creampie. This tattooed brunette cutie is exactly whats needed for a good time.

Jules Jordan - Alex De La Flor - First Double Penetration

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Duration: 35:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes Alex De La Flor can come off as being a little shy. Lets not be coy here, after viewing her first double penetration scene, any idea of her being a quiet one goes right out the window. Following a short tease, we find Miss De La Flor in a room with Steve Holmes and Jules Jordan. Holmes plays with Alex then tongues her asshole, fingers it and sniffs. Alex goes from one side of the room to the other to suck cock, then gives a five star back bender bj. As mascara drips, Holmes fingers her then gives her a little surprise with a quick, soft twat swat. Things heat up a little as Steve fucks her asshole while Alex sucks off Jules. Holmes does some handy work by propping tiny De La Flors ass upwards as Jordan churns it. Amazingly, diminutive Alex positions to take both cocks at once! During a lengthy DP the now fully disheveled De La Flor can be heard saying Im the best slut, best slut. Alex breaks and sucks both cocks mightily, then keeps the filth parade going with an asshole lick of Holmes... With no signs of slowing down Alex gets in doggy and Jordan pounds, Holmes switches then two cocks enter in a steampunk like visual. Undaunted De La Flor rides a standing meat rocket then gets to her knees and showers herself in DP sex slop...

Cherry Pimps - Alex De La Flor & Ember Snow - The Art Of Seduction With Alex And Ember

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Duration: 24:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Ember Snow and Alex de La Flor have the hots for one another and think what it would be like to be together. Their black lingerie hugs their bodies tight as they each run their hands up and down their bodies desiring so greatly the touch from one another. To feel Alexs tongue on Embers hard nipple. To feel Alex shiver in excitement as Ember pulls down her panties revealing her pussy. The lust is great in each others eyes. They want to cum and want to feel their legs embrace one another as their orgasm overcomes them and they snuggle the night away!

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor, Aria Khaide, Kyler Quinn & Syren De Mer - Political Scandal

File: aolulnashsemealearikylsyrdyhpvtm3wd.mp4
Size: 199.32 MB
Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aria Khaide is the campaign manager for one of the two candidates for the US general election. However, Aria has a dirty little secret she loves hiring prostitutes. Washington DC madam Syren De Mer is approached by a shadowy figure to find out some dirt on Aria so she puts her best two escorts on

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor & Kali Roses - My Roommate Is A Camgirl

File: 9esednashsemealekalotswpnwznr.mp4
Size: 186.96 MB
Duration: 28:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My Roommate Is A Camgirl starring Kali Roses Alex De La Flor, Kali is shocked when she learns that her new Roommate Alex is an online webcam model! Kali is even more shocked when she hears Alex claim that she is bisexual and wishes another girl was here so she could do a lesbian show

She Seduced Me - Alex De La Flor & Reagan Foxx - Step Mommy's Having An Affair

File: uv23jnashsemealereaspzqwhq79k.mp4
Size: 293.16 MB
Duration: 27:44
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Step Mommy's Having an Affair starring Reagan Foxx Alex De La Flor, When teen Alex de La Flor catches her step-mommy Reagan Foxx cheating with some guy named Ricard she goes ballistic! Reagan begs her not to reveal her infidelity so Alex demands lesbian sex as payment not to reveal the secret! Reagan...

Web Young - Alex De La Flor & Gia Derza - Hooky Hookup

File: kqgv3naweyoalegiajdrlzdkivs.mp4
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Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is sitting up in bed in her bedroom, looking mischievous. She checks her phone, seemingly seeing a text message, and types back. As she does, she says 'Just getting started, see you soon...'

She climbs out of bed and does some quick jumping jacks to try to get herself feeling warm and a bit sweaty. She then hears her mom Chanel Preston calling outside the door, telling her to get up for school! Gia's 18 now and almost graduating high school, so Chanel won't have to do this for much longer!

Gia jumps back into bed. Chanel enters as Gia groans and pretends to groggily stir, playing up being unwell. She tells her mom that she doesn't feel so well.

Chanel frowns and touches Gia's forehead. Chanel leaves, returning moments later with a thermometer, telling Gia to put it under her tongue. Chanel then excuses herself to go get a glass of water.

As soon as Chanel leaves, Gia tries to warm up the thermometer by rubbing it between her hands and putting it under an available light fixture. When she hears Chanel approaching again, Gia puts the thermometer in her mouth.

Chanel arrives with a glass of water, putting it nearby, then checks the thermometer. Seeing that Gia does seem to have a fever, Chanel says that Gia should stay home, insisting that she'll take the day off work to take care of her.

Gia tries not to look crestfallen, meekly insisting that Chanel doesn't need to do that. Chanel insists that she wants to make sure her daughter is good and comfortable! It's not very often Gia gets sick! In fact, she's going to go make some homemade chicken soup now!

Chanel lovingly kisses Gia on the forehead, doting on her, then encourages Gia to get some rest in the meantime. They exchange 'I love you' and Chanel leaves the room, quietly closing the door behind her. As soon as Chanel leaves, Gia groans with exasperation.

Gia grabs her cellphone and calls her girlfriend, Alex De La Flor. Her voice is low, and she glances at the door now and again as if keeping an eye out for Chanel. She complains to Alex about missing their hookup that day since faking being sick didn't work. Gia already feels bad enough about missing Alex's 18th birthday last week...'Actually, I have an idea... Wait right there!' Alex says excitedly.

Gia is stunned and then suspicious when she gets no response, Alex having hung up on her. 'What is she planning...?'

A little later, Gia is sulking in bed when there's movement nearby. She is surprised to see Alex entering the room by quietly sneaking in through the back door. Alex grins and crawls into bed with Gia, giving her a kiss. Alex flirtatiously tells Gia that she's there to make her feel better, teasingly lifting the covers and moving downwards towards her pussy. Gia tries to hold back her sounds of pleasure as Alex eats her out.

With Chanel popping in and out of the room to check on Gia, the girls are going to have to be EXTRA careful not to get caught!

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Dr. Mike

Jules Jordan - Alex De La Flor - Sweet And Innocent Asian Alex De La Flor

File: yreolnajujoaledelaflodiw64vgxqe.mp4
Size: 236.87 MB
Duration: 28:37
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Giggly Asian babe Alex De La Flor gets pounded hard by Jules Jordan! Alex is a sexy spinner with a banging body that knows how to use it. Shes wearing matching white fishnet lingerie with black knee high socks and high heels as she teases us out by the pool. Jules has her show off her tiny but curvaceous body before having her twerk her ass for the camera. They make their way inside to get more comfortable where Jules starts his hands on evaluation of this sexy sluts body. Alex drops to her knees and feels Jules cock through his pants before pulling it out and wrapping her pretty little lips around it and taking it deep down her throat. Jules fucks this tiny fucksluts mouth as she begs for more then props her up on the table and pulls her panties to the side as he licks an sucks on her pretty pussy. Alex takes Jules big cock deep in her tight pussy from behind before getting back on her knees to taste all of her sweet pussy juices off of that huge dick. Alex gives Jules a rim job, then climbs up on a bar stool to give him easy access to her puffy pussy. Jules fucks her hard as this giggly babe bounces back on that dick, then he moves her to the living room where he pounds Alexs tight snatch in missionary. Dick drunk from all the cock shes getting, Alex doesnt give up, she still wants more so she climbs on top and rides that cock like its the last one on Earth. We get to see this tiny hottie in cowgirl reverse cowgirl before Jules plasters her face with his creamy load

Sweetheart Video - Reagan Foxx & Alex De La Flor - The Kissing Bandit

File: ihqchnaswvireaale1v8p1jprr6.mp4
Size: 281.44 MB
Duration: 34:40
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Since Karen Brandi Love starts her blog Girls Kissing Girls one couple attracts a lot of attention. The Governor's daughter, Heidi Alex De La Flor and her teacher, Gina Reagan Foxx. The last time she wrote about them, Heidi was leaving high school for college. Gina did not expect Heidi to come visit her so quickly, until Heidi discovered something special in college. She realized that she prefers the touch of women. Gina is openly gay and Heidi tries to get answers for all her questions. Luckily for her, Gina is more than willing to answer all her question and even more.

Web Young - Kali Roses, Alex De La Flor & Kiara Cole - Bathroom Brats

File: pvfmknaweyokalalekiasfavnshm1j.mp4
Size: 341.15 MB
Duration: 39:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Kali Roses and Alex De La Flor are in the bathroom of the bar touching up their makeup. Those boys won't know what hit them, Kali says confidently, glancing over at her friend. Better watch out, or she'll totally take them both, Alex teases. Shouldn't they like...go? They don't want to keep the guys waiting outside in the bar, Alex asks. 'Like, what's the rush? The bar's closed, so it's not like the guys are gonna find anyone else,' Kali says. That's true, let 'em wait, Alex laughs. Alex pulls out her phone and snaps a selfie, saying 'You know what we should do, we should like totally take a topless photo TOGETHER. We can send it to the guys and they'll like totally cream their jeans!' Alex says. 'Totes! Let's do it!' Kali says. They take off their tops and snap the pic. Woah, that's really hot, Kali says as they look at the pic. Alex suggests that they take a pic of them kissing. As they start to kiss, the bathroom door opens and Kiara Cole walks in. Don't mind her, she forgot her purse in here and she came to grab it, Kiara says curtly, bending down in the stall and grabbing her purse. Wait, how did she even get in here anyway?, Kali asks. Kiara tells her that she's the last one in the bar. Wait, what about the guys?!, Alex asks. There are no guys out there, the bar is completely empty, Kiara says. Whaaaaaat?! They left?, Kali and Alex whine in unison. Kiara says that she can relate since she had an ex-boyfriend who used to ditch her all the time. Kiara should like take a sexy selfie with them and send it to her ex to make him totally jealous!, Alex suggests. Kiara thinks for a moment. Ok fine, but just a few pics, Kiara agrees. Immediately, Alex directs Kiara to stand in the middle while the two topless girls each kiss her cheeks. Alex snaps the pic. Wow, they look amazing!, she comments. 'Kay so like, you're gonna take off your shirt and all three of us are gonna kiss and we're gonna snap a pic of it kay? Thanks!' Alex asks. Kiara is a little hesitant, but the girls convince her. And let's do it out in the bar, Kali suggests. At the bar, Alex has Kiara take her top off and Alex directs Kiara to sit on a barstool in front of the bar. The three begin to kiss, Alex holding the phone in a selfie position. But pretty soon, the phone is totally forgotten and all three are naked as Alex and Kali trace kisses down Kiara's stomach towards her pussy. These bathroom brats are going to give Kiara a night that she'll never forget...

We Live Together - Cecilia Lion & Alex De La Flor - Ki Moan Ohs

File: bnj9snawelitocecale8qvdsihjdn.mp4
Size: 276.91 MB
Duration: 26:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sensual teen stunners Alex de la Flor and Cecilia Lion are off to give themselves sultry, sensual nuru massages, with an exotic twistDressed sexy neon kimonos, the girls lather themselves in oil, and start to stroke, grope and slide across one anothers bodies, until they glow and look absolutely irresistible. The massages soon get put on hold, and our cute little sluts start to motorboat their asses and tits, eat each other out, scissor and fingerblast each other while playing with oil. These two lovely lesbians have a lot of stress to get rid of, and they arent about to stop till they cum over and over again!

LIttle Asians - Alex De La Flor & Christy Love - Memoirs Of A Gushing Geisha

File: 6q9kpnaliasalechr9mx1twhdkq.mp4
Size: 296.17 MB
Duration: 36:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Alex De La Flor has always dreamt of becoming a world class geisha, and Christy Love is ready to teach her all she needs to know to make her fantasies a reality. Even when Alex wants to give up, Christy pushes her that extra bit that will get her over the hump. She shows Alex the joys of the final step of becoming a geisha, which includes an education in the art of sensual pleasure. She kisses Alexs neck and touches her skin softly, getting her ready for some intense pleasure in her nether regions. Then she goes down on the young geisha in training, eating her pussy lovingly as part of her initiation. By the end of it, they are confident that Alex has all it takes to be a master of the art of pleasure!

We Live Together - Karla Kush & Alex De La Flor - Pillow Humping Pussy

File: s9oajnawelitokarale4uom2qqshr.mp4
Size: 325.33 MB
Duration: 34:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex De La Flor starts feeling horny while her girlfriend, Karla Kush, is out, so she decides to take care of her needs by herself! Alex gets her pussy nice and wet as she turns herself on by slowly caressing her petite body, then rubs her clit and even starts humping one of her pillows to get the satisfaction she craves! When Karla arrives home and hears moans coming from the bedroom, she goes to investigate and watches her hot girlfriend's private show before joining her on the bed and swapping the pillow for her talented tongue! Alex would much rather hump Karla's face and her pussy in a sexy scissor sesh instead!