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Mr Lucky POV - Judy Jolie - Is A Pretty Latina Kitty

File: injlfnamrlupojudjolweziuuhlli.mp4
Size: 677.85 MB
Duration: 35:45
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Judy Jolie is a beautiful, skinny, horny brunette babe with a tight pussy and a sexy bush. This fun, energetic little kitty cat is not shy when it cums to sucking and fucking. This athletic little slut loves to ride the cock and hang in mid air while getting fucked in the sex swing. Her brown eyes and kinky mind dressing in a shiny top with fishnet stockings make her and absolutely outstanding woman on this very lucky night.

Dad Crush - Judy Jolie - Consoled By My Stepdaughter

File: mqvgnnadacrjudjolunlohmd65i.mp4
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Duration: 45:42
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ever since my mom broke up with my stepdad, hes been really bummed out. I guess I can stay home from work and make him feel better. I actually have a special trick that will make him forget all about her Love, Judy Jolie.

Episodes - Alexis Fawx, Izzy Lush, Joanna Angel & Judy Jolie - Unbound: Episode 3

File: f9fwwnaepialeizzjoajudhzvqrebrtn.mp4
Size: 718.43 MB
Duration: 47:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Judy Alexis Fawx lives in her comfort zone. Day in and day out she wakes up, wears the same dowdy clothes, goes ot the office, then comes home to sleep. One fateful afternoon, she stumbles upon a magical book that shakes up her mundane existence and exposes her to a world of sexual possibilities she never dreamed imaginable.

Raw Attack - Judy Jolie - Raw Attack 4k

File: xaqsdnaraatjudjolwtuyfqtpsk.mp4
Size: 672.30 MB
Duration: 35:47
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Judy Jolie is a petite little slut who is playful and loves to fuck. This brunette teen just finishes a hot blowjob scene where she throats a cock before getting sprayed with cum. But when that scene is over is when our fun begins. When she walked in the door I knew I wanted a piece of that pussy too. So the camera stays on and she is happy to have some extra fun. We fuck from every angle before this young whore drains my balls onto her for her second load of the day.

Deep Lush - Judy Jolie - Giving In

File: hru8bnadelujudjolmka773moki.mp4
Size: 433.08 MB
Duration: 33:56
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: This scene features shy teen Aria Haze and I hooking up for the first time. We kiss a bunch and I kiss her all over her body before licking her pussy. We have sex in multiple positions all over the couch and with me holding her up in the air. She rides my cock in really hot positions and finishes with giving me a blowjob.

Daughter Swap - Athena Faris & Judy Jolie - 18 Year Old Daughter Orgy

File: hmu4tnadaswathjudckhv9semoq.mp4
Size: 568.62 MB
Duration: 41:44
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is Athena Fariss eighteenth birthday, and she is totally bummed because her boyfriend broke up with her. Her concerned stepdad wants the gloomy girl to cheer up, so he calls her bestie Judy Jolie for some help. The cuties happen to share the same birthday, so they celebrate together, enjoying some scandalous presents from their dirty dads. The girls try on the lusty lingerie gifts, and their dads cannot help but get horny. They swap daughters and penetrate the eighteen year old teens tight pussies with gusto, plowing them as they beg for more. Then, the birthday girls snowball cum back and forth. What a great birthday party!

New Sensations - Judy Jolie - Judy Gets Her Brother To Listen

File: tgi8enanesejudjol9hyi3joce4.mp4
Size: 255.45 MB
Duration: 31:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Obviously upset petite step sister Judy flops on the couch leaving Jake with the answers but he still inquires on her bad day. Letting him know her boyfriend sucks at sex and all she wants to do is cum. With his suggestion of helping her out he follows her instructions getting her to cum multiple times and squirt before she decides to choke on his cock and fuck it until he explodes cum all over her young tight pussy.

BFFS - Jesse Saint, Judy Jolie & Vanessa Sky - Shake And Bake

File: a3kwqnabffjesjudvannajcjdwsax.mp4
Size: 722.64 MB
Duration: 53:03
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: It is kind of rare to get three girls as hot as Judy Jolie, Vanessa Sky, and Jesse Saint in the same room. It is even more rare that they strip off their clothes and play with each others tight bodies! Today, Jessie is planning to bake a cake with her cute friends, but as soon as they get to working in the kitchen, their sexual juices start flowing. They twerk their booties, covering their asses in flour as they flaunt their physiques. Then, our lucky stud shows up to offer them his thick dipping stick. The chicks share his sensitive member and then lay out on the bed so he can fill their cunts up with man meat. These babes have definitely served up something sweet!

Zero Tolerance - Judy Jolie - Babysitters Taking On Big Dicks 4

File: ed45inazetojudjoluahl4s4kkj.mp4
Size: 285.04 MB
Duration: 24:19
Resolution: 720x480
Format: mp4
Description: These sweet young things are anything but innocent. The minute the kids are asleep they're fantasizing about the biggest dicks they can think of and all the ways they'll tease and please! And guess what? Their wet dreams always cum true! Young, tight, hot babysitters ready to get hardcore!

Family Strokes - Judy Jolie - My Stepdaughter The Escort

File: 2b61inafastjudjolgbmxifnu2y.mp4
Size: 456.88 MB
Duration: 33:31
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Sometimes, an unexpected twist of fate is just what two people need to cum together for the most erotic experience of their lives. That is exactly what happens when Judy Jolies horny stepdad calls an escort service to set him up with a special date for the evening. When the escort arrives, he realizes it is his stepdaughter Judy! They are super embarrassed, but Judy still has to get paid. Her stepdad hands over some cash, and Judy shows him a dicksucking trick that she learned from months of practice, wrapping a string of spit around his girthy dick. Then, she takes off her top, revealing her petite titties. She spasms as she cums on her stepdaddys dick, and he shoots a load all over her. Looks like this is only the first of many meetings

Spizoo - Judy Jolie - Judy Jolie Is A Pov Queen

File: mbrsznaspijudjolgs7rdiolyp.mp4
Size: 651.75 MB
Duration: 34:32
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Judy Jolie is one of the hottest little Latina sluts you're likely to see. Dressed in sexy pink lingerie she aims to please you fully. Watch her tease and strip before placing her warm mouth over this hard cock. She strokes and gags then spreads her little fuck hole to get pounded hard. She loves the feeling of a man releasing his load just for her...and she is a happy little fucker today.

Step Siblings - Alex Coal & Judy Jolie - Which Stepsis Will Fuck First

File: itun7nastsialejudzzmop6hivo.mp4
Size: 549.52 MB
Duration: 40:19
Resolution: 848x480
Format: mp4
Description: Super sexy Alex Coal and Judy Jolie are stepsisters with an agenda. Their stepbrother is giving away his old car, and both of them want it! To get the upper hand on each other, the girls are willing to do anything. Alex knows her stepbro has a big football game coming up, so she helps the guy relax by giving him a gagging deepthroat blowjob. Later, Judy shows up in his room and rides his big boner. A couple days later, the stepsisters confront the lucky guy head on. Who is going to get the car? Luckily, this football stud thinks on his feet. He suggests they both use the car, but only after they fuck him at the same time. They all jump into bed together, and the threesome climaxes in a huge splash of hot sperm for the horny stepsisters to enjoy. Now that is how you reach a compromise...

Zero Tolerance - Gianna Gem & Judy Jolie - Stepsister 3Ways

File: osmgcnazetogiajudgxywcjxkie.mp4
Size: 285.41 MB
Duration: 24:21
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: These dirty siblings take just about everything a step further They're hot for each other but that forbidden fucking isn't quite enough They also want to share their horny lust to have the hottest secret threesomes they can Watch them get their scorching hot fantasies fulfilled with girlongirlonguy hardcore action that brings family flavor to that verboten menage a trois

Girls Way - Adriana Chechik & Judy Jolie - Rough Day, Sweetie

File: 8rvnqnagiwaadrjudlzvpwh8cwq.mp4
Size: 415.58 MB
Duration: 41:59
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Judy Jolie is relaxing on her bed when she receives a call from her wife Adriana Chechik. Judy greets her wife, asking her if she's on her way home from work. Yeah, she's on her way now, and thank god that she is, because that was the WORST day ever, Adriana says gloomily. Oh no, what happened baby?, Judy asks sympathetically. Well, they lost that big account and Adriana's boss completely blamed her for it, even though it wasn't her fault, Adriana responds. Unbelievable, her boss should remember that Adriana is the ONLY reason they landed that account in the first place, Judy says supportively. Yeah, Judy is right, but her boss will never admit that, Adriana says ruefully. Anyway, she'll be there soon, Adriana adds. Ok well, when she does get home, she'll have a VERY special surprise waiting for Adriana, Judy says. Adding that she'll see her soon, Judy hangs up the phone.

When Adriana gets home, her bad day is instantly improved when she finds Judy waiting in bed for her and wearing some sexy lingerie. Just sit back and let her take care of everything, Judy says with a mischievous smile. Adriana lies back on the bed as Judy strips off her wife's clothes. Judy trails kisses down past Adriana's neck, chest, and hips before she eventually reaches her dripping pussy. She begins eating Adriana out as Adriana throws her head back and gasps.

Judy's going to do whatever it takes to make Adriana forget all about her rough day.