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Purgatory X - Aidra Fox & Emily Willis - The Last Straw Vol 1 E3

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Duration: 26:25
Resolution: 736x414
Format: mp4
Description: The following evening, both Emily Emily Willis and Donnie Donnie Rock are tending bar when Aidra Aidra Fox shows up just before closing. Her timing is perfect since the bar closes early Sunday nights and they now have the place all to themselves. Donnie, Emily and Aidra all want the same thing the carnal fun of the previous two nights to continue. The two eager beavers are soon taking turns gagging on Donnies cock. The salacious threesome spends the rest of the night sucking and fucking on tables and stools until Donnie explodes and showers two gorgeous faces with his jizz. Aidra and Emily share deep kisses all the while savoring the taste of Donnies cum.

Families Tied - Syren De Mer & Aidra Fox - Aidra's Little Games: Aidra Fox Gets Played By Her Slutty Step-mommy

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Duration: 01:10:10
Resolution: 960x540
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Description: Aidra Fox is a tight bodied teenager with eyes only for her step daddy, and a major vendetta against his bangin' new fiancee Syren de Mer. Not only is Syren a big titted anal slut, more than capable of soothing Ramon's sadistic urges with her big booty and submissive skills, but Adria is also convinced that she's a gold digger, out for the small fortune that her mother left the family. With Aidra home for the summer, it's a total psycho-sexual war for the heart and mind of Ramon. After a tense family breakfast, Ramon enjoys a late morning play session with Syren, when he thinks Aidra has finally left the house. He is clearly hungry for his submissive's curvaceous body and skilled mouth. He wastes no time in clamping her big swollen nipples with tight tweezers and tying her up with her own negligee. Syren is a good domesticated whore, so she drops to her knees to perform an incredible blowjob while being spanked and flogged. When her bouncy ass is nice and red and her tits are covered with drool, Ramon pulls the nipple clamps off of her nipples and puts her into a tight rope shibari hobble bondage. Ramon flogs Syren to drive her into the living room couch in a constricted crawl. Once she reaches the couch he takes his time both her ass and her pussy, fucking them both hard and fast. Syren forgets herself and cums on his cock without permission but after being reprimanded with a swift caning, she makes sure to get his blessing for each anal orgasm after that. When the late afternoon rolls around, Aidra decides to fabricate some evidence for her conspiracy against Syren by stealing money from Ramon's wallet and blaming it on her future stepmother. It's a clever attempt to drive a wedge between the happy kinky couple, but Ramon is a smart man and can immediately see that his gorgeous little step daughter is deceiving him. When confronted, Aidra betrays herself immediately and accuses him and Syren of stealing her mothers money. This is an accusation that Ramon can only respond to with a strict spanking. When Aidra refuses to apologize and continues on her tirade against both step parents, they decide to discipline her tight little ass with a good flogging in leather handcuffs. All of Aidra's flirtation with Ramon has not been merely manipulation and she is clearly turned on and happy when he finally gives in and fucks her wet pussy while shoving her face into Syren's cunt. Aidra is stripped down, beaten red and fucked senseless while having her mouth used by a grinning Syren. Aidra welcomes the painful administration of some metal clover nipple clamps by Syren, riding her step daddy's cock even harder so that the clamps pull tightly on her sensitive little nipples. After Adria's overloaded with orgasms, Syren pushes her off Ramon's cock and enjoys one final ride before taking Aidra to the floor to show her how to coax a hot load out of her step daddy. If Syren is indeed hoping to command the family fortune, she'll earn every penny this afternoon.

Blacks On Blondes - Aidra Fox - Aidra Landed Herself A Pretty Sweet Job

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Duration: 30:15
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra landed herself a pretty sweet job. She's the personal assistant to a handsome business man, Isiah. Pretty quick, things got real personal between them. So personal, that he started sharing her with his top employees. After a successful takeover...the boss felt that his top employee, Scotty, needed to be thanked for his role in the merger. So instead of a raise or a new parking spot...he thought a 3-way with his hot new assistant, Aidra, would be a great way to show gratitude. It was great for all involved. Aidra
began by sucking on Scotty's dick, while Isiah licked her pretty little pussy. They swapped her back and forth on the conference table, filling her mouth and pussy with cock. She moaned feverishly as they stuff her tight hole with massive manmeat. Her pussy ached for more, so she jumped on riding each one until she orgasms, dripping pussy juice down their shafts. To finish this celebration...they coat her pretty face with hot sticky jizz.

Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jillian Janson, Sabina Rouge & Aria Lee - Popular 1: Corrupting The New Girl

File: kv6rfnagiwaaidjilsabari9o4pyabb7a.mp4
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Duration: 38:05
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Sabina Rouge, a new girl in town who's a bit of a tomboy, walks around, looking around unfamiliarly. She seems to be searching for a particular building.

Not paying attention, she accidentally bumps into Avi Love. Avi yelps and drops the books she was carrying. As Sabina chats with Avi, a shy local girl, they hit it off right away. They like the same books and Sabina is impressed that Avi is into cosplay and good at makeup. Sabina moved to town a couple of weeks ago with her family just after she turned 18.

When Sabina asks Avi to show her where the library is, Avi is surprised, since she's not the most popular girl in school and it might mess up Sabina's reputation when school starts. Sabina insists that she doesn't care about this stuff and they head to the library together.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Sabina and Avi become close friends. One day, they're hanging out in the local coffee shop when Sabina meets Jillian Janson, Aria Lee and Aidra Fox, a clique of popular and bitchy girls who are the same age as Sabina. Jillian, the leader, sees something in Sabina and offers to give her a makeover.

Sabina is torn between hanging out with Avi and the popular girls. Ultimately, much to Avi's disappointment, Sabina chooses the popular girls.

After she gets her makeover, Sabina is brimming with newfound confidence. Jillian and her two followers begin to makeout. Sabina is reluctant to join in, but, wanting to be popular, Sabina ultimately agrees.

Cherry Pimps - Aidra Fox & Aria Lee - Banging Hot Babes Aidra And Aria Fucking

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Duration: 01:17
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Fox and Aria Lee are ready for a hot and wild time together. Their outfits are spectacular and they look absolutely beautiful together in their bright fishnets and sexy matching lingerie. Aidra gets all up in Arias pussy loving how wet she already is once those panties come off. She can not wait to kiss her and let Aria taste just how sweet that pussy is! The girls use their double dildo doing a little deep throat challenge before using their toys on each other. Aidra and Aria really know how to get those juices flowing face and hard

Nubile Films - Aidra Fox & Vanna Bardot - Sex Kittens

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Duration: 32:17
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Jake Adams is a lucky man to have two hot sex kittens like Vanna Bardot and Aidra Fox at his beck and call. Vanna is just finishing getting ready in her Halloween costume of white lingerie and cat ears when Aidra walks in wearing a similar getup in black. Liking what she sees, Aidra can't stop herself from crossing the room and capturing Vanna's lips in a deep kiss.

One kiss leads to so much more as Vanna turns around so that she's face to face with her girlfriend. Aidra is far from done with Vanna, sliding her hands down to cup Vanna's plump ass and then raising those hands to Vanna's face as they kiss again. By the time the girls are done making out, they're both hot and bothered and more than ready to turn their passion on Jake, who's waiting patiently in the other room with his magician's costume and a blindfold.

Knowing that they have full control over Jake's pleasure, the girls take their time exploring him. Using their hands to stroke Jake's stiffie, the girls take turns kissing him and stroking his hard muscles. They eventually remove Jake's blindfold, letting him see them as they stay in charge of his pleasure while slowly shedding their lingerie.

The girls' voracious blowjob gradually turns into something more hardcore as Aidra swings her leg over Jake's lap and seats herself on his hardon. Vanna watches her girlfriend fuck their boyfriend for a hot second, then urges Jake to lay down so she can plant her pussy on his face. Their dual ride is slow and steady at a rhythm they could hold forever.

On her hands and knees, Vanna moans in delight as she finally gets to enjoy Jake's charms through a doggy style pussy pounding. Aidra isn't shy about putting herself in front of Vanna, presenting a breast and pussy buffet for Vanna to choose from. Slowly sinking into the couch, Aidra hums with delight at Vanna's ministrations.

Aidra's new position on her back leaves Jake eager to explore it further. He scoots Aidra forward as Vanna supports AIdra from behind. Lifting one of Aidra's legs high and hooking her foot over his shoulder, Jake plunges back inside.

Eventually the girls swap spots, with Vanna on her back and filled with cock while Aidra rides Vanna's face. That creates the perfect position, leaving Aidra free to lean forward and lap at Vanna's clit while Jake continues to fuck Vanna. Aidra is in the perfect position for more than just her girlfriend's pleasure. As Jake reaches his climax, he pulls out to nut in Aidra's mouth. Content, Aidra draws back to snowball Jake's cum with Vanna.

Nympho - Aidra Fox - Foxy Fuck-Fest With Aidra

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Duration: 01:01:14
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Fox has been a good little whore lately, and she deserves to have her tight pussy stretched out. After opening her mouth to service that huge cock and get face fucked, Aidra spreads her legs to get the pounding she wants. Her little box takes every inch, and when its time for that dick to erupt, Aidra knows her place is on her knees, ready to take what shoots out.

Sweetheart Video - Charlotte Stokely & Aidra Fox - Free Spirit

File: djqe4naswvichaaid6hftf5mbcv.mp4
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Duration: 39:00
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Aidra Fox and her colleague Charlotte Charlotte Stokely experience something strange at night. Someone or something is banging on the wall or at the window. Every time they go look, nobody's there. The girls start to get scared, but things get worse in the morning, when nobody can find the professor. Aidra goes looking everywhere for her but she nowhere to be found. Meanwhile Aiden Aiden Ashley is getting closer the Abigail Abigail Mac. She's fascinated by her free spirit and her courage, she wants to be like her, she wants to ride on the road with her, and she wants her.

Purgatory X - Aidra Fox - The Last Straw Vol 1 E1

File: zxq2xnapuxaidfoxq4nftzgsw1.mp4
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Duration: 35:23
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Its Friday night and Aidra Aidra Fox, a super sexy brunette, heads to her local bar to forget about the last fight with her boyfriend. It seems all they do is fight but tonights the last straw. Lucky for her, Donnie Donnie Rock, her favorite bartender, is manning the bar. While the two talk, Aidra cant help but notice how sexy he is. Aided by a few refreshments, Aidra leans over the bar and makes her move. Donnie cant resist and soon has Aidra spread-eagle on the bar with his tongue working her swollen clit to a hard orgasm. Aidra returns the favor and gags on Donnies rock-hard cock. The two ravenous lovers have a hardcore suck and fuck session all around the bar until Donnie gives Aidras pussy a juicy creampie.

Evil Angel - Aidra Fox - Aidra: Blowjob Threesome, Cum Facial

File: pobhhnaevanaidfoxwfsu4gbi3u.mp4
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Duration: 36:25
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Athletic, glamorous and all-natural, brunette model Aidra Fox loves sucking hard cocks in oral threesomes. She gags on the hard boners of Jonni Darkko and Jason Moody. Aidra bobs her head and drools rivers of slobber onto her small titties. She deepthroats their throbbing pricks and sucks their balls, gurgling with pleasure. The guys eventually thank Aidra for her oral service by covering her in a creamy cum facial

Swallowed - Aidra Fox - Good Vibes With Aidra

File: iozaznaswaaidfoxenriytdpb7.mp4
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Duration: 49:36
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Fox seems like a happy-go-lucky girl, with her bright smile and positive energy. Shes all those things, and more! Behind that sweet exterior is a cum slut who wants to be drenched in spit as she impales her face onto your dick. Watch Aidra live unless her inner soul-sucker as she takes that big dick on a pleasure-filled journey!

Scam Angels - Aidra Fox & Richelle Ryan - Football Star Scam

File: 2trsxnascanaidricwgfadhhjun.mp4
Size: 530.82 MB
Duration: 34:43
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Lucas Frost is a great football player desired by many clubs but he needs extra convincing. Aidra Fox and Richelle Ryan will have to do the convincing which is easy for them since they are super hot. They lure the football star into a threesome, they offer their sexy ass and tits to be fucked and covered by a big cumshot. What Lucas doesn't know is that his big cumshot will be used as blackmail if he doesn't sign with the club that hired the two pornstars.

Deep Lush - Aidra Fox - Every Inch You Deserve

File: dojj6nadeluaidfoxhuraimqlfk.mp4
Size: 490.79 MB
Duration: 28:36
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: This scene features Aidra Fox and Isiah Maxwell together. Theyre already well acquainted and have familiar and passionate chemistry with each other. They kiss and make out before Isiah goes down on her. They have intense sex all over the bed and with Isiah holding Aidra up in the air while he fucks her. Aidra has multiple orgasms throughout the video and the scene ends with her riding Isiah until he cums in her pussy and it drips out of her.

Deeper - Kayden Kross & Aidra Fox - Valley Of The Fuck Dolls Part Two

File: kn9cwnadeekayaidluogbtykgu.mp4
Size: 452.57 MB
Duration: 29:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: After stumbling upon an underground haven for fuck dolls and those who love them, Aidra is pressed by Joanna to try it. Confused as to how this solves the problem of her recent break up, Aidra looks up at Joanna uncertainly. Joanna stays firm. I promise. I promise if you let them break you in, youll see what I mean.

Mommy's Girl - Aidra Fox, India Summer & Katie Morgan - Something In Common

File: vbjmlnamogiaidindkatlj1ysgxesx.mp4
Size: 365.14 MB
Duration: 27:42
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: India Summer is visiting her step-daughter Aidra Fox's new apartment. Aidra is nervous as she tells India that she met somebody. India is thrilled and asks what his name is. Aidra seems shy as she tells India that it's actually a SHE, not a he. India can't help but be a little surprised, since Aidra has always dated guys. AIdra mentions that now that she's 18, she's been experimenting more.

She completely understands, India says gently. A thought seems to cross India's mind. 'In fact, I was with a girl in roommate at the time actually,' India says. Aidra turns back to her, her eyebrow raised skeptically. Look, she appreciates that India is trying to...relate to her and everything, but...MAKING up some college hook-up? Aidra asks rhetorically. There's really no need to do that, Aidra says. India's eyes widen. She looks wounded. No, really, she SWEARS that it's true! India says sincerely. Ok, SURE, whatever, Aidra says sarcastically.

The next day, India comes over to Aidra's place again and tells Aidra that she has a surprise for her her old college friend Katie Morgan is coming over. A moment later there's a knock on the door and Katie walks in. Katie smiles at Aidra as they say hi to each other, Katie biting her lip subtly as she gets a look at Aidra. Aidra seems slightly wary. So, THIS is her college roommate that she was telling her about yesterday, India says. 'Can you explain to her what happened between us in college?' India asks Katie. 'Sure! Well, it's simple really...your step-mom and I were...TOGETHER for one night,' Katie says without a hint of embarrassment. Aidra laughs incredulously. Ok so, trying to relate to her was sweet at first, but now that India has gotten her friend to lie for her, it''s just kind of awkward now, Aidra says. She doesn't need India to do this to make her feel like she's...normal or whatever, Aidra continues. Maybe it was a mistake to even tell India in the first place, Aidra adds, shaking her head. India again looks hurt.

To prove that she's telling the truth, Aidra asks India and Katie to kiss. They do, but it's just a peck and Aidra is still unconvinced. Kissing's pretty easy---Aidra wants them to do MORE to prove it. India and Katie kiss again and this time, the kiss is passionate and intense. Aidra looks on, biting her lip as India takes Katie's top off and plays with Katie's luscious tits.

Pornstars Like it Big - Aidra Fox - Au Pair, Oh My

File: 2stohnapoliitbiaidfoxtltpk56dgq.mp4
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Duration: 37:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Aidra Fox, an au pair, is living a life of luxury after having sent the kids she's supposed to be watching to a friend's. Aidra tries on the home owner's lingerie, and her bikini, before taking a dip in the pool, and sunbathing topless. The home owners, Keiran Lee and his wife, return early from their vacation, and the wife is not at all happy to see what's going on! Keiran Lee, however, has a hard time resisting Aidra's flirting. Once the angry wife is away to go pick up the kids, it's time for Aidra and Keiran to play!