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Mom Drips - Tiffani Madison - The Boss' Needs

File: g41kqnamodrtifmadbedoctlima.mp4
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Duration: 32:42
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Description: Olivers summer internship is almost over and he feels he hasnt learned enough from his hot boss Tiffani. But everything is about to change when the intern gets a boner right in front of her. Tiffani takes control of the situation and uses it to her advantage, giving Oliver what he wants but always knowing whos really in charge.

Mom Is Horny - Tiffani Madison - Grading The Curves

File: 9buyvnamoishotifmadxhz1crgun3.mp4
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Duration: 32:36
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Description: Parker is having trouble with his grades because who wants to study when goon sessions are an option? His step mom Tiffani, being the great mom that she is, suggest that he should get laid. That would make him less horny and he could study more. She had no idea that Parker can find something wrong with every woman he has ever met like Seinfeld. So she offers to fuck him. He thinks she is messing with him into she pulls out her gigantic tits. Parker jumps at the chance to get those beauties in his mouth. She could see his dick print through his pants at this point. She pulls it out and tries to suck the skin off. Parker fucks his step mom like its his last day at school. Then leaves the biggest load on her chest. Concentrating on school should be alot easier now. Empty balls, clear mind. Or how ever that saying goes.

Milf Taxi - Tiffani Madison - Back Seat Lap Dance

File: vawo1namitatifmadzoruj7jffk.mp4
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Duration: 58:56
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Description: Tiffani had an awful day at the Gentlemans Club where she works as a dancer. The place was practically empty and she got no tips, so shes ranting about it to Calvin, the driver who picked her up. The guys curious about her job and the different outfits she wears, so Tiffani starts showing him her sexy clothes. Calvin then asks for a lap dance, so the two find a private place for Tiffani to work her magic on him in the back seat. What started as a rough day ends on a high note as Tiffani takes on Calvins load over her gorgeous tits.

Touch My Wife - Tiffani Madison - Down & Dirty Dice Night

File: ibfsynatomywitifmadgf2dn8qq8q.mp4
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Duration: 30:48
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Format: mp4
Description: It's always the friend, right? When Tiffani Madison's hubby has an old pal, GI Joey, over, after him and his girlfriend broke up, this horny hotwife can't help herself. Joey is a stud Tiffani wants a piece! After sneakily watching Joey in the shower, Tiffani confides in her husband to get him excited. The next day, they set up a dirty dice game much to Joey's surprise. Tiffani's luscious tits come out for him to suck in no time. Then it's Joey' turn, her hubby watches as Tiffani goes down on his fat cock. Joey takes this horny wife from behind, her pussy creams up as he splits it open with his thick dick. Tiffani tells her husband how good it feels as she gets railed. Joey makes Tiffani cum numerous times in front of her husband before she gets on her knees and takes his load all over her face!

Perv Principal - Chloe Temple & Tiffani Madison - Selling Nudes

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Duration: 29:38
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Description: When Chloe is called into Principal Rebel's office, she's not too worried about being in trouble at first, but then her stepmom Tiffani walks in and Principal Rebel tells her about Chloe sending nudes to members of the faculty. Tiffani is very distraught and offers to do anything to alleviate the consequences, so Principal Rebel takes her up on her offers and instructs her to suck his cock! Chloe will have to help stepmommy make Mr. Rebel cum or there'll be hell to pay!