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Exxxtra Small - Scarlett Hampton - Fitness Influencer Hookup

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Description: Scarlett Hampton has a ton of followers, but to bring her influence to the next level, she teams up with hot stuff fitness guru Duncan Saint. At first, Duncan doesnt know hes in on Scarletts stunt, but it isnt hard to convince him to participate. Now Scarletts following is bigger and better than ever.

My Family Pies - Lexi Luna & Scarlett Hampton - Family Canoe Trip Goes Wrong

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Description: Lexi Luna tried to take her stepdaughter Scarlett Hampton and her adopted son Rion King on a canoe trip, but everything that could go wrong did. Even now that they're back home, the family won't stop bickering. Rion takes it too far by telling Lexi that the problem is she's probably bitchy because she hasn't been fucked in way too long. When Lexi tells Rion that that's none of his business and calls him a little man, Rion takes immediate offense. There's nothing little about the dick he so proudly whips out of his swim trunks.

Lexi is still spoiling for a fight, so asks Rion what he's going to do with that and then pulls her bikini bottom down so her pussy is exposed to taunt him. Scarlett follows her stepmom's cue and pulls her own bikini bottom down. The girls even flaunt their titties out to keep on teasing Rion with the unattainable. Scarlett keeps on toeing the line when she throws herself onto the couch and really puts her twat on display. Standing behind Rion and heckling him, Lexi shoves him forward. He trips on the way down and finds his dick buried inside Scarlett's fuck hole. Scarlett and Rion are both shocked, but Lexi, who is still behind Rion, just starts pushing his hips so he's full on fucking Scarlett. Scarlett can't deny that she likes the way that feels, and now that Rion is buried balls deep inside his adopted sis he can't deny that it's so wrong it feels right.

Now that Rion is on board to give them both some, Lexi gets on her knees on the couch so he can dick her down from behind. She doesn't want Scarlett to feel left out, so she pulls her stepdaughter forward and goes to town on that pussy. The girls sit Rion down and go to work together to reward him for being open to new experiences by delivering a double BJ. Then Lexi climbs on top for a reverse cowgirl ride that gets those big boobies jiggling as Scarlett plays with them. When it's her turn to play, Scarlett gets on her hands and knees so she can enjoy Rion banging her while Lexi jiggles and cups his balls to encourage him to dive as deep as possible. The position leaves Rion ready to blow his load and Lexi wants him to do it inside Scarlett's pussy. Rion is an obedient stepson who does as mommy tells him to, glutting Scarlett with a creampie that Lexi is happy to help lap up, even as Scarlett is shocked that her adopted brother came in her

Blacks On Blondes - Scarlett Hampton - When Cheerleader Scarlett Stops By Her Boyfriends

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Description: When cheerleader Scarlett stops by her boyfriends house she discovers he is not around but his big brother is. She's heard all about him and knows he is getting his masters in college. She will be going to college herself next year and is worried she does not have enough experience with older college men and is hoping Mazee might give her some pointers. Mazee is no dummy and knows when a dumb little bimbo wants to put out and dammit his brother will get over this.
It's not like the two of them will be getting married and nobody turns down a free lunch. Well as soon as you can say lickity split this bitch is sucking on his candy stick. Damn this is some fine ass high school pussy. And legal too at 18. You see Scarlett is about to graduate. Soon Mazee is graduating his cock deep into her tight little white pussy. Whoooo whheeee is that a tight lil thing. All wet and grabby, Scarlett's pussy squeezing on his cock as she clenched down for an afternoon fuck fest. Mazee taps that pussy for all it's worth giving the teen a first class tutorial in advanced slut fucking. Soon she is wearing a cum face bath as her reward for a job well done.

All Anal - Scarlett Hampton & Gia Dibella - Playful Anal & Oral

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Description: Scarlett Hampton Gia DiBella really love getting in the middle of an anal session! These slutty sweeties brought the heat! They get joy from sucking slurping up every bit of spit, juice cum off each other that giant dick. These 2 girls enjoy loads of fun, getting fucked licking it all up!

My Babysitters Club - Artemisia Love & Scarlett Hampton - Backup Plan

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Description: Artemisia Love is unhappy with their babysitter, Scarlett Hampton, and asks her husband, Mike Mancini, to fire her. When Mike goes to fire Scarlett, she does everything in her power to keep her job. She changes Mikes mind pretty quickly, but Artemisia is outraged over it.

Interracial Pass - Scarlett Hampton - Is All Smiles Taking That Big Black Dick

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Description: Cute petite blonde Scarlett Hampton is all smiles when she see's Isiah's Maxwell's huge black dong know she's about to get reamed inside out by that stud! Watch her suck that BBC and get her pussy hammered home, all runs count! Um we mean, all orgasms count!

My Daughter's Hot Friend - Scarlett Hampton - Fucks Her Dad's Friend To Get Her Spain Trip Paid

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Description: SynopsisScarlett Hampton's friend is going to Spain and Scarlett really wants to go as well. So Scarlett stops by to visit her friend's dad, Ryan, to see if she can convince him to pay for her trip to Spain, too. Ryan isn't having it, but Scarlett will do anything in order to go to Spain. She really does mean fucking Ryan on a regular basis. Ryan can't say 'no' to that and stuff's Scarlett's pussy with his hard cock!

Girls Only Porn - Lena Anderson, Lexi Luna & Scarlett Hampton - Im Into Girls

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Description: Lexi Luna is hosting an afternoon get together for her friends Lena Anderson and Scarlett Hampton. She takes her time getting ready, selecting a dress that really shows off her firm ass, plump tits, and killer curves. Checking herself out in the mirror, Lexi completes her outfit with a pair of sexy panties.

She's New - Scarlett Hampton - Pumped To Be Here

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Description: Petite platinum blonde Scarlett Hampton is the newest addition in adult entertainment and Bobby Beefcakes is ready to show her a few perks of being in the industry like creampies! Luckily, Scarlett grew tired of working at a gas station and is now ready to be pumped for our entertainment!