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James Deen - Moka Mora - Pussy Loves To Cum

File: gqnb2najademokmormup7rwqtvp.mp4
Size: 614.05 MB
Duration: 09:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Moka Mora looks simply beautiful as she arrives wearing a black-long sleeved off-shoulder top and denim jeans. She sits on a chair as James Deen conducts the interview staying outside of the cameras focus. Moka talks about how much she loves passion and rough sex. But today, James does not plan to give her the rough sex that she is accustomed to. Even though he wants to give her what she wants and what she actually came for, all he wants her to do right now is to chill and have a little laid back pussy eating session. The next scene cuts Moka lying naked on the black couch.

Her big tits are focused on by the camera with her nipples hard as fuck. As the camera pans down, James is shown in between her legs, devouring her pussy. His arms are wrapped around her raised legs as he licks and playfully bites her clit. He grabs both of her big breasts as he slowly thrusts his warm tongue inside her tight pussy. Moka and James both enjoyed the sensation of her pussy opening up and welcoming his tongue. Moka grabs his hair trying to guide James on how to eat her pussy properly. He gives in and acts according to her wishes but it didnt take long for him to take back control of this pussy-eating situation. James thrusts his tongue in and out of her wet and tight pussy. This simple sexual action drives her crazy that one of her hands grabs and massages one of her breasts while the other tightly holds onto James arms. James Deen sits on the couch kissing Moka on the lips, giving her a taste of herself. As he is kissing him, he, without any warning, inserts four fingers inside her wet and tight pussy. She is taken aback but still she loved it. The scene finishes with the camera focused on Moka Moras shaved pussy.