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Hotwife Xxx - Mj Fresh - Mj Gets A Fresh Perspective

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Description: Hot and sexy wife MJ is looking good and fresh in her black lingerie and Jake understands his directions from her husband is to expand her feelings with a blindfold. Now with her eyes covered Jake could not wait to get her nice big tits out of that bra and into his mouth before she goes to her knees to suck his hard cock balls deep. MJ's pussy was so wet Jake's cock just slips thru her tight lips and fucks her good especially when she is face down and ass up taking it deep doggy style, until he unloads his thick load across her juicy tits.

NF Busty - Mj Fresh - Time For Her

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Description: Big booty babe MJ Fresh knows she's got the goods her lovers crave and she enjoys showing it all off in bras and thongs that hug her curves. Her latest conquest, Sam Shock, is definitely appreciative. They wake up together and MJ tries to seduce Sam into sating his morning wood. Unfortunately, Sam has to work. After a few sizzling moments where they caress and grope each other, Sam shuts it down so he can get up and get ready.

MJ isn't about to take no for an answer. She waits until Sam has put on a shirt and then tries to corner him in the kitchen. The horny babe can feel how hard Sam is for her as they make out! Sam's resistance wins out once again, though, leaving MJ still horny and unfulfilled. What's a cock hungry babe to do?

MJ retreats to the bedroom and changes into the bedroom and changes into a new outfit. Pulling on tight shorts that show off her firm ass and a crop top that's barely more than a bra, she gathers her things. Wandering out of the bedroom, she endeavors to lean over so that Sam can see the way the fabric stretches across her bottom.

Sam can't resist another moment. He pushes MJ up against the counter to cup her waist in his hands and heft those tits. In return, MJ sinks to her knees to pop Sam's hardon out. Opening wide, she starts sucking like a vacuum!

The couple relocates to the bedroom, where MJ revs Sam's motor once again with a titty fuck. Since Sam is already on the bed, it's easy for MJ to slide her shorts off and climb onto his hardon. Rocking her hips, she rides with long strokes as she pops her boobs out for Sam to love on.

Sam flips MJ onto her back and crawls between her thighs to lap at her sweet juices. Using his magic tongue, he licks the wetness of MJ's arousal. Then he brings his hand up and finger bangs her as he keeps up the pressure on her clit. MJ's position is perfect for Sam to get to his feet and shove himself all the way inside her juicy snatch.

Rolling MJ onto her belly, Sam keeps their mutual party going. He puts his hands on her ass as he dives deep. MJ's moans of delight are all the permission Sam needs to keep pounding away at that lush fuck hole. As he reaches his own peak, he pulls out to pop all over MJ's back. Finally satisfied, MJ draws Sam in for one last kiss before letting him go to work.

Family Swap - Macey Jade & MJ Fresh - Rate My Swap Family

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Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, there's lots of tension between the four family members. Swap daughter MJ Fresh is working on a career in fashion, so she convinces her swap dad and swap brother, Dan Ferrari and Tyler Nixon, to do some modeling for her. The show is just getting started when swap mom Macey Jade comes in. Macey wants to help judge, and MJ is down with it. When Dan and Tyler come out, MJ and Macey rate them. Then MJ suggests that the guys need to strip down to just their boxers. Macey is hesitant, but the guys seem to be game...

Now that the boys are down to their underwear, it's clear that Tyler has a hardon. That encourages MJ to insist that her male models get naked so she can rate them properly. She receives some pushback from all three of her swap family members, but MJ offers to show the guys her boobs if they show her their dicks. That gets them to play along. Meanwhile, Macey sees how far she can push it. Once the guys have whipped it out, she claims she needs a closer view to do a good job of rating them. Upon inspection with a little bit of sucking and stroking, Macey decides she likes both dicks very much and gets MJ to come have a look of her own. Watching Macey in action has already had MJ rubbing her own pussy, so she's eager to join in on the fun with her swap mom. Taking on Dan's cock full time for the moment, Macey leaves Tyler's for MJ to explore until they swap partners.

It seems a swap family orgy is inevitably as they all relocate to the couch for a more comfortable experience. MJ takes a spin on Dan's dick first as Macey rides Tyler's, with both girls in reverse cowgirl, both sets of big boobs jiggling. Swapping partners again, the girls get on their hands and knees so that Dan can pound Macey and Tyler can do the same for MJ. Rolling onto their backs, the girls spread their thighs for their original partners to give it to them. That position is all the boys need to each reach their finish line. Shoving deep, Tyler gluts Macey with a creampie, followed closely by Dan doing the same with MJ. Sated, the swap family is all in agreement that the fashion show was a huge success.

Big Tits Round Asses - Mj Fresh - Mj Fresh’s Big Titty Workout

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Description: Were on our way to pick up sexy MJ Fresh and get her to shoot todays scene. She told us, she was going to get a workout in before shooting. Sure enough we find her stretching in the street. Duncan is there to help her train.I asked if we can ride along side of her while she ran. I figured it would be a great opportunity to see those big titties of her bouncing around. She said it would be ok and fuck, she didnt disappoint. Then I asked her to actually take her shirt off and this girl was down! What a beautiful site it was. Then it was time to get back to the crib to shoot the scene. Since I had not secured a stud we decided to bring Duncan with us. Lucky motherfucker. After licking and playing with those beautiful tits, He fucked real good on the couch. Its amazing to see this girl bouncing as she gets pounded. And then finally she gets her after work protein in her mouth

Filthy Kings - MJ Fresh - Busty Teen MJ Fresh Gets A Deep Tissue Pussy Massage

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Duration: 34:23
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Description: MJ Fresh is so fucking hot, I loved covering her huge tits in oil and getting them dripping wet. I rub her down with such f-rce as she pushes back on my hands, signaling me to go deeper and harder. I give her more than she deserves in this massage fucking her right on top of the table.

Bangbros Clips - Mj Fresh - Step Family Sex Trio

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Description: MJ Fresh and Preston were hanging around the TV for a while before their step son Jay walks in with a bowl of popcorn. What's better than spending some time with the step family watching shows and eating popcorn? Sticking your dick in the bowl so step mom finds out is exactly what we want. Jay manages to sneak his dick in the popcorn bowl and step mom MJ couldn't be more elated. She's jacking him off while telling Preston to watch is calories but Preston turns for more popcorn only to see his wife is cheating on him...again! MJ gets upset and leaves, signaling Jay to follow her. We go to the other room to see MJ Fresh getting her pussy licked by her step son until Preston walks in and catches them in the act! Being the horny man that he is, he demands the both of them to the living room to have sex. MJ fucks and gets fucked good in so many different positions that Preston wants her all to herself. Watch this horny step family fuck each other and wait for the end to see both step dad and step son have a bonding moment covering step mom's face with cum.

BlowJob Fridays - Mj Fresh - Quick Blowjob Before Work

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Duration: 09:22
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Format: mp4
Description: MJ Fresh is going through her clothes for her Bang Bros shoot today, but to everyones surprise, Logan Xander shows up to set. Our director is wondering what he's doing here, but he says that Bang Bros sent him to try and get a blowjob from MJ. We gotta make sure Bang Bros stays happy. Our director still needs time to set up lights so he hands Logan his camera and lets them go have fun. MJ shows off her amazing body before giving him a great blowjob on the bed right before her next shoot.

Teen Pies - Mj Fresh - Thank You, Next

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Duration: 47:31
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Description: MJ Fresh has ditched her boyfriend because he refuses to fulfill her fantasy, lucky for her she quickly finds the perfect guy through a dating app thats willing to deliver her every request.

Bangbros Clips - Mj Fresh - The Hottest Milf Mj Fresh

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Description: Johnny showed up to his friends house to meet up. Once inside, he called out to him but there was no answer. When he went to look for him, he accidentally saw his buddys hot mom totally naked and drying herself off. He could not help staring at those big beautiful tits. Suddenly, she realized she was being watched. Johnny runs off in embarrassment but the gorgeous cougar catches up with him in the living room. She tells him that she finds him attractive and then exposes her juicy jugs. The hot mom then teaches the youngster and us a lesson in fucking we will not forget. She takes his dick hard in every position right there on the couch. But these two better beware, her husband or son could walk in on them at any moment. Dont miss MJ Fresh in her hottest scene to date!

See Him Fuck - MJ Fresh - Preston The Legend

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Duration: 53:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Legendary Latino stud Preston Parker was on the See HIM set last week and we paired HIM up with juicy coed MJ Fresh for today's awesome scene. After we watch the DILF get naked and show off his big thick uncut gift MJ steps in to give his armpits the old sniff n' lick before she slathers HIM and his impressive prick up with a lot of lube She makes her way down to Preston's feet removes his socks and gives them a sensual massage with her hands and mouth, including some heel sucking.

Family Strokes - Mj Fresh - Perfect Hideout

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Duration: 41:03
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: MJ Fresh has had enough of her new step dad, so she decides to run away and hide out at her step uncles house while hes on vacation. When he unexpectedly comes back and finds MJ in his house, she offers the perfect thing to convince him to let her stay.

My Dirty Maid - Mj Fresh - Stripper Maid

File: mcjvznamydimamjfreehjbnod9ge.mp4
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Duration: 52:45
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: This week we got MJ Fresh coming over. MJ is supposed to be the new maid, but she has a spicy past, she used to be an exotic dancer. We're excited to know that she's money motivated. She starts cleaning. We make her an offer to take off he top. She was a bit reluctant, She didn't want to get in trouble. But it's just between us. She has nice tits. She cleans the house more. We make another offer to take off her shorts. She takes them off. She's cleaning completely naked. Now the chance to whip it out. at first, she was hesitant but it didn't take much to convince to fuck. We fucked until I came on her.

Finish Him - MJ Fresh - MJ Fresh Finishes the Job

File: ynwjnnafihimjfre1jzzlzn4ba.mp4
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Duration: 12:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: MJ Fresh is in the building. That means that someones cock is going to explode with pleasure. MJ Sport a micro bikini and dons high heels as she delivers a strip tease then sensual suck job. Her blowjob skills are spic and judging by this porn video she likes big dicks too.


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Duration: 11:34
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Format: mp4
Description: Mj Fresh might be the hottest woman on the planet. Thats means she usually gets her way. Nothing could be further form the truth in this handjob scenes where MJ cums first from her dildo then her man cums instantly afterwards from her killer cock milking skills.

Kendra James Super Heroine World - Kendra James & MJ Fresh - Wonder Woman Falls For Ivy

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Duration: 14:30
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: As Poison Ivy is lounging in her lair plotting her next devious heist, Wonder Woman bursts in and threatens to take the poisonous plant to Arkham. Ivy simply laughs and sprays the newest seduction serum concoction in her face rendering the superheroine helpless. The Amazon's eyes flutter and she falls back limp. Ivy takes the opportunity to fondle the heroine's weakened body, running her hands over the Amazon's breast and between her legs before removing her boots and sniffing her feet. When Wonder Woman finally comes to, she's tied up with the villainess's indestructible vine ropes and completely unable to struggle free. Poison Ivy yanks down the heroine's top, exposing her supple tits before teasing her tight pussy with a vibrator thus further humiliating the amazon princess. Wonder Woman resists, but the seduction spray soon takes over and before long she's under Ivy's control and begging for an orgasm.

Teens Like It Big - Mj Fresh - It's Just Wrestling

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Duration: 40:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: MJ Fresh does just about everything to get the attention of her new stepbrother, Duncan Saint, flashing her tits, ass and pussy for him, however Duncan has a girlfriend and just wants to watch the game. MJ is persistent though, and after this naughty stepsister play fights her way into getting a hold of Duncan's cock, she gets the dicking she's been craving. But when MJ's mom enters the room, some quick thinking gives them the perfect excuse to keep fucking without getting caught!

Big Tit Cream Pie - Mj Fresh - A Creampie After Laundry

File: ytrzxnabiticrpimjfregrfnv8xlsz.mp4
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Duration: 25:15
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: MJ is doing laundry and JMAC walks in and decides to have some fun. He rips her pants off and starts to finger her. She enjoys it so he wants to take it up a notch. He pulls out his dick and starts to fuck her. She loves it but wants to get out of the washing machine and get into the kitchen so she can get fucked properly. She gives him an amazing blowjob before bending over and getting fucked hard. They fuck in multiple positions and she begs him to cum inside of her. He leaves her with an amazing, thick creampie. Hopefully the roommate doesn't catch them!m