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See Him Fuck - Chloe Temple - Our 1st Return Client

File: pafevnasehifuchltemuxkfzh7joe.mp4
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Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Serbian stud Milan makes his return to See HIM Fuck today and we paired HIM up with See HIM newbie Chloe Temple. The scene starts with Milan stripping out of his purple suit and customized See HIM orange boxers to show us his thick uncut gift In steps Chloe to give his pit the sniff test before coating Milan up with a lot of sex lube ’ She strokes his slick dick from behind before making her way down to his feet removing his socks and gagging herself on his toes. Milan really enjoys having his feet worshiped, at times mushing her face with his soles. Milan then buries his cock down the coed's throat before she returns the favor by burying her tongue in his asshole. Chloe gets SLOPPY as she licks his balloon knot, slobbers on his balls and gags on his cock. Milan then has Chloe hop on for a cockride that literally gets her airborn He plows her pussy doggystyle as he smushes her face with his foot before pulling off both a regular and a reverse piledriver. Chloe then goes back to his backdoor and munches away some more until it's time for Milan to hop on and hammer away at her petite pussy until he blows his load ’ Afterwards, we catch up with Milan and his tanlined tushy in the shower

Have A Safe Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

See Him Fuck - Natalie Porkman - So Much Ass Eating!

File: haptenasehifunatporr9kwrgznit.mp4
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Duration: 50:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: If you're a fan of sloppy ass eating, you're gonna really like this update as newbie Mazee The Goat makes his See HIM Fuck debut and we paired him up with 19 year old blonde Natalie Porkman. After Mazee strips naked and shows off his thick 9 inch prick Natalie steps in to sniff his pits and slather him with lube ’ She then makes her way down to his feet massaging them as she licks and suckles his toes. Natalie drools and gags on his BBC before it's time for some ass eating. Mazee 1st goes spread-eagle, then gets on all fours so Natalie can get her tongue all the way in there. After that, she rides his cock and they fuck doggystyle for a bit until it's time for more rimming, this time in a position we can only call a reverse piledriver. Mazee then literally picks the spinner up off the ground and takes her teen pussy for a nice airborn cockride. Mazee finally finishes back in the reverse piledriver as Natalie gives him yet another rimjob. As always, we catch up with Mazee in the shower after Until next time!

See Him Fuck - Val Steele - Ravishing Ruben Slikk's Slick Asshole

File: ulvpanasehifuvalstempgkxdfaam.mp4
Size: 385.28 MB
Duration: 47:19
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Hey everyone! We got this update in just under the wire Today's scene features well hung black gent Ruben Slikk being serviced by your favorite coed alt-girl Val Steele After Ruben strips down to his name-brand underwear, Val steps in with about a gallon of lube ’ for his sexy body and very thick prick Val helps him with his socks before massaging his feet and suckling his toes She gags on Ruben's BBC for a bit before it's time for some rimjob action! ’ Ruben lays on his back and pulls his knees to his chest so Val can get her tongue in there nice and deep. Val posted this on her Twitter Thursday u know i don't play when it comes to eating the booty!!! Well, she ain't lying, because she gets all kinds of sloppy with Ruben's ass! After we see Val ride Ruben's cock and him bang her doggystyle, it's time for some more spread-eagle ass-eating before Ruben climbs on and pumps away until he dumps on Val's belly ’ After, we catch up with Ruben in the shower Happy DILFs Day to all the dads out there and have a GREAT Father's Day Weekend!!!

See Him Fuck - Jenifer Jane - Czech Dilf Enjoys Ass Play

File: ss3kgnasehifujenjanzdql3ysiqm.mp4
Size: 425.24 MB
Duration: 51:53
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Good Saturday everyone! As promised, we got another update ready for you ASAP This scene, which was shot a mere 5 days ago on the 8th, features Czech stud Ridge Crix, who we teamed up with fellow countrywoman Jenifer Jane for this hot scene. It starts off with Ridge taking off his sharp clothes so we can see his muscular ’ body and thick uncut prick Jenifer then comes in and go straight for his armpit, giving it a good lick-n-sniff She lubes ’ Ridge up before turning her attention to his feet suckling his toes as he strokes his cock. Then it's time for some ass eating and WOW is Ridge's asshole pristine! Jenifer's gets to work, lubing up his bare balloonknot so she can slide in a digit or two Ridge then gets on all fours so Jenifer can practice her rusty trombone skills before sliding another finger in from above She then sucks and strokes his cock before it's time for some good old fashioned hardcore fucking! Ridge bangs her doggystyle before she takes her pussy for a cockride. And you know what happens next? If you've been a fan of the site for more than a day, you know it's MORE ASS RIMMING!! This damn near puts Ridge over the edge so he puts Jenifer on her back and hammers away until we go Picture In Picture so we can see his face as he makes a map of Hawaii on her stomach ’ Ridge is joined by Jenifer in the shower for the post-sex interview. Thanks again to everyone for sticking with us and have a GREAT FUCKING WEEKEND!!!

See Him Fuck - Sarah Cute - Thick Uncut Czech Stud

File: xj9s6nasehifusarcutkbxuhciqu5.mp4
Size: 765.15 MB
Duration: 49:24
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: IT'S FINALLY HERE!! Today's long awaited update features Czech veteran Kristof Cale being serviced by Hungarian coed Sarah Cute. After Kristof gets naked and shows us his big uncut cock Sarah steps in to sniff, kiss and lick his armpits before applying some lube ’ and then doing the sniffkisslick think to his feet. Then it's time for Kristof's 1st rimjob of the session, ans Sarah gets right in there, even putting him on all fours so she can bury her tongue in from the top! After some quick dick sucking, it's back to the ass eating...and Sarah doesn't forget the balls! Kristof is ready to fuck, so he mounts the coed from behind and hammers his dick in her 21yo pussy. Sarah then rides him for a little bit, sucks her pussy juice off his cock and goes for Round 3 of the rimjobbing, this time with a little assplay Kristof then puts her on her back and hammers away until we go Picture In Picture so we can see his face as he unloads on her belly. In our customary shower interview Sarah joins Kristof to help him wash off. If you didn't read about this our NEWS section above, the scene was shot on Sunday June 7th, just 3 short days ago! Thank you for your patience and another new scene will be ready for you on Saturday!!

See Him Fuck - Blake Blossom - Newbie Services Mr Masters

File: mxxjknasehifublabloqbkiwpszih.mp4
Size: 370.57 MB
Duration: 45:21
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Big thick hairy tattooed hunk of a man Michael Masters joins us today and we paired him up with juicy 20yo newbie Blake Blossom so you could See HIM Fuck! After Michael gets naked and shows us his meaty package Blake is right there to lube up our stud's big hairy chest and rock hard cock. Blake then sucks his toes and licks his feet before Michael plops his backside on her face so she can eat his ass...and eat it well, I might add! She gets her young tongue right in there and gives his knot a good through cleaning...

See Him Fuck - Melody Foxx - Teen Tongue In His Asshole

File: voe4enasehifumelfoxypvsdigs2i.mp4
Size: 419.21 MB
Duration: 51:48
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: At the ripe young age of 21, Chris Rail makes his debut with us today and we paired him with 18 year old Melody Foxx. The skinny kid gets naked and shows us what he's packing before Melody licks his armpit and coats him with sex-lube She jerks his slick prick a little before making her way down to his feet and playing This Little Piggy with his toes in her mouth. She then sucks his dick before it's time to give that balloon knot of his a good taste test! Now that she's nice and moist and his asshole is sparkling clean, Melody rides his cock before it's time for a little more rimming around here, there's ALWAYS more rimming. Chris is all worked up now, so he mounts her doggystyle and flexes as he pounds her Chris flips her over, pins her ankles behind her ears until it's time for everyone's favorite Picture In Picture OH FACE cumshot ending As is the norm, we catch up with Chris as he cleans up in the shower. Until next time!