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Milf Body - Kate Dee - A Warm Welcome

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Duration: 43:19
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Format: mp4
Description: Stunning mylf Kate shows off her dangerous curves before putting on some yoga outfit and doing her workout routine. Coach Peter will join her to stretch her out in more ways than one!

Big Naturals - Kate Dee - Mlm Milfs: Nussia Training Video

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Duration: 19:09
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Description: Busty blonde MILF Kate Dee will teach you everything you need to know about selling her line of jewelry in this video for new recruits to her MLM. Kate starts out by throwing you right into the deep end by showing how to do a door-to-door... but when she knocks on Haitian Fresh's door, she's soon deepthroating his huge cock and taking a deep pussy pounding. No wonder Nussia's sales are better than the competition! Watch closely for all of Kate's tips on handling hard client situations and how to close the deal.

New Sensations - Kate Dee - My Curvy Hotwife 2

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Duration: 27:43
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Description: Big tits, big thighs, big curvy hotwife is too much for one man to handle! Her voracious appetite for sex requires an endless delivery of dicks. She devours them with gusto, enjoying every inch while milking them with her holes. I tell her its okay. I love her. She should be covered in cum every night.

Dick Drainers - Kate Dee - Stacked Blonde Pawg Fuqs The Repairman!

File: qvdfanadidrkatdeepngmymdbck.mp4
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Duration: 30:12
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Format: mp4
Description: Kate loves to travel. South America, Europe, Asia...she's been all over. This week she's got yet another fun trip planned with her also hot friend Jamie. They're going to get into all sorts of trouble!

As an expert traveler, Kate's bags are packed and she's all ready to go hours before her flight.

Just one problem though. Her fridge decided to go on the fritz right before she's supposed to leave. And now Kate has to wait and hope that the repair man gets to her before her flight.

It's her lucky day though. Branden, the repair man on duty does make it to her spot. And he's happy he did.

Remember that part about how Kate's all ready to go? Well she is extra ready cuz Kate's dressed for the beach! Booty shorts wit her big ass out, HUGE MILKY TITTIES bouncing in a tiny lil phat ass white girl! Branden gettin EXTRA horny lookin at this sexy bitch!

It's a good thing Kate's already packed...cuz there's sumthin else she gotta do before her flight ride BIG BLACK DICK!

Mom Swap - Joslyn Jane & Kate Dee - Naughty Nurses Swap

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Duration: 42:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nurses Joslyn and Kate have a hard time making their stepsons Nicky and Victor go to their doctors appointment. When they find the boys playing video games they suspect they didnt go to their appointment so they take it upon themselves to do the physical check up. They swap and Joslyn takes care of Victors cock while Kate inspects Nickys boner. The stepmoms agree they have to get the specimen and finally give both their boys a very thorough inspection!

Mom Wants Creampie - Kate Dee - Stepson Wont Stop Staring At My Tits

File: aqtmonamowacrkatdeeaesyy92qdq.mp4
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Duration: 28:52
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Description: Cole Church hasn't been doing his homework, so his stepmom, Kate Dee, has been voluntold to help him out. Cole is really apathetic about studying, even with Kate's help. In fact, Cole can't take his eyes off his stepmommy's big titties. When Kate realizes that Cole is young, dumb, and full of cum, she offers to show him her boobs in exchange for him getting an A...

Even after Cole gets an eyeful of those big sweater puppies, he still can't concentrate. Kate realizes that she's going to have to drain his cum to get him to focus. Cole doesn't protest as his busty hot stepmoma gets on her knees and pops his cock out. She's very complimentary as she strokes Cole off and then dips her head to begin sucking him down in earnest. When her BJ and even a face fuck don't get Cole to nut, they relocate to the bedroom so Kate can give it to him in earnest.

Another blowjob leads to Kate climbing on top of Cole's dick to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Blonde and delightfully curvy, Kate has an ass that rivals her tits for the best part of her. Cole can't keep his hands off that big booty! When Kate turns around to ride him in cowgirl, he remains mesmerized by her big bouncing boobies. Kate gets on her knees next so that Cole can slam into her in doggy, which really gets this horny mama moaning. When she flips onto her back and spreads herself wide open, Cole finally busts a nut in a creampie that Kate hopes will finally help him focus on his schoolwork.

Raw Attack - Kate Dee - Fucks Her Friend For Content

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Duration: 40:03
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Format: mp4
Description: Kate Dee breaks out her new purple lingerie for her new content. She wants to have fun with her friend in front of the camera because she heard he has a nice cock. Kate excitedly drops to her knees and gives the lucky stud a tantalizing blowjob and titsjob. Her moans fill the room as the horny lad fucks her shaved pussy in missionary. Not wanting to let the man do all the work, Kate rides on top of him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her big tits and ass bounce hard with every grind and hump. The naughty bloke tirelessly bangs Kate's tight pussy doggystyle until he feels like he is about to cum. He lets Kate jerk him off until he cums in her mouth.

Brazzers Exxtra - Rosalyn Sphinx, Arietta Adams & Kate Dee - Dunkin' On The Neighborhood Milf & Lesbian's 1st Cock

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Duration: 39:52
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Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian couple Rosalyn Arietta excitedly await their friends Damion Jimmys arrival so they can catch up shoot some hoops together. Arietta cant help but be turned on by Damions massive bulge leading to her lover catching them then Rosalyns first EVER cock in a hot threesome! Meanwhile, stepmom Kate Dee hunts Jimmy for some sexy MILF action

Rk Prime - Kate Dee - Bad Milfluence

File: 6ohdbnarkprkatdeearnbhtlffx.mp4
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Duration: 24:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Van Wylde is kicking it at his buddy Anthony's place, talking about the girls they're going to take out that night, when Anthony's hot but mean stepmother Kate Dee storms in and makes him go to the store. The stacked blonde isn't done yet, lecturing Van about what a bad influence he is on her stepson. So this guy can't believe it when Kate notices just how big his dick is and decides to suck it! Kate makes Van promise never to tell anyone about fucking his friend's stepmom as she rides his cock, then cums as he pounds her doggystyle before swallowing up his load.

My Pervy Family - Kate Dee - Like Father NOT Like Step-Son

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Duration: 23:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When my father gets booted from the house for cheating, I'm left alone with my voluptuous stepmom Kate Dee. She doesn't seem to be taking this well and I Brick Danger catch her arriving home at 5am one night! She seems exhausted from being out all night so I help get her into bed, her massive tit keeps poking out of her top... she tells me it's been months since she has gotten laid. She doesn't want to fuck strange men, but she needs something!

This was all so overwhelming and then all of a sudden she is wrapping her lips around my hard cock! My stepmom gets on top of me, sliding her wet MILF pussy down my throbbing dick. Her big boobs flop in my face as I fuck her. I turn her around and enter her from behind, squeezing her big ass as I thrust into her. She sucks me off again and I get on top and slam her MILF hole until I drain my balls all over her shaved pussy. Hope my dad is in the doghouse for a little while longer!

Brazzers Exxtra - Codi Vore, Jazmin Luv & Kate Dee - Dick Out, Tits Out Let's Party

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Duration: 40:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's a party, and Oliver Flynn has no idea what he's walking into. Cori Vore spies jealously while Kate Dee flirts with him right in front of her aloof hubby. Codi ups the ante by pulling her tits out and serving them up on a platter just for Oliver. Oliver tries to put away her jugs and move on to mingling. Codi has other plans and Oliver ends up joining the party with his pants around his ankles. When Oliver runs off on both ladies slutty advances, Kate lets Codi play with her pussy under the plates. Codis fingers get stuck inside Kate, forcing a sneak away to a bedroom. Oliver ends up in the bathroom with Jazmin Luv, who sees his hard on and gets straight to sucking. Oliver stumbles out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, really just trying to get his pants on, where he finds Codi and Kate deep in mid-scissor. For this, his pants come fully off and a threesome it is.

Penthouse Gold - Kate Dee - Busty MILF Begs For His Hot Cum

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Duration: 20:51
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Format: mp4
Description: Busty MILF Kate Dee is in a naughty mood and getting horny by the second playing with herself while waiting for her man Lucas Frost to join her. And when he does, first up is a face-fucking slurpy blowjob before the buxom blonde Penthouse star spreads open her creamy thighs to be pounded in missionary. Watch the former military flight attendant turned adult performer shake her big curvy ass while riding cock in cowgirl and banged from behind in doggy, all the while begging for the stud's hot cum.

Moms Teach Sex - Kate Dee - Stepmom Wants You To Watch

File: rbsvqnamotesekatdee5d7pq6wzcq.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 24:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Robby Echo and his new stepmom Kate Dee are just getting to know each other. Over ice cream, Kate starts asking Robby questions about himself. Each of Robby's answers is flattering to Kate, who's really digging it. When Kate asks Robby his favorite outfit that he's seen her in, he pushes the envelope by saying that it was when he walked into the bathroom last week and saw her in a towel. That prompts Kate to ask Robby his favorite fantasy, which is revealed to be getting fucked by a hot milf who tucks him in. Now that Kate has confirmed that Robby is flirting with her, Robby turns the tables and begins asking her questions. She tells Robby that her favorite fantasy is him watching her getting fucked, not by his dad but by a stranger. That's not really Robby's thing, so Kate tells him her second favorite fantasy is straight up him fucking her...

When Robby hesitates, Kate accidentally on purpose drips some ice cream on her big boobs. Dredging her fingers through the sweet cream, she licks it up before leaving Robby to it. From then on, there's some serious sexual tension between stepmom and stepson. Any time they come together, Kate is wearing something hot as hell that shows off her cleavage. Things keep ramping up until Robby tries to confront her about it. Instead of taking the conversation seriously, Kate offers to show Robby her tits. She pops them out and puts Robby's hands on them, then offers to fuck him and tuck him into bed.

Pushing Robby backwards, Kate climbs on top of him and makes good on her promise. She kicks it off with a blowie that proves she's unparalleled with her mouth. Once she's done sucking and teasing Robby's dick with her big naturals, Kate climbs aboard to ride her stepson in reverse cowgirl. Getting on her hands and knees, Kat squeals in delight as Robby enters her from behind and gives it to her in doggy. Kate has already gotten off, but there's always room for more orgasms as she rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide open for Robby to kneel between her thighs and take her to pleasure town one more time. When Robby is on the verge of popping, Kate lays back and urges him to cover those knockers with his big load so she can rub it all into her boobs before tucking Robby in as promised.

Brazzers Exxtra - Kate Dee - Working Out Kate

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Duration: 24:53
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Format: mp4
Description: Join Kate Dee as she works out her perfect body, and stay for what comes next! After Jay Bangher sees Kates big tits pop out of her top, hed rather be fucking than exercising! He oils up Kates tits and ass, rubbing her down before he fills her pussy with his big cock!

Mom Comes First - Kate Dee - Health Wellness

File: v8mvsnamocofikatdeeba3eihre1a.mp4
Size: 722.53 MB
Duration: 17:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Honey why do you keep touching yourself down there? Im your step mom, you can tell me.. Whats going on? No fap? Sweetie, that doesnt sound healthy. Trust me, I know what Im talking about. Its not a good idea to be backed up like that You should really go take care of that before dinner

Ass Parade - Kate Dee - Magic Booty

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Duration: 52:56
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Format: mp4
Description: Kate Dee is back and its all about the BASS today. She shows off her perfect booty by the pool, then she takes us inside to take some dick. Sean Lawless is up for the challenge, and he will gladly handle all that ass. They fuck in different positions until that ass gets a huge load out of Sean.

Touch My Wife - Kate Dee - Curious Cock

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Description: I have always been a little curious, what would it be like to watch my wife fuck another man, one with a big dick? When I get a video from Kate Dee in sexy lingerie, her huge tits peeking out, I'm a little surprised but intrigued. When she pulls a stranger's big cock out to show me how she sucks it, I'm nervous but turned on. She starts riding the stud's cock as he slaps her phat ass. Her pussy is a real clinger you can see how it grips on to that big cock as she puts on a show for me. She gets super wet as her big tits bounce around. Kate likes it rough and it makes her cum hard when the guy Johnny Love fucks her intensely and chokes her lightly. She begs for his cum and so he pulls out and nuts in her mouth. Curiosity piqued!