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Princess Cum - Jane Rogers - Stepsister Wont Let Me Cum In My Girlfriend

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Description: Jane Rogers is very possessive of her stepbrother, Jay Romero. She's so sick of hearing him boinking his girlfriend and feeling like she can't exist in her own home. In retribution, she has begun to walk past Jay's room any time she hears him fucking his girlfriend, intentionally interrupting them before he can cum. Jay's blue balls are getting to critical levels, so Jane ups her game and stands naked in the doorway masturbating to Jay fucking his girlfriend...

Obviously Jay's girlfriend dips out, leaving Jay and Jane in a face off. Crawling into bed with Jay, Jane tells her stepbrother that she can make him cum because his cum belongs to her. Her hand is already stroking Jay's thighs as she makes her proclamation. Jay puts up a bit of a fight, but Jane isn't taking no for an answer. She takes his hand and puts it on her twat, then shoves his face to her tit so he can see how serious she is. Jane gets Jay to admit he wants to fuck her, and then immediately goes down to start sucking the balls. She demonstrates that she's a master at sucking cock as she worships Jay's erection with her hands and hot wet mouth. When she's ready to take things a step further, she straddles Jay's lap to slide down onto him in reverse cowgirl. Jane does have an incredible body especially her ass. Jay can't help but run his hands all over that bottom, enjoying the fullness of the cheeks. She even gets off the cock and rubs him down with her feet before resuming her ride with plenty of moans to let Jay know just how into it she is. Now that Jay is fully committed, he gets Jane on her hands and knees and leans in to feast on that ass and fuck hole before he rams straight home. Wrapping his hand around Jane's neck, Jay keeps on fucking as he changes up the angle of her body. When he drops her, Jane leans forward and rubs her clit to make her whole body quake with delight. Jane turns the tables on Jay, getting him on his back once again so she can ride him like her own personal steed. It's only when he flips her over and reenters her one last time that Jane reminds him that she has her own agenda here. Jay is so close to getting off, so he gives in to Jane's pleas and delivers a creampie that leaves her fully satisfied that his cum is, indeed, hers.

Penthouse Gold - Jane Rogers - Cums Hard for Stepfather

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Description: Redhead teen Jane Rogers is driving stepfather Tommy Pistol mad with all the boys coming over day in and day out, and he decides to put his stepdaughter to the test, to see if the little Penthouse nympho really has the skills she claims to have. She feigns surprise at his proposal, but one touch of his hand to her soaking wet pussy and he could see she is clearly turned on. What ensues is young Jane getting fucked harder than ever over the pool table and cumming like she never had before.

BJ Raw - Jane Rogers - Jane Takes A Big Fat Load

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Description: I love taking walks by the water. It almost never fails that there is a beautiful girl lounging nearby. Today I saw a tall, gorgeous redhead who looked so relaxed in the sun. She was so chill and I couldnt help but ask for her phone number. Lucky me, she came over when I texted and made sweet love to my cock with her mouth. I coated her face with so much jizz, she couldnt see...

Cherry Pimps - Jane Rogers - Natural Redhead Jane Loves Riding Big Cock

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Description: Jane Rogers is looking mighty delicious, so Donnie Rock starts things with a swift smack on that glorious ass! Jane is a natural redhead who is hot, horny and ready to have her perfect, puffy nipples sucked. Donnie cant wait to get his hands on that smooth, pretty body and this Ginger beauty loves every single touch. He slides off those panties after he has her nice and slippery, so he can dine upon that beautiful trimmed pussy of hers. She throws her legs over his shoulders, moaning wildly as his cock grows harder and harder. She cannot wait to get her hands on his cock, and slide those pretty lips over his head. Now that their motors are purring loudly, these two are ready for a rockin hardcore time, full of wild passion!

Family Swap - Jane Rogers & Lexi Luna - Swap Mom Pulled Down My Pants In Front Of Dad

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Duration: 29:38
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Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jane Rogers can't understand why her swap brother won't come out of his bedroom. Her swap mom and dad, Lexi Luna and Will Pounder, come to find out what the commotion is. Jane admits that her swap bro is pissed at her because she pants him and then goes on to share that she also tried to jerk him off to make his dick bigger because it was just so small. Jane can't understand why her swap parents are pissed at her and send her to her room!

Later, Jane goes to her swap parents' room to apologize. She finds Will there alone, so she decides to start saying sorry to him. Will winds up making Jane's crush on him even stronger as he tells her that he didn't think it was that big a deal that she embarrassed her swap bro. While Jane is talking, Lexi sneaks up behind her and pantses her right in front of her swap daddy crush. Pissed, Jane turns around and gives her swap mom the same treatment. The girls grab at each other's shirts next. Will tries to deescalate the situation, but Lexi says she heard what Will said to Jane and goes ahead to pants him, too. The swap parents are mid-argument when Jane decides to make Will's exposed cock big by touching it. Shoving Jane out of the way, Lexi tells Jane that that's not how you do it at all. She pushes Will onto the bed and demonstrates a deep throat BJ and ball sucking to Jane, who comes up to try her new skills on Will's cock next.

With such a nice hardon there for the taking, the girls aren't about to stop at just sucking it off. Lexi hops aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride, then instructs Jane in how to properly suck her tits. The girls swap spots so that Lexi can let Jane enjoy the same treatment. Next, Lexi gets on her knees so she can show Jane how to get fucked in doggy while eating out a lady's pussy. Jane takes her turn with her swap dad's dick buried inside her landing strip twat next, with her swap mom riding her face. As Will gets closer to blowing his load, Lexi cradle's Jane's upper body. Will delivers, filling his swap daughter's fuck hole with a big creampie that Lexi eagerly laps up to share in a snowball kiss with Jane.

Interracial Pass - Jane Rogers - Sexy Redhead Comes To The Dark Side

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Duration: 47:48
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Description: When we had Jane Rogers walk in coming to the Dark side, she really was cumming! Watch Slim Poke use his masterful black dick on this slim pretty pale white girl, slamming her harder and harder as the scene goes on. This girl has a pussy made for fucking, no doubt there!

Bang! Real Teens - Jane Rogers - Looks Innocent But She's Naughty Behind Closed Doors

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Duration: 54:51
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Description: Jane Rogers is a super cute starlet who looks like an innocent girl next door! She is a true freak in the sheets, especially when we take her back to his place and let her show off her sexual energy! She pulls off her skinny jeans and reveals a smoking hot orange thong underneath, and an even more beautiful pink pussy that he absolutely destroys!

Moms Teach Sex - Aiden Ashley & Jane Rogers - We Accidentally Showed My Stepmom Our Sex Tape

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Duration: 27:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rion King and his girlfriend Jane Rogers are working together on a school project that requires them to film someone doing a reaction video. They decide to ask Rion's stepmom, Aiden Ashley. Aiden is happy enough to do it, but the video that Jane and Rion queue up isn't the gross food video they were planning on. Instead, they accidentally show Aiden a sex tape they made! They don't even realize their mistake until Aiden starts critiquing their technique. She claims that Rion's dad would be embarrassed at his performance, which of course just makes Rion feel awkward. Jane, according to Aiden, looks amazing, though.

Rion is even more taken aback when Aiden points out that as an experienced woman she has decided it's her duty to show Rion how to be better in bed. Rion isn't here for it at first, but on the other hand he does want to please Jane better. Eventually he agrees to let his stepmom help him out. Aiden pulls Rion's pants down and takes the opportunity to help Jane learn how to give Rion a nice handie. They move on to blowjob lessons, with Aiden doing some hands and mouth on demonstration for Jane's benefit.

When Aiden deems Jane ready for her next lesson, she sits Rion down on the couch and strips Jane out of her miniskirt and thong so Jane can take a seat on Rion's hardon. Seeing Jane's rocking hips and hearing her moans of delight gets Aiden oh so horny. She can't help but sample Jane's hard nipples and rub Jane's clit. Eventually, Aiden gets to take a turn on the D, allegedly to show off some new technique. That kickstarts a threesome, where Jane gets on her hands and knees so she can eat Aiden out as mommy guides Rion in a proper doggy style pussy pounding. Rion gives it to stepmama next as Jane cradles Aiden in her arms for the ride. The girls swap spots, with Aiden gently guiding Rion until he pulls out to pop all over Jane's stomach. The girls sample Rion's cum as they all agree that Aiden's tips were very helpful.

Family Swap - Jane Rogers & Kylie Le Beau - Swap Family Values

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Duration: 25:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jane Rogers enjoys acting up. She wears short skirts and lets them hike up to reveal her panties. She eats provocative foods. She dresses in skanky clothes. She goes out of her way to tease her swap brother, Rion King. Eventually, Jane's swap parents, Steve Holmes and Kylie Le Beau, try to sit Jane down for a swap family discussion about her behavior...

Jane reacts by stroking Rion's cock through his pants until he's hard and then popping his dick out to suck it right in front of their swap parents. When Steve tries to talk to her, Jane flashes her titties with their hard nipples and then tugs her panties aside so Steve can feel how wet her twat is. Kylie has had enough of watching her swap daughter try to be the queen bitch. She tells Jane to move aside so she can show Jane how a real woman satisfies her men. Then she sits between Steve and Rion and gives them both a handie at the same time. Getting on her knees, Kylie invites Steve to stick it in and show the swap kids how it's done.

Jane and Rion aren't about to be outperformed, so Rion starts banging Jane from behind. Now that the family has decided to taste each other, they hold nothing back. Kylie and Steve enjoy some spooning sex as Jane rides Rion's fuck stick. Then the girls swap partners so Jane can enjoy Steve's charms while Kyle moans her way through a climax courtesy of Rion's dick. Rion can't help but pull out and cum on his swap mommy's belly. Moments later, Steve gluts Jane with a creampie that Jane licks clean from her swap daughter's juicy snatch.

My Family Pies - Jane Rogers - Have You Been Fucking The Maid

File: qze19namyfapijanrognp8hs1kkrz.mp4
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Duration: 29:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's some serious tension between Robby Echo and his stepsister, Jane Rogers. Their family h as a maid who comes in and cleans, but Jane really likes to leave a mess. Robby is sweet on the maid, so he tries to get Jane to clean up. While they're bickering, Robby realizes that Jane has a maid outfit on her bed. He questions Jane about it, and she claims that she purchased it for the maid to wear. Robby accepts that and takes off...

Later, Jane decides to try on the sexy maid costume. She loves the way it looks clinging to her body. After admiring herself in the mirror, she grabs her phone to snap some naughty selfies and then settles in on her belly to start a live chat with her virtual fans. Robby walks by and sees someone dressed in the maid outfit on his stepsister's bed. He's been wanting to fuck the maid for a while, so he doesn't hesitate to whip it out and slide it in. When Jane turns around, pissed, to let Robby know he's banging the wrong person, he offers to stop. Jane decides that since he's already inside her and he feels really good in there, he may as well continue.

Robby keeps going with Jane in doggy, driven to a hard fuck fest by the way she looks in that maid getup. Then he gets on his back so that Jane can climb aboard and ride that fuck stick. She begins her ride in cowgirl, then turns around so she can go to town in reverse cowgirl. When Jane winds up on her back with her stepbrother buried between thighs, she fondles her own clit until her moans are long an loud. Shoving deep, Robby unloads a creampie in his stepsister's trimmed twat, filling her with a hot load of cum