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Teen Pies - Elena Koshka - A True Model

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Duration: 33:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Elena Koshka is ready to pose in front of the camera, but photographer Nathan Bronson has something much more exciting in mind. Will Elena accept Nathans challenge and prove she has what it takes to make it in the modeling world?

Not My Grandpa - Elena Koshka - Mischevious Senior

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Duration: 40:12
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Description: After Elena Koshka got in some trouble with the law she was forced to volunteer at a senior care center as part of her parole. Thats where shes paired with old dude Marcus London, who is so mischievous that he refuses to sign her parole sheet until she makes sure hes completely taken care of and fully satisfied.

Team Skeet X Baeb - Elena Koshka - Hot Neighbor, Hot Vibes

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Duration: 35:09
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Description: When Elena moves into her new place, shes delighted to find that her neighbors are all artists and the whole place is full of good vibes. She notices that her nextdoor neighbor Xander Corvus is a hottie and she cant help but picture herself enjoying every inch of his body.

Girls Way - Charlotte Stokely & Elena Koshka - Do No Harm

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Duration: 39:22
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Format: mp4
Description: Dr. Charlotte Stokely is a busy woman, however, she is taking the time to make a house call. That's because she is visiting a very special patient Elena Koshka, the lovely wife of Charlotte's best friend, Darlene. Entering Elena's bedroom, the beautiful doctor finds Elena in bed with her ankle propped up. Darlene isn't home at the moment, so she isn't around to see that there are hints of romantic tension between Charlotte and Elena...

It turns out that Elena hurt her ankle while trying to exercise in order to please Darlene. As Charlotte chats with Elena while examining the injury, there are clues that Elena is not completely happy in her marriage. Charlotte bandages Elena's ankle, her skilled fingers caressing the soft skin of Elena's sexy leg. The doctor's healing touch causes romantic tension to grow even further. Charlotte seems to want to say something but bites her tongue. After all, she is a doctor, so she has vowed to do no harm.

Eventually, Charlotte decides that staying silent would be even worse, so she finally says what she has been bottling up she feels obligated to tell Elena that Darlene is not right for her. With that, the whole truth comes pouring out Charlotte and Elena have had feelings for each other for a long time, and now they are finally deciding to act on these feelings. Charlotte kisses Elena again and again, removing her clothes and vowing to take good care of her...

Family Hookups - Elena Koshka - Hot Teen Elena Koshka Fucks Her Step Dad And Loves It!

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Duration: 25:39
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Description: Elena Koshka is supposed to be serving her step dad dinner while her mom is away, but shes doing a terrible job. Corn and hot dog buns arent exactly what he was expecting. He wants to tell her mom, but Elena decides to try to distract him and she does it the best way she knows how, with her tight teen body. Hes a little hesitant at first, but how could you resist such a cute girl? Once his cock is in her mouth theres no turning back. He fucks her and cums all over her pretty face and he completely forgets all about the lousy dinner!

She Will Cheat - Elena Koshka - Elena Koshka cheats on her husband with the massage therapist he hired

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Duration: 35:19
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Description: Cute young wife Elena Koshka is getting a massage today, her husband hired him because he hasnt been a great husband lately. Unfortunately for her hubby, the masseur is a hot guy with a big cock who can please her in ways he never could. She cant resist him as soon as he starts touching her everywhere and they start fuckingonly for her husband to walk in minutes later! Hes a good cuckold though, instead of stopping them he takes a seat and watches how a REAL man treats a woman!

Mofos B Sides - Elena Koshka - Squirting Elena

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Duration: 30:15
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Description: Petite Elena is begging me to play with her shes got on this sexy, black lingerie and shes crawling around on the bed like a little sex kitten! I dont think Ive ever met a girl as horny as curly-haired Elena. I cant help myself anymore and soon Im sliding my big, hard cock into her tight, wet pussy. Elena cums so hard that she squirts all over the damn bed, before pull out and fill her mouth with hot cum!

Mofos B Sides - Elena Koshka - TV Room Fuck

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Duration: 27:48
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Elena Koshka has the most amazing bedroom eyes one look from her and youll be stiff as a board. She shows off her amazing body in red lingerie before she lets me rub her perfect pussy. Before long, Elena is begging me to fill her up with my huge cock, she doesnt even mind that Im recording! She squirts all over my camera but makes it up to me by jerking me off onto her amazing face.

Red Light District - Elena Koshka - Perfect 10

File: yy9iunarelidielekosigoeiikxhi.mp4
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Duration: 33:38
Format: mp4
Description: Starring Gianna Dior Born To Do This Flawless fearless and born to fuck four hardcore XXX mavens prove that the Perfect 10 woman DOES exist In an allout exhibition of sex appeal and skill they take the biggest cocks and teach them a lesson they will never forget Get ready for a Perfect 10 x 4..

Wicked - Elena Koshka - Nylon 2

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Duration: 24:16
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stockings. Thigh-Highs. Pantyhose. Nothing showcases a perfect pair of legs better than Nylon, and to prove it, legendary director Axel Braun has cast another extraordinary group of gorgeous ladies in the second volume of his chart-topping series 2. Enjoy!